25 Free FPS Games That Are Amazing!

free fps games
Free doesn't mean cheap gameplay!

Wnat some explosive action for free?

Here's 25 free FPS games you can play right now!

25. Quake II RTX

Quake II RTX Gameplay

The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders in Quake II RTX. You find yourself landing on an alien surface and find that your men have significantly reduced to a handful. Shut down the enemy warships and fight your way through the cities defenses to save the human race.

  • Play with Real Time Ray Tracing in classic FPS action. It’s advised that you have a 2060+ before playing.
  • Play on 3 levels from the original shareware distribution with improved lighting, textures, and visual effects
  • While the free version already includes a lot of content, you can buy a full game version to gain access to all the levels and multiplayer action.

24. Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale Gameplay

Cuisine Royale takes place in an all-kitchen warfare zone as you play against 100 players in this battle royale experience. Obtain ingredients that will allow you to “cook” new weapons, masks, and other cosmetic items. Who knew cooking in the kitchen could be so fun!

  • Use mystical powers and receive honest loot boxes that guarantee the drop chance of all items
  • Play with up to 36 players as you fight on different parts of the map. Find yourself on land or even underwater on a constantly shrinking battlefield
  • Play in first- or third-person view including a little minion camera that will allow you to gain the upper hand against opponents

23. Battle Grounds III

Battle Grounds III Trailer

Battle Grounds III takes place during the War of Independence as you battle against the American or British Army. Only one side will remain victorious, make sure you are prepared to battle for the side you are on and take the enemy down!

  • Choose from a selection of 26 weapons such as weapons, rifles, and swords as you play with up to 80 players
  • Decide who you are as you choose between a British infantry, officer or American continental soldier, Militia and more!
  • Fight from afar with rifles or hand-to-hand melee in first person view. You will need quick thinking strategies in order to survive

22. Defiance

Defiance Gameplay

Enter a futuristic Sci-Fi world where your goal is kill or be killed. Use highly advanced alien technology that will help you survive massive battles that await you in this unknown world.

  • Choose from a number of unique classes with new weapons being added
  • Play against new and dangerous creatures in story mode and team up with friends to take on new challenges
  • Engage in fast paced action in 3rd person as you explore a futuristic open world

21. Call to Arms

Call to Arms Gameplay

Call to Arms sets place in the time of modern warfare, conquering areas, towns, and railway stations. Experience mix of real-time strategy along with 3rd and 1st person controls as you destroy almost everything in your path with units, tanks, and squads.

  • Control tanks and helicopters to gain that extra power to support your allies. There’s no room for anyone to escape with this firepower
  • Multiple areas of customization with weapons and firearms with realistically modeled vehicles
  • Face challenging and intense missions and use the environment to your advantage. Command troops or decided to fight solo in the 1st and 3rd person view

20. Black Squad

Black Squad Trailer

Black Squad has you playing as a military soldier as you cooperate or fight against soldiers on a number of maps. Use a number of different weapons and skin customizations that fit your playstyle. You must master your skills and strategy in order to reign victorious and lead your team to victory!

  • Participate in clan wars, community events, competitive duos, solo ranked mode to become active in the world of Black Squad
  • Use custom game creations to play the way you want to! Use different skins and weapons to make it on top
  • The game is designed more to be based on skill than play to win. Very similar to CS: GO so very welcoming to those familiar with that game

19. Fistful of Frags

Fistful of Frags Gameplay

Take a trip to the Wild West as you shoot your competition in classic deathmatch shootout action. Even team up with others to pull off bank heist and last stands becoming the best cowboy in town.

  • A detailed dual wield system that allows you to drop (or throw) your handguns to use as projectiles and improved accuracy
  • Choose primary and secondary weapons along with special perks that allow you to score higher on the leaderboards
  • Play in different multiplayer modes including Grand Elimination: A fast paced battle royale where the last man standing wins

18. No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell Gameplay

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead must walk the earth, and you must survive. While the chances of survival are slim in this world, there are a number of survivors just like you who you can team up with. Fight gruesome walking dead individuals and see if you can survive long enough to salvation.

  • Face a range of different opponents from runners to walking zombies that will be sure to keep you on their toes. Make sure you shoot for the head!
  • Use walkie-talkies to communicate with other players. It’s important you stay close or you’ll lose communication with them
  • Maintain your shelter on dynamic maps that are never the same as the last. Play with up to 8 players to survive against the deadly enemies

17. Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals Gameplay

It’s nothing but WAR in Heroes & Generals. Fight alongside thousands of other players as a soldier whose choices impact the results of the war. Be prepared to face defeat as well. Although you might lose, never forget that was only the battle, the war is still happening.

