[Top 10] Mass Effect 3 Best Weapons And How To Get Them

Shoot them dead, soldier.

One of the best aspects of the Mass Effect trilogy is how versatile it is. Two players can have widely different experiences, depending on which classes they choose, or on their playstyle. What makes a weapon great will therefore vary from player to player. 

There are however some fan favorites that are fan favorites for a reason. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the ten best Mass Effect 3 weapons and how to get them.

Black Widow

As an improved version from the Widow in Mass Effect 2, the Black Widow in Mass Effect 3 really packs a punch. It is one of the most efficient snipper rifles in the entire trilogy, with a three shots capacity that greatly reduces reload time compared to its predecessor. The incredible range and precision of the Black Widow definitely make up for its heavy weight, which makes power recharge painfully slow Who needs powers when you can blow an enemy’s head off from the other side of the map?

The Black Widow can be acquired from the Spectre Requisitions terminal on the Citadel, for a hefty cost of 250,000 credits.

What makes the Black Widow great:

  • Much higher damage than semi-automatic rifles
  • Pierces through 25cm of cover
  • Absolutely deadly for Infiltrators with the Marksman and Tactical Cloak abilities

How to Get the Black Widow

Black Widow Wiki Page


Nicknamed the Javelin by Alliance marines, what makes this Geth sniper rifle unique is its atypical ammunition. Its reservoir is full of ferrofluid that is magnetically drawn into the firing chamber, before being expelled like a high-pressure jet of water, making it look like a laser. This jet can pierce through most of anything, including cover or Guardian shields. It’s not only a powerful weapon, it’s also fun to use and look at!

The Javelin can be acquired during the ‘Rannoch: Admiral Koris’ mission, on a path near a crashed escape pod. If missed during the mission, it can be bought at Elkos Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel. Note that ‘Rannoch: Admiral Koris’ must be completed before ‘Priority: Rannoch’ for this weapon to be available.

What makes the Javelin great:

  • 100cm penetration rate, piercing through most cover
  • Its innate thermal scope let’s you see through most cover or smoke grenades
  • Second highest damage per shot weapon in the game

How to Get the Javelin

Javelin Wiki Page

M-96 Mattock

The Mattock was one of the best weapons in Mass Effect 2, and it still holds its own in Mass Effect 3. As a hybrid, the Mattock is a powerful assault rifle, combining low heat emission and extremely high damage. Some might dislike the fact that, unlike most assault rifles, it’s not fully automatic. This semi-automatic feature is actually what makes the Mattock so much more precise than most AR.

The Mattock can be acquired during the ‘Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation’ mission, on a couch before reaching Seanne Bellarmine. It can also be bought from Kassa Fabrication if missed during the mission.

What makes the Mattock great:

  • Highly precise; allows for headshots
  • Very little delay between shots
  • Not as heavy as others AR; quicker power recharge

How to Get the Mattock

Mattock Wiki Page

Cerberus Harrier

Described as an improved version of the Mattock, the Cerberus Harrier is used mainly by Cerberus troopers. It therefore possesses many of the same features and advantages as the Mattock. The most notable difference is that the Cerberus Harrier was designed as a fully automatic AR, without the recoil issues found in the Mattock. Although it is slightly less powerful than the Mattock, the Cerberus Harrier is also more precise.

In the Legendary Edition, the Cerberus Harrier can be acquired from the Spectre Requisitions terminal on the Citadel for 150,000 credits.

What makes the Cerberus Harrier great:

  • Highly accurate and precise
  • Fully automatic
  • Less heavy than equally powerful AR; quicker power recharge

How to Get the Cerberus Harrier

Cerberus Harrier Wiki Page

Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle

The Adas was named to honor the Quarians who died during the war on Adas, the planet that witnessed the birth of the Geth’s consciousness and their subsequent rebellion. The electrical discharge you shoot from the Adas makes it the perfect weapon to use against synthetics during medium-to-long-range fights, although other enemies will get equally fried. It has a staggering ability that will literally knock enemies off their feet. As it is one of the heaviest AR, it is best given to one of your squadmates.

