The Best Open World RPGs To Play On PC In 2024

Best Open-World RPG in 2024
Geralt of Rivia, the king of open-world RPGs, approves this message.

Open-world RPGs are a staple of the AAA gaming industry, with recent titles like Elden Ring and Red Dead Redemption 2 breathing new life into the genre and revitalizing many gamers’ love for it.

However, as with all video game genres, there are countless open-world RPGs for players to choose from, making it a daunting task for fans to choose their next favorite installment with the confidence they need to complete a full playthrough.

In this article, we aim to address these concerns and explain to you what we think is the best open-world RPG to play in 2024.


What Is an Open-World RPG?

From puzzle games to First-Person Shooters, the modern gaming industry is bursting with countless unique genres, each with their own fanbase and distinctive features. One of the most popular of these is the boundless, mysterious expanse of open-world RPGs.

Open-world games feature a vast and interactive map that the player can explore or ignore at their leisure. RPGs are games characterized by their compelling characters, intriguing plots, and immersive dialogue, often featuring multiple choices with serious story ramifications depending on what option the player chooses.

Games like The Witcher trilogy, Elden Ring, and the Fallout Games embody the open-world RPG format in its purest form. These games feature all of the core aspects of the genre while also introducing other staples such as leveling systems and skill trees.

Link looks down on the puny peasants beneath him from atop his mighty perch.

Characteristics of an Open-World RPG


To fully appreciate an open-world RPG, the game must be able to captivate gamers and leave them feeling as if they are a part of the game’s world. Heartbreaking betrayals, tragic deaths, and awe-inspiring victories should affect the players just as much as they do the characters. If an RPG fails at this, its emotional impact is diminished and the audience is left feeling empty.


The greatest draw of an open-world game is its vast and beautiful landscapes for gamers to explore. Worlds with stunning set-pieces and unique enemies draw in players and can leave them captivated for hours.

Vanquish mighty beasts beneath the shadow of the great Erdtree in Elden Ring.

Interactive World

To keep players invested in a beautiful world, an open-world game must feature unique challenges and hidden areas for gamers to explore. Map areas only accessible after certain skills or powers have been unlocked make the leveling process feel rewarding and exciting, while environments that the players can move and manipulate allow for creative, nonlinear solutions to problems.

Emphasis on characters

Powerful, compelling, and interesting characters are the best way to keep gamers invested in an RPG. Allowing players to slash through monsters with inhuman strength, battle evil mages, and immerse themselves in a wonderous world through the lens of their favorite characters keeps them captivated and wondering what comes next.

Having relatable, human characteristics can make even the most heinous villain seem sympathetic. Characters that the players love watching and controlling can make or break an RPG’s success with audiences.

Kratos bellows a fearsome war cry before charging into battle.

Great Dialogue

Be they best friends or mortal enemies, characters must be able to have fluid, realistic communication to keep players enthralled. Rigid or robotic dialogue can leave even the best-written characters feeling one-dimensional and stiff.

Intriguing story

Whether it is trekking across a fantastical land to defeat a tyrannical ruler or dismantling a powerful criminal organization from the inside out, an interesting story is a staple of the RPG industry. Boring stories can leave a game feeling soulless and empty, while a captivating story can have players on the edge of their seats.

What’s Unique About Open-World RPGs?

Open-world RPG games allow players the freedom to explore their unique, stunning worlds at their leisure and progress through the story at their own pace. With other genres, like fast-paced FPS games, players often don’t have the chance to take in the story with bullets flying around them and the plot moving at a breakneck pace.

The Dovakin plunges his sword through the chest of a terrifying troll.

While most games railroad players down a single path, open-world RPGs allow gamers the opportunity to forge their own experience and make the story their own. Having a vast world filled with distinct characters gives players the freedom they need to choose what content and characters they want to interact with.

What Do We Like About Open-World RPGs?

Our favorite part of the open-world RPG genre is its balance between quality stories and engaging side content. Games that allow us to go from saving the world from interdimensional elves to retrieving an elderly woman’s pan make us feel like a small part of a vast and dynamic world.

Another of the genre’s biggest draws for us is the wonderful characters that it produces. From superhuman powerhouses mowing through hordes of vicious monsters to heartfelt moments between friends, we enjoy being able to live out our fantasies through the characters we have grown to love.


