Mass Effect 3 Best Class - What To Pick?

Mass Effect 3 Best Class
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The Mass Effect series may be better known for it’s space opera story than it’s cover-based combat system, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to spend many hours of Mass Effect 3 shooting at bad guys. Or blowing them up. Or using biotics. Or using that little drone that distracts them and then… you know what you get the idea! With so many ways to take down baddies in this game I thought it would be nice to take a look at all the classes in Mass Effect 3 and rank them  from worst to best. 

Now I know what you’re thinking? Aren’t these choices all subjective and all balanced to be equally powerful? Yes and no. Mass Effect 3 inherited many of the same classes that appear throughout the series, but they are all tweaked to fit the third game’s combat changes, and as a result some are far more effective and just plain fun than others. So keep in mind that any one of these classes is going to give you an enjoyable experience, but some will give you a bit more bang for your buck. I’ve gone on long enough, though, let’s get into some classes!

6. Soldier Class

The Soldier class will really having you feel like a badass space commando

The Soldier class finds itself here on the list not because it isn’t effective, but because it’s pretty basic and honestly boring (combat-wise). The Soldier class is the most standard and commonly used in Mass Effect 3, largely being considered the default class throughout the series. The class is perfect for new players to the series that want to play the game like a traditional third-person cover shooter or players that could care less about biotics 

The Soldier is able to handle the best guns in Mass Effect without any of the difficulties that the other classes have, and the only power that the player will have to worry about utilizing is Adrenaline Rush, which slows time and lets you line up for the perfect headshot. You also will have access to crowd control tool Concussive Shot, and the class passive ability, Fitness, which lets your Shepard take more damage with a shield boost, as well as a melee buff of 15%.

The soldier class was the class that I used when I first played through the series mostly ‘cause I thought being a space army man was really cool, and I found it to be the most straightforward way to experience the game. I really enjoyed the cryo rounds, too,  which freeze enemies in place and weaken their armor. It was both effective and made me feel like a Batman villain, a win-win.

The Soldier class is good for:

  • Weapon specialists looking to carry the best firepower without consequence
  • Players looking to avoid the Power systems in the game
  • Tank players looking to soak up tons of damage
  • New players dipping their toe in the Mass Effect water for the first time

Pick the Soldier class if:

  • You imagine your Shepard being like an 80’s action movie star
  • You don’t want to mess around with powers
  • You are new to the series and/or mainly are playing for the story
  • You like to use heavy weaponry

5.  Sentinel Class

Biotics has never looked cooler.

The Sentinel is the ultimate support class, so if you like maining a healer in games, this might be the class for you. Essentially a mix between an Engineer and an Adept. The combination allows the user to excel in both tech and biotics, creating a class with some of the defensive abilities of the Engineer and the offensive arsenal of the Adept. 

The best power that the Sentinel has access to is Tech Armor, which is exclusive to the Sentinel class. Tech Armor allows for you to aggressively push enemies without losing much health and on top of that, when the armor has reached its damage limit it explodes in an AoE wave that deals quite a bit of damage at enemies.

The Sentinel class is good for:

  • Players looking for a combination of the Engineer and Adept classes
  • A support player that wants to work with your squadmates to take down enemies
  • Taking down shields and armor with ease
  • Gaining access to Tech Armor and other cool powers

Pick the Sentinel class if:

  • You like playing defensive but get bored easily
  • You don’t want to choose between biotic or tech abilities

4. Adept Class

That's gonna leave a mark...

If the Soldier class is a swiss army knife, the adept is a scalpel, useful for only one purpose, but extremely effective at that job. If the soldier class is all about gunning down the opposition without using powers, the adept class allows for you to end a battle without firing a single shot, but it is also tremendously difficult. I know that sounds tempting so let me explain.

Adepts are experts in biotics, giving you the ability to throw enemies around or pull them towards you like a Jedi, which is pretty awesome. If you end up taking this class, though, expect to be in the back of a fight, with your teammates chipping away at enemy shields or armor before you swoop in and finish them off. This class is great for players wanting to play strategically with cool magic-type abilities. Unfortunately there is a trade-off.

Adepts cannot carry much, possessing one of the lowest carrying capacities of the game, and cannot wear armor heavier than the “light” designation. This means you will be a sort of glass cannon, able to deal huge damage with abilities like the Biotic Explosion, but unable to take much damage before seeing a game over screen. 

