[Top 5] Ghost Recon Breakpoint Best Weapons And How To Get Them

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If you're starting the game right now, then this guide will help you find the best weapons to begin your journey - Background Photo by Eric Parks

Now that Operation Motherland has arrived, maybe you’ve just decided to start playing the game again or for the first time. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to get the best weapons, so you can start the new update well-armed.

But first, you need to unlock two things: The Panther class and the parachute. They’re easy to unlock, all you need is 2 skill points. Once you get them you need to go to the skill tree screen. There you’ll find all the 7 classes and above them, you can see the first 4 skills in the tree. The parachute is one of these 4. The icon is a parachute, you can’t miss it.

The Panther class allows you to use a spray. You can call it “Drone repellent”. But what it actually does is help you become undetectable for 60 seconds. You can walk right in front of the enemy and it won’t see you. The parachute comes in hand in case you prefer, and I recommend, to fly over the area and land on top of the weapon cache.

Let me explain how you unlock these weapons first. Throughout the map, you can find weapon caches. But you need to open the boxes with blueprints, not with the weapon itself. When you get a blueprint, that weapon will be available for you to use as many times as you want.

Best Weapons to help you Start Right - Ghost Recon Breakpoint

1. Vector SMG

Vector SMG - People Shredder, literally.

For this one, you have to go to the extreme North of the map, then to the East. It’s in a Behemoth area. Don’t know what a Behemoth is? Well, it’s a giant drone on tracks, like a tank. I know it can sound intimidating but you don’t need to fight the drone.

Location of the Behemoth Defense Area, where you can find the Vector

I highly recommend you use a helicopter. You can find one in Erewhon or after leaving any bivouac. They are infinite (Jeff Besos owns the Island I guess). Get to the chopper and fly towards the area shown below. 

Once you get there make sure you’re at a considerable height, so the drone can’t detect you. Jump out of the Helicopter and skydive in the direction of some sort of Tower.

Be careful not to open the parachute too late. It has a delay to be completely open. There are two boxes you can open in these areas. One for the weapon and one for skill points. Make sure you open both.

Try to land on the top floor of the tower, that’s where the weapon will be. And in the floor below is where the skill point can be found. If you think you’re visible to the Behemoth, then you should use your spray. Hold the button that opens up your consumables wheel and select the top one, that’s the spray (if you’re using the correct class: Panther). To use it you press the same button you would press to throw a grenade.

Pick up everything you can and get out of there. Remember, you have only 60 seconds before the drone can detect you again.

Now you have the Vector, you can equip it at any bivouac. It has the highest rate of fire in the game and can shred enemies up close. It starts with 30 bullets in the magazine, but you can equip an extended one that goes up to 50 rounds.

What makes the Vector great:

- The highest rate of fire in-game

- Decent magazine size

- Easy to control recoil

- Full Customization

2. P320 pistol

P320 Pistol - The fastest reload of the wild west

For this pistol, you need to go to the southwest of Auroa, in Seal Islands. It’s in another Behemoth area, so the strategy will be the same here. You can always mark a waypoint on the map so you don’t get lost.

Another Behemoth Defense Area. Remember, you don't need to fight the Behemoth

Sometimes you will find yourself in a confrontation against multiple targets. In these situations, one magazine of your Assault rifle or SMG won’t be enough to deal with all the enemies. Switching to your pistol is the best option here. And if one magazine of your sidearm doesn't do the job, the P320 can still help you out. It has the fastest reload speed between the pistols in the game.

What makes the P320 a great choice:

- 10 round magazine

- Fastest reload speed in the class

- Can go up to 20 bullets with an extended magazine

- Wide iron sights

3. 553 Assault Rifle

553 Assault Rifle. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Assault rifles are fun to use. And the 553 is the most fun of them. It has good damage and penetration. Only fails in distance. But very long distances, like the ones you would prefer to be using a Sniper Rifle.

To get it you have to find the Restricted Area 01 on the map, then go to the south of that region. Use your expertise on how to sneak into Behemoth territory and flee with your pockets full. Or just try to destroy the Behemoth, it’s up to you.

Here is where you will find the 553. Why couldn't it be in a Welcome Area, right?

What makes the 553 great:

- Fun to use

- Looks amazing

- Sounds better than it looks

- Many customization options, you can even change its stock

- Great for shooting enemies behind cover

4. M4 shotgun

M4 Shotgun - The Drone Killer

Nothing is more satisfying than shooting with a shotgun at point-blank. Your opponent is thrown meters away. If you shoot it indoors, wow, it’s like thunder. If the pellets don’t kill who is on the other end of the barrel, then the deafening sound will. The M4 has the highest damage within the shotgun class.

To find it you don’t need to travel far, as it is in the same county as the 553. only a bit to the west of where the assault rifle was.

Restricted Area 01, same province where the 553 was

What makes the M4 great:

- The highest damage in class

- Great rate of fire

- Semi-auto

- Easy to find

5. M82 Sniper Rifle

M82 Sniper Rifle. It was designed to be Anti-Material, but we shoot soldiers too

That’s the big boy/girl of the sniper rifles. It has the highest damage in the class, and it’s semi-auto. Which means there is no action between shots. But it all comes at the cost of recoil. It kicks like a mule.

To find the M82 you have to go to the Assembly Hall Omega 01. It’s next to the Dam.

Assembly Omega Hall 01. In this one there is no Behemoth. But there are like hundreds of enemy soldiers

What makes the M82 great:

- Highest damage of Sniper Rifles

- It’s in a base easy to infiltrate

- Excellent against drones, especially with the Sharpshooter Class

- Semi-auto

Bonus. 416 Assault Rifle

416 Assault Rifle - Good for every situation

For many people, an assault rifle is a go-to weapon. They are reliable and have decent damage. The 416 will be your weapon of choice as well. It can perform well in every situation. You can use it for long, medium and short distances. It’s the Jack of all Trades. 

Of all the weapons we’ve seen in this post, this will be the most difficult to get. It’s inside a Wolves base, and those bases are the toughest. But, if you manage to infiltrate it, you won’t be leaving only with the 416 assault rifle. That base is a gold mine. Plenty of caches to open. And two wolves for each box. I know you can do it.

The base I’m talking about is in Seal Islands, to the left of where you found the P320 pistol. It’s an underground base, which lies under a mountain.

Shark Base, it's full of Wolves

What makes the 416 great:

- Stands out in any situation

- Great rate of fire

- Decent damage

- Full customization

These blueprints have been many people’s favorites during these 2 years of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. But don’t take it as the definitive guide, as new armaments are being added in every new update. And maybe you just want to play with the weapons you have fun with.

This guide is just to help you have a good start. Owning a great loadout that can help you accomplish your missions. Or even help you find another weapon of your choice.

Play it the way you like it. Have fun, Ghosts.


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