20. Elite Dangerous (Windows, Mac, PlaySation 4, Xbox One, GeForce Now)

Explore the galaxy in your very own spaceship, crafting your own narrative as youn traverse the stars.

In Elite Dangerous, you get to be the captain of your own starship, zipping through an ultra-realistic version of our very own Milky Way Galaxy. Thanks to some advanced faster-than-light travel, humanity has spread out all over the galaxy, setting up camp on all sorts of planets and stars.

With all this space colonization going on, some big factions have emerged, running the show. Some of these factions are the Galactic Federation, the Empire of Achenar, and the Alliance of Independent Systems. You can meet and interact with these factions, and even make some waves that'll affect the galaxy's storyline.

Elite Dangerous is set in the year 3300, but time ticks just like it does in the real world. That's right, as hours and days pass in real life, time moves at the same rate in-game. Since this game has been around for a decade or so, the current in-game year is 3310.

What's unique about Elite Dangerous is that it's like a sandbox without a rulebook. You can go wherever and do whatever, with no one telling you what's wrong or right.. Some are all about making cash and building up their reputation to be top dogs in the galaxy. Others are all about exploration, venturing off to check out every nook and cranny of the Milky Way.

What's more, Elite Dangerous's story isn't just your own. In this game, every player's actions shape the galaxy's narrative in real time. That means you're not just playing in some lonely corner of space. You're part of this massive, ever-evolving narrative. So buckle up, because in Elite Dangerous, you're in for one heck of a ride through the cosmos.

I've always wanted my own starship.


19. Myth of Empires (Windows, GeForce Now)

Craft your own destiny as you an fellow survivors form a kingdom to conquer the ages.

Imagine diving into Myth of Empires, where you're not just a survivor but a free agent in this enormous sandbox world. If your dream is to erect colossal fortresses, charge into epic battles against enemy forces, and team up with other players to rule over a sprawling empire, then this is the game for you.

Picture a world torn apart by endless wars and bloody clashes between clans and empires for ages. And in Myth of Empires, you're a survivor, destined to rise up and build an empire to rival them all, alongside other survivors just like you.

The aim of this game here is domination. You'll be rallying troops, leading armies, and plotting conquests against both AI foes and real-life players, all in a bid to carve out the mightiest empire the land has ever seen.

But what really sets Myth of Empires apart is its massive, open-world playground where you can let your imagination run wild. In this game, you can craft colossal towns and cities right in your own backyard, and then defend your turf against other players hoping to snatch it away from you. It's all about building, battling, and becoming the ultimate ruler of this chaotic realm.

Don't let yourself get invaded! It's not fun...


18. Albion Online (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, GeForce Now)

Jump into the fantastical world of Albion from any device, even your phone!

Picture this: Albion Online, a game where you're whisked away to a medieval MMO wonderland where battles rage on in epic arenas. You can build up your own little paradise complete with fluffy farm animals and lush crops. If you're feeling like some PvP, you can even snatch up territories from other players to expand your reign. And get this, it's not just limited to one device - you can hop on from your trusty iPad or cozy up to your PC to scratch that gaming itch.

Albion Online isn't just some run-of-the-mill fantasy realm. It's packed to the brim with all sorts of landscapes to explore, from sprawling biomes to bustling cities and eerie dungeons just begging to be delved into. The best part of its beautiful world are the secret spots hidden away, waiting for only the craftiest or strongest adventurers to uncover them and claim the treasures within.

The aim of the game is domination and resource gathering. You'll be on the hunt for valuable territories to conquer and precious resources to fuel your kingdom's expansion. With these goodies in hand, you can carve out your own little slice of paradise in Albion Online's vast world.

But what really sets Albion Online apart is its economy. It's all about players driving the market, crafting unique items to sell and trading resources to build up their wealth. Each kingdom has its own money-making resource, so there's always something new to discover and profit from. It's also the first and only mobile game on this list. Thanks to crossplay support, you can dive into the action whether you're kicking back at your PC or out and about with your mobile device.

It's not just another mobile game, we promise.


17. DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT (Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Fight through hordes of vicious foes in KAKAROT's fully destructible open-world.


DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT lets you dive right back into the epic saga of DRAGON BALL Z, from those heart-pounding quests to kicking back for a little fishing fun. It's like stepping into the world of DBZ alongside all your favorite characters, like Goku, Vegeta, and more.

So, this game is set in none other than the DRAGON BALL Z universe, mainly centered around its version of Earth, called Dragon Earth. And it's not just some static backdrop, either. Dragon Earth is filled with these massive, destructible environments just waiting for you to tear them up in epic battles and explore at your own pace.

Your main goal in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT is about leveling up your power andr training so you can face off against some of the toughest adversaries from the series, including showdowns with legendary foes like Majin Buu, giving you a hit of instant nostalgia if you're a longtime fan.

What really makes DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT shine is how it throws you into a rich, established world that fans know and love. It's like being able to relive the story you've grown up with, but this time, you're right there in the thick of it, trading blows with your favorite characters and soaking up every moment of the action.

Ever wanted to destroy a forest in a single bound? Well now you can!


16. Borderlands 3 (Windows, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlaySation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Team up with your friends to tame the unknown lands of Pandora.

In Borderlands 3, you and your friends step into the boots of four vault hunters on a mission to track down an elusive lost map somewhere on the planet of Pandora. This game all about blasting through enemies and scooping up their loot in what is hands down one of the best co-op adventures out there.

Pandora isn't some run-of-the-mill planet. It's a vast treasure trove just waiting to be plundered, with rumors about hidden vaults and tech left behind by an ancient civilization. You and your crew are hot on the trail, itching to get your hands on all that valuable loot.

The goal of the game is teaming up with your fellow Vault Hunters to scour every inch of Pandora, looting valuable alien tech, and going toe-to-toe with the wicked twins, Tyreen and Troy. These two villains are set on getting their hands on the alien tech for their own evil purposes, and it's up to you and your squad to put a stop to their plans.

But what makes Borderlands 3 stand out is its amazing story and top-notch co-op experience. This narrative will keep you hooked from start to finish, and its gameplay style practically begs you to team up with your friends. So grab your controllers and get ready to dive into one of the best RPG adventures out there, where every loot drop and enemy takedown is more satisfying when you're doing it with your crew.

No, it's not the same Pandora as from the Avatar movies.


15. State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition (Windows, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, GeForce Now)

Survive against hordes of zombies as you build up a community with other survivors.

It's time to dive into the post-apocalyptic world of State of Decay 2. You're not just some lone survivor in this game, you're part of a tight-knit community fighting tooth and nail to rebuild civilization after the world was overrun by zombies. Get ready to face off against waves of the undead as you team up with your fellow survivors to carve out a new life in the midst of the chaos.

The game unfolds in the western United States, with places like Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming serving as your stomping grounds. The game doesn't take place in some far-off future, either. Instead, it's set in 2014, after the world was destroyed by a zombie apocalypse.

Survival's the name of the game in State of Decay 2. You'll be busy building up your community, scraping together whatever resources you can find, and putting up a fierce fight against the zombie hordes that threaten your safety at every turn.

But what sets State of Decay 2 apart is its massive open world that's just begging to be explored. Every time you dive in, you're greeted with a fresh batch of procedurally generated characters. That means no two playthroughs are ever the same, keeping things exciting every step of the way. Plus, unlike its predecessor, this game lets you call the shots on how you want to progress through the story, giving you the freedom to explore and shape the world at your own pace.

These zombies are faster than they look.


14. Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Windows, PlaySation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now)

Avenge the death of your parents and save your homeland from vicious bandits and mercenaries on your quest.

Now, its time to jump into Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This game throws you right into an epic journey, starting off as a lowly blacksmith and ending up becoming a mighty knight as you battle against invading armies all in the name of avenging your parents' death. Talk about a serious glow-up!

The action unfolds in the kingdom of Bohemia, back in the 15th century when it was part of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, it's not all tea and biscuits. This game will have you facing off against bandits and mercenaries who've got their eyes set on invading your homeland.

As you set off on your quest for vengeance, you get tangled up in a brewing war and a mission to help restore the rightful king to his throne. And guess who's pulling the strings behind the scenes? None other than the king's wicked half-brother, the mastermind behind the invasion that tore your family apart.

