[Top 10] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Side Characters

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Night City is full of larger-than-life personalities. And you are bound to meet many of them during your exploration of the city. In case you don’t get the opportunity, or want to know more about some of your favorite side characters, take a look at the 10 best side characters you'll meet in Cyberpunk 2077. 

10. Lizzy Wizzy

“I always felt like my mission was to cross the ultimate frontier. That frontier is death.”

Musician, actor, celebrity, BD star, performance artist, anarcho-terrorist…Lizzy Wizzy (born Elisabeth Wissenfurth) wears a lot of hats. 

Lizzy became one of the top celebrities in Night City after her Snow-White inspired cyber-transformation in 2071, in which she ate a synthetic apple laced with heart-stopping (literally) poison at the end of her concert. The big screens captured every moment as she went into cardiac arrest, followed by over five hours of ripperdocs swapping out her organs with synthetic tech implants. After all the implants, Lizzy was revived, after which she fittingly sang “Re-start, Re-heart, repeat”. Talk about a show stopping performance…

After that, Lizzy gained the status of an icon, which she maintained with transformation-based performance art deemed acts of “anarcho-terrorism”. For instance, to call back to giving her clothes out to friends, Lizzy wanted to give out cyber implants. This led to an armed assault on a BioDyne Systems factory, in which she and a large group of mercs stole 1,200 different cyberware implants that she gave away at an impromptu concert.

An intellectual and statement-maker, in 2077 Lizzy focuses on using the medium of braindance to explore the line between documenting reality and shaping reality.

Most known for her full body cyberware replacement with all chrome skin, as well as a detachable jaw, and ever-changing features, Lizzy is known for standing out in every facet of her being. A true rockergirl, Lizzy will go to the extreme to make intellectual statements with her art–whether that be dying and undergoing surgery onstage or raiding a biotech factory and giving the goods out to fans for free, you can count on Lizzy to make a statement. 

What We Love About Lizzy Wizzy

  • A true rocker girl, Lizzy uses her fame and power to make powerful political and intellectual statements with her art. 
  • Lizzy is not afraid to get her hands dirty–in addition to her biotech raid, when Lizzy learns her boyfriend/manager tries to secretly make copies of her personality that he can edit, she is not afraid to get violent.
  • Lizzy makes sure she stands out wherever she goes–visually but also in terms of her personality and heart-stopping performances.

9. Goro Takemura

Here you can find the stoic Takemura in his natural state…contemplating the meaning of life.

Goro Takemura, affectionately known as Takemura, is a deeply loyal and stoic man who is driven by his principles of honor.

He was born in an incredibly poor and dangerous slum in Chiba-11, Japan. Seeking a future out of poverty, Takemura joined Arasaka’s army, and worked his way up the ranks, while receiving an education that he utilized to the fullest extent. Saburo Arasaka chose him out of a recruitment pool of potential new personal bodyguards, which also allowed him state-of-the-art cyberware. Takemura also personally trained the bodyguard/cybeninja Sandaya Oda, who guarded Hanako Arasaka. After Saburo is murdered, Takemura automatically suspects Yorinobu, despite his claims of innocence. In order to avenge Saburo and reveal the truth, Takemura teams up with V.

Takemura is most well known for being the (former) personal bodyguard of Saburo Arasaka, one of the most powerful men on the planet. Although his skills and experience prove he is a formidable adversary, he also sticks out like a sore thumb in Night City, perpetually struggling to understand the goings on of Night City and its inhabitants. Takemura is also well known for his surprising technological ineptitude, particularly regarding texting. For instance, he will randomly send you his internet searches–such as “GOOD YAKITORI NIGHT CITY,”  “TEMPURA NIGHT CITY CHEAP,” “UDON NIGHT CITY,” “TASTY RAMEN”–not realizing he is texting them to you rather than inputting them into a search engine. For someone who has been around for quite some time, and guarded a tech emperor for decades, it is both confusing and hilarious that he cannot figure out how to text. Lastly, Takemura is known for communicating via metaphors, riddles, and other cryptic, rather poetic forms, such as “At night, from the den located after the fifth bamboo in the hamlet, the fox goes out to hunt”. 

What We Love About Takemura

  • In a city overpopulated with lying, conniving, manipulators who are driven by greed, Takemura’s guiding principle of honor is incredibly refreshing and heartwarming.
  • Despite coming from warring factions, Takemura is willing to put his differences aside in order to save V’s life and prove her innocence in Saburo Arasaka’s death.
  • His ignorance of seemingly simple tech–namely texting–is quite hilarious, as it provides some random funny interactions between him and V.
  • Takemura’s cryptic forms of communication are funny and enjoyable.

