All 6 Mad Max Game Trailers You Must Watch

This world belongs to the mad.

Mad Max is back in full glory.

The recently released Mad Max game saw the iconic character make his second appearance in video gaming (the first being the not so good NES title from 1990).

With the game now out let’s take a look back over some of the trailers that were released over the past few months. 

1. Soul of a Man  

This is a chicken race to the gorge.

Soul of a Man is one the earliest trailers for Mad Max and one of the first to give a first glimpse into the game. It doesn’t offer much in the way of showing off gameplay but it does establish the game’s overall atmosphere and tone really well.  

2. Stronghold

Look at that view.

The wasteland is a dangerous place and it shows pretty strongly in the stronghold trailer. The trailer also features narration from one of the game’s supporting characters and nice views of the game’s many environments.

3. Choose Your Path

How will you handle the situation?

Choose Your Path is a unique interactive trailer where you have ten seconds to pick from one of three options. However you can also just sit back and watch all three options play out in the video. Overall it’s a short but pretty fun interactive video.    

4. Savage Road

The entire world belongs to the great desert.

The Savage Road is an intense trailer that demonstrates the game’s central story in a frantic and fast-paced fashion. If you want some inside into the storyline, this is the trailer to check out.

5. Eye of the Storm

Will no one be able to bring down this mad man?

Mad Max will face several dangerous enemies. But there’s one in particular who will really give Max a challenge: Scrotus. Check out Eye of the Storm for a taste of the game’s biggest villain. 

6. Overview

Remember, our cars are made out of junk and nuclear fuel.

Overall is a simple but effective trailer that points all of the basic pillars of the gameplay. So if you’re curious about some of the game’s basic mechanics, then this trailer will be the one that informs you.  

Which Mad Max trailer has been your favorite? And what did you think of the game overall? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

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