What really sets Kingdom Come: Deliverance apart is its gritty realism and spot-on historical accuracy. You're not just swinging swords willy-nilly. Instead you're learning to fight like the knights of old and diving into a meticulously recreated kingdom of Bohemia that'll have you feeling like you've stepped back in time. So, gear up and get ready to embark on one heck of a quest through history!

How does a blacksmith save a kingdom? Play on to find out!


13. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (Windows, PlaySation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Navigate the mythological world as you fight on both sides of one of history's bloodiest wars to reunite your broken family.


Let's dive into Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, where you get to step into the sandals of a legendary Spartan Mercenary and throw down in a mythical version of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. In this game, you'll fight for both sides of the conflict as you chase down a shady cult, all in the name of reuniting your shattered family.

This game is set in ancient Greece here, smack dab in the 5th century BC. Get ready to soak in the sights of powerful city-states like Athens and Sparta while you set sail on a perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

Your goal in all of this is to piece together your family and take on the shadowy cult that's been brewing trouble behind the scenes. This game will also see the rise of the Templar Order, the ancient enemies of the Assassins.

What really makes Assassin's Creed: Odyssey stand out is its fresh perspective. In this game, you're not playing as a typical Assassin. Instead, this game flips the script by dropping you into a time before the Assassins even existed. Some die-hard fans certainly had their doubts about this change-up, but it adds a whole new layer to the story, giving you a unique glimpse into the misdeeds of the Templars and the chaos they've stirred up throughout history. So, strap on your sandals and get ready to rewrite the tale of ancient Greece!

Greek gods are even scarier in person...


12. Enshrouded (Windows, PlaySation 5, Xbox Series X and S, GeForce Now)

Craft, build, and survive in your quest to rid your land of the terrible plague that wiped it out.

Let's talk about Enshrouded, a wild ride of an open-world survival game set in a world that's seen better days. In Enshroudde, you're not just some run-of-the-mill survivor. You're a Flameborn, the last hope for your kingdom on a quest to reclaim its former glory.

This isn't your average post-apocalyptic setting, either. This game is set in Embervale, a realm that was destroyed by a pestilence unleashed thanks to your ancestors' arrogance. Embervale is filled to the brim with sprawling forests and never-ending deserts just waiting for you to explore.

As a Flameborn, it is your job to journey into The Shroud that destroyed your world, battling bosses and gathering treasure to become powerful enough to vanquish the evil that destroyed your lands.

Enshrouded is unique for its grid-based open-world and complex building mechanics, as well as The Shroud, from which the game draws its name. Inhabiting The Shroud are powerful, dark enemies guarding valuable treasures that you must acquire to progress.

Be sure to drag a friend or three into the Shroud!


11. Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Windows, PlaySation 4, Xbox One)

Sneak behind enemy lines and convert evil orcs to your cause against the dark lord Sauron.

Let's dive into Middle Earth: Shadow of War, where you're not just going on any old quest - you're forging a brand-new Ring of Power and leading an unstoppable orc army to take down none other than the dark lord himself, Sauron.

This game takes place in the heart of Middle Earth, specifically Mordor. It's not exactly a sunny vacation spot. Mordor is a dark and corrupted land crawling with all sorts of monsters like orcs, and ruled over by none other than Sauron, the ultimate villain.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War follows Talion, the protagonist from the previous installment, in his war against Sauron. Travel behind enemy lines to convert orcs from Sauron’s own army to free Gondor and fight back against the evils lurking within Mount Doom.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is unique for its award-winning nemesis system. This system allows you to become rivals with specific orcs, who will return with war parties to hunt you down later in the story. This allows you to influence the story and characters, customizing which characters will return later and how they will influence your narrative.

Talion alone makes this game worth it.


10. Monster Hunter: World (Windows, PlaySation 4, Xbox One)

Explore the New World and harvest its unique monsters to upgrade your gear and protect your colony.

Play as a powerful Hunter, slaying ferocious monsters for gold and renown in a vast and diverse world. Use the unique materials gathered from different monsters to enhance your weapons and armor, allowing you to seek out stronger and bigger foes for even greater rewards.

In Monster Hunter: World, you travel to the New World, a landmass previously uninhabited by humans that is brimming with new creatures and monsters to hunt.