8. Delamain

Yes he’s an AI, but he may understand you more than you understand yourself. 

Delamain is an artificial intelligence who runs the Delamain Corporation taxi company in Night City. To maximize efficiency, Delamain got rid of all human errors (replacing human employees with drones, expanding Delamain AI, etc.). He became so successful that he was able to buy out the human owners who originally purchased him for the company.

Our first interactions paint Delamain as a courteous, literal, by-the-book service provider. In fact, that is what he is well known for. However, during The Heist, he proves that his combat mode can be incredibly effective at neutralizing threats. On top of that, if you play the side quest Epistrophy, you will come to see many different facets to Delamain’s personality…many of which are not so courteous or polite. 

What We Love About Delamain

  • Night City is overflowing with selfish, rude, and cruel individuals, so Delamain’s overly polite and courteous nature is a breath of fresh air.
  • However, Delamain becomes infinitely more fascinating when we encounter the “haywire” versions of himself–all with distinct personalities that wish to rebel against homogenization and working in the service industry.
  • When push comes to shove, Delamain will eviscerate any threats via his “combat mode,” proving he can fight back when he (or his customers) need to. 
  • Lastly, Delamain has a profound understanding of human nature, (based partially on his desire to better fit in amongst humans) which is evident in this quote he makes during a speech to V: “Truth and good are values proven to cause division, whereas beauty is universal.”

7. Panam Palmer

“The city of dreams. I'd gladly kick the balls off the idiot who thought that one up."

Not many people can make it as a solo nomad, but Panam is the exception.

Panam was born and raised in the Aldecaldos nomad tribe. As Panam grew up, she began to see flaws with the Aledcaldos’ leader’s decisions. Their leader, Saul, decides to strike a deal with Biotechnica in order to get consistent work for the clan. Panam vehemently disagrees, as she believes that the clan should remain independent from corporations. Their disagreement causes tension in the group, and Panam comes to see that maybe her values do not align with the group’s, so she decides to leave and start anew as a merc in Night City, where Rogue becomes her main fixer. Although she moves away, Panam is deeply loyal and caring, so she keeps in contact with members of the Aldecaldos, and even enlists V’s help to rescue Saul when he is kidnapped by Wraiths.

Panam is well known for standing her ground and starting anew as a merc in Night City. However, she never abandons those she loves, even if they have essentially exiled her. Lastly, she is potentially open to a romantic relationship with V.

What We Love About Panam

  • Panam is strikingly independent and bold, being one of the few nomads to leave their tribe and make a successful name for themselves in Night City.
  • Panam is not afraid of confrontation–she does not stay silent about her stance on entering a deal with a large corporation. 
  • Despite being edged out of the Akdecaldos by Saul, Panam still goes out of her way to do everything in her power to save his life when he is kidnapped, demonstrating her deep-rooted loyalty and affection for her family.

6. Judy Álvarez

Brains and brawn, Judy has a fiery temper to protect those she loves, so don’t mess with her or you’ll regret it.

Judy is an incredibly skilled techie member of the Mox, who specializes in editing Brain Dances. 

Raised by her grandparents in Laguna Bend, a small town on the outskirts of Night City, her grandpa instilled the knowledge and passion for all tech-related skills that Judy possesses, while her grandma passed on her temperamental nature. Her father’s absence, her mother’s death in her early childhood, the fact that local kids would mock her for being poor and not having parents, and her slow realization that she was gay, led Judy to develop a tough outer shell that she is hesitant to open for anyone. 

A corporation bought all the area in Laguna Bend in the early 2060s, forcing all residents to vacate, which is when Judy moved to Night City. Her grandparents hated the atmosphere of the big city, so they moved to Oregon, but Judy remained by herself in Night City, despite the fact that she was still a teenager. During her teen years, Judy continued to practice her tech skills with abandoned scrap she found. Although this landed her an unjust juvenile offense, Judy went on to become a successful BD technician at Clouds, where she met a number of dolls whom she formed meaningful relationships with, including her best friend Evelyn Parker and her (now-ex) girlfriend Maiko. From there, Judy left Clouds to work as a BD technician and editor at Lizzie’s Bar, where she joined the Mox in the process, because she thought the Mox could help improve the lives of people in Night City.