In the Legendary Edition, the Adas can be bought from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies terminal on the Citadel for 10,000 credits.

What makes the Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle great:

  • Efficient crowd control
  • 200% damage against shields and barriers 
  • Highly accurate, despite accuracy meter saying otherwise

How to Get the Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle

Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle Wiki Page

Blood Pack Punisher

The Blood Pack Punisher is an SMG that was designed by Blood Pack gunsmiths specifically for their Vorcha recruits, who had a tendency to forget to reload their weapons. Every ninth bullet in each round is an armor-piercing bullet that deals a high amount of damage. It is recommended for Infiltrators, as their abilities and powers will make this weapon that much more powerful.

In the Legendary Edition, you can buy the Blood Pack Punisher from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies terminal on the Citadel.

What makes the Blood Pack Punisher great:

  • Solid weapon in close-range combats for Infiltrators
  • Highly effective with Marksman ability, as it increases its damage and range
  • Can get through any armored targets at close range with the right power combo

How to Get the Blood Pack Punisher

Blood Pack Punisher Wiki Page

M-358 Talon

The Talon is another weapon used by Cerberus troopers, specifically the Guardians. This pistol deals great damage against enemies, especially unarmored ones. Firing the Talon makes you feel like you’re firing a small yet powerful shotgun, without it being nearly as heavy. It is a great weapon for players who like to get up-close and personal.

You can only find the Talon during the ‘Priority: The Citadel’ mission, inside a locked room that you can access through an adjacent room. Make sure to look around, as it cannot be purchased in a shop.

What makes the Talon great:

  • Extremely lethal at close range
  • 50% bonus damage to shields and barriers
  • High chance per shot to trigger special ammo powers

How to Get the Talon

Talon Wiki Page


Designed to be used by the Asari resistance, the Acolyte is extremely light, optimizing power recharge time. The Acolyte is an acquired taste, as it can be tricky to use correctly. This pistol only fires once charged for at least a full second or two, before projecting its bullet through the air in an arc-like shape. Its ammunition detonates on impact, becoming a resonant warp bomb, frying shields and barriers alike. For multiplayer fans, it’s a life-saver against Phantoms.

In the Legendary Edition, it can be purchased from Nos Astra Sporting Goods terminal on the Citadel for 10,000 credits.

What makes the Acolyte great:

  • Its grenade-like projectile literally bounces off walls, making it a great tool to reach enemies behind cover
  • One of the lightest weapons in the game for quick power recharge
  • 500% damage against shields and barriers

How to Get the Acolyte

Acolyte Wiki Page

Geth Plasma Shotgun

The Geth Plasma shotgun fires three small yet powerful electrified projectiles at a much longer range than most other shotguns. Players can also choose a quicker, less powerful discharge. When the projectile reaches its target, it then explodes in smaller fragments and creates electrical arcs that charge the air until it becomes conductive plasma. Another oddly satisfying weapon to use.

You can find the Geth Plasma Shotgun during the ‘Priority: Rannoch’ mission on top of a crate. If you miss it during the mission, it can be bought from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies terminal on the Citadel.

What makes the Geth Plasma Shotgun great:

  • Better range than most shotguns
  • Fries shields and barriers
  • Deals impressive damage to groups of enemies

How to Get the Geth Plasma Shotgun

Geth Plasma Shotgun Wiki Page

Venom Shotgun

The Venom shotgun was designed for and by the Salarian STG, to get them out of tight spots. What makes the Venom shotgun so special is its ability to fire shots of different intensities, at a faster or slower rate. Choosing to charge a shot virtually turns this shotgun into a small grenade launcher, firing a cluster round that then explodes into five smaller rounds. A great way to deal with a large group of enemies.

In the Legendary Edition, the Venom shotgun can be bought from Aegohr Munitions on the Citadel for 7,000 credits.

What makes the Venom Shotgun great:

  • Deals extremely high damage when charged, even on Insanity difficulty
  • When fully charged, can be used for crowd control
  • More accurate than similarly powerful shotguns

How to Get the Venom Shotgun

Venom Shotgun Wiki Page

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