7 Days To Die Best Melee Weapons (Top 5) And How to Get Them

7 Days To Die Best Melee Weapons
Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my

Prefer killing your zombies while up close and personal? Choosing the right melee weapons for 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day hoards will almost always guarantee the night ends in a blood bath.

5. Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer vs zombie nurse.

The sledgehammer is a great close-range weapon- requiring forged iron to craft or sometimes found in working stiff's crates. This melee weapon offers 34 attacks per minute and usually will only take one direct hit to kill.

If you’re looking to dismember and annihilate your kill, sledgehammer is a great choice. One swing and the zombie ends up a complete blood fountain. Durable and reliable, what’s not to love?

Here is how you can get it:

Sledgehammer crafting.

4. Fire Axe

Fire axe at Born & Noble.

The fire axe is a decent melee weapon, requiring only a few direct hits to the head of your target to kill. Crafting requires forged iron and wood – the fire axe is also sometimes found in working stiff’s crates.

When using the fire axe to kill, it’s best to start by targeting one or two zombies. A few blows to the head later and they’re down - making it the perfect skull crusher.

Here is how you can get it:

3. Hunting Knife

The hunting knife in action 

The hunting knife is a common weapon that can be found in various locations. It can also be crafted using forged iron and wood. Ideally, it’s used carve up animal meat, but is a useful weapon when in a pinch.

Killing with the hunting knife requires you to be extremely close-range. The speed of the hunting knife, however, can’t be matched – one of the fastest ways to execute your undead victim.

Here is how you can get it: 

Crafting hunting knife.

2. Chainsaw

Mowing down zombies

The chainsaw is the most fun melee weapon. It can either be found or crafted with handlebars, a small engine, chainsaw parts, and chainsaw blade. Like most gas-powered weapons/tools, it consumes fuel very quickly and can be extremely loud- making you a huge target.

If you don’t mind attracting all that new attention from hundreds of zombies, then have fun with the chainsaw by mowing down hoards and dismembering all those zombies. Watch out for screamers spawning though, they seem to be attracted to the sound.

Here is how you can get it: 

Crafting a chainsaw.

1. Machete

Instant machete kill

The machete is found by looting in various locations and inventories or crafted with a machete blade and leather. With quick speed, durability, and damage, it’s arguably the best melee weapon of the game.

The machete swings fast enough that you can miss a hit or two without being stunned. The reach is long and dismemberment or exploding zombie heads is almost definite. Instant attack, usually no delay, it’s the perfect weapon for close combat.

Here is how you can get it: 

Crafting the machete.

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