All Easter Eggs in Cyberpunk 2077 (Ranked Good To Best)

When worlds collide.

Any good video game has at least a handful of easter eggs…whether they be references to other video games, movies, or other significant pop cultural information…However, Cyberpunk takes it up a notch, with upwards of 30 easter eggs in-game! So if you are interested in learning more about the different easter eggs you can find in game, check out this article for our ranking, summary, and linked video guides!

30. Cameos

An auto-repairing nomad, classy video game designer, stranger with an electrifying crotch implant, and garbage-bag wearing prophet? Who else do we have in store?...

It’s no surprise that Cyberpunk has some preem cameos. Throughout the game, you can find cameos of: Mike Pondsmith, Hideo Kojima, Alanah Pearce, Jesse Cox, CohhCarnage, and Grimes. For an in depth look at the cameos ranked from good to best, check out “All Cameos in Cyberpunk 2077 (Ranked Good To Best)”.

How To Find Mike Pondsmith Cameo:

What a casual cameo for the creator of Cyberpunk!

How To Find Hideo Kojima Cameo:

Using BDs to make video games more emotionally raw is quite an innovative technique.

How To Alanah Pearce Cameo:

Those boots were made for walkin’ alright.

How To Find Jesse Cox Cameo:

Now that’s gotta hurt!

How To Find CohhCarnage Cameo:

Wonder if the garbage bag protects him from necromancy, corpo bugs, vampires, or the like…

How To Find Grimes Cameo:

Betray her and face Violence!

29. Toris Amos: Muhammed My Friend

Do drop in.

The Dewdrop Inn is a motel chain in Night City. The name is an obscure reference to a song called “Muhammed My Friend” by Tori Amos. The name specifically references the lyrics, “do drop in at the dew drop inn”. If you wanna get a peak inside the motel, take up El Capitan’s Gig: Side Effects, which involves you going inside the Dewdrop Inn to retrieve some valuable beta acid (whatever that is).

How To Find the Dewdrop Inn:

Do drop in to steal some valuable acid that you sell on the blackmarket!

28. Demolition Man: Three Seashells

Seems like a painful and inefficient replacement for toilet paper if you ask me…

Inside V’s apartment, if you go behind the beads in the bathroom, you’ll find a toilet with three seashells in place of toilet paper. This is a reference to the movie Demolition Man, in which seashells are used instead of toilet paper. The how’s and why’s of which remain a mystery to us all. 

How To Find the Three Seashells: 

 I guess V knows how to use the three seashells.

27. Hidan no Aria: Aria H. Kanzaki

Yes, some of the street names are in fact easter eggs and not random names. 

Hidan no Aria is an anime about a descendent of Sherlock Holmes, named Aria H. Kanzaki. In reference to the pink-haired Butei, one of the streets in Japantown is named H. Kanzaki. 

How To Find H. Kanzaki Street:

Put your detective skills to work to find this easter egg. 

26. Jovem Nerd: Ozob Bozo

V vs. Ozob in a fist fight–who will win? 

You may be familiar with the unique character Ozob Bozo, but what you may not know is that he is actually inspired by a character from a Brazilian tabletop RPG podcast, called Jovem Nerd. If you want to meet this character, you’ll get two side quest possibilities to do so–the first is a side quest called Send in the Clowns, in which you drive Ozob to “pick up some Chinese takeout” which turns into fighting off some Tyger Claws so he does not die; the second opportunity you have to interact with Ozob is when you have the chance to fist fight him during the Beat on the Brat questline–be careful with this one, because his nose is not just a prop…

How To Find Ozob Bozo:

I agree with Ozob–that nose definitely fits his style more.

25. The Shining: Room 1237

Redrum, redrum!  

In the first fully fledged mission, The Rescue, you and Jackie must infiltrate a scav hideout in order to rescue Sandra Dorsett, who has been kidnapped to be used as a “donor”. The room you must infiltrate is room number 1237, which alludes to The Shining’s infamous room 237, which torments Danny Torrance. Additionally, Sandra Dorsett is found nearly dead in a bathtub, and in The Shining, one of the haunting images of room 237 is a dead woman in a bathtub.

