[Top 5] Team Fortress 2 Best HUDs That Look Excellent

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Your TF2 main screen can look this fabulous!

Would you like to change how Team Fortress 2 looks?


Team Fortress 2 is a game that feels just like home for many of its dedicated or even casual players. But there comes a time when you feel the need to redecorate your house, or, in this case, change how your game looks. There’s a wild west of options out there to personalize how your title screen and gameplay look with custom heads-up displays (HUDs), so here we present you with some that look amazing and may also be helpful while playing!


5. Improved Default HUD

The Best TF2 HUDs

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The default HUD and UI are what many have grown accustomed to and changing them would be like changing the game itself. But just because you’ve lived your whole life with a crooked picture, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to rearrange it a little bit. 

This HUD may look the same at a first glance, but there are some quality changes. The main menu, the scoreboards in-game, and the loadout screens all have been revamped without losing the original essence. With sharper gameplay UI elements and additions (like Medic’s ubercharge meter easier to keep track of), you’ll love what this HUD brings without sacrificing the iconic look of the game.

With few changes that keep the game familiar but are still meaningful, this is a great HUD that makes the game look better without missing the details you’ve come to love.


4. ToonHUD

Best TF2 HUDs!

More than just a HUD that you can download, ToonHUD is more like a canvas for you to truly express yourself. No other HUD can compare when it comes to customizability. With many options to choose from, you can create your own custom HUD through their website that makes the game feel like it’s truly uniquely yours.

This HUD comes with tons of options to tinker with to make it to your liking. From different colors and UI choices to arrange how you want, there are endless ways to make your own HUD that adjusts to how you want the game to look and feel. By managing elements in the UI that you find too obstructive or too obscure, this is the perfect HUD to mess with for nitpicky perfectionist players that want control over how their game looks.

It may be too overwhelming to make your own HUD, but it also comes with many uploaded presets to choose from if you see something you like but don’t want to spend too much time making one from scratch.


3. QuoteHUD

5 Awesome TF2 HUDs [TF2]

QuoteHUD is yet again another simple and clean-looking HUD that at first glance may seem like a mish-mash of many of the most popular traits of custom HUDs, but it is a serious contender for the top custom HUDs out there. With a peculiar font choice and arrangements to the UI, QuoteHUD manages to bring a fresh look to the game without deviating too much from what makes the game feel like home. 

There are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to choices that this HUD makes to bring its particular look, but you can summarize this HUD as one that is solid and good-looking. Its no-nonsense approach has common custom elements like keeping HP and ammo bars centered and below the crosshair. A close-up of your character’s model can be seen barely above your health bar, letting you see how your character’s cosmetics and weapons look.

With a phenomenal choice of font and placements of the UI elements to make your vital game information easily accessible, this is a great HUD that has many of the great features most custom HUDs have while retaining the spirit of the game’s iconic look.


2. HexHUD

The Best TF2 HUDs!

HexHUD puts the Hex in the HUDs by giving us a HUD that has harmonious hexagonal shapes. Users will be treated to the main screen that makes the game look fresh while at the same time keeping it easy and elegant to navigate.

It’s easy to simply point out the hexagonal style that this HUD brings, but there’s also a lot of merit going for the gameplay elements that it displays. In-game, the UI shows off beautiful simplicity that lets you clearly see all the elements of the game (health, ammo, players) concisely. The game menus look incredible and the gameplay screens are non-intrusive and allow you to see more of the action!

This HUD is great because it combines both style and utility by showing great visuals in the menus as well as in-game.


1. FlawHUD

TF2 HUD or mud

We arrive at hands down one of the best custom HUDs out there, no doubt. If Team Fortress 2 ever got an official and more modern dark mode style HUD, it could only hope it looks as good as FlawHUD does. Contrary to what the name may tell you, this HUD is flawless! 

With fantastical-looking loading screens and menus, this dark-themed HUD takes a minimalistic approach for players looking for both practical designs that don’t compromise its gorgeous looks. In-game, the screen will still look familiar, but all the UI elements are placed in a way that lets you see more of the action while, still having the information you need easily presented. With features such as enabling custom crosshairs and a streamer mode, this is the perfect HUD for both players wanting to take their game to the next level, or for those who simply want a new pretty look.

With the perfect placement of the UI elements to enjoy the game in a non-intrusive way, as well as its incredibly well-designed dark-themed looks, FlawHUD reigns king as one of the best custom HUDs out there.


With almost 15 years out, Team Fortress 2 remains a timeless classic of our era due to its iconic look. However, trends change and so do players, so besides the endless community-made memes and content, custom HUDs have also come a long way.

There are many different custom HUDs to choose from out there. The most popular ones share many similar characteristics in making the game look cleaner and more pleasant to look at while also efficiently showing the information you need in the midst of how chaotic some of the 12 vs 12 matches are.

All these HUDs are available through huds.tf and have been kept up to date. What are your favorite TF2 custom HUDs? Let us know in the comments below!

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