Destiny 2: How To Get Sunshot

Destiny 2 player showing how to get Sunshot game gun and shooting it
Get the Power of the Sun in your hand, then shoot it.

How To Get Sunshot and Its Catalyst (by TriGs)

Do you like hand cannons? Do you like the Sun? Then the Sunshot is definitely your weapon of choice.

The Sunshot is an excellent Exotic hand cannon to use in Destiny 2. Its main perk is firing explosive rounds that damage multiple enemies at once and highlights them after they take damage from it. 

For Destiny 2 players like me who love to deal the most damage with as few shots as possible, the Sunshot is definitely a must-find Exotic for after I get tired of The Last Word — which may never happen. While most Exotic hand cannons can either be bought from the Archive or earned through Campaigns and Quests, Sunshot is a weapon with only a few chances to acquire. Here’s how you can get it: 

How to Get the Sunshot in Destiny 2: 

Currently, there are only two ways to get Sunshot. 

  • Obtain an Exotic Engram by completing Patrol missions, Strikes, Adventures, Public Events, Raids, Raid Lairs, or Crucible matches. These are dropped randomly and rare to get. 
  • Purchase from Xur’s shop in his Weekly location. However, his inventory is randomized each week, so you may have to wait a while to find Sunshot this way. In addition, they usually cost a large number of in-game currencies, so make sure you stock up. 

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