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Experience your space story as you travel the galaxy in Mass Effect

10. Mass Effect 5 Release Date

When can we expect Mass Effect 5's release?

Following the disappointment that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare wisely decided to shelve the franchise. The fourth edition lacked the spark of the original trilogy, even though it displayed massive potential. When the DLC for Andromeda was cancelled in 2017, most assumed we’d seen the end of Mass Effect. They were wrong.

If rumors are to be believed, Mass Effect 5 will be set for a 2020 release. Since the new consoles will likely be in high demand by that point, let the game come out alongside them. A newer system means better graphics, and another visually appealing Mass Effect game sounds very enticing.

9. Rumor: Mass Effect 5 Will Follow The Story of Shepard

Say "Welcome back" to Shepard, as he may make his return in the fifth installment Mass Effect

Depending on the ending you selected in Mass Effect 3, the infamous Commander Shepard wasn’t immediately dead after the Reaper invasion. Gasping for breath underneath a pile of debris, the fate of Shepard was left ambiguous. Many fans speculated what happened to everyone’s favorite Spectre, and for the longest time we thought we‘d never know.

Thanks to Mass Effect 5, the story of Commander Shepard could continue. Not just Shepard, but also all of the characters we grew to love on the Normandy. Humanity was but one of the many different races that had to recover after the war. It’d be interesting to see a decimated galaxy rebounding from the Reaper’s attempted mass genocide.

8. The Reapers Aren’t Going to be Involved

The Reapers should just stay in dark space and leave the rest of the galaxy alone

When Commander Shepard saved the galaxy from the Reapers, his success didn’t mean the eradication of the Reapers. Instead, the alternate endings involved Shepard uploading his subconscious to them. Through this, he assumed control of the Reapers, helping the Council races rebuild.

After sacrificing his own life to save his friends, Shepard knows the threat the Reapers still possess. It’s safe to assume that they’ll be out in Dark Space for the events of the next game. There they can remain dormant and rest, awaiting a time where the galaxy needs them.

7. Building Settlements Will Still Exist

Create your settlements here, there... maybe everywhere

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, one of the more exciting gameplay elements was space exploration. In an effort to establish a foothold on foreign worlds, the player had to get to a certain readiness percentage. Once that percentage was reached, you could establish a permanent settlement on the land.

Although there were only a handful of planets to settle originally, Mass Effect 5 could change that. Assuming the game has greater capabilities than its predecessor, the game could end up boasting dozens of planets. BioWare isn’t afraid of letting players put the hours into their games. If fans have it their way, this Mass Effect won't be the exception.

6. The Krogan Will Be Playable

The Krogans don't look so scary... perhaps it is time for them to tell their story

Labelled as aggressive mercenaries for hire, the Krogan were a broken race during the original Mass Effect trilogy. Thanks to a cure that granted them the ability to reproduce, the Krogan finally found hope again. Led by veteran Urdnot Wrex, things were looking up for the once desperate race.

Now that their future is set in stone, these fearsome warriors could find themselves as Mass Effect 5’s protagonists. The galaxy will certainly be wary of the Krogans at first, as now they are more powerful than ever. That uneasiness may create an intriguing story that BioWare can’t help but tell in this newest installment.

5. The Game Will Feature CO-OP

Team up with your friends and defend the galaxy

On the previous games, campaigns were restricted to a single player experience. However, since the series made its debut, games have shifted towards a multiplayer-based product. Expect this to be addressed in Mass Effect 5, with options for cooperative play being presented.

While the series has explored multiplayer options in the past, it has always been at a minimal level. Should Mass Effect 5 adopt a co-op mindset, it could freshen up the franchise for the better. Campaign missions, survival challenges, team deathmatch… all of these could be a driving feature in the next Mass Effect.

4. New Feature: Space Battles

Pilot your way through the stars and show off your ship

For a series that places such a focus on events in space, the games have never allowed you to be a pilot. Imaging piloting an Alliance frigate through debris, or performing a strafing run on an unsuspecting Batarian squad. As the newest installments gets closer to release, this is a mode that could become a reality.

If space battles make an appearance in Mass Effect 5, it’d likely come alongside a high level of customization. Merchants across the galaxy would sell spaceships, each with unique abilities. Unlock skins by completing milestones in-game or spend credits.

3. The Game Will Be A Sequel to Andromeda

Maybe Shepard won't return, but seeing the Ryders again isn't so bad

In the event that BioWare sticks with their newer Mass Effect timeline, the original characters could be kicked to the curb. With a new and unexplored galaxy at their fingertips, the publisher may choose the newer timeline. It’s a logical choice, and one that promises to offer exciting twists and turns.

Despite Mass Effect: Andromeda hinting at the origins of the newfound galaxy, the real story was never revealed. Future sequels have the ability to showcase this in detail, however, the story may remain untold. Given that Andromeda’s story was heavily criticized, the mystery surrounding this new galaxy may be lost forever.

2. Romance Is Going To Be Rampant

Will you be a rampant flirt, or find your one true love?

In every Mass Effect game, the player has the option of pursuing a number of different love interests. Regardless of gender, Mass Effect offered an emotional experience, allowing bonds to form out of the courage shown against the Reapers. Stronger than any opponent, these bonds shape the very fabric of Mass Effect.

Thanks to the addition of Andromeda, Mass Effect 5 can introduce a number of new races. Creating the opportunity for interstellar diversity, this sort of romance gives way to the endless possibilities of space. Having a reason to fight is always pivotal, and it’s a motivation that’ll have merit in Mass Effect 5.

1. The Game Will Feature Admiral Anderson

Whether following through Admiral Anderson's current career or looking back earlier, his storyline would surely be interesting

In the original trilogy, Admiral Anderson was a decorated war veteran. At one point considered to be the first human Spectre, an altercation with Saren put an end to that dream. Thankfully, Anderson’s story would go on to have some rather exciting moments.

After being elected to serve as the Council’s first Human ambassador, Anderson spent much of his time on the Citadel. The game could take a focus on his time in politics and humanity’s plight to be valued. Or, Mass Effect 5 may choose to reflect on Anderson’s early career, back when he was a young soldier against the world.

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