How To Find Room 1237:

What awaits us in room 1237? 

24. Grand Theft Auto: 

Did I accidentally load GTA instead of Cyberpunk?

The first GTA easter egg is Night City’s version of Grove Street. This little cul-de-sac looks incredibly similar to GTA V’s Grove Street. To find it, head to the Alumnecar & Jerez fast travel point in Rancho Coronado and around the corner you’ll find this gang-ridden cul-de-sac that is eerily reminiscent of Grove Street. 

How To Find Grove Street:

 Wonder if this is what Los Santos would look like in 2077.


Damn it CJ! I mean JC! 

In addition to Grove Street, you can also find a datashard that contains a conversation referencing GTA: San Andreas. To find the shard, head to the Trailer Park fast travel point in Red Peaks. There will be a train track nearby–if you approach the tunnel, you’ll find two bodies on the ground, and a crashed motorcycle. Loot them to find the datashard where you can read the conversation between “JC” and “Little Smoke” (playing on the character names CJ and Big Smoke) about trying to catch a train, before JC makes a critical error, causing Little Smoke to tell him, “all you had to do was follow the damn train, JC!”.

How To Find GTA: San Andreas Easter Egg:

Looks like it didn’t end too well for JC and Little Smoke… 

23. Cowboy Bebop: Characters Held Hostage

Wonder how it turned out for them… 

An easter egg for the anime Cowboy Bebop is particularly fitting for Cyberpunk 2077, as the anime is also set in a dystopian future in the 2070s. To find this easter egg, you must come across a hostage situation in eastern Rancho Coronado, where a nearby computer will provide details of the crime, along with the names of the targets. The names “Faye Spiegel,” “Spike Valentine,” and “Jet White,” are among the targets, and these names are nods to some of the main characters of Cowboy Bebop. 

How To Find Cowboy Bebop Easter Egg:

Guess this crossover didn’t play out in their favor. 

22. CD Projekt Red Development Team

Considering the other secret rooms we infiltrate throughout the game, this is quite endearing.

Like many video games, Cyberpunk 2077 includes an easter egg to shout out to their development team members. To find it, you'll have to head to the north-east sign in the Kabuki roundabout. There will be a staircase near the neon hotel sign–head down the stairs towards a closed shutter door in the corner. To get in, you’ll need to input the access code 605185 (this code was actually included in the message from CD Projekt Red which is included in every copy of the game). Once you head in and sit on the couch, Johnny will play a couple songs. Turn on the TV and you'll see selfies from all the development team members. 

How To Find the CD Projekt Red Development Team:

A peaceful and personal touch to a frequently cold city. 

21. Rihanna: Disturbia

Guess we know who Skippy likes to listen to.

Skippy, the artificially intelligent gun is always fun to be around. What you may not know is that he likes to hum the tune to Rihanna’s song Disturbia.  

How To Find Rihanna’s Disturbia:

A streamer-friendly pop tune–thanks Skippy!

20. Mad Max: Fury Road

Dystopian crossover for the win!

While exploring in the southernmost part of Night City, you’ll come across this militarized vehicle that alludes to the war rig from Mad Max: Fury Road. Upon your arrival, you will also find corpses that resemble Furiosa and Immortan Joe, as well as a datashard that includes a conversation between Charlize Fury and Dakota Smith, talking about a wounded Max and “the girls” all being pregnant–crucial to the plot of Fury Road. 

How To Find Max Mad: Fury Road Easter Egg:

If only we could have witnessed Furiosa killing Immortan Joe.

19. Fallout: Vault 101 LARPers

Looks like leaving the bunker was not such a good idea…

Being another sci-fi dystopian RPG, the Fallout series is incredibly fitting as an easter egg for Cyberpunk. This particular easter egg is a bit meta, as the two corpses you come across in front of the 101 “vault” were in fact LARPers role-playing a post-apocalyptic scenario in which they left the safety of bunker 101 to explore the wasteland. To find this easter egg, use the Regional Airport fast travel point in the Badlands. Then you’ll head roughly 650m east and 750m south-west in order to come across this LARPing gone wrong. 

How To Find Fallout Easter Egg:

LARPing seems to have gotten quite deadly. 