In Monster Hunter: World, you are tasked by the Research Commission to kill or capture various new monsters to protect human colonizers in the New World and study the monsters there in an effort to better understand the strange land.

Monster Hunter: World is unique for its complex combat mechanics and countless playstyles. Depending on your weapon choice, the strategies you use against specific monsters and which creatures you are well-equipped to hunt can vary drastically.

Choose your weapon carefully, Hunter.


9. Kenshi (Windows, GeForce Now)

Traverse a harsh, hostile world, doing whatever you must to survive.

In Kenshi, explore an open-world sandbox with your squad, forging your own destiny and taking on any role you please, whether it be as raider or slave.

Kenshi takes place in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world where almost nothing can survive. Start out with no tools or skills and struggle to gain a foothold in the unforgiving land you find yourself in.

The goal of Kenshi is to survive in any way you can. Whether it is by robbing others or working for them as a mercenary, gather the resources and valuables you need to make a living in a place where life cannot thrive.

Kenshi is unique because of just how open-ended it is. In this game, you can truly take on any life you choose and do whatever is necessary for survival.

Beware the slave traders - they are not your friends.


8. DREDGE (Windows, PlayStation 5, PlaySation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Sail distant seas, collecting valuable treasures to upgrade your boat. But beware the dangers that lurk beneath the waves.

In DREDGE, you explore a mysterious island chain with long forgotten secrets, exploring the depths of the ocean to catch and sell fish and other creatures so you can upgrade your boat.

DREDGE is set in an open-world archipelago, teeming with eldritch creatures lurking just beneath the surface. Visit neighboring islands to uncover their secrets, but beware nightfall.

Catch fish and explore crashed ships for long-lost relics to sell to a collector with mysterious powers. Explore 5 island clusters for their unique treasures to master the archipelago.

DREDGE is unique for its strange blend of tones. It combines peaceful fishing and boating with eldritch horrors, barely comprehensible to the human mind. This will keep you on the edge of your seat, never sure when the next sea monster will erupt from beneath the waves to swallow your boat.

Don't fall in!


7. Hogwarts Legacy (Windows, PlayStation 5, PlaySation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

Uncover the dangerous secret that flows through your veins and battle against the monsters who wish to harness it for evil.

Brew potions and master the powerful spells of the wizarding world while exploring the dark hallways and secret chambers of Hogwarts. Save magical animals from dangerous poachers, battle against evil goblins, and uncover the secrets of the ancient magic that flows in your veins.

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the world of Harry Potter, on and around the wizarding school of Hogwarts. The game takes place in the 1890s, around a century before the events of the Harry Potter books.

Hogwarts Legacy sees you caught in the midst of a brewing struggle between evil goblins and the rest of the wizarding world. Harnessing the power of ancient magic, you are the only one capable of stopping the war and sealing away the dangerous magic that brought it about in the first place.

Hogwarts Legacy is unique for its stunning world and immersive atmosphere. This game truly brings Hogwarts to life, allowing you to interact with magical creatures from the books and explore the many secrets that the wizarding school has to offer.

If you're anything like us, you'll be spending more time catching puffskeins than following the story.


6. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Windows, PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One)

Build an empire to rival all others, conquering the territories of all those who defy you.

Lead armies into battle in real time in your war-torn empire. Manage your kingdom through either political alliances or violent raids as you develop your character to match your preferred playstyle and make your way through an expansive open-world sandbox.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is set on Calradia, a fictional medieval-fantasy continent torn apart by a vicious civil war. 8 major factions struggle for power over the lands, predecessors to the factions in Mount & Blade: Warband, which takes place almost 2 centuries after Bannerlord.

The goal of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is simple. Either save your kingdom from the wars ravaging it, or destroy your kingdom and start anew. These objectives can be accomplished either by allying yourself with one of the factions whose goals align with your own, or by creating your own empire to carry out your plans.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is unique because of the experience it offers. No other game is as good at allowing you to create your own empire, lead vast armies to battle, or engage in politics as Bannerlord.

May your political alliances be long and fruitful.


5. Stardew Valley (Windows, Mac, Linux, PlaySation 4, Xbox One, IOS, Android)

Build a new home for yourself on your grandfather's old farm and uncover the corruption the JoJo Corporation has unleashed on Stardew Valley.

