[Top 10] Baldur's Gate 2 Best Weapons And How To Get Them

Baldur's Gate 2 Best Weapons
The Best Foe-Bashing Tools in the Game

10. Taralash

“Taralash was a hunter renowned for his ability to track down even the fleetest of quarries by foot. Few animals ever escaped once he had them in the sights of his mighty longbow.”

Taralash is one of the best bows in the game. Besides having great stats, it increases the wielder’s movement rate, and can be upgraded from a +4 to a +5 weapon in Throne of Bhaal.

Where to get Taralash:

Looted from the Huntress in the Watcher’s Keep Final Seal, after using the Heart Key.

Why Taralash is Great:

  • Increases movement rate by 2 points.
  • Cespenar in Throne of Bhaal can upgrade it to +5. You will need the Bowstring of Gond to upgrade.

9. Mace of Disruption

“This heavy mace was created for a very specific purpose: to slay undead. Any such creature hit by it not only feels the sting of the weapon, but also has a chance of being simply blasted from existence. There are legends that speak of a priest so holy a single glancing touch could send a vampire to oblivion, but whether the weapon empowered her, or she empowered it is a topic for theologians.”

The Mace of Disruption is THE ultimate weapon against undead enemies, since each hit has a chance of obliterating them. While it is described as a +1 weapon, it actually strikes as a +3 weapon regarding damage immunity. Furthermore, it can be upgraded to a +5 weapon.

Where to get the Mace of Disruption:

It can be found in a blood pool in Bodhi’s Hideout during Chapter 3.

Why the Mace of Disruption is Great:

  • Strikes as a +3 weapon.
  • 2d6+4 damage vs. undead.
  • Undead must save vs. death, at a penalty -4, or be destroyed.
  • Each successful hit casts Larloch’s Minor Drain on the target (no save).
  • The smith Cromwell in Athkatla can upgrade the weapon to +2, which will actually strike as a +5 weapon and give the wielder immunity against Level drain. You will need illithium ore to upgrade.

8. Axe of the Unyielding

“This axe was last seen in the gnarled fists of Glimred Heavyhand, an aging dwarven hero who disappeared in the deepest caverns beneath the Marching Mountains.”

The Axe of the Unyielding is a +3 weapon which gives you a bonus to AC, as well as HP regeneration. When upgraded to a +5 weapon, it has a powerful vorpal on-hit effect.

Where to get the Axe of the Unyielding:

Looted from Rock, one of the minotaurs on the fourth floor of Watcher’s Keep.

Why the Axe of the Unyielding is Great:

  • -1 bonus to AC.
  • Wielder regenerates 1 HP per round.
  • Cespenar in Throne of Bhaal can upgrade it to +5. Once upgraded, it gets a +1 bonus to Constitution and a 10% chance of decapitating opponents with each successful hit. You will need Baalor’s Claw to upgrade.

7. Crom Faeyr

“This is the true name that the dwarven weaponsmith, Silverblade, gave to the weapon he intended to create for his son. Alas, his son died before the weapon was ever completed, but here it stands complete... forged from the combined magic of the original hammer with the gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle of frost giant strength. Crom Faeyr gifts its users with all the powers of the original Hammer of Thunderbolts, in addition to enormous strength and the ability to kill golems, ettins, and trolls in one blow.

Crom Faeyr is an awesome +5 warhammer that maximizes the wielder’s strength. It instantly kills Trolls, Ettins, Stone and Clay Golems on hit. On the downside, you will need to sacrifice three powerful items in order to create it.

Where to get Crom Faeyr:

Obtained by combining the Crom Faeyr Scroll, Hammer of Thunderbolts, Gauntlets of Ogre Power and the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength. The smith Cromwell in Athkatla can forge it, for 10,000 gp.

Why Crom Faeyr is Great:

  • Wielder strength is set to 25.
  • The strength bonus stacks with the +5 in THAC0.
  • +5 non-magical electricity damage (no save).
  • Slays Stone Golems, Clay Golems, Ettins and Trolls on hit.

6. Celestial Fury

“When Chin Yi's beloved was cut down by a yuan-ti warlord, her grief was terrible and her wrath immediate: Ignoring Kwan Ying's warnings, she flew onto the battlefield and took up her beloved's katana, using the blade to cut down the warlord and all those who served him.”

A +3 Katana, Celestial Fury is probably the best weapon for the Rogue class in Baldur’s Gate II. Aside from inflicting serious damage, it also has two active abilities, plus it stuns opponents who fail to make a save vs. spells and has a chance of inflicting electrical damage.

Where to get Celestial Fury:

Looted from Koshi the Guarded Compound in the Temple District of Athkatla.