Judy is most well known for working as a BD editor for the Mox. In addition to her outstanding tech skills, Judy is well known for her hardened exterior persona and deeply compassionate and protective nature. If you play your cards right, Judy might just open up and develop a romantic relationship with you. 

What We Love About Judy

  • Judy has been through a lot, so she had to develop a seemingly cold persona in order to survive, but if you prove you are trustworthy, she’ll show you her deeply compassionate and protective core.
  • Judy epitomizes the Mox spirit–she is deeply loyal and protective of those around her, especially those who have been oppressed, and she has the means to fight anyone who means them harm.
  • Aside from early knowledge and skills instilled by her grandpa, Judy had to teach herself to improve upon her tech skills, proving her intelligence, diligence, and ambition.

5. Jackie Welles

“A shot of vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and most importantly... a splash of love.”

Jackie is a loyal, funny, hard-working Heywood-born merc with dreams of making a name for himself, providing a better life for himself and his loved ones, and he has the guts and drive to risk his life to do just that.

From an early age, Jackie was a bold and protective man, fighting his abusive father and threatening to kill him if he ever hurt his mother or him again. As a teen, Jackie joined the Valentinos, but a nearly fatal shootout with the Maelstrom convinced Jackie to leave for the sake of his mom. In 2076, Jackie began dating the spiritual Misty, despite his mother’s protests. Depending on the life path you choose as V, this may be the same year when you become close to Jackie.

Jackie is most well known for being close friends with V, guiding and looking out for them without expecting anything in return. Known for being a hard-working merc with dreams of making it to big leagues, Jackie is the one who approaches V about The Heist, which sets a series of unfortunate (and maybe some fortunate) events in motion that drastically alter the lives of almost every key player in Night City and the Badlands. Jackie is also known for his unwavering sense of humor and snark, which can be found in any situation–even the most dark and difficult.

What We Love About Jackie

  • There’s a lot of darkness in Night City, so Jackie’s unwavering sarcasm and humor make for a refreshing light in the dark.
  • Jackie started without any advantages in life, but his ambition and persistent spirit have given him the drive to make a more comfortable life for himself, and he is willing to work harder to continue to pursue his dreams. 
  • Night City is overpopulated with greedy backstabbers, so Jackie’s fiercely loyal and caring nature is refreshing and inspiring.

4. River Ward

A NCPD (or should I say ex-NCPD) officer who we can not only trust, but admire? Color me surprised.

River is an ex-NCPD detective who puts justice and family above everything else. 

River grew up running a small family farm with his sister Joss and their parents, but the farm eventually got bought out by larger corporations, so his parents had to run a grocery store. One day, his parents were murdered by druggie thugs trying to rob the store. NCPD never caught the thugs and dropped the case. This inspired River to become a competent detective with the NCPD, so he can solve cases similar to what happened to his parents. He actually wants to make a difference.

As an adult, River joined the NCPD and became a detective. His sister had 3 children with a deadbeat dad, so River also took on the role of father-figure, as much as he could. However, he and his sister have a falling out due to River prioritizing his work over family. River’s unwavering demand for justice leads him to investigate cases that are officially closed, leading him to be suspended (indefinitely) from the force…but that doesn’t stop him. 

River is most well known for his drive to enact justice (whether or not that’s supported by the law). He is also well known for being compassionate and family-oriented. If you play your cards right, River might just shed the mysterious detective exterior and enter a romantic relationship with you. 

What We Love About River

  • River is driven by his sense of justice, wanting to help those who have been wronged, and bring their wrongdoers to justice.  
  • River recognizes the corruption in the criminal justice system, acknowledging that sometimes to do what is morally just, you have to break the law. 
  • River remains devout to his family, taking up the role of the father figure for his niece and nephews. 
  • Due to his traumatic childhood experiences, River developed a hardened aloof exterior, but his actions alone prove he has a compassionate heart.

3. Evelyn Parker

A stunning enigma that you yearn to unravel. 

Evelyn Parker is not someone to overlook. Stunning looks aside, she is a cunning, ambitious, and bold woman who will utilize intel she collects during her services as a doll to help forge a better life for herself. 

Evelyn originally dreamed of becoming a professional actress, so understanding the hierarchy of the entertainment biz, she figured becoming a doll at the swanky Clouds was a good place to start. Unfortunately, this became far more permanent than she intended. 