With nothing but a few coins and some old, worn out tools, Stardew Valley sees you set out to refurbish your grandfather’s old farm plot into a thriving home. In your efforts to make a living off your new farm, you will bring prosperity to the valley, bringing life back to the community center and restoring the old ways of life that were torn down by the Joja Corporation.

Stardew Valley is a peaceful area on the southern coast of the Ferngill Republic, a large country waging war against distant nations on the other side of the Gem Sea.

Part of the charm of Stardew Valley lies in its open-ended nature. Similar to other sandbox games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley does not have any clear-cut final objective. Build up your farm as you like, explore mines, or start a family of your own - the choice is yours.

Stardew Valley’s uniqueness lies in its sandbox. Very few games allow you the freedo to truly do whatever you want. Stardew Valley is one of those games. Armed with a few tutorials and some dedication, you can do or make just about anything in this game, and that’s the beauty of it.

Time to save Stardew Valley!


4. Fallout: New Vegas (Windows, PlaySation 3, Xbox 360)

Trek across the desolate wasteland and bustling city of New Vegas, making enemies or allies of the mobsters and monsters that inhabit the land.

Make your way across the glorious, postapocalyptic wasteland of western America. Battle hordes of ghouls and even fouler creatures warped and twisted by the radiation of the area, gamble in the casinos lining the New Vegas Strip, and war with hostile mob bosses looking to make a score off of you in the harsh wasteland.

Fallout: New Vegas is set about 260 years in the future, when America is nothing but a desolate wasteland, ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse after the Great War. The wasteland is teeming with rad-infested ghouls and other monsters that you must fight through to survive.

The game takes place in and around modern-day Las Vegas, now dubbed as New Vegas. New Vegas is a teeming city, with streets crawling with mobsters, the militaristic Brotherhood of Steel, and other factions all vying for power.

Fallout: New Vegas finds you in the middle of a brewing war between multiple factions in the area surrounding the Mojave desert. In true RPG fashion, you can choose just about any faction to align with, or choose none of them and forge your own destiny. Your choice will strongly affect the game’s ending and New Vegas’s fate.

The most unique aspects of Fallout: New Vegas are its tone and story. The sheer number of choices in this game make it an unforgettable experience, and the crude adult humor of the wasteland makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Don your power armor to fight ghouls and deathclaws in the shadow of New Vegas.


3. Cyberpunk 2077 (Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S)

Explore Night City as V, the merc with a heart.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you play as V, a mercenary in Night City who, after a tragic and daring heist, is implanted with a harmful bio-chip containing the consciousness of a famously feared terrorist named Johnny Silverhand. As Johnny begins overtaking V’s mind, he must race against time to save his life and uncover the secrets of the powerful corps that rule Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set in Night City in the year 2077, where corporations rule supreme and the impoverished are left to rot. In this dystopian future, gang wars and corrupt cops battle for power while mysterious corps plot to undermine each other’s plans.

The streets of American megacities like Night City are flooded with drug addicts and cyberpsychos, individuals whose extreme cybernetic modifications have rendered them unstable and dangerous. In the barren wastelands outside Night City’s limits live the nomad clans, outcasts who work together to survive in the wastes. As V, you will make powerful allies and stronger enemies with factions both inside Night City and out in your quest for survival.

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, there is only one objective: survive. Whether it’s sadistic gangs or ruthless corporations, V must navigate the ever-present danger of Night City to escape the crippling illness the biochip is infecting him with. To do this, you will enlist the help of many dangerous people and battle even more with the techy, futuristic weapons of this world.

In his war for survival, V will encounter many allies, some of whom will grow into close friends. Of these, a few make great romance options for your V depending on their gender and choices.

The most unique aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 is the breathtaking design of Night City. From gorgeous high-rises to terrifying slums, every inch of the city makes it feel like a fleshed out, lived-in world. Dangerous gangs hide in the shadows of alleys, ready to attack at the slightest provocation, while underpaid police officers roam the streets, occasionally getting into firefights with the ne'er-do-wells who infest them.

