All Cameos in Cyberpunk 2077 (Ranked Good To Best)

An auto-repairing nomad, classy video game designer, stranger with an electrifying crotch implant, and garbage-bag wearing prophet? Who else do we have in store?...

Night City is a Megacity full of personality, so it’s only natural that a few famous figures from our realm would make their way into the digital space of Cyberpunk 2077. If you’re curious to check out who all made an appearance (visual or auditory) in Cyberpunk 2077, check out this article for our ranking of all cameos in Cyberpunk 2077.

6. Mike Pondsmith

The creator of Cyberpunk may be lurking in one of Night City’s radio stations…okay not maybe, he definitely is.

Mike Pondsmith, famed table-top, board game, and video game designer, who created Cyberpunk IP, voices Maximum Mike, the DJ for Night City radio station, 107.3 Morro Rock Radio. There is also a small allusion to him with the upper road “Pondsmith,” which can be found in front of the Cherry Blossom Market statue in Japantown. 

Considering Mike Pondsmith’s legendary role in creating the Cyberpunk verse, it would have more satisfying if he were involved in a quest–perhaps as a mysterious but incredibly knowledgeable edgerunner you go to for assistance? Regardless, it is nice that the creator of Cyberpunk is included in one of its newest descendants.

See Mike Pondsmith as DJ “Maximum Mike”:

Check out one of Maximum Mike’s controversial conversations on 107.3.

5. Hideo Kojima

Wonder what this captivating stranger has got up his sleeve. 

Hideo Kojima, famed Japanese video game designer who has created video game hits such as the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding, makes a small appearance as “Oshima” during Act 1’s The Heist–you can find him if you choose to explore the bar area before heading up to the hotel room with Jackie. Go to the right of the bartender to find a booth with Kojima’s character, “Oshima”.

If you stay there, you will overhear him having a conversation about BDs and how his video games are trying to capture “real, raw human emotion”. His cameo offers nova metacommentary since Hideo Kojima is a famed video game designer, as is his cameo character Oshima.

See Hideo Kojima as Video Game Designer “Oshima”:

Maybe Hideo Kojima will use this as inspiration in his next project?

4.  Alanah Pearce

In a dusty Badlands junkyard, she certainly is a sight for sore eyes!

Alanah Pearce is a former game journalist, who now works as a video game writer for Sony’s studio in Santa Monica. Her likeness is used to model the character Lana, who she also voices.

If you choose the Nomad life path, you will receive a side job called These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ during Act 2. This Badlands side job starts with a mysterious text from “Thorton Galena 80845,” containing coordinates to your first car. If you follow the coordinates, you will find your car and be prompted to scan it, as well as check under the hood. After you open the hood and check the engine, you will notice that some of the parts are new. This initiates “Lana” to walk to tell you to take your hands off her car. You will have a brief conversation, ending with your choice to buy the car off her or leave it to her.

See Alanah Pearce as Auto-Repairing Nomad “Lana”:

To retrieve or not to retrieve your old car…that is the question.

3. Jesse Cox

Wonder what his problem could be?

In the brief Watson side job, Burning Desire, the character “Jesse”–who is modeled after and voiced by the YouTuber, Jesse Cox–limps over to you, yelling in pain. If you agree to take them to a ripperdoc, they’ll reveal that their genital cyberimplant is malfunctioning, causing electric shocks and immense pain.

See Jesse Cox as Distressed “Jesse”:

2. CohhCarnage

Behold the totally reliable street prophet Garry. 

CohhCarnage, who is a popular Twitch streamer, makes an appearance as “Garry the Prophet”. In Little China, Watson, you can find Garry shouting different conspiracy theories (such as Arasaka being full of vampires).

See CohhCarnage as “Garry the Prophet”:

Watch the metaverse unfold as CohhCarnage reacts to his cameo character for the first time!

1. Grimes

4ÆM drive anyone?

Avant-garde singer-songwriter Grimes makes an appearance as the celebrity artist/terrorist, “Lizzy Wizzy”. You will have the chance to not only meet Lizzy Wizzy, but complete a secret job for her, during the later side job, Violence. You can also hear some of Grimes’ songs on 98.7 Body Heat radio station.

This cameo is made even better considering the fact that Grimes is interested in cybertechnology, artificial intelligence, etc. in real life, so her cameo is incredibly fitting.

See Grimes as “Lizzy Wizzy”:

Don’t get on Lizzy’s bad side…she might retaliate with Violence!

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