Top 11 Games Like Mad Max (Games Better Than Mad Max In Their Own Way)

Games Like Mad Max
Mad about Mad Max? This list is for you!

What Are The Best Games Like Mad Max?

So you just got finished playing Mad Max, and you’re desperately looking for more of that post-apocalyptic action fix.

Luckily for you, I have a list of games to take you right back into that excitement.

Get ready for a hell of a ride, as we count down the Top 11 Games Like Mad Max!

11. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay

Take one of the greatest game series of all time, sprinkle in more tactical freedom and an upgraded look, and you have quite the gem on your hands! Follow Venom Snake through non-linear stealth, action-adventure! Explore, fight, and sneak your way through one of the most impressive narratives a game has ever had.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Well-polished stealth-action the series has made you expect.
  • A gripping narrative that will twist your emotions into a knot.
  • An open world and nonlinear style that gives YOU true control!

Facing off against the famous Metal Gears has never been more satisfying!

The series defining, tense stealth sections are back, this time with a new coat of paint.

10. Rage 2 (2019)

Rage 2 gameplay

In the dystopian world of Rage, madness is encouraged. With a more open world and polished graphics, the second game blows the first out of the water. Bring down a rain of carnage on your enemies, explore the vast game world, explode everything in your path. This is a game that will truly inspire your inner rage. Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • The large game world encourages exploration and freedom.
  • A plethora of intense action and violence that seldom slows down.
  • Extremely strong and addicting gunplay.

High octane destruction on foot or on wheels!

The uniquely frightening enemies add to the compelling apocalyptic environment.

9. Borderlands (2009)

Get ready for some addictive insanity in the world of Borderlands! Play as one of four tough-as-nails mercenaries as you conquer everything that stands in your way in this mad, mad world. With an immense arsenal of weapons, well-designed RPG elements, and a great co-op mode, Borderlands will have you begging for more! Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Addicting, action-packed gameplay.
  • Game world filled to the brim with madness and character.
  • Strong, often funny side characters give the game even more flavor!

This is a game that has some of the most well-designed shooting gameplay ever seen!

Mordecai, one of the four mysterious playable characters.

8. Metro Exodus (2019)

Metro Exodus gameplay You are finally free from the Russian metro system, but thrown out into the unforgiving remains of the world. The third game of the highly acclaimed Metro series brings survival and action to a completely new level. You’ll enjoy and be lost in the frantic action, and be enchanted by the horrifically beautiful sandbox before you. Can you live through an in-game year of this apocalyptic nightmare? 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Non-linear gameplay that breeds more freedom than any game in the series.
  • Intense, well-designed gameplay.
  • An environment and world truly unlike any seen before.

There will be many moments where you will have to shoot your way through insurmountable odds.

Terrifying abominations lurk at every corner.

7. Sleeping Dogs (2012)

Sleeping Dogs gameplay You follow an undercover cop attempting to take down one of the world’s most powerful gangs. Use brutal, impressive melee combat to fight your way through the streets of Hong Kong. This game takes the open world freedom and style of Grand Theft Auto and adds some intense Chinese flavor. Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Setting and culture give this game a feel all its own.
  • Melee combat is some of the most brutal and creative out there.
  • Open world adds endless hours to your experience.

Infinite action from start to finish.

Sleeping Dogs has a combat system that will make you feel powerful! Take out dozens of foes single handedly.

6. Ryse: Son of Rome (2013)

Ryse: Son of Rome gameplay

In Ryse, all that matters is revenge. Through the eyes of a Roman soldier, hack and slash your way through enemies on your way to avenging your family. With intense combos, an intriguing world, and even a unique multiplayer mode; there is a lot to like in this underrated experience. Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Addicting hack and slash gameplay.
  • A beautiful depiction of historical Rome.
  • Impressive visuals that still hold up six years later.

Crush barbarians with brutal melee attacks.

Mash together impressive combos on your way to vengeance.

5. Assassins Creed: Origins (2017)

Assassins Creed: Origins gameplay

Arguably the most well-designed game in the series, Origins puts the player in the enigmatic environment of Ancient Egypt. Improved stealth and combat mechanics and a surprisingly well-rounded narrative help separate Origins from its predecessors. If that doesn’t convince you, the open-world environment in the game will have you playing it for weeks.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Well balanced stealth and combat based gameplay.
  • An open world that gives the player much needed freedom.
  • Ancient Egypt makes for such an engaging setting for a surprisingly gripping narrative.

Combat improvements over previous installments make for some impressive boss fights.

Face off against monstrous enemies like a true gladiator!

4. Yakuza 0 (2017)

Yakuza 0 gameplay

Heart-pounding, face crushing action on the streets of 1980’s Tokyo! In Yakuza 0, you will pull off insane combos that make taking down hordes of enemies look like child’s play. With arguably the best open world in the series and mind-boggling graphics, you might just fall in love with this game on first contact.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • The fantastical combat this series is known for, but with more polish than ever before.
  • An engaging narrative fueled by a world begging to be looked through.
  • Stunning looking, a graphical achievement

Kick people’s asses up and down the streets of Tokyo!

A truly wide array of moves in your melee arsenal.

3. The Surge (2017)

The Surge gameplay

Caught in a cataclysmic catastrophe, you wake up equipped with an advanced ecto skeleton. In a world where mankind may be on the brink of death, only you can put a stop to further destruction. This Dark Souls inspired RPG will challenge you and shock you at every turn.

The Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Engagingly wicked combat that separates this game from others in the genre.
  • Fascinating and detailed sci-fi game world.
  • Customizable inventory keeps the game fresh after many hours.

The intense fights in this game will always keep you engaged.

The unique design of the world and characters is something that makes this game something you MUST check out!

2. State of Decay 2 (2018)

State of Decay 2 gameplay

State of Decay 2 throws you in head first to the ultimate zombie survival game. Band together with friends to create your own community of survivors. Develop your characters and their abilities, protect your base, explore the world. How your group plays will determine your fate.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Sizable customization options make this a game always worth coming back to.
  • Emphasis on co-op gameplay makes this one of the best current gen games to play with friends.
  • Intriguing management gameplay that puts this game as a unique member of the zombie survival genre.

Team up and strategically take out hordes of zombies to survive.

Hordes can gather fast, making gameplay an exhilarating experience.

1. Days Gone (2019)

Days Gone gameplay

After civilization collapsed due to a virus that brought out human rage and insanity, you play as Deacon, a man desperately looking through his wife. Fight for your life against horrific creatures known as “freakers” in a world hardly recognizable. Armed with a variety of weapons, stealth, and a motorcycle, show those freakers who’s boss!

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Creative mechanics, such as the day-night cycle. Freakers will be slow during the day, but fast at night.
  • Survival combat at its best. Use anything from guns, mines, fists, to your motorcycle to take enemies down.
  • One of the better crafting systems in any video game. Craft items that will make you or your motorcycle more badass!

Stare frightening enemies down before bashing their infected brains in!

Motorcycle riding is a large part of the game that gives the player a feeling of freedom.

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