Top 11 Games Like The Red Strings Club (Games Better Than Red Strings Club In Their Own Way)

Games Like The Red Strings Club

Top 11 Games Like The Red Strings Club

The vivid cyberpunk journey of publisher Devolver Digital’s game The Red Strings Club does not have to end at “game over.”

This list of eleven similar titles will satisfy your need for action-packed story-driven adventures.


1. VA-11 HALL-A

VA-11 HALL-A gameplay

In VA-11 HALL-A, the player is a bartender at a popular bar in a dystopian world. The bartending element of The Red Strings Club is modest compared to the gameplay of VA-11 HALL-A. Tending a bar in this game means interacting with a lot of compelling characters. And who knows what they’ll confess after a couple of drinks.

What makes VA-11 HALL-A awesome:

  • Similar bartending gameplay to The Red Strings Club
  • Brilliant commentary on the impact of technology
  • The visual elements were inspired by traditional Japanese games

VA-11 HALL-A’s cyberpunk motif gifts players with lively characters and a vivid world to explore.

Work as a bartender to extract secrets from your eccentric clients


2. Neo Cab

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