[Top 5] Terraria Best Guns and How to Get Them

Terraria Best Guns
Player wielding the Sniper Rifle

Are you a sharpshooter with an eagle’s eye or a gunslinging outlaw? If so, then this list is for you.

Before the advent of the game’s massive upcoming “Journey’s End” update, now is as good a time as any to cover some of the game’s best features. The world of Terraria has hundreds of weapons to choose from, suiting all styles of play and all types of characters.

Perhaps some of the coolest weapons in Terraria are firearms, with a plethora of different guns to try out. If you consider yourself a ranger, then look no further!

So, without further adieu, here are some of the best and coolest guns available:

5. Megashark

Although accessible in early Hardmode, this gun’s mediocre disguise is not to be trusted. If used properly, this shark-shaped minigun can wreak serious havoc on your enemies. Its fast fire rate, respectable damage, and early accessibility make it a great choice for rangers beginning to hone their character’s abilities. 

Megashark stats: 

  • Damage: 25
  • Knockback: 1 (extremely weak)
  • Critical strike chance: 4%
  • Use time: 7 (insanely fast)
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo

What could be cooler than a machine gun that looks like a shark? Probably nothing, except the S.D.M.G. We’ll get to that later. 

This weapon can be extremely useful in early to mid-Hardmode and is quite formidable against most bosses. If the player decides to craft Crystal Bullets as ammo, the Megashark can be a great way to take out bosses like The Twins and Skeletron Prime.

How to get the Megashark: 

  • The first step to getting the Megashark is entering Hardmode. Then, defeat The Destroyer and collect the Souls of Might that the boss drops (you will need 20 of these.)
  • The second step is to travel to one of your world’s oceans and murder some sharks to obtain 5 Shark Fins if you don’t already have some of these. Afterward, wait until nighttime and talk to your local Arms Dealer to buy the Illegal Gun Parts and the Minishark.
  • It is advisable to buy the Minishark before entering Hardmode, as it will save you money and trouble down the road.
  • With all these materials in your possession, go ahead and craft the Megashark at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

4. Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is a CS:GO player’s dream gun, perfect for the deadeye. While it is a single-shot weapon, each bullet packs a serious punch and can obliterate some enemies in one hit. Apart from its crazy damage, the Sniper Rifle allows one to zoom in on objects across the map to view the target from farther away.

Sniper Rifle stats:

  • Damage: 185
  • Knockback: 8 (very strong)
  • Critical strike chance: 29%
  • Use time: 36 (very slow)

The Sniper Rifle is simply a blast to use. The greatest part of the weapon is being able to snipe targets from far away without them even knowing the player is there. If the player uses accessories like the Destroyer and Ranger emblems as well as Vortex Armor, the Sniper Rifle can be extremely powerful, able to one-shot many enemies.

How to get the Sniper Rifle:

  • The Sniper Rifle can be acquired from Skeleton Snipers  in the dungeon after defeating Plantera in the Jungle. To fight Plantera, you must first have defeated all three mechanical bosses after entering Hardmode. 
  • If you manage to find one of these bullseye skeletons, they have a 7.64% chance of dropping the Sniper Rifle. Using a Water Candle or Battle Potion to increase their spawn chance will help.

3. Uzi

That’s right, Terraria has an Uzi. This little automatic gun fires high-velocity bullets in quick bursts and is a very useful weapon for pre and post-Plantera combat. Its base damage is quite good for the level at which it can be accessed, and it is also fully automatic. Acquiring it can be difficult, but it is well worth the effort.

Uzi stats: 

  • Damage: 30
  • Knockback: 3.5 (weak)
  • Critical strike chance: 4%
  • Use time: 9 (very fast)

The Uzi is a great weapon for all players, but especially those who favor the use of ranged weaponry. It packs a good punch for a relatively low-level weapon. It can be very useful against the jungle’s main Hardmode boss, Plantera, seeing as the Uzi can be found in the jungle biome immediately after entering Hardmode.

How to get the Uzi:

  • After slaying the Wall of Flesh, Hardmode will set in. If you feel brave enough to do it, travel to your jungle biome and look for Angry Trappers . This creature has a 1% chance to drop the Uzi, so you may want to bring a Water Candle or a Battle Potion to increase the monster’s spawn chance.

2. Vortex Beater

The Vortex Beater, straight from outer space, is a lethal hybrid between a machine gun and a grenade launcher. With a crazy high fire rate and amazing damage, this gun couldn’t be better for you gunslingers out there. If that doesn’t already sound good enough, then take a look at the stats:

Vortex Beater stats:

  • Damage: 50 
  • Knockback: 2 (very weak)
  • Critical strike chance: 4%
  • Use time: 20 (very fast)
  • 66% chance to not consume ammo

This weapon can only be acquired one way: by defeating an alien invasion. It is a relic from the stars that has found its way to your world. The Vortex Beater is a powerhouse of fully automatic fire rate and grenades all shot out at the same time, dealing incredible damage. Plus, it looks super cool while doing it.

How to get the Vortex Beater:

  • To get this weapon you must first defeat the Lunatic Cultist boss, accessible after defeating the jungle’s Golem.
  • After defeating the crazed Cultist, your world will be invaded by four celestial pillars, each with an entourage of alien minions.
  • Slay the Vortex Pillar and collect its Vortex Fragments, using the Ancient Manipulator acquired from the Cultist to craft the Vortex Beater. Only 18 of these fragments are required to craft the weapon.

1. S.D.M.G.

From the stars comes the Space Dolphin Machine Gun, perhaps the best gun-- and one of the best weapons-- in Terraria. This fully automatic monster has a crazy high fire rate and deals some serious damage. With a 50% chance to not consume ammo and fantastic base damage, this weapon is the best choice for rangers looking for overpowered guns to annihilate their foes. For best results, use Luminite Bullets to pierce through enemies.

S.D.M.G. stats:

  • Damage: 77
  • Knockback: 2.5 (very weak)
  • Critical strike chance: 14%
  • Use time: 5 (insanely fast)
  • 50% chance to not consume ammo

The dolphin-machine gun hybrid previously appeared as an unobtainable item in earlier versions of Terraria, making it that much more coveted. When the item was finally added to the game, it more than lived up to the hype. The S.D.M.G could very well be the best gun in Terraria. Its appearance is also fantastic, because what could be better than a mix between a dolphin and a machine gun? The answer is nothing.

How to get the S.D.M.G.:

  • The S.D.M.G. has an 11% chance to be dropped by Terraria’s final boss, Moon Lord.
  • To summon him, defeat the Lunatic Cultist boss and defeat all four alien pillars that invade your world. After these are destroyed, Moon Lord will appear in your world.
  • Once you slay the alien beast, pray to Redigit that he drops the precious S.D.M.G.! Good luck, Terrarians.

Terraria offers some of the most diverse and replayable content out there. It is an RPG in some ways and a sandbox in others and has a little something for everyone. May this list of awesome guns serve you well in your adventures, Terrarians! Go murder some slimes with your new-found firearms. 


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