18. The Office US: Surgeon from Japan in Side Quest Big in Japan

The rest of his backstory may be surprising… 

For fans of The Office (US), check out the mission Big in Japan, where you will get introduced to Haruyoshi, who is a brain surgeon from Japan. His back story is incredibly similar to the Japanese heart surgeon that Darryl saves in season six of The Office.  

How To Find The Office Easter Egg:

I guess the lesson is, if you’re a gang leader in need of surgery, try to stay on the surgeon's nice list. 

17. Harry Potter: Platform 69 ¾ Graffiti

Judging by the blood on the wall, I’m guessing this is not a magical passageway to a wizarding train station. 

Who can resist a Harry Potter easter egg? This easter egg involves some graffiti on a wall near the Pumping Station in Wellsprings. The graffiti reads, “Platform 69 ¾,” which is a more adult version of Platform 9 ¾ which is used throughout the Harry Potter series, as characters travel to Hogwarts. In the series, you must run at the wall between Platform 9 and 10 in order to pass through the magical barrier and enter Platform 9 ¾. Judging by the blood on the wall and the corpse on the ground, I’m guessing this wall does not function in the same way. Another fun tidbit is that in the initial launch, NPCs would run into the wall–seemingly forever.

How To Find Platform 69 ¾ :

Poor non-playable muggles. 

16. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull: Refrigerator Man

Looks like Indiana didn’t make it out of this one.

Who can forget the iconic scene in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull where Indiana Jones survives a nuclear blast by jumping into an empty refrigerator? It’s been referenced countless times, and here it is in Cyberpunk 2077. To find this easter egg, use the Medeski Fuel Station travel point and head north, further into the Badlands. Before you reach the crossroads, you’ll find a fridge with a corpse in it, his cowboy hat laying next to him. If you pick up the datashard on the corpse, you’ll discover a conversation that references when Mythbusters busted the myth that anyone could survive a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator.  

How To Find Indiana Jones Easter Egg:

So hopping into a refrigerator cannot actually protect you from a nuclear blast? Good to know.

15. Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Truck Chase Scene 

So many crashed vehicles and corpses…or a corpse and a cyborg?

If you’re a fan of the Terminator series, you’ll instantly recognize this easter egg. In the sewers near Arasaka Industrial Park in Rancho Coronado, you’ll come across this deadly crash scene, including a truck, motorcycle, corpse, and cyborg–this is referencing the truck chase scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. You'll come across a datashard with a conversation that explains the need to keep Jimmy O’Connor alive, which will be incredibly difficult given the fact the enemy has undergone intense cyborgification. 

How To Find Terminator Easter Egg: 

Don’t worry…I’ll be back. 


14. Blade Runner: Tears in Rain

A sad man sitting shirtless in the rain is never a good sign.

It’s only fitting that Cyberpunk 2077 include some references to Blade Runner, an iconic cyberpunk film. One of the most iconic scenes is the “Tears in Rain” monologue by Roy Batty. During this scene, he has a white dove with him. If you head to the rooftop of the Advocet Hotel in Vista Del Rey, you’ll find a water-soaked character that looks incredibly similar to Roy..and also happens to be holding a bird.  

How To Tears in Rain Easter Egg:

What a dramatic scene. If only this unknown figure blessed us with a powerful monologue.

13. Half Life 3: “No Life” Data Shard

Well 50 years between titles is still better than never, right?

During the The Heisenberg Principle side quest (a reference to Breaking Bad), you can collect a data shard which suggests that the much awaited third and final installment of the No-Life video game series is set to release the following day. This a clear reference to the fact that the third installment in the Half-Life series was canceled, then a similar sequel rumored to be in the works, with no clear evidence that that will ever be released. If it does, who knows how many decades it will take? Similarly, according to the datashard, fans of No-Life had to wait 50 years for No-Life 3 to release–a cruel, but fitting joke for fans of Half-Life.    

How To Find Half-Life 3 Easter Egg:

The real question is…will No-Life 3 actually release? Or will it follow the path of its real-life cousin and be postponed or canceled yet again?

12. The Matrix: 

Wonder what we’ll have lots of?

