[Top 5] Mass Effect 3 Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

Best Armors of Mass Effect 3
Who's more terrifying: The Reapers or a pissed-off Shepard?

[Top 5] Mass Effect 3 Best Armor Sets (And How To Get Them)

Weird how Shepard manages to look intimidating than the Krogan.

Choosing ill-fitting armor is like killing off Urdnot Wrex in the first Mass Effect. It’s a mistake not worth repeating. So, you might as well get it right the second time. Or the third time. Thank the universe for game saves, am I right?  

Throughout the games, armor has always been a reliable asset for players. While the rules of how armor works have changed from game to game, we’re going to focus on Mass Effect 3 for now.

Much like Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 gives players the choice to buy or collect separate armor pieces in order to fully customize their armor. As well as giving them the option to buy non-customizable armor sets. However, the difference in Mass Effect 3 is that the choice of armor is subjective to a player’s preference in playstyle.

There really isn’t one best “One Size Fits All” armor set in the game. However, in this article, we will explore the armor sets that are best suited for a player’s chosen class. Including why they make the cut and, of course, how you can get your hands on these armor sets in the game. Let’s begin, shall we!

5.) The Cerberus Armor (The All-Rounder)

The Cerberus Armor in-game view

“Now wait a minute…? I thought you said there weren’t a ‘One Size Fits All’ armor?” And you heard me right. However, it should be noted that this armor really is the best bet for any player who wants to go the generic route.

Therefore, it isn’t the best armor out there nor is it an armor that can fulfill a player’s every need. Still, this armor works very well as a plan B alternative. In other words, The Cerberus Armor can be useful for a player needing decent armor in the meantime as they search for something more suited to their playstyle. 

The armor offers a +10% bonus in Ammo Capacity, +20% bonus in Weapon Damage, a  +10% bonus to Shields, and a +20% bonus in Health. This may be more suited for the more combative classes, but the added shield and health stats bonuses provide enough for most classes to get by. So, if you are looking to buy armor as soon as you possibly can then this is the one for you.

What Makes It Awesome?

  • A little bit of everything
  • Purchasable in the early game
  • One full armor set
  • Look like one of the bad guys

How To Get The Cerberus Armor:

Mass Effect 3 - How to unlock new Armor (Always Prepared - Achievement Guide)

The Cerberus Armor Details

4.) The Inferno Armor (The Power Booster)

The Inferno Armor in-game view

While there is an armor that is more fitting for ALL Support classes, this armor is a good option for players who have chosen a class that is dependent on their class abilities as opposed to their weapons. For classes such as the Adept and Sentinel, The Inferno Armor will aid these seemingly defenseless players to make up for the lack of defense with an overwhelming and unrelenting Biotic offense.

Specifically, this armor set equips players with a +30% bonus in Power Recharge Speed and an equal +30% bonus in Power Damage. This, however, comes with a tradeoff. By choosing an explosive offense over defense, the player is bound to become more vulnerable. 

This is why this armor will also be best suited for The Sentinel. A support class much like the Adept, the Sentinel’s Tech Armor ability gives them an added buffer for the armor’s lack of defensive perks. So, for players who don’t prefer playing close to the chest, this pairing may suit them. 

What Makes It Awesome?

  • For support classes who prefer offensive power over defense
  • Full armor set
  • Purchasable in-game
  • Cool Fire Aesthetic

How To Get The Inferno Armor:

Mass Effect 3 - How to unlock new Armor (Always Prepared - Achievement Guide)

The Inferno Armor Details

3.) The Collector Armor (The Tank Coat)

The Collector Armor in-game view

Recognizable in aesthetic from the main antagonists in Mass Effect 2, The Collector Armor is for the more aggressive players. Primarily for the Soldier and Vanguard-class, this armor will keep players from taking too much damage when in the heat of battle. Unless if you prefer being decorated with bullet holes.

More than any armor set, The Collector Armor gives players a +20% bonus to Shields, Shield Generation, and Health. Giving players a lot of wiggle room as they move around the battlefield obliterating Reaper minions. However, that is the only real benefit and downfall for this armor.

Vanguards won’t get any bonuses for their biotic abilities, and Soldiers suffer a similar loss when it comes to Weapon Damage. However, this armor doesn’t serve any other class better than these two. So, as attractive as other options may be, understand that The Collector Armor will allow those with a thirst for combat to revel in as much carnage as much as they desire.

What Makes It Awesome?

  • For combat-focused classes who get up close and personal
  • Full armor set
  • Purchasable in-game
  • Cool, if not off-putting, look for the hero of the galaxy

How To Get The Collector Armor:

Mass Effect 3 - How to unlock new Armor (Always Prepared - Achievement Guide)

The Collector Armor Details

2.) Blood Dragon Armor (The Mage Armor)

Blood Dragon Armor in-game view

While resembling the style of BioWare’s other famous IP, Dragon Age, this armor is the perfect choice for every support class. Sentinels, Adepts, and Engineers alike will benefit from what this armor has to offer. Plus, it also happens to be the coolest-looking armor in the game.

While The Inferno Armor offered only power bonuses, this armor does that and then some. Players will gain a +10% bonus in Power Recharge Speed, a +30% bonus in Power Damage, and a +20% bonus to Shields. Giving support classes not only offensive benefits but also a defensive bonus.

This armor is the most versatile armor in Mass Effect 3 as it benefits half of the classes in the game. However, it only pairs well with the three support classes. Because the more combative classes don’t really need these benefits. So, in terms of diversity, this is as best as it gets. Despite, what was said about the Cerberus Armor.

What Makes It Awesome?

  • For all support classes
  • Decent protection and power boosts
  • Full armor set
  • Purchasable in-game
  • Coolest design

How To Get The Blood Dragon Armor:

Mass Effect 3 - How to unlock new Armor (Always Prepared - Achievement Guide)

Blood Dragon Armor Details

1.) Kuwashii Visor, Armax Arsenal shoulder and arms, Hahne Kedar chest and legs (Mix & Match Set)

Kuwashii Visor in-game view

“This isn’t a full armor set?” That’s right. It isn’t, and there is a reason for that.

Until now, you have read about armors that suit just about every class except for one, The Infiltrator. The reason for that is that more than the others, this class is more specialized. Therefore, there isn’t a particular full set of armor that benefits this class. Neither customizable nor non-customizable. So, the best option is to mix and match different sets, and here’s the best match.

The Kwashii Visor gives a +5% bonus in Weapon Damage and a +10% bonus in Headshot Damage. The Armax Arsenal pieces each give a +5% bonus in Weapon Damage and a +10% bonus in Melee Damage. The Hahne Kedar pieces each give a +10% bonus in Weapon Damage. Resulting in a total of +35% bonus in Weapon Damage, a +20% bonus in Melee Damage, and a +10% bonus in Headshot Damage.

This gives the Infiltrator class the room to do what it does best: deal damage. Because, unlike the other combat classes, The Infiltrator’s playstyle is focused on dealing damage in combat, but not at the expense of taking it. Especially with its Tactical Cloak ability, which satisfies their need for mobility, this class has the liberty to focus on damage rather than defending themselves. Besides, as long as they do their job right they won’t need to worry about keeping up their shields as much as the other classes.

What Makes It Awesome?

  • For the Infiltrator
  • Emphasis on damage output
  • Purchasable or found in-game
  • Fully customizable

How to Find the Armor Pieces:

Armor Pieces Details & Locations

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