Cyberpunk 2077 Best Ending - All Endings Reviewed

Cyberpunk 2077 all endings reviewed and ranked!
Every option and ending included!

There are 7 endings in total when it comes to Cyberpunk 2077. Some of them are good, a few of them sucks, and one of them is terrifying, but despite the bugs, I highly enjoyed this game. These endings are kinda difficult to get.

I suppose that it's a good idea to explain how to get every single one of them - before I start though, I just want to let you know that this article will contain MASSIVE spoilers, so please, do not read this article, unless you already finished the game or you don't care about spoiling the game for yourself. Let's begin with our first ending:

6. Path of least resistance

How to get this ending:

  • Go to the Misty's Rooftop
  • Choose the first dialogue option "Could also just put all this to rest"
  • Pick the second dialogue option [Toss pills]
  • Afterward, you and Johnny have a conversation, the camera rolls back and you kill yourself.

5. The Sun

Hooray. Afterward, some G-man or a KGB spy or whatever visits you and offers to "do something" about V's life, under the condition that V infiltrates the Crystal Palace Casino and most likely kills somebody. Or some people. Who knows, the point of this ending is to let the player decide what happens!

How to get this ending:

  • Finish "Blistering Love" side job - make sure to pick the right dialogue during the "Chippin in" quest:  "A hard road, but looks like we made it." and "Johnny, no need to bear your soul to me."
  • Make sure to ask Rogue for help
  • Take the happy pills (pseudoendotrizine)
  • Once you're inside of Mikoshi, walk over the bridge as Johnny
  • Path of Glory must be finished

4. Temperance

He gets a lift by his homeboy and visits the columbarium, leaves the momento for V, and proceeds to come back to his homeboy Steven. Afterward, Johnny enters the bus depressed and proceeds to leave the Night City once and for all. 

How to get this ending:

  • Either unlock Panam's or Rogue's paths
  • Ask Panam or Rogue for help
  • Once you're in Mikoshi, either enter the well as Johnny or cross the bridge as V
  • Complete the New Dawn Fades

3. The Star

You'll get to have an option where they ask Aldecaldos for help. After a series of events that consist of murdering plenty of people and raiding the Arasaka Tower, V connects into cyberspace and finds out the grim reality that he only has a half year of life left.

How to get this ending:

  • Finish "Blistering Love"
  • Ask Rogue for help
  • Take the happy pills again (pseudoendotrizine)
  • Cross the bridge as Johnny inside Mikoshi
  • Complete Path of Glory

2. The Devil

Yorinobu Arasaka eventually dies and V wakes up in a space station, Johnny is gone, the biochip is removed - that's what V wanted. Unfortunately for V, she has to sign a contract in which she agrees to have her consciousness transferred into Mikoshi or she gets sent back to Earth, waiting 6 months to die. Pretty grim.

How to get this ending:

  • In "Search and Destroy", you have to save Takemura
  • Ask Hanako for help
  • Eat the Omega Blockers
  • Complete "Where is my Mind?"
  • Either sign the contract and live or don't sign the contract and die on Earth

1. The secret ending - done successfully

V eventually successfully uploads the "Alt" and connects to Mikoshi - this will either lead to the sun or the temperance ending. But if you fail to get through the goons in the Arasaka Tower and you end up dying, you won't respawn and the credits will roll. Your allies will treat you as if you've committed suicide. 

How to get this ending: 

  • Get to know Johnny Silverhand better and complete his wishes. 
  • Assault the Arasaka Tower with V while having a mindset of Johnny Silverhand. 
  • Don’t die during the final mission. 
  • Best ending in the whole game hands down. 

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