Dystopian sci-fi and Keanu Reeves go hand-in-hand, and Cyberpunk 2077 is not shy to reference some key sci-fi flicks that also star our favorite silver-armed rockerboy in real life. There’s a couple of references to The Matrix, the first of which can be found on the Just Ads TV channel. Wait a bit and you’ll find a “Clothes, lots of clothes” ad that references a scene from The Matrix that includes the same line. This ad is particularly noticeable during the There is a Light That Never Goes Out side mission, when you are in Zuleikha’s house.

How To Find Matrix Ad:

Who doesn’t want clothes, lots of clothes?

The red pill or the blue pill–which will you choose?

One of the most iconic moments in The Matrix, a moment that has been referenced countless times, is the red pill or blue pill scene, so it’s perfect that Cyberpunk 2077 included a reference to it as well. When you let Johnny take control of V’s body for the first time, he goes on a bit of a bender. You get bits and pieces of his rampage, including a scene where a mysterious man in a black coat offers Johnny a blue pill or a red pill. The meta nature of this scene adds to the satisfaction of this easter egg, as Johnny (played by Keanu Reeves) is put in a nearly identical position as Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix.

How To Find Red Pill or Blue Pill Easter Egg:

Which would you choose?

11. Die Hard & Dirty Harry: Joan McClayne & Henry Callahan

Wonder who these law enforcement officials could be?

During River Ward’s Following the River side mission, you will get the chance to play an AR game with his niece and nephew. When his niece and nephew put on their headsets, they become Joan McClane and Henry Callahan–referencing protagonists John McClane from Die Hard and Harry Callahan from Dirty Harry. 

How To Find Die Hard and Dirty Harry Easter Egg:  

Ahhh now I see the similarities!


10. Romancing the Stone: Colby “Little Mule” 

Now that’s a car you want to ride out the apocalypse in.

If you’re a fan of 80’s romcoms, then you may recognize this nova car. This Colby “Little Mule '' is a replica (albeit not identical) of the Little Mule car featured in the 80’s romcom Romancing the Stone. If you’re interested in owning this ride, you can purchase it in the Badlands.  

How To Find Little Mule:

What a fitting ride for roaming the Badlands!

9. Dukes of Hazzard: General Lee

“Buckle up, ladies, this might get exciting.”

This car might look familiar…and that’s because it’s the iconic General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. If you want to race and roam in style, head over to Rancho Coronado, where you can purchase this classic car for 58,000 eddies. 

How To Find General Lee:  

Someday the mountain might get cha, but  the law never will.

8. Portal: GLaDOS

The cake is gone. 

You can’t resist breaking into a smile when hearing GLaDOS’s voice outside of Portal. So the fact that one of Delemain’s rogue vehicles takes on the voice and attitude of GLaDOS during the Epistrophy mission is very satisfying. Specifically, approach the rogue Delemain vehicle in Coastview and you’ll hear a voice that is identical to GLaDOS. On top that, this GLaDOS Delemain makes a “the cake is gone” reference to drive the easter egg home.  

How To Find GLaDOS:

Who can forget that voice?

7.  Mortal Kombat: Scorpion

Get over here!

If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, you’ll love this easter egg! Complete Mitch’s I’’ll Fly Away side mission and he’ll reward you with Scorpions’ weapon and action figure. The action figure is identical to Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and it will appear in V’s apartment after you receive it. Plus, if you scan the figure, you’ll find the brand is “KO Kombat”. 

How To Find Scorpion:

I wonder if this is where the Aldecaldos’ Scorpion got inspiration for his name?

6. Akira & Ghost in the Shell: Kusanagi CT-3X

Vroom vroom! Gonks know they can’t catch me!

If you’re a fan of Japanese sci-fi and anime, you’ll love this bike! The Yaiga Kusanagi CT-3X is not only one of the best motorcycles in the game, but is also a replica of Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira. If the name Kusanagi sounds familiar, it’s because the bike is named after Major Motoko Kusanagi from the anime Ghost in the Shell. If you’re interested in owning this preem bike, you can buy it from Wakako in northern Japantown for 58,000 eddies. Don’t pass because of the price–this is literally the fastest motorcycle in the game! 