  • Choose from a variety of different weapons, ammo, planes, and upgrades to gain the upper hand against your opponents
  • Gain ultimate power as you progress to become a General. Strategize and use the resources you've obtained for battle
  • Fight close to your opponents or on land. Remember, all the choices you make will affect the results in the war

16. Survarium

Survarium Gameplay

Survarium is a post-apocalyptic FPS where skill is the determining factor in your victory. Survive in the strange areas in the world of Survarium where you can find useful artifacts that will aid you, or death. If you think the opposing teams and strange events won’t get to you, think again. 

  • Level up your character as you gain experience in battle and gain new skills. These skills will protect you from the anomalies and take them out
  • As you play, the game continues to evolve which requires the team to constantly be revising strategies in game.
  • Choose from different game modes and choose to fight solo or with a time. As always: Higher risks, higher rewards

15. Block N Load

Block N Load Gameplay

Build and Destroy in Block N Load with your only goal is to take out the opposing team. While it sounds simple, every decision you make has devastating impacts throughout the game. Devise a plan and claim victory in this crazy ranged FPS.

  • Map editor allows you to create custom arenas for others to play. Including custom game modes that let you set up your own game on a server
  • Every game offers something new thanks to the ever-changing moments throughout the map. Let your creativity run wild as you build and make tunnels to take down your enemy
  • Use the building phase to plan out your defenses and make traps before the opposing team starts to strike

14. Unturned

Unturned Gameplay

In Unturned your goal is to survive in this zombie infested world. Use weapons, make shelter, hunt for food, take down your own kind, and work together with friends to remain a part of the living.

  • Build barricades, traps and furniture to protect yourself against the zombies
  • Use land vehicles such as tanks, air vehicles such as helicopters, and sea vehicles such as hovercrafts. Now you can roll out in style!
  • Unturned allows you to create mods for almost everything in the game. Team up with other modders to create the Unturned game of your dreams!

13. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 Gameplay

PlanetSide 2 takes place in a complete warzone where you play as a soldier and battle in an all-out planetary war. Come together with other players to take across 4 continents and take control over territories that will bring you closer to victory. The war will not determine who was right, only who is left.

  • Create your own, or join an outfit: A team of like-minded- soldiers that train with you every day. These are vital in order to claim victory against other empires
  • Decided to strike guns blazing or stay silent and become death from the shadows. With the power to strike your enemy with knives or sniper headshot, strike fear into all your foes
  • Customize your soldier to fit your playstyle. From firearms to vehicles, become a soldier that your team relies on for the success of the group

12. Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb Gameplay

You have 2 choices: Fight to restore London or tear it down for profit. Dirty Bomb is a team-based shooter that allows you to work together or die alone. With no aim assist, this game relies on true skill in order to reign on top and survive.

  • Want a little competition? Play in Stopwatch mode where you change sides mid-match! The victor is decided on who's more familiar with their surroundings
  • This game DOES NOT hold your hand. All your shots must be on point and set up exactly the way you want in order to take your opponents out.
  • Fluid Movement and combat, allows you to be in control of your player. The skill ceiling is pretty high as well with improvement always made by the player every match

11. America's Army: Proving Grounds

America's Army: Proving Grounds Gameplay

Developed by the U.S. Army, experience what it’s like to work with a team in the army that focus on unit tactical maneuvers that will put you to the test. Play on a variety of different maps as a US soldier and see if you have what it takes to become a military soldier.

  • Create your own missions with Mission Editor. This will allow you to Create objectives and missions for your team to bring unique scenarios to the battlefield
  • Hone your skills in the Shoot Houses before going out in the field to experience the real thing
  • Choose from a variety of firearms, grenades, and approach options to complete missions. You’ll need to quickly adapt in the event a plan goes off the rails in this team-based game

10. Ironsight

Ironsight Gameplay

Ironsight has you fighting in a dystopian future where 2 mercenary factions have awakened during the environmental catastrophe. With customization given to you either immediately or by playing more, take down the enemy on your terms! 

  • Features a wide variety of customization with weapons and accessories that you find fitting. This is available at the very start so you can fit your playstyle in right off the bat
  • Decide to go in aggressively or steer the tactical route. You are rewarded for both options 
  • Play on 14 different maps each with their own advantages. It’s important to familiarize yourself with them in order to gain the upper hand

9. Paladins

Paladins Gameplay

Paladins takes place in a fantasy world with a diverse cast of Champions. From mech goblins, to sharp-shooting humans, there are characters for everyone to choose from to fit your style. Now get out there and become a legend in the Paladins universe!

