[Top 10] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Early Perks To Get First

Top 10 Cyberpunk 2077 Best Early Perks To Get First!
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Ah, perks, love em or hate em they’re almost in every single RPG game you play. Be it a fantasy, sci-fi, or maybe even a light-hearted JRPG you’re bound to come across perks. Now everyone knows how to spend perks. If you’re using a one-handed sword of course you’re going to be spending those perks on your one-handed skill. So Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception when it comes to perks.

Once you reach max level and if you spend those perks accordingly you’re bound to have an OP character by the end game. But anyone can make an OP character during the end game but few of us can make an OP character in the early game. So that’s why today I’ll be listing the best early-game perks you can get. Let’s not waste any more time and get into the best early game perks!

10. Pack Mule

“Allow me to carry your burdens.”

For the first perk, we have one that’s basic and simple. It increases your carrying capacity by 60. This is especially useful as you’re going to be picking up random items that you come across. Everyone has a secret loot goblin inside of them. This is a passive ability that you can upgrade as soon as you get 1 perk point.

It’s especially useful while doing the NCPDs that are scattered around Night City and the Badlands. As you’ll be getting rewarded with flashy clothes and random guns. Later you can take those clothes and guns to a vendor or an ATM and sell them for some extra eddies. In Night City it’s all about getting that bread. 

Perk details:

  • Increases your carrying capacity by 60. 
  • You’re able to get this perk as soon as you get yourself a perk point. 
  • Allows you to carry more items which means you’re able to sell those items for some extra eddies. 
  • A useful perk to get early on in the game. 

9. Slow And Steady

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

This is a park that’s found under the blades skill tree. This perk improves your armor while moving by 15% at level 1 and at level 2 it improves it by 30%. This is a pretty good perk to have early on if you’re going for a melee build. As you won’t have enough HP to sustain yourself during a fight in the early game this perk will make you survive just a tad bit longer.

Of course, you’re gonna have to be moving constantly for this perk to work. This isn’t an issue if you’re going for a melee build but it’s an issue if you’re going to be using guns, especially snipers. So if you don’t plan on using melee weapons save yourself the perk point or spend it on something else. 

Perk details:

  • Increases your armor while moving by 15%/30%. 
  • Perfect for a melee build. 
  • Available as soon as you start the game. 
  • It’s a passive ability that’s found under the blade's skill tree. 

8. Bladerunner

“Death to the machines!”

Here we have a perk that’s a direct reference to the movie “Bladerunner”. Seeing as the game is set in the future and most humans have a bit of robotics in them this is a perfect perk to get. This is a passive ability that increases your damage to robots, mechs, and drones by 20%. This is a huge damage increase towards the machines and it’s perfect to get if you’re going for a stealth build.

Since you can’t take down a robot or a drone silently with your hands you have to resort to silent weapons. Most of the time you won’t be able to take down the robot in a single shot which will result in you getting spotted. But that won’t be an issue any longer with this perk. Once you do unlock this perk robots, mechs, and drones of all kinds will be having nightmares about you. 

Perk details:

  • Increases your damage to drones, mechs, and robots by 20%. 
  • A great perk to have around for any situation. 
  • It’s a passive ability that activates as soon as you unlock it. 
  • Can be found under the technical skill tree. 

7. I Spy

“I spy with my little eye a netrunner.”


This perk will target anyone that’s trying to hack you. No matter if they’re hiding behind a whole house, they will be glowing in the dark. There have been numerous times when a netrunner was overheating my systems or zapping me through my nervous systems and I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t know where they were hiding. After getting this perk those dark days are behind me.

Every time someone tries to quick hack you they will glow a bright orange allowing you to move towards them to kill them and stop their attempt to quick hack you. If you don’t want to rush through a whole battlefield to get to the netrunner in question you can grab yourself a tech rifle and shoot them through the wall, which will also stop their attempt at quick hacking you. 

Perk details:

  • A netrunner will glow bright orange when attempting to quick hack you. 
  • Shooting the netrunner or killing them will stop the quick hack. 
  • A passive ability that’s found under the quick hacking skill tree. 

6. Crouching Tiger

“Sneaky like a kitty cat”

This is the best perk for your stealth build. Not only will you be moving quickly through the shadows while crouching but you’ll also be deadly with your takedowns. This perk will allow you to quickly go behind your enemy's back, grab them by the throat and snap their neck quickly all the while remaining undetected.

This perk can be found under the ninjutsu skill tree and it’s activated when you crouch. Please don’t be one of those players that expect the perk to be working while you’re standing. You can upgrade this perk as soon as you get control of your character, which is pretty damn good. 