How To Find the Kusanagi CT-3X:

If you’re playing with the latest patch, the bike costs 58,000 eddies, not 22,000! 

5. Batman: The Batmobile

It looks like Night City’s got a brooding billionaire vigilante of its own.

With this easter egg, you can live out your fantasies of being a brooding billionaire vigilante. You’d have to be a fool to pass on this Batmobile replica. If you use the Sunset Motel fast travel point in the Badlands and travel north into the tunnel, you will find a shipping container about halfway through the tunnel. Inside the tunnel is the Batmobile, which automatically gets added to your inventory of cars. Additionally, you can find a datashard on the table that is full of Batman references, including the owner, who refers to himself as “Murk Man”. 

How To Find the Batmobile: 

Styled after the Batmobile, one of the fastest cars in the game, and you don’t have to pay a single eddie for it?! I must be dreaming. 

4. John Wick: Normal-looking Hitman with a Dog 

A hitman carrying around a little dog…sounds familiar.

Having another Keanu Reeves film reference is always fun. During Wakako’s Olive Branch gig, you’ll meet a man named Sergei, who tells you about a hitman who looked “normal - beard, brown shoes…” and “he also [had a] little dog” with him. If you’ve never seen the John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves is titular character, and without spoiling, the premise of the first film involves his little dog… 

How To Find the John Wick Easter Egg: 

Although the referenced hitman was nothing breathtaking, I’ve heard he’s a menace with a pencil.

3. Breaking Bad: The Heisenberg Principle

“This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed!”

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you’ll love Regina’s Gig: The Heisenberg Principle. The gig requires you to infiltrate and destroy a drug lab that manufactures a drug called “glitter” (described very similarly to Walter White’s meth in Breaking Bad). Plus, the gig’s name is a reference to Walter White’s alias, Heisenberg. 

How To Find The Heisenburg Principle:

They seem like “insane, degenerate piece[s] of filth” who deserve to die.

2. The Witcher Series:

Cyberpunk Witcher gear–yes please!

If you’re a fan of The Witcher franchise, hopefully you got your hands on this nova pre-order bonus! Modeled after Geralt’s Wolf School gear, with a cyberpunk twist, there’s a t-shirt and a sleek jacket. Another Witcher piece of the bonus is the cyber-enhanced Shupe the Troll plushie, which is in reference to a troll of the name and similar design, from The Witcher franchise. The last Witcher piece of the bonus is the Black Unicorn katana, which is a reference to the Black Unicorn sword in Witcher 2 and 3. 

How To Find Witcher Pre-Order Bonus Gear:

Who wouldn’t want that Wolf School Jacket?

Funny to think of The Witcher 3 being considered Retro. 

Now for a Corpo-only Witcher easter egg. If you selected the Corpo lifepath, in the prologue when you are upstairs, you can visit your work station before leaving. If you do so, open your office desk drawer and you’ll find a few items inside, including a Retro Gaming magazine that has Ciri on the cover, promoting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How To Find Ciri’s Magazine Cover: 

Guess being a Corpo has some perks. 


Is this loot hiding technique genius or ridiculous?

Who wants to spend their time searching for loot caches with nothing special inside? Geralt and V apparently. In reference to the underwhelming Smuggler’s Caches from The Witcher 3, you can go on a quest to find underwhelming loot caches in Night City. To do so, you first have to go to the long pier in northwest Pacifica (there will also be a cyberpsycho sighting here). You must run alongside the pier until you come across stairs leading to a floating platform on the right. Below, you will find a dead body with a note recalling the frustration of trying to find all the Smuggler’s Caches (he only had one left!).To find the remaining cache, you’ll use the clue in the note to swim towards the overpass above the platform, where you’ll find three barrels with loot boxes attached to them underwater.

How To Find Smuggler’s Cache: 

Who’s ready for an underwater treasure hunt?

Roach in her 4-bit era. 

In the Witcher franchise, Geralt names all his horses (usually mares) Roach. In Night City, you can find a series of arcade games called “Roach Race,” in reference to Geralt’s horse(s). On top of that, there is also an ad for something called “Milf Guard,” which is a play on the country of Nilfgaard from the Witcher franchise. 

