[Top 10] Hunt Showdown Best Early Game Weapons

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What weapons are worth grabbing without spending too many hard earned Hunt Bucks? 

Much like the world, everything in Hunt costs money. The economy revolves around how much your equipment costs versus how much you can make upon a run through the bayou, so finding the most effective weapon for the most reasonable price is your best option.  


10. Winfield M1873C 

Could get a full article out of just different versions of this gun and how useful they can be. (any takers?) 

One of the most versatile and adaptable weapons on the list, the Winfield M1873C is a lever action rifle that hunters get at level 1. This gun can do it all in its base version, and can accomplish even more once different variations and specialized ammunition are unlocked. Its fast firing rate and deep ammo reserves also allow for more forgiveness when missing a shot. 

Why the Winfield is Excellent 

  • Good range for medium distance fights
  • Fast firing for keeping pressure on enemies 
  • Helps you live your Old West Gunfighter dreams  
  • Can defend up close and even better when paired with Levering trait 

Winfield M1873C Stats

  • Damage- 110
  • Rate of Fire- 50 Rounds per Minute 
  • Effective Range- 95 Meters 
  • Bullet Capacity- 7 by default +1 extra if manually loaded 
  • Bullet Velocity- 400 Meters per second


9. Nagant M1895 Silencer 

Fun Fact: some psycho actually made this gun at some point in history. 

“Silent but Deadly” isn’t just used to describe your Grandpa’s farts, it is also this gun's entire resume. While requiring a bit of unlocking, this early variation of a level 1 pistol can silently take out everything from a Hive to an enemy hunter. When paired with poison ammo, the Nagant Silencer can also make short work of most boss monsters, making it an all around great choice for a secondary. 

Why the Nagant Silencer is Excellent

  • The silencer quiets your shots, allowing you to draw less attention in the Bayou. 
  • Has access to poison ammo, which kills bosses and regular enemies very quickly. 
  • Can be devastating up close when paired with the Fanning trait. 
  • Has really nice iron sights for getting the feel of shooting in Hunt.  

Nagant M1895 Silencer Stats

  • Damage- 91
  • Rate of Fire- 40 Rounds per Minute 
  • Effective Range- 95 Meters 
  • Bullet Capacity- 7 
  • Bullet Velocity- 250 Meters per Second 


8. Romero 77 

"But it only holds one shell!" Do you need more? What are you compensating for? You're worth more than spending all your Hunt Bucks on flashier shotguns. 

The Romero 77 may be Baby’s first shotgun, but if used correctly it can also be the only shotgun baby needs. Boasting the longest range of all the shotguns in Hunt, this break action shotgun may only hold one bullet at a time, but it can send that bullet farther than guns that cost 10 times as much. This gun is just the beginning though, as its later variations and ammos make the gun a lot more potent and fun. 

Why the Romero 77 is Excellent-

  • Cheap as dirt
  • Longest range of any shotgun
  • One bullet, but decently fast reload balances it out nicely. Can also unlock a semi-automatic version. 
  • Can carry multiple ammo types because of the one bullet chamber. This allows you to carry buckshot as well as something fancier like Slugs or Dragon’s Breath Rounds. 

Romero 77 Stats

  • Damage- 200
  • Rate of Fire- 30 Rpm 
  • Effective Range- 15m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 1 
  • Bullet Velocity- 450m/s 


7. Springfield 1866

Putting Dum Dum ammo on this gun would be Smart Smart. 

One of the cheapest, most effective guns in Hunt's arsenal, the Springfield 1866 is as reliable as they come. With great range and access to bullets that bleed or explode, this gun can carry you through most fights and even hold its own against tougher, more expensive weapons. 

Why the Springfield 1866 is Excellent

  • Dirt cheap price means you won’t go broke using this weapon. 
  • Great range and bullet penetration with its Medium ammo
  • Can get access to Dum Dum bullets for bleeding and Explosive ammo for booming. 
  • Can carry multiple ammo types, because of its single bullet chamber. 

Springfield 1866 Stats

  • Damage- 132
  • Rate of Fire- 42 Rpm 
  • Effective Range- 212m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 1
  • Bullet Velocity- 490m/s


6. Scottfield Model 3 Brawler

For when something has really pissed you off. 

Ever been so angry you wanted to punch and shoot something at the same time ? If so, is everything ok? Want to talk about it? No? Ok, let's chat about this excellent pairing of melee weapon and sidearm instead. The Scottfield Brawler brings the best of both worlds with its attached pair of Knuckle Dusters and one of the fastest medium ammo firing pistol in the game. 

Why the Scottfield Model 3 Brawler is Excellent

  • Built in melee weapons are great for emergencies and for taking down an immolator in a pinch. 
  • Fast firing rate allows it to be a great backup weapon when someone is making an aggressive push. 
  • Medium ammo packs quite a punch, and when paired with the firing rate, makes this a fantastic backup in any loadout.

Scottfield Model 3 Brawler Stats

  • Damage- 107
  • Rate of Fire- 41 Rpm
  • Effective Range- 85m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 6
  • Bullet Velocity- 280m/s


5. Hand Crossbow 

It is harder than you think to make a crossbow look "crossbowy" from the side view. Trust me though, it has the crossbow arms, I swear. What do I gain from lying? 

Because, according to editors,  “putting a gif of Daryl Dixon wouldn’t be enough explanation for the weapon”, I will explain a little about the Hand Crossbow and its benefits. It is a crossbow, but smaller, for your hands. It is quiet and extremely powerful at close range, making for a great backup when hunters are rushing you with shotguns or axes. Its range of unlockable ammo types give this already useful weapon even more utility, making it even more useful. 

What makes the Hand Crossbow Excellent

  • This weapon can one hit kill enemy hunters, just by hitting them in the upper chest. 
  • Bolts fired can be retrieved. This not only saves ammo but does a small amount of damage upon pulling out the bolt, good for extra damage on big enemies or bosses. 
  • Has access to a wide range of specialized bolts, causing everything from poisonous clouds to decoy gunshots to confuse enemies. 
  • It’s a crossbow.  

Hand Crossbow Stats

  • Damage- 195 
  • Rate of Fire- 41 Rpm
  • Effective Range- 85m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 1
  • Bullet Velocity- 100m/s

4. Vetterli 71 Karabiner 

Swedish engineering at its finest. (Literally every other Swiss invention notwithstanding)

Another one of our medium ammo entries, the Vetterli is an all around great gun. Its bolt action allows for a decent fire rate. While its medium ammo packs quite a punch at range and up close should the need arise. One little known secret about the Vetterli that even longtime users may be unaware of, it has insane hip fire accuracy. If you don't believe me, try it out sometime and see how far you can accurately hip fire a headshot, then you come back here and you say “I’m really sorry Sir.”. I’ll wait here. 

What makes the Vetterli 71 Karabiner Excellent

  • Bolt action allows for a fast firing rate. 
  • Hip fires extremely accurately, which is helpful in up close and personal fights. 
  • Can quickly unlock a scoped variation, making for one of the cheapest and best sniper rifles in the game. 

Vetterli 71 Karabiner Stats 

  • Damage- 130
  • Rate of Fire- 42 Rpm
  • Effective Range- 203m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 6 +1 if manually reloaded 
  • Bullet Velocity- 410m/s


3. Martini-Henry IC1

Prepare yourself for a James Bond joke, I couldnt stop myself. Was like an out of body experience. 

Shaken or stirred, this gun is an unsung hero in Hunt: Showdown. Only holding one bullet at a time doesn't stop this gun from sending Long Ammo down range at a devastating pace. Packing enough punch to take most of an enemies health bar down to single digits, means this gun is a great primary weapon for softening up a target, then swapping to something fast firing to finish the job. 

What makes the Martini-Henry IC1 Excellent 

  • Fast firing rate makes it one of best Long ammo guns for the price. 
  • Only holding one bullet allows for the carrying of multiple ammo types. Meaning you can take along some explosive ammo for an extra punch. 
  • You can unlock a version of this gun that has a sword on it. That should really be all you need to know. 

Martini-Henry IC1 Stats 

  • Damage- 143
  • Rate of Fire- 45 Rpm 
  • Effective Range- 334m 
  • Bullet Capacity- 1 
  • Bullet Velocity- 400m/s


2. Caldwell 92 New Army 

Show all the out of fashion, Old Army users up with the New Army. 

The Caldwell 92 New Army is one of the best back ups in the game for the price. Coming in at a measly 90 Hunt Bucks, this fast firing pistol allows for decimating foes at close range without breaking your bank. The gun also boasts decent range and single firing accuracy, should you be able to ease your shots. Having access to full metal jacket ammo makes the gun pack all the more punch as well. 

What makes the Caldwell 92 New Army Excellent 

  • Cheap price tag means the gun is easy to learn without going broke. 
  • Double Action means this gun fires very fast and can take a close up enemy out of the fight in a fraction of a second. 
  • Access to Full Metal Jacket ammo means the gun eats through wood and has more range. 

Caldwell 92 New Army Stats

  • Damage- 97
  • Rate of Fire- 107 Rpm
  • Effective Range- 79m
  • Bullet Capacity- 6
  • Bullet Velocity- 230m/s


 1. Caldwell Pax 

$100 never looked so purrty. 

The quintessential cowboy revolver, the Caldwell Pax not only looks cool but performs even better. Great range can make this a perfect ranged pairing for a shotgun, and its decent firing rate make it a great backup option. All around this is the best revolver in the game, it is accurate, powerful and oh so reasonably priced at only 100 Hunt Bucks. 

What makes the Caldwell Pax Excellent

  • Fast firing rate allows for it to be a great backup pistol. 
  • Accuracy can allow it to also be a main ranged option if running a close range primary. 
  • Can get Dum Dum ammo for extra bleeding damage to enemies, making you very formidable and annoying. 
  • Makes you feel like a cowboy. Everyone wants this. 

Caldwell Pax Stats

  • Damage- 110
  • Rate of Fire- 46 Rpm
  • Effective Range- 86m
  • Bullet Capacity- 6 
  • Bullet Velocity- 330m/s 


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