Perk details:

  • A passive ability that activates once you crouch.
  • Increases your movement speed by 20%. 
  • Perfect for your stealth build. 
  • Can be found under the ninjutsu skill tree. 

5. Assassin

“I am but a blade in a crowd.”

When we are talking about being sneaky and deadly, assassins and hitmen are the first ones to come to mind. This perk is similar to its predecessor “Bladerunner” except it deals bonus damage to humans, 15% more damage that is. When you combine “Bladerunner” and “Assassin” you get an unstoppable overpowered early game serial killer.

You can find this perk in the Cool tab under ninjutsu. Same as the previous perks on this list, this one is also passive. This is honestly great, it means you won’t have to press a lot of buttons and the only thing that you’ll have to focus on is killing your enemies in cold blood.  

Perk details:

  • A passive ability that’s found in the cool tab under ninjutsu. 
  • Increases your damage to human enemies by 15%. 
  • Goes well with the “Bladerunner” perk. 
  • Perfect for a stealth assassin build. 

4. Ghost

“In and out no issues.”

We are on a roll with these stealth perks so let’s keep it that way. For our next perk, we have “Ghost”. This perk will increase the time that it takes for you to be detected. You never know who might be lurking behind a corner. So if you step into your enemy's peripheral vision or in front of a camera this perk will allow you to go back into hiding without being detected.

To get this perk you’ll need to spend some points on the cool attribute which isn’t an issue because most of the perks on this list come from this tab. And as you might have guessed it’s a passive ability that greatly helps you while sneaking around. 

Perk details:

  • Increases the amount of time it takes for you to be detected by 20%. 
  • It’s a passive ability that’s found under the ninjutsu tab in the cool skill tree. 
  • Greatly helps out for a stealth build. 

3. Frozen Precision

“BOOM headshot!.”

Sadly we have to end our streak with ninjutsu skills but for a great price. Here we have a perk that will without a doubt in my mind make you into a cold-blooded killer. This perk will increase your damage whenever you headshot someone by 50%. That’s an insane amount of damage.

Combine this perk with a sniper rifle or better yet with “Skippy” a smart pistol that always headshots someone with every single bullet you fire. Now if you combine this perk with “Assassin” you’re going to have a 65% total increase in damage. Now if you think that’s strong to have early on, oh it sure is! Now just imagine what you can do with this during the late game. The possibilities that this game offers are endless! 

Perk details:

  • A passive perk that increases your damage whenever you headshot someone by 50%. 
  • Works great with other perks that increase your damage. 
  • The perk can be found in the cool attribute under the cold-blooded tab. 
  • Works great with any build that uses ranged weapons. 

2. Bullseye

“Rifles don’t kill people, it’s the bullets that do.”

Here we have a perk that increases the damage for every single assault rifle and the submachine guns that exist in the game. This perk will increase the damage of the weapons I mentioned by 10% but only when you’re aiming down sights. Now, this perk might be worthless to you if you’re going a melee build or going for a sniper rifle build.

But even then I’d recommend that you get this perk and use assault rifles until you are at a higher level to fully commit to 1 build. This is my go-to perk every time I play this game or start a new playthrough. This perk helped me out a lot when I tried playing this game on hard or very hard difficulty. 

Perk details:

  • Increases damage to all assault rifles and submachine guns by 10%. 
  • A passive perk that’s available to obtain as soon as you learn how to walk. 
  • A great perk to have when you’re playing on the hard or very hard difficulty. 
  • Helps you out a lot during the early game.  
  • The perk can be found in the reflexes attribute under the assault tab. 

1. Feel The Flow

“Feel the flow of the air my dude.”

Now hear me out about this one. This perk is number one for the sole reason that it works like magic when combined with other perks on this list. This perk is the butter on a piece of toast. The butter is “Feel The Flow” while the toast is “Bullseye”, “Slow And Steady”, “Assassin”, and so on. Now at level 1, this perk will increase your reload time by 10%. At level 2 it’s increased by 20%.

This can be crucial when you run out of ammo during a firefight or if simply 30 bullets aren’t enough for you. So reloading during combat becomes a crucial part of your survivability. The faster you can reload the better. You’ll need to spend a few of your attribute points on the reflex tab to unlock this perk but it’s nothing major. Trust me to get this perk and combine it with the other ones on this list and you’ll be an unstoppable force during the early game and it will carry into the mid-game. 

Perk details:

  • Works like a charm with other perks on this list, when combined together. 
  • Increases the reload speed of your assault rifles and submachine guns by 10%/20%. 
  • It’s a passive perk that can be found in the reflexes attribute under the assault tab. 
  • You’ll have to spend a few attribute points on the reflex attribute to unlock this perk. 

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