How To Find Roach Race:

Roach is doing a great job of dodging all those obstacles!


Don’t be fooled by the damaged appearance of this weapon–it deals a lot of damage!

In The Witcher 3: Heart of Stones DLC, you fight a formidable and very disturbing boss, called the Caretaker, who uses a damaged spade to dig up bodies, as well as a weapon to try to kill you with. If you want to get your hands on this weapon in Cyberpunk 2077, you can obtain it for free during the Knocking on Heaven’s Door mission.

How To Find the Caretaker’s Spade:

Wonder if this version of the weapon has also been used to dig up bodies…

1. Cyberpunk Edgerunners:

The largest patch to date–patch 1.6–was nicknamed the Edgerunner’s Update because of the additional content related to the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime, which released around the same time. Edgerunners takes place in the same Cyberpunk verse as Cyberpunk 2077, only a bit prior to V’s storyline, and following different characters. As such, Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk Edgerunners work in tandem with one another, but can also be enjoyed as stand-alone stories. However, if you’ve seen Edgerunners, you’ll be pleased to here that there are upwards of 13 different easter eggs related to Edgerunners alone. 

No this is not a stack of shipping containers, it is in fact an apartment complex.

Let’s start off with David’s apartment. Afterall, David Martinez is the main character in Edgerunners. His apartment can be found in Santo Domingo, Arroyo. Start by using the Metro: Wollesen Street fast travel point, then head down the stairs and to the left you’ll see a tall blue and yellow building with “No Entry” written across it. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the building, but, if you want to get a sense for what an in-game version of his apartment interior would be like, V’s first apartment is actually designed very similarly to David’s apartment, which makes sense considering the fact that most Megabuildings use the same (or similar) designs. 

How To Find David’s Apartment:

Who wouldn’t want to live in a primary-colored megabuilding?

It may look like any other ripperclinic, but this is where David Martinez got cybered up!

In a similar area as David’s apartment, you can find his RipperDoc’s clinic. This time, use the Mission Waterfront fast travel point in Santo Domingo. After arriving, simply walk down the pier and you’ll notice a building with a “RipperDoc Open” sign above the door. Although you can go inside to see where David got all his cybermods, and you yourself can get cybermods, his ripperdoc is not in the building. Maybe he moved?

How To Find David’s Ripperdoc:

Wonder what happened to his ripperdoc?

Look at that view!

Yay another apartment we can enter! Edgerunner Kiwi’s apartment is located in the Watson district in Kabuki. You can easily find it by using the Sutter Street fast travel point and heading left until you see a large glass building with the words Yaiba on it. There is a small alleway on the right of the building. Go through the door and take the elevator up to the 13th floor. Here you’ll be able to explore the apartment Kiwi you used to live in–this is also the same building that Regina Jones uses in V’s storyline. 

How To Find Kiwi’s Apartment:

A little neglected, but it’s still got good bones. 

Inside this colorful apartment complex lived a colorful and snarky edgerunner. 

Now here’s an apartment we can actually enter! To do so, first you have to complete the Scrolls Before Swine gig near the Longshore North travel point in Watson. During the gig, you’ll have to choose the dialogue that provokes Aaron into figitin–after you kill him you will be able to enter his apartment, which is the apartment Rebecca used to live in. Once you’ve done that, you can enter her apartment by using the Longshore North fast travel point–her apartment building is directly across the street. Once you go inside, head to the second floor, turn left, go past the vending machine, take another left, and you will find the door with an access panel near it–this is her old apartment. 

How To Find Rebecca and Pilar’s Apartment:

If only Rebecca’s colorful shotgun were simply laying against the wall. 

Looks like a nice hangout spot for the crew. 

Now let’s look for the David and his crew’s favorite hangout spot–Turbo Bar. Start by using the MegaBuilding HB fast travel point in Westbrook, Japantown. Simply head towards the right and down towards the water and you’ll see the Turbo Bar right on the corner!

How To Find Turbo Bar Hangout:

Wouldn’t mind making this a regular hangout spot. 

Living in luxury!