  • Customize your core ability set to play how you want to. Experimenting with other Paladins offer rewards and insight on other characters that allow you to counter against them
  • New content constantly being added allows for something new to experience very frequently
  • Paladins offer a great balance between arena and MOBA style genres. This means the action and aim of a MOBA is mixed together well which removes constant farming in-game to level up

8. Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gameplay

Apex Legends has you choose from a growing roster of legendary characters and constant strategy choices to become the victor. Create the Ultimate squad solo or with another player and combine your unique skill sets to be the last ma- I mean, squad standing. 

  • Build your own legendary crew with unique skill sets that will have you think strategically on who to send out in the battlefield.
  • Choose from a collection of innovative combat items that will aid you in battle including a new way to drop into the battle
  • This game requires you to make strategic choices on the fly when one plan doesn’t seem to work out. This offers some forgiveness to new players and time to hone their craft 


CSGO Gameplay

CSGO has you play in a variety of different maps with the team-based action gameplay it’s known for. Use new weapons and characters and work together to take out the opposing team in this competitive game.

  • Participate in online matchmaking that will determine your rankings against other players in competitive skill groups
  • Not into extreme competitive play? No worries! With CSGO’s casual mode, you’ll be able to play at your own pace without having to commit to a 30-round match.
  • Obtain new characters, weapons and maps with continuous updates to a massive team-based title

6. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Gameplay

Play as 1 of 9 distinct classes with their own personality and tactical skills in the most highly rated free game of all time! Hone your shooting skills in a variety of different modes and co-op opportunities that will allow you to work together with others to win matches.

  • Play in one of the most popular game modes: Capture the Flag. Fight against the opposing color to obtain secret information from the opposing sides
  • Create items for TF2 that could potentially be added as content in the actual game
  • Participate in different events throughout the month. Thanks to the incredibly active community of TF2, there’s always something to look forward to

5. SCP: Secret Laboratory

SCP: Secret Laboratory Gameplay

A number of anomalies has breached the SCP Foundation and it’s up to you to stop them. Become a site personnel, a re-containment agent, or an anomalous entity as you fight take control of the facility. Or escape it.

  • Encounter strange anomalies such as the humanoid, plague doctor, improving machinery. Luckily, there are several ways to take these strange things out from firearms, to bombs
  • Receive roles such as Nine Tails, Chaos Insurgency, SCP Object, each with their own unique stories that will help you uncover more behind the anomalies
  • Randomly generated facilities allow for new game experiences each playthrough, with a race against each other with the victor being the group who is able to complete their objectives first

4. Codename CURE

Codename CURE Gameplay


Codename CURE is a first-person co-op zombie game where you can team up with 5 players to wipe them out. Experience fast-paced survival missions as you hone your skills to increase your odds of survival.

  • Test your skills in wave-based survival mode. Although it’s based on a no-win scenario, you will be able to test your skills against increasingly stacked odds
  • Play with up to 5 people and support each other to take down zombies in both subjective and survival-based missions
  • Choose between 5 classes with their own unique playstyle that will aid you and your team to complete missions

3. Deceit

Deceit Gameplay 

Your instincts will be put to the test as you wake up in an unknown environment hearing a single voice in this multiplayer first-person shooter. With a third of your group already infected, will you be part of the surviving group?

  • As an innocent, you must gain the trust of your team by making the right choices in game. Each action you take will be remembered by them. Stay cautious.
  • Transform into your terror form in order to see in the dark and take out innocent individuals. Making sure you look for blood bags is key
  • Complete objectives to unlock traps, weapons, scanners, and several other weapons to defend yourself and gain an advantage against the monsters 



BlockPost Gameplay

BlockPost is a 1st person FPS that’s based on procedural level generation. With popular functions and solutions to battles, you’ll need to use them all to reign supreme in a random and unknown environment each time

  • Use over 100 types of firearms and several unique game modes that will allow you to hone your skills
  • Play in a clan-like system and team up with others and fight against other teams. Will you be the victor?
  • Engage in 1st person action and make quick decisions to be victorious. Think Minecraft, but in 1st person FPS style!


Warface Gameplay Trailer

Warface is an MMO first person shooter where you play as a soldier on earth and space like maps. Complete compelling PvE missions that you can take on with four different classes as you customize your arsenal.

  • Play in over 10 multiplayer modes with several maps and gain unique rewards for rising up in the rankings
  • Hundreds of weapons at your disposal allow for maximum customization that allow you to perform at your best
  • Team up with friends in online missions. You’ll need to have each other’s backs as difficulty increases. Or go solo and try to win the loot all on your own

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