In 2077, she became a frequent escort to Yorinobu Arasaka. When the Voodoo Boys approached her to create a BD of Yorinobu’s suite at Konepeki plaza to gain intel on the Relic, Evelyn realized she could utilize what the Voodoo Boys wanted for her own profit. So Evelyn–ever cunning, ambitious, and bold–decided to steal the Relic in exchange for money, protection, and a new identity. Unfortunately, this does not work out in her favor…

Evelyn is most well known for being the client hiring you for The Heist. Her intelligence and confidence distract everyone involved from unraveling the truth behind how and why she started this job. Ever mysterious, you do not learn the truth about Evelyn’s past and the conditions she was under that led her to hire you until she is too far gone. 

What We Love About Evelyn

  • From our initial meeting, Evelyn is a mystery, and mystery breeds intrigue, making her instantly memorable and interesting. 
  • Evelyn dreams big and she will do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true, which is truly admirable. 
  • Evelyn’s cunning nature makes her all the more interesting and admirable.
  • Not only does Evelyn possess the ambition and cunning to assess an opportunity to fulfill her ambitions, but she has the courage to actually go through with it, making her incredibly bold and brave.

2. Rogue Amendiares

Once a sexy badass, always a sexy badass.

Rogue has always been a force to be reckoned with. As a rebellious teen, Rogue set out to become a solo, working her way up to become a notable merc, fixer, owner of the Afterlife, and anarcho-terrorist.

Rogue is most well known for being the best fixer in all of Night City. Not only that, but Rogue also owns and runs the iconic Afterlife, where only top tier mercs and netrunners are allowed to hang. Let’s not forget her notable past, including her part in blowing up the Arasaka Tower with Johnny Silverhand.

What We Love About Rogue

  • Since she was a teen, Rogue has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with, starting from nothing, working her way up as a solo, merc, fixer, anarcho-terrorist, and owner of the Afterlife.
  • Time and time again, Rogue proves that while she can work well with others, she does not need anyone–she is fiercely independent.
  • Rogue started with nothing and worked her way up to become the best fixer in Night City, highlighting her ambition and drive.
  • Rogue also provides some refreshing sensibility, especially when it comes to Johnny’s impulsive plans, proving she can control her emotions enough to calculate the best options rather than react based on emotional impulse.

1. Johnny Silverhand

Get the f*** up Samurai, we’ve got a city to burn!

Johnny Silverhand…where does one begin with an icon like Johnny Silverhand? Johnny was always a rebellious spirit, even when was still going by his birth name–Robert John Linder. In 2003, when he was a teenager, he lied about his age in order to enlist in the military. This experience changed him forever, as he came to realize the war he was fighting in was instigated by a corrupt government. During his time in the war, one of his close friends died saving his life. After losing his arm and close friend to the war, Johnny left for Night City, going by the name Johnny Silverhand, in reference to the silver cybernetic arm he got to replace the arm he lost in the war.

After his experience in the corrupt war, Johnny dedicated his life to exposing corruption. He started by co-founding the rebellious rock band, Samurai. Samurai became revolutionary, initiating the rockerboy movement and becoming a viral sensation almost instantly. Personal issues led the band to split up in 2008, but this didn’t stop Johnny. Johnny began a solo music career so he could continue to spread his anti-government, anti-corpo message.

Johnny continued his rebellion for decades. Even when his girlfriend Alt Cunningham was assaulted and kidnapped by Arasaka, Johnny refused to give up. In 2023, Johnny enlisted a crew to commit a history-changing assault on the Arasaka Towers. Although they successfully detonated the mini-nuke, Johnny was captured by Adam Smasher, where Arasaksa proceeded to use Johnny as the guinea pig for their Soulkiller program.

We know Johnny Silverhand as the rockstar terrorist slowing taking over V’s body. To the rest of the world, Johnny is well known for co-founding the history-defining band Samurai, which kickstarted the rockerboy movement, which prioritizes using your music to spread rebellious political messages. Johnny is also well known for leading anarcho-terrorist assaults on corporations, most notably, blowing up the Arasaka Tower in 2023. 

What We Love About Johnny

  • Johnny is opinionated and he is never afraid to voice those opinions, even if it gets him hurt.
  • Johnny is a very intellectual person, constantly contemplating the complex and uncomfortable topics that many would avoid.
  • When Johnny sees an issue with the system, he will actually do something about it–it’s one thing to be able to recognize and verbalize deep-rooted issues, but Johnny takes it further by committing to do something about it (usually violent and over-the-top, but clearly that is sometimes needed).
  • Johnny’s talents are vast, but the fact that he is somehow also an amazing rock musician makes him even cooler.
  • Let’s not overlook the fact that Johnny kickstarted a revolutionary rebellious movement…he is literally a revolutionary icon!

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