Later in the anime, David and Lucy get a luxury apartment. Unfortunately, the apartment is only accessible in the Path of Glory ending scene–as V’s Luxury apartment. 

How To Find David and Lucy’s Luxury Apartment:

Try the Path of Glory ending to explore this luxe apartment.

What a preem spot for brooding as you look across the water. 

If you’re in the mood for jogging, brooding, or taking some preem screenshots, Lucy and David’s jogging spot is perfect for you. Start by using the Corporation ST fast travel point in City Center Downtown. Run down the pier, past the gangoons, and down the stairs. 

How To Find Lucy and David’s Jogging Spot:

Jog, brood, take some screenshots–this spot has it all!

What a quirky building design!

Right across the street from the Turbo Bar is where you’’ll find Lucy’s apartment. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the building itself, but if you have the right cybermods and do some parkour, you can get to the roof of the apartment building, where some iconic and visually stunning moments occur in the anime. 

How To Find Lucy’s Apartment:

Look at those rooftop views–definitely worth the parkour efforts!

Wonder what could be inside?

If you want to visit another of David’s hangout spots, head over to Santo Domingo in Rancho Coronado. Use the San Amaro Street fast travel point, make a right, then as soon as you pass the freeway overpass, enter the complex across the street, make a right, and you’ll come across David and Maine’s Chop Shop hangout spot. 

How To Find Chop Shop Hangout:

It’s no Turbo Bar, but it’s got history. 

What an inviting-looking restaurant!

If you have watched the anime, you’ll know the infamous Buck-a-Slice Diner. To find it’s updated location (with patch 1.6) use the Republic East fast travel point in Santo Domingo. You can’t miss the teal and yellow building with its neon Buck-a-Slice sign.

How To Find Buck-a-Slice:

Surely nothing bad happened here, right?


The Afterlife is featured pretty heavily throughout Edgerunners, but there is a specific easter egg you can get if you order a drink from Claire in-game. Simply use the Afterlife fast travel point, head down towards the bar and order a drink from Claire. You’ll notice a new drink called “The David Martinez”.

How To Find The David Martinez:

Legends get drinks named after named…so you know what that means. 

Insert maniacal laughter here.

One of the most iconic weapons from the anime is Rebeca’s shotgun, and lucky for us, it’s accessible for free in the game! To find her shotgun, you need to first use the Arasaka Tower fast travel point in City Center Corpo Plaza. Once you arrive, head to the right and walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you’ll come across a giant holographic fish flying around and a glass panel. Head towards the glass panel, near the Militech building, and before heading down the stairs, make a right towards the monks resting on the grass. Inside one of the large bushes, you’ll find Rebeca’s nova shotgun lying on the ground. 

How To Find Rebeca’s Shotgun:

“Laughing maniacally is highly encouraged while using this weapon.”

A nova statement piece for any merc!

The iconic statement jacket that V wears on the promotional art for Cyberpunk 2077 is also David Martinez’s iconic jacket in Cyberpunk Edgerunners. With patch 1.6, now players can finally obtain and wear the jacket themselves. To find his jacket, first you’re gonna need to go to David’s old apartment building. There you will find a small alleyway with a symbol on the wall. A BD wreath will be on top of a trash can near the symbol. Pick up the BD wreath and you’ll have a trailer for the anime begin to play. 

That will trigger a new job called Over the Edge. Open your Journal and click El Capitan, where a new tab, labeled “David Martinez” will appear. If you click that, then you’ll be able to text El Capitan, asking about David. From there, wait a day and you’ll get a text from Falco, one of David’s crew members from the anime, and after you talk, you can head over to El Capitan’s to retrieve David’s jacket.

How To Find David’s Jacket:

A little traveling, talking, and waiting will get you this iconic Cyberpunk jacket!

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Born in a hearty valley, I have traversed the realms, from the fog-ridden bay to the deadly deserts. As a level 24 Jack-Of-All-Trades, I have the experience and flexibility to perfect any role.
Gamer Since: 2002
Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Dead by Daylight, Cyberpunk 2077, Far Cry 6
Top 3 Favorite Games:The Sims 4, Batman: Arkham City, Far Cry 3

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