[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Bikes And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Motorcycles/Bikes And How To Get Them!
Fun fact about motorcycles it has two tires :D.

Sup choombas I have to admit something. After driving around Night City in a car for the longest time I’ve gotten bored of it. But luckily CDPR got us covered and included motorcycles as another version of transport. Sadly we are still waiting for the update on where we can do drive-by's while driving alone.

Just imagine how cool it would be to roll up on a gang meeting and shoot them down while doing circles around them in a motorcycle. Trust me it would be lots of fun. Anyways today I’ll be listing the top 5 best motorcycles that you can acquire in Cyberpunk 2077 so let’s not waste any more time and get into it!

5. Jackie’s ARCH

Jackie’s ARCH has a total of 170 horsepower and a total speed of 178MPH. For a motorcycle that you get for free, it certainly can go fast. Also, a quick note about this motorcycle is that it’s RWD or rear-wheel drive. So you can do some wheelies and cool tricks while cruising around Night City with it. 

What makes Jackie’s ARCH great:

  • Has a total of 170 horsepower with a top speed of 178MPH. 
  • The motorcycle is rear-wheel drive meaning you can do wheelies and other tricks with it. 
  • You get it for free for your birthday party ;). 
  • The coolest-looking motorcycle in the whole game. 

4. Yaiba Kusanagi “Mizuchi” 

The Mizuchi motorcycle is a modified and improved version of the original Yaiba Kusanagi. The Japanese took this motorcycle and just improved it in every single aspect you can think of. It has a total of 183 horsepower and a top speed of 189 MPH. The single best part about this motorcycle is how easily obtainable it is. 

What makes Yaiba Kusanagi “Mizuchi” great:

  • An improved version of the original Yaiba Kusanagi in every single aspect. 
  • Easily obtainable in-game. 
  • 183 total horsepower with a top speed of 189. 

3. Brennan Apollo (off-road)

The best part is you don’t have to worry about spinning out on the sand as his tires are made for that kind of terrain. It has a total of 94 horsepower which is not a lot and a top speed of 134MPH. The reason it’s placed so high on the list is that it beats every single other motorcycle when going off-road. And seeing as sometimes you’ll find yourself off course when escaping your enemies or when you have work in the Badlands this bike is perfect for you. 

What makes Brennan Apollo (off-road) great:

  • Great when going off-road. 
  • Won’t spin out on you once you go on sand. 
  • Total horsepower 94 with a top speed of 134MPH. 
  • Great for escaping your enemies when you’re being chased. 

2. ARCH Nazare “Itsumade” 

This bike is covered with purple aluminum and black color which makes it look real snazzy. Of course, when you do find the bike you don’t have to return it to the original owner it’s yours to keep. Itsumade has a total horsepower of 170 and a top speed of 178MPH.

And like every other motorcycle from the Tyger Claws it has a huge seat where you can pretty much lay in. I have no idea why they bother putting this huge seat on a motorcycle but hey it’s there.  The best part about this motorcycle is that you get it for free. 

What makes ARCH Nazare “Itsumade” great:

  • It’s a free motorcycle that you can acquire. 
  • It has 170 horsepower with a top speed of 178MPH. 
  • Has a unique color variant, purple on black. 
  • An upgraded version of the original ARCH Nazare. 

1. Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X

It can outrun any car that’s chasing you, leaving them in the dust. While riding this motorcycle you should probably get an implant inside of you that boosts your reflexes so you don’t go flying into a wall at high speeds. The CT-3X has a total of 180 horsepower with a top speed of 189MPH. Be careful when doing wheelies with this bad boy as this is the most known cause of death when driving this motorcycle. 

What makes Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X great:

  • Fastest motorcycle in the game. 
  • Total horsepower 180 with a top speed of 189MPH. 
  • It’s a cool reference to the anime Akira. 
  • The most expensive motorcycle that will make a dent in your bank account. 

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