[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Bikes (Early To Late Game)

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Bikes
Best Set of Wheels in Night City

Bikes are the epitome of coolness when it comes to transport. There’s just something so irresistible about a nicely chiseled two-wheeled machine with slick looks and even slicker features rolling down the streets. It only gets better when this machine gets to show off inside a dystopian game with a cold blooded merch sitting on top. 

Cyberpunk has done a brilliant job, especially after update 2.0, to showcase some mean machines that look just as good as they drive. Our main character, V, gets to ride a handful of these spectacular models but only after completing specific missions or meeting certain prerequisites. The game doesn’t like to hand you the good stuff on a silver platter, that much is established.

Whether or not you’ve already acquired these gas-guzzling beauties, have a look at our top 5 picks from the game, and let’s see if you’re not captivated to complete your list as far as bikes go!


5. Jackie’s ARCH

Red, modified ARCH Nazare

See it in action: 

This is a bike that you get quite early on in the game- after bidding farewell to your best friend, Jackie. It’s essentially a modified version of the ARCH Nazare but has a custom colorway to it, made to honor Jackie’s clan, the Valentinos. 

Honestly, the red colored leather seat and red highlights work really well with the rest of the frame to bring out an aggressive look on the bike. Almost evil. Almost.

It runs well too! With a horsepower of around 170 mph and clocking in a high speed of 178 mph, this ARCH is no small fish to be trifled with. Also, since it’s a rear-wheel drive, you can even pull back the handles to do wheelies with it.

What makes it so great:

  • Reasonable speed for an early-game motorbike
  • Sick detailing and has great control
  • You get it for free by playing the main storyline

Lucky for you, this ARCH is a free acquisition quite early on in the game. Follow the main storyline and participate in Jackie’s ceremony. Mama Welles then hands you the keys to the garage that has this baby.


4. Yaiba Kusanagi “Mizuchi”

Pink, blue & white never looked so good together

See it in action: 

The Mizuchi is a colorful variant of the regular Yaiba Kusanagi. With a sky blue and magenta colorway, this bike is used most frequently by the Tyger Claws. The Mizuchi has a look that the bikes from TRON: Legacy sported. It’s futuristic, jazzed up with colors, and looks pretty comfortable to ride on as well.

Specs-wise, this bike has a total horsepower of 183 mph and it maintains a top speed of 189 mph comfortably when racing down highways. Handling is okay but we would advise not speeding it through narrow alleyways and places with sharp turns. 

It’s pretty easy to get too. Just head on over to Japantown and cruise through the streets till you find suspicious activity going on. Most probably this will be a drug deal that the Tyger Claws will be happily participating in. They usually bring their bikes along as well. Including the Mizuchi. Head on over there, bonk a few heads, and bring this sweet ride home.

What makes it so great:

  • Easily obtainable
  • Nice colorway
  • Top speed of 189 mph will have you sticking your tongue out


3. Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X

Gleaming red devil

See it in action: 

When it comes down to speed, there is no equal to the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X. This red-bodied beast is a menace on the streets. Built the same way as our aforementioned Mizuchi, the CT-3X represents Yaiba’s top-of-the-line variant that can make you second guess every other bike, or even car, that you’ll own in the game.

Surprisingly, this bike isn’t even the most expensive bike purchase you can make in the game. All it requires to be acquired is a street cred of 12 and 22,000 eddies in your wallet. Once your street cred is up to the mark, you’ll receive a call/message from Wakako Okada where she’ll mention how the CT-3X in her inventory is up for sale.

Simply head over to the mentioned location, pay the eddies, and this stallion is yours. The CT-3X has a total horsepower of 190 mph and can pump speeds up to 189 mph. Even though both our mentioned Kusanagis have the same top speed, we’d side with this one because of its stellar handling. Plus, it looks sleeker.

What makes it so great:

  • At 22,000 eddies, it’s an affordable purchase
  • Great speed, greater handling
  • Sleek, chiseled finish


2. ARCH Nazare “Itsumade”

Lean, green, speedy machine

See it in action: 

It seems the Tyger Claws are big on bikes because they just can’t get enough of picking up stock versions and modifying them to their liking. The Itsumade is a Japanese variant of the regular ARCH Nazare and sports a seat with a raised end. 

Even the colorway wasn’t spared by the Claws as they worked from the ground up to infuse purple aluminum with a mix of black undertones on the bike, making it look like a thing of pure class. 

The story goes that the Itsumade was originally made for the boss of the Tyger Claws but it got stolen somewhere down the line by a woman. Of course, the entire gang was furious and left no stone unturned in tracking down the notorious lady. Once they got their hands on her, they beat her up and left her to die in an alley. Brutal.

Anyway, the bike is safe and sound and if you get your hands on it then you can acquire it for free. It has a top speed of 178 mph and drives comfortably well in tight alleyways.

What makes it so great:

  • Free motorcycle
  • Sexy colors
  • Everything that the Nazare is, but better


1. ARCH Nazare

Class & speed, side by side

See it in action: 

And last, but certainly not least, we have the stock ARCH Nazare coming in as hot as its price tag. Presenting itself with a yellow, black, and somewhat purple colorway, this Nazare is based on the real-life ARCH Method 143, a production by a company founded by Keanu Reeves himself.

Obtaining the vehicle is quite straightforward. Although we wouldn’t recommend even batting an eye toward it unless you have a street cred of 40. But if you have that much, and 138,000 eddies sitting in your wallet, then head on over to Westbrook to purchase this yellow and black marvel. 

The Nazare can be considered an end-game collectible because of its prerequisites but it’s a must-buy nevertheless. Also, it pays tribute to Keanu so you better buy this breathtaking bike.

Finally, the specs are pretty much what you’d expect; 170 HP with a top speed of 178 mph. It’s nothing too sporty. But if we’re considering looks, then, mmhm. Yes, yes. 

What makes it so great:

  • End game behemoth
  • Inspired by a real-life bike
  • Pop colors



As far as bikes go, the aforementioned ones present a perfect transition for V from early to late game. If you’re a motorbike lover, drive your purchases parallel to the machines in our list and be amazed by how each of these beauties handles itself on the road.

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