[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cyberdeck And How To Get Them!

Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 best cyberdecks in the game!
Getting chipped so the government can track me :D

Ola choombas here we are with some implants for your body. If you’ve never installed a cyberdeck into your body you don’t know what pleasure is. Let me tell you that these devices might be small but have a huge impact on your game especially if you’re going the breach and technical build for your character.

The rarer the implant the better the quality. These implants will allow you to infiltrate areas where you aren’t allowed to be in or simply breach inside someone’s head to override their brains with some horrific images. Let’s get on with the list, shall we? 

5. Biotech MK.3 

This is perfect if you’re going breach or a technical build. This implant also increases your ram size and buffer speed. Because remember, speed is key. 

What makes Biotech MK.3 great:

  • Recover your RAM quickly. 
  • Easy to find in Night City. 
  • Mostly used by Netrunners. 
  • You’ll be able to spam your quick hack abilities. 

Biotech MK.3 stats:

  • 10 Base Ram
  • 7 Buffer Size
  • 5 Slots
  • 20% damage increase on quick hacks. 
  • Recovers 9 units of ram per 60 seconds. 

4. Arasaka MK.4

The Arasaka MK.4 is a legendary type implant that can be found in Night City or bought from a ripper doc for 35K mula. These legendary dives also come with special abilities such as stealth quick hacks are reduced by 2 points and combat quick hacks have a longer duration by a whopping 40%. If you don’t have any luck finding it in Night City but you’re rich why not treat yourself nicely and buy this little guy. 

What makes Arasaka MK.4 great:

  • Great for an infiltration and breach build. 
  • Stealth quick hacks are reduced by 2 points.
  • Quick hacking a pinged enemy restores your ping timer. 

Arasaka MK.4 stats:

  • 10 Base Ram
  • 8 Buffer Size
  • 6 Slots

3. NetWatch Netdriver MK.5

I would not suggest messing around enemies who have this implant in their skull as they might burn your body from the inside out. NetWatch Netdriver has a lot of special abilities such as: allowing you to perform quick hacks while scanning, increasing the damage that’s dealt by quick hacks, increasing your ram recovery rate, and so on. 

What makes NetWatch Netdriver MK.5 great:

  • Best to use when you’re going for an offensive build. 
  • Always used by NetWatch agents. 
  • Fast ram recovery rate. 

NetWatch Netdriver MK.5 stats:

  • 11 Base Ram.
  • 8 Buffer Size
  • 6 Slots
  • Cyberdeck RAM recovery rate is 9 units per 60 seconds. