[Top 15] Yakuza Kiwami Best Weapons From Early To Late Game (And How To Get Them)

If there’s one thing everyone needs to know, it’s that you don’t mess with the Dragon of Dojima. At All.

Hey everyone! It’s me, back again with another list! Today we’ll be looking at the best weapons from Yakuza Kiwami which can be attained in early, mid and late game as well.

As you all may know by now, Kiryu always stumbles upon enemies, whether he’s taking a stroll, going to do assignments, or just standing there minding his own business. The goons in Kamurocho just don’t know when to quit. These weapons are sure to help repel some of these bugs in your way rather quickly!

So let’s get this started, shall we?


15. Gentleman's Umbrella (Early)

This reminds me of when my Mama grabbed one of these umbrellas.

First on the list, we have the Gentleman’s Umbrella. Great for some ass-whooping. Especially in early game.

You can get this weapon in two ways. The first is you can buy this from Don Quijote at Nakamichi Street for ¥5200 a piece, and the second you can find the E-1 Locker Key at Taihei Boulevard next to the Millennium Tower where you can get this umbrella as a reward.

As the Yakuza series is famous for its over-the-top action animations with the weapons, you can equip this weapon and use it in Heat Action to full maximum effect of the weapon. I would advise using this weapon in heat actions only as it counts as 1 use, so it’s better to fill up that Heat bar and use it when full.

What makes Gentleman’s Umbrella a good weapon:

  • Can be purchased any time from the Don Quijote store at Nakamichi Street.
  • Does a considerable amount of damage to enemies.
  • One of the best early weapons in-game with callbacks to previous entries in the franchise.

Gentleman’s Umbrella full details

  • Attack: 96
  • Durability: 15

How to get Gentleman’s Umbrella: Purchase the weapon at Don Quijote for ¥5200 a piece or get the key to E-1 Taihei Boulevard Locker.


14. Steel Knuckles (Early)

… And there are moments where Kiryu can get very awkward at times.

Up next, we have the Steel Knuckles which can be obtained by completing “The Yakuza’s Apprentice III” substory in-game.

If there’s one thing the Yakuza games are famous for, other than the beat ‘em up action, is the side content it provides. Especially the substories where you can get items and weapons upon completing them. The photo above is taken from one of the substories where you get the “Steel Knuckles” upon completing the 4 parts of it.

This substory can be accessed in Chapter 4 which makes it good enough for a jump start against enemies! As described above, use it during Heat Actions for more damage and cool animation.

What makes Steel Knuckles a good weapon:

  • Attained for free by completing a substory.
  • Sufficient damage is given to enemies.
  • Free money and Experience accompanied with the weapon by completing the substory.

Steel Knuckles full details:

  • Attack: 90
  • Durability: 24

How to get Steel Knuckles: Complete “The Yakuza’s Apprentice III” substory.


13. Golden Blackjack (Early)

As you can see, one of the lockers contains the Golden Blackjack. A very useful weapon.

Next, we have the Golden Blackjack which can be obtained by opening the F1 Locker. That’s about it. Serious.

This may seem like an unconventional weapon but trust me when I say that it WILL help you throughout the whole game. As explained in the above line, just find the F1 Locker Key which is located in front of MEB, use it and voila, you’re good to go.

The great thing about this weapon is that you can “Knockback” enemies with it and gain additional XP with it! Perfect for grinding early game and becoming OP in your own right.

What makes Golden Blackjack a good weapon:

  • Additional XP is gained after fights; making for quick upgrades.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  •  High Attack damage, making for a good early-game weapon.

Golden Blackjack full details: 

  • Attack: 180
  • Durability: 16

How to get Golden Blackjack: Get the key for F1 Locker at Taihei Boulevard.


12. Masterwork Dagger (Early)

That’s about the only photo I could find regarding the dagger… and the sidequest as well.

And now, we have the Masterwork Dagger which can be attained by completing the substory “The Yakuza’s Apprentice IV”. Don’t worry, this is the last part of The Yakuza’s Apprentice substory series since there are 4 in total.

If you’re a player like me who does side-quests first, or in this case, substories and other side activities, alongside the missions then you’ll definitely enjoy this particular substory series. It doesn’t have much durability but it makes up for the attack damage that it gives.

Oh, and it has one of the highest damages in the early weapons category, so there’s that too.

What makes Masterwork Dagger a good weapon:

  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • Daggers make for amazing Heat Actions.
  • High Attack damage, making for a good early-game weapon.

Masterwork Dagger full details: 

  • Attack: 220
  • Durability: 14

How to get Masterwork Dagger: Complete the substory “The Yakuza’s Apprentice IV”.


11. Marlin Cannon (Early)

So, yeah. It’s a cannon alright …. But shaped like a fish.

Marlin Cannon is next on the list, and veteran Yakuza players would definitely recognize this weapon from the get-go.

Here’s the thing regarding this weapon, it’s not part of a reward from the substory and it’s definitely NOT part of a chapter completion reward either. It’s part of the free DLC given away by the developers of the game. (A rare sight in today’s gaming landscape as well.)

To get this DLC item, you need to talk to Bob Utsunomiya (the green afro-haired joker guy in a white suit). Since it’s a free update, you’ll get it for free. (Duh.) It doesn’t have much ammo but what it does have is INFINITE durability. You can whack those enemies all you want. Perfect for an early jump-start.

What makes Marlin Cannon a good weapon:

  • Infinite durability makes it usable for melee as well.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • High Attack damage, making for a good early-game weapon.

Marlin Cannon full details: 

  • Attack: 100
  • Durability: ∞
  • Ammo: 7

How to get Marlin Cannon: Talk to Bob Utsunomiya at Tenkaichi Street Entrance to receive this item.


10. Double Feathered Fans (Middle)

This substory is a great callback to Yakuza 0 in general.

The Double Feathered Fans make a good addition to the list and for good reason. You can get this weapon by completing the substory “Memories of the Bubble”.

One thing about this weapon and this substory as a whole is that it is a callback to the Bubble Economy Era of Japan i.e. 1988 which is the main setting for the prequel of this game, Yakuza 0. Everything from the costume, weapon and even the dialogues recalling the events of that time brings back memories for Kiryu and veteran Yakuza fans. (Newbies can count too since 0 is the gateway game for most Yakuza fans.)

Apart from all the nostalgic value, it’s got great damage like the rest. To access this substory, you need to go to Debolah. I accessed this area mid-game so the quest and weapon reward from this game didn’t hamper my progress at all. Oh, it’s got the ability to Stun enemies too.

What makes Double Feathered Fans a great weapon:

  • Stuns enemies providing an edge during combat.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • Considerably high damage even during mid-game.

Double Feathered Fans full details: 

  • Attack: 216
  • Durability: 20
  • Stun effect on enemies

How to get Double Feathered Fans: Complete Substory “Memories of the Bubble”


9. Patriarch’s Driver (Middle)

So, no photo of the weapon. A Coliseum will do, considering that you get the weapon from there.

Moving up, we have the Patriarch’s Driver which can be attained from the Coliseum if you have enough yen for it.

The reason why I’ve placed this in mid-game category is that you need to have your level high enough to beat tough opponents coming in the bouts and in mid-game (around Chapter 11. I know, it’s a bit late in the game but you’ll know why later), you have considerable XP to get new abilities. Or if you’re lucky, when fighting Majima in the Majima Everywhere system, you may get this weapon as a drop from him.

Just grind your way through the matches, collect enough money and voila, you’ll get the bat. Now, whip those goons to shape with it.

What makes Patriarch’s Driver a great weapon:

  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • Considerably high damage even during mid-game.
  • Cool Heat Action animations

Patriarch’s Driver full details: 

  • Attack: 195
  • Durability: 22

How to get Patriarch’s Driver: Fight matches in Coliseum or as an item drop in hidden Majima battles in Majima Everywhere.


8. Baiken (Middle)

That’s the secret shop within the Beam DVD store where you’ll get the weapon. And many more.

Baiken’s next in the list which you can get after unlocking the Nunchaku Mastery skill in the Dragon of Dojima style by reaching Rank S in Majima Everywhere.

It’s probably the most expensive Nunchaku in the already expensive secret weapons store for ¥990,000 BUT it’s worth the price if you’re mid-game and save up a lot of money like me during walkthroughs.

High attack damage along with “Staggering” effect on enemies makes for a great weapon. Oh, and it may comein handy during Legend difficulty.

What makes Baiken a great weapon:

  • Staggering effect on enemies gives you an edge during combat.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  •  High Attack damage even during mid-game weapon.

Baiken full details: 

  • Attack: 340
  • Durability: 20

How to get Baiken: Available for purchase in Beam after attaining Nunchaku and Tonfa mastery skill in Dragon of Dojima style.


7. Dragon Grudge Fists (Middle)

Just Kiryu setting up goons straight with his Brawler style.

Probably the second most powerful knuckles in the list which can be attained after finishing the Coliseum along with other weapons.

One of the longest durability weapons, this knuckle set can set goons straight in a quick manner of time. To get this, just finish the Coliseum matches and you’ll get the option to buy this weapon for the required points at the coliseum.

What makes Dragon Grudge Fists a great weapon:

  • Cool Heat Action Animations
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  •  High attack and durability make for a good weapon choice mid-game.

Dragon Grudge Fist full details: 

  • Attack: 285
  • Durability: 32

How to get Dragon Grudge Fists: Finish Coliseum matches and buy it off for the required points.


6. Tiger Bagh Nanka (Middle)

Well, being OP does have its advantages.

The strongest knuckle set in the weapons makes its way to the list! And you can get this in the same method as above.

What gives an edge over all the knuckles is that it’s got the highest Attack damage and a “Staggering” effect on the enemy. It doesn’t have much durability though but the attacks make up for it! Especially if you use it during Heat Action.

What makes Tiger Bagh Naka a great weapon:

  • “Staggering” effect on enemies provides an edge in battle.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  •  Very High Attack damage, making for a good mid-game weapon.

Tiger Bagh Naka full details: 

  • Attack: 300
  • Durability: 20

How to get Tiger Bagh Naka: Finish Coliseum matches and buy it off for the required points.


5. Yinglong Tonfa (Late)

FINALLY! A photo with the required weapon in use.

And we’ve moved up to the late-game weapons which are DEFINITELY worth the grind. Starting with the Yinglong Tonfa.

If you’ve played Yakuza 0, you may remember Jun Oda from Tachibana Real Estate, well, that guy had a Tonfa for a weapon. And BOY did it hit hard!

The same can be said of this weapon as well. Just simply gather the required CP (which will be at the end of the game, considering you require 10 CP AFTER spending 25 CP on the previous four weapons from the clown guy Bob Utsunomiya. Oh, and you need Tonfa and Nunchaku Mastery unlocked for this as well.

What makes Yinglong Tonfa a superb weapon:

  • Cool Heat Action animations
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • High damage and durability of the weapon; fit for use against higher level and more difficult enemies as well.

Yinglong Tonfa full details: 

  • Attack: 270
  • Durability: 28

How to get Yinglong Tonfa: 10 CP Points required after spending 25 CP on the previous four weapons while unlocking Nunchaku and Tonfa mastery skill in Dragon of Dojima style.


4. MJM56-55 Exorcist (Late)

Jingu finally gets a taste of being unfair in a fight.

Unexpectedly, next on the list we have the MJM56-55 Exorcist Shotgun with killer damage and ammo in the shotguns category!

The weird thing about this weapon is that it costs ¥1,555,500 AND is only available from the secret weapons shop during the finale before you get to fight Jingu and your kyoudai, Akira Nishikiyama.

But the damage and ammo capacity makes it worth the cheesing of these bosses! Especially Jingu in Legend difficulty. Works on other goons too.

What makes MJM56-55 Exorcist a superb weapon:

  • Cool Heat Action Animations.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • Very High Attack damage makes it ideal for cheesing bosses.

MJM56-55 Exorcist full details: 

  • Attack: 250
  • Ammo: 21

How to get MJM56-55 Exorcist: Reach the finale and buy it from the secret weapons shop in Beam for ¥1,555,500.


3. Golden Pistol (Late)

Ah, the ever-popular Golden Pistol. One of the few weapons with Infinite Durability.

On the third entry, we have the Golden Pistol! A fan-favourite, this pistol is used for almost every single encounter in late-game! Or in Legend difficulty too.

You get this weapon as the final CP reward from Bob Utsunomiya AFTER collecting all the CP Reward weapons from him.

There’s no explanation required for this weapon, it’s got infinite ammo making it the ideal weapon to cheese bosses and anyone coming your way. It’s got only 50 damage though but shooting constantly at the enemies makes it up for it!

What makes Golden Pistol a superb weapon:

  • Infinite Ammo provides an edge during the combat segments
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  • Cool Heat Actions accompanied by the weapon make it a sight to behold.

Golden Pistol full details: 

  • Attack: 180
  • Ammo: ∞

How to get Golden Pistol: Buy the weapon for 30 CP points from Bob Utsunomiya AFTER purchasing ALL the previous weapons for the required CP.


2. Pummeling Bat (Late)

Slugger Majima’s iconic baseball bat is now in the hands of the Dragon of Dojima.

On #2, we have the Mad Dog of Shimano’s iconic baseball bat, the pummelling bat available after getting Rank SSS in Majima Everywhere.

It doesn’t have much damage. I mean, 20. WHAT KIND OF DAMAGE DOES THIS BAT GIVE!? But ir makes it up for the infinite durability and wacky woo-hoo action that you can perform on enemies as well as cheesing bosses.

To get this, you need to reach Rank SSS in Majima Everywhere system which is very tedious to do during grinding but definitely worth the time.

What makes Pummelling Bat a superb weapon:

  • Infinite Durability makes it perfect for cheesing bosses.
  • Perfect chance to knock out enemies in a quicker time.
  •  Cool Heat Action animations.

Pummelling Bat full details: 

  • Attack: 20
  • Durability: ∞

How to get Pummelling Bat: Reach Rank SSS in Majima Everywhere system.


1. Demonfire Dagger (Late)

In an alternate universe where Kiryu is known as the Mad Dog of Dojima and Majima known as the Dragon of Shimano.

And on the top of the list, we have the fan-favourite Demonfire Dagger, Majima’s iconic tanto or knife!

This knife is attained only by completing the Majima Everywhere system by defeating Majima once and for all after reaching the highest rank and getting ALL the upgrades for this fight.

It is DEFINITELY worth the top spot considering it’s one of the few weapons with infinite durability and some epic Heat Action animations. ALSO, you can combine its use with the Pummelling Bat as well!

What makes Demonfire Dagger a superb weapon:

  • Can be used with Pummelling Bat for dual damage.
  • Perfect endgame weapon.
  • Amazing Heat Action animations.

Demonfire Dagger full details: 

  • Attack: 30
  • Durability: ∞

How to get Demonfire Dagger: Complete the Majima Everywhere system.


And with that, we conclude our best weapons list for Yakuza Kiwami! I really hope it helped you. That’s about it. See ya.

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