Why Celestial Fury is Great:

  • Stuns targets on hit, if they fail to save vs. spells.
  • 5% chance to inflict 20 points of electrical damage.
  • Wielder can cast Blindness (once per day).
  • Wielder can cast Lightning Strike (once per day).

5. Foebane

“The archmage Demron created this powerful blade for Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor. When the elven city fell, the sword was lost beneath the rubble of the once-great metropolis.”

Foebane is a +3 Bastard Sword, which can be upgraded to +5 in Throne of Bhaal. It deals bonus damage against demons and devils. It also has a drain HP on-hit ability that proves very useful.

Where to get Foebane:

Foebane can be found on the first floor of Watcher’s Keep.

Why Foebane is Great:

  • +6 slashing damage vs. undead, shapeshifters, demons and devils.
  • -1 bonus to all saving throws.
  • Each successful hit casts Larloch’s Minor Drain on the target (no save).
  • Cespenar in Throne of Bhaal can upgrade it to +5. You will need Fflar’s Scabbard to upgrade.

4. Shortbow of Gesen

“The finest bow crafted by Gesen Khan, this weapon draws energy from another plane, firing spears of lightning instead of arrows... and therefore never requiring ammunition of any kind. A side effect of the bow bestows protection from electricity upon the user.”

Arguably the best bow in the game, the Gesen Bow is a +4 shortbow that requires no ammunition. It also deals electrical damage.

Where to get the Shortbow of Gesen:

Crafted by the smith Cromwell from the Gesen Bow Shaft and the Gesen Bow String.

Why the Shortbow of Gesen is Great:

  • When no ammunition is equipped, it will fire an infinite supply of +4 arrows.
  • Deals +1d8 Electricity damage.
  • Wielder gets +20% Electrical Resistance.

3. Flail of Ages

“This flail has been in the care of Lord de'Arnise for some time, a relic of his adventuring youth. The flail was the creation of the warlike rakshasa, a race of vengeful spirits that crave human meat, and used as an adaptable weapon that could suit any battle.”

The Flail of Ages is a +3 flail that deals elemental damage – Acid, Cold and Fire. It is an excellent weapon for killing trolls and also for interrupting enemy spellcasters. It is by far the most powerful flail in the game. Like Foebane, it can be upgraded to a +5 weapon in Throne of Bhaal.

Where to get the Flail of Ages:

It is obtained by forging the three different flail heads found on the first floor of the de’Arnise Keep.

Why the Flail of Ages is Great:

  • Elemental damage: +1 Acid, +1 Cold, +1 Fire.
  • The elemental damage bypasses melee resistance, saves do not apply.
  • It is great for testing out the various immunities of opponents.
  • Cespenar in Throne of Bhaal can upgrade it to +5. You will need the Flail Head (Poison) and Flail Head (Electric) to upgrade.

2. Carsomyr

“Carsomyr is a weapon of legend, perhaps one of the most powerful blades ever forged on Faerûn, though its origin and history is thought purposefully forgotten so that the sword itself shall never overshadow the importance of the struggles that must be fought today. The evils of the realms must truly stand aside when this weapon is brought to bear, their magic dispelled with a word, steadfastly resisted with ease.”

Also known as the Holy Avenger, Carsomyr is one of the most legendary weapons in Baldur’s Gate II. It is a +5 Two-handed sword with bonus damage against evil opponents and the ability to dispel magic. It can be further upgraded to +6 in Throne of Bhaal. On the downside, it can only be wielded by non-evil aligned Paladins.

Where to get Carsomyr:

You can loot it after slaying the red dragon Firkraag in Firkraag’s Maze.

Why Carsomyr is Great:

  • +5 extra damage vs. chaotic evil.
  • Dispel Magic three times per day (at level 15).
  • Dispel Magic on each hit (at level 30).
  • Cespenar in Throne of Bhaal can upgrade it to +6. You will need the Eye of Tyr to upgrade.

1. Staff of the Magi

“This type of staff is thoroughly linked to the image of the spellcasting profession, rare though it is. It is among the most powerful tools that a wizard can possess, the culmination of complex enchantments and endless study. The quintessential Mage item.”

The awesome Staff of the Magi is by far the best weapon for a Wizard class character in Baldur’s Gate II, period! It is a +5 quarterstaff with amazing special abilities (equipped and combat) and some serious melee damage as well. This weapon is a true powerhouse.

Where to get the Staff of the Magi:

The staff is dropped by Layene in the Twisted Rune Hideout. But take heed – it is only available during Chapters 2, 3 and 6!

Why the Staff of the Magi is Great:

  • Armor Class +2.
  • Saving Throws +2.
  • Invisibility.
  • Immunity to Charm.
  • Protection from Evil.
  • Fireball (three times per day).
  • Lightning Bolt (three times per day).
  • Spell Trap (once per day).
  • Dispel Magic on each hit (at level 30).

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