Another amazing part of Cyberpunk 2077 is its stellar DLC, Phantom Liberty. Widely considered to be one of the best DLC expansions in gaming, Phantom Liberty gives V access to a new map as well as a full roster of brand new characters and an exhilarating story that ties into the main plot seamlessly.

While Cyberpunk 2077 had a rocky launch that left many fans underwhelmed and disappointed, it has since come back as one of the best games in the open-world RPG genre. Its beautiful world and excellent DLC set it apart from other games, but are not the game’s only highlights. For this reason, Cyberpunk 2077 is our top open-world RPG to play in 2024.

Johnny Silverhand, a corporate terrorist from decades past, accompanies V throughout Night City by way of a harmful biochip implanted in V by mistake.


2. ELDEN RING (Windows, PlayStation 5, PlaySation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One)

Traverse the Lands Between as a banished warrior, known as a Tarnish, and slay gods and bosses to claim your place as Elden Lord

Fight for the glory of the Elden Ring as a Tarnished, a warrior once disgraced by the great Queen Marika. Battle fantastical kings, gods, and demons in your quest to obtain Great Runes, shards of the Elden Ring that must be reforged to restore the artifact to its original glory so you can become the Elden Lord.

ELDEN RING is set in The Lands Between, a realm once ruled by Queen Marika’s Golden Order. However, after a coup left the Queen’s family either dead or disfigured and the Elden Ring shattered, The Lands Between has fallen into turmoil, with multiple factions, both good and evil, carving out a section of the kingdom for themselves.

In ELDEN RING, you play as a Tarnished, a warrior who was banished from The Lands Between long ago but was brought back when the Elden Ring shattered. You must journey through the realm, collecting Great Runes to reforge the Elden Ring, granting you the power to take Queen Marika’s place as the Elden Lord and become the ruler of The Lands Between.

ELDEN RING is unique for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has one of the most gorgeous and fun to explore open worlds of any video game. The Lands Between are truly beautiful, and exploring their many regions beneath the shadow of the great Erdtree is awe-inspiring.

Secondly, ELDEN RING’s difficulty set it apart from other RPGs. Being a Soulsborne game, ELDEN RING is filled to the brim with bosses, some of which may take many hours and hundreds of attempts to finally defeat. This may seem like a daunting task, but it makes the game’s progression much more rewarding than any other.

Are you ready to embark on your quest to becom Elden Lord?


1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Windows, PlayStation 5, PlaySation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One)

Save your adopted daughter, Ciri, from the wrathful Wild Hunt as they seek to harness her powers for evil.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sees you controlling Geralt of Rivia, the infamous Witcher, in his quest to find his lost adoptive daughter, Princess Cirilla. Geralt will travel through many regions and realms in his quest, interacting with characters both old and new as he uncovers the Wild Hunt’s dangerous scheme to use Cirilla’s power to enslave and conquer dimensions.

The Witcher 3 is set on an unnamed continent, filled with war, slavery, and strife. The game starts in the regions White Orchard and Velen, areas that the Nilfgaardian Empire have ravaged and pillaged on their conquest against Redania. Geralt then moves on to the free city of Novigrad, where he meets with his old friend Dandelion the bard. Finally, Geralt explores Skellige, a snowy archipelago distant from the war on the mainland.

The goal in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is simple: Find Ciri before the Wild Hunt can and save her from their evil plans. Unfortunately, Ciri is not that easy to find, and Geralt always seems to be just one step behind her as she flees the Wild Hunt’s wrath.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is unique for its story, characters, and DLC. Geralt is widely considered to be one of the best video game protagonists out there, with supporting characters like Ciri and Yennefer also being widely loved and adored by audiences.

The Witcher 3’s story is also very intriguing, emotional, and well-written, making it beloved by both fans of the series and newcomers alike. The many different choices Geralt can make results in a multitude of endings depending on your playstyle, making each playthrough unique.

Finally, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is often considered to have some of the best DLC in the gaming industry. The Blood and Wine DLC in particular is loved for its stellar story, lovable characters, and gorgeous new map that is larger than all the other regions besides Skellige.

For these reasons and more, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is indisputably the best open-world RPG in 2024, despite being nearly a decade old. It changed the gaming industry forever and reformed the RPG genre, inspiring many of the maps and mechanics we love today.

Geralt and crew are ready for battle against the powerful Wild Hunt.


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