[Top 5] Strangest Side Quests in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 sure looks a lot older and creepier here…

Night City is full of adventure. You never know when an interesting opportunity will present itself. Friends, strangers, even celebrities will reach out to you with some pretty odd requests. If you want to learn more about some strange journeys you can enjoy, check out these top 5 strangest side quests in Cyberpunk 2077!

5. Machine Gun

What a snarky smart pistol. 

In a seemingly random alley in Night City, you'll get the opportunity to find the very unique, artificially intelligent smart pistol, Skippy. After you pick him up, you will choose which mode you want Skippy to operate on–Puppy Loving Pacifist or Stone Cold Killer. However Skippy is a cunning little punk, because whatever mode you choose first will be unavailable after your 50th neutralization–he permanently switches to the opposite mode after you get 50 neutralizations! 

The fact that you find a random artificially intelligent smart pistol that has a distinct personality (he’s a snarky little bugger) is strange enough. But the fact that he has two modes–Puppy Loving Pacifist and Stone-Cold Killer–and whichever you choose first is permanently unavailable after 50 neutralizations is even more strange. Let’s not forget the random fun facts, commentary, and humming of Disturbia to make the wait time less awkward! Guess this is what can happen when you roam about alleyways in Night City!

4. Epistrophy

Delemain sure is a lot more complicated than he first appeared.  

What makes this quest so fun, and strange, is how mysterious it starts off, before it gets progressively more complicated and entertaining. To backtrack, the quest starts when a rogue Delemain cab wrecks your car in a parking garage. Delemain asks you to visit HQ to resolve the matter, which is where he propositions you to locate and bring back these “rogue” Delemains affected with a virus. As you do so, you come to realize that these rogue Delemains may not have a virus, but rather, may be in the process of becoming sentient individuals. Regardless, the distinct personalities (including a GLaDOS easter egg) are quite entertaining…and always odd.

Tracking down a taxi service’s rogue taxi’s who have all become sentient and developed distinct personalities…a bit stranger than your average gig or snatch and grab. The premise of the quest is quite strange, as are the different Delemain personalities you meet. 

3. Sinnerman

Didn't see that ending coming…

What starts as a gun for hire gig quickly spirals into something else entirely. You end up working with the death row inmate who was your initial target. Seeing his request through ends with you crucifying the man while it's being recorded on BD tech to be distributed to the masses. 

I don’t know about you, but crucifying a death row inmate and recording it live for all the world to experience seems pretty strange, even for Night City. 

2. Burning Desire

Now that's gotta hurt!

You hear a strange man screaming in pain, hailing you over for assistance. All you know is he’s in pain, holding onto his crotch for dear life, and offering to pay you if you take him to a ripperdoc. Who could pass on that opportunity? 

This is by far the most ridiculous quest in the game…a pantless stranger cries out for help, only for you to learn that his penis cyberware implant is malfunctioning, causing electric shocks throughout his body…this interaction opens up a world of strange questions one would never normally ask themselves. Plus, the character is modeled after and voiced by a Youtuber named Jesse Cox, so now a cameo has entered the mix on this electrifying adventure. 

1. The Hunt

Curiouser and curiouser.

At first glance, this quest may not seem that strange. However, the further you go down this rabbit hole, the stranger this quest gets. In order to track down Randy (River’s nephew), you have to find clues to his connection to his abductor, Anthony (alias “Peter Pan”). Once you find the incredibly disturbing cow cartoon (see the main image), you use that to trigger dreams in the comatose Anthony (with experimental technology that River forces the tech to use). Doing so, you have to relive the serial abductors/killer's dreams, which are made up of his memories. However, doing so allows you to track down Anthony’s hideout and rescue Randy. 

Working with a (former) NCPD detective to track down his nephew, who was kidnapped by a now comatose serial abductor and murderer, and being forced to relive the serial killer’s dreams in order to find the victim is definitely out of the ordinary. Plus…the nature of Anthony’s demented methods is incredibly strange and disturbing–he treats all the runaway boys that he lures to his farm as cows that he wants to “help” by pumping them full of animal hormones and steroids...He clearly has some deep-rooted child-hood trauma which makes him want to become a Peter Pan figure, which is revealed through his dreams, alias, and his cow prod which he names “Tinkerbell”. What a twisted tale…

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