The Adept class is good for:

  • Players looking to maximize the powers mechanic of the game
  • If you want to work with squadmates to efficiently take down enemies
  • Players looking for extremely high damage and that want a challenging but rewarding combat experience

Pick the Adept class if:

  • If you consider yourself a strategic genius
  • You have already completed the game and are looking for a new challenge
  • If you ever wanted to be a Jedi in the Mass Effect universe

3. Engineer Class

Who knew hacking could look so cool?

The Engineer is a tech specialist, and probably the most defensive class option in Mass Effect 3. The class is best at disabling the defensive capabilities of even the toughest enemies in the game, or rendering them completely harmless while you coordinate a full squad attack on them.

The Engineer class has always been good, but has been drastically improved in Mass Effect 3 to help it compete on the offensive end with some of the other classes With Overload, Sabotage, and the combat drone powers, you will be able to hold your own against any enemy. Overload will be your best friend on this class, and your most used power, which allows for you to overheat weapons, disable enemy shields, and to blow up enemy fuel tanks attached to them, which let’s face it has never gotten old in video games! 

Sabotage is also a fun power, allowing for you to take control of certain robotic enemies and then turn them against their former allies. This paired with the combat drone, which can distract and deal damage to enemies as well, means that you can turn the tide of battle to your favor whenever things start to look bleak. 

The Engineer class is good for:

  • Defensive players looking to avoid damage by any means necessary
  • People that always loved hijacking the enemy and turning them loose on their friends (you sickos… just kidding that’s fantastic!)
  • Players looking to play more of a support role to allow  your teammates to finish off your enemies

Pick the Engineer class if:

  • You liked playing turn-based Strategy games like XCOM
  • You’re a hipster looking to show people why the Engineer class is so criminally underrated (which it is)
  • You love dominating enemy AI

2. Infiltrator Class

Function over fashion.

The Infiltrator class is great for players looking to feel like a hired assassin. This class will allow you to leap from the shadows and kill your enemies with ease and you also won’t have to concede much either when choosing this class.

The assassin is one of the most versatile classes in the game. You’re free to kill enemies up close with stealth bonuses or snipe them from a distance with ease thanks to a class bonus that allows you to slow time when aiming down the sights of your scope.  

Some of the best abilities this class possesses is the ability to go invisible with the Tactical Cloak power, letting you flank the opposition without them ever being the wiser. The Infiltrator class also gains access to the same  cryo rounds and disruptor ammo from the soldier class, as well as  some of the tactical advantages of the Engineer class, too.

The Infiltrator class is good for:

  • Players that love to snipe
  • A safer close range combat option
  • Stealth and infiltration

Pick the Infiltrator class if:

  • You want to play the game like a stealthy assassin
  • You are patient and wish to wait for high damage multipliers to strike
  • You ever thought being invisible seemed cool

1. Vanguard Class

Now that's a lotta damage.

The Vanguard is a high-risk high-reward style class in which you are given some of the best offensive abilities in the game, but also are stripped of most of your defensive advantages that other classes have. Essentially a combination of the Soldier and Adept class, the Vanguard class has a carrying capacity higher than the Adept, but lower than the Soldier’s. The Vanguard possesses a combination of biotic and combat skills that excel at close range so expect to finish fights fast and loud. Because of the combination of how risky the class is, and how high the learning curve is, this class is usually run by experienced players, but  is a very popular choice among combat experts.

If you pick this class, expect to equip a shotgun or a pistol, and to dice up enemies from up close. The Charge ability does, as the name implies, charge you at the enemy before they have a second to react, and if you pair this move with the other exclusive move, called Nova, you can charge at the enemy and deliver a powerful shockwave AoE before enemies even have a chance to react. This class will allow you to get the most fun out of the Mass Effect 3 combat system but make sure you’re ready to handle the challenge that comes with it first. 

The Vanguard class is good for:

  • Up close and personal fighting
  • Shotgun users
  • Players with flair looking to combo together high damage gunplay with biotics

Pick the Vanguard class if:

  • You are looking for a middle ground between Adept and Soldier
  • You are an experienced Mass Effect player looking to maximize damage output
  • You want the absolute most out of Mass Effect 3

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