[Top 25] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Art

Gooood morning, Night City!

A project of Cyberpunk’s size has a lot of concept art, so there’s plenty of artwork that showcases what is and what could have been…If you’re curious to check out some amazing Cyberpunk 2077 artwork, look no further. 

25. Male NPC Concept Art

NPC Style options. 

This concept art shows off some different ideas for non-playable citizens of Night City. NPCs are a crucial part of any RPG, and Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. In a city full of variety, it only makes sense that NPCs reflect that variety.

24. Arasaka SMG


This image shows concept art for an Arasaka SMG. Not only is Arasaka the most significant corporation in the game, but the SMG is going to be your best friend when it comes down to laying out gonks. 

23. Cyberpunk Celebrity

Wish we could look like her in-game! 

This concept art explores design options for a potential cyberpunk celebrity, who flaunts some preem cyberpunk technology and fashion. If only we could get all those options in the game. 

22. Daily Shootout

Just your average Tuesday in Night City.

This concept art showcases an everyday occurrence in Night City–a criminal shootout in broad daylight, with lots of citizens. The neon colors in the jacket, ship, and ads tie everything together visually, but the content is a perfect example of how normalized over-the-top violence and criminal activity is in Night City. 

21. Maelstrom Base

Maelstrom tags go hard. 

This image shows concept art for Maelstrom graffiti at one of their hangout spots. This adds to the world building of the different gangs in Night City, what their aesthetic is, and the whereabouts of where they roam. 

20. Japantown Market

Perfect mix of futuristic styled lights and traditional Japanese marketplace.  

This image showcases concept art for the market in Japantown. The mix of neon blue, neon cherry blossom, and traditional lanterns makes for a wonderful merge of past and future. 

19. Mysterious Statue and Lights

Wonder who or what that statue represents? 

This image is concept art for the environmental design of part of downtown Night City. Similar to the Japantown marketplace, the statue is reminiscent of tradition whereas the neon blues, reds, and pinks add a futuristic element, creating a merge of past and future. 

18. Downtown Design 

Now that's a city! 

This image is concept art for the design of inner Night City. The architecture, bright yellow, and distant flying cars add to the futuristic vibe of the city. 

17. JoyToy Club

Pink light district. 

This concept art showcases the interior of a notable JoyToy club in Night City. Cyberpunk does not shy away from the carnal aspects of human desire and motivation–it merely explores how those motivating factors might evolve as technology advances, and the creation of JoyToys and JoyToy clubs such as Clouds, explore this evolution. This image captures the seedy nature of this concept, as we come to find out that the use of JoyToys can be quite harmful…

16. Train Ride 

Just your average Night City train ride.

This artwork showcases the looming violence in every part of Night City…the passenger next to V is incredibly relaxed, despite the (presumably) dead body in the left corner, and maximum security guards trying to break down the train doors. This image perfectly captures the normalcy of violence and chaos of Night City. 

15. Walks of Life

Left or right? Which life do you want?

This image shows concept art for different life paths–highlighting differences in low-end and high-end cyberware, cyberpunk vehicles, clothing, and environments. This artwork shows how vastly different your life experiences can be in Night City, depending on your upbringing and the choices you make.

14. Delamain

The many faces of Delamain. 

This image shows concept art for the character of Delamain. As you can see, even side characters such as Delamain are given thoughtful design in order to best reflect their place in the game. 

13. Don't Sleep on the Shopkeeper

You done messed with the wrong shopkeeper!

This concept art showcases the ever-present violence in Nighty City–land of gun rights–where a seemingly hopeless shopkeeper can blow a knife-arm-wielding thug’s brains out. The gore, weapons, and seemingly hopeless citizen who is fully capable of protecting themselves showcases how normalized brutality, death, and crime are in Night City. 

12. Arasaka Parade Floats

All these floats sure make for a grabdiose send-off! 

This concept art for the Arasaka funeral parade procession showcases all the detail the developers put into the game. These designs also highlight the unique merge of futuristic technology with traditional Japanese imagery–a blend of aesthetics that has become a staple in Cyberpunk. 

11. Household Casualty 

Not my house! 

This concept art showcases the danger and destruction that is a daily occurrence in Night City. This artwork also showcases the different reactions to the normalized violence–-cheering at the violence, neutral observing, and despair. 

10. Dumpsite 

Corporate expansion and consumerism back at it again destroying the environment. 

This artwork showcases the dark consequences of megacorporate greed and consumerism. Although the advancement of these companies have provided the world with advanced technology, there is a price to pay, and this is natural devastation is just one example. 

9. Aerial View of Night City

Bright and bustling, dark and dangerous, welcome to Night City. 

This concept art for Night City’s design includes everything you would expect from a futuristic megacity–large megabuildings, bustling roads, bright lights, and smog. 

8. Corpo Lounge

Where corpos go to chill in high-end luxury. 

This concept art explores the luxe side of the Corpo lifestyle–we find ourselves in a high-end lounging environment suited for secret meetings, deals, or sabotage. 

7. Cyberpunk Children

They may look cute and cuddly, but children raised in Night City are a different breed, so beware. 

This artwork showcases concept designs for children in Night City. Even though children do not play a significant role in the game, this concept art goes to show that the developers put thought into every aspect of the game, no matter how small.  

6. The Afterlife

If you get iced, you may get a permanent place on their cocktail menu. 

This image showcases concept art for Afterlife, the hottest spot in Night City’s underworld. If you start to build a rep, you just may be able to hang here. 

5. Seedy BD Studio 

Not an ideal filming location...

This image showcases the darker side of Night City…in the center of the room is a dirty mattress, spotlit, with a video camera in the corner. This concept art shows the environment in which some underground braindances are made, and in doing so, reveals a piece of the dark underbelly of the city.

4. Corpo Shops

Corpos cruising the shops in style. 

This artwork showcases an incredibly clean, brightly lit, luxe shopping experience that Corpos might frequent. Quite a departure from some of the other areas of Night City–like depicted in the next piece of art. 

3. The Other Side

Looks like even in 2077 we still have not solved the poverty crisis. 

This artwork showcases some of the neglected and dangerous areas of Night City, adding to the world-building, particularly when contrasted with the luxe and vibrant artwork for Corpos and celebrities who have access to escape this dark reality. This artwork highlights the immense disconnect between low-income citizens and the top 1%.  

2. Just a Day in the Life

Is this GTA 6? 

This artwork showcases a typical environment and group of characters you can find in most of Night City…a dilapidated neighborhood, a guy slumped on the floor while jacked into the Net, a shirtless gangsta feeling up a girl, and a brawl breaking out in the background. Night City is nothing if not lively and this artwork shows off some typical experiences you might come across on the daily. 

1. No Face? Partial Face

Wonder if she can still talk? 

This artwork showcases a Night City resident, presumably in their apartment, in the process of changing her face. This showcases some of the impressive technology that can be found throughout the world of Cyberpunk 2077. The artwork also hints at the normalization of violence in the world of Night City, as the woman has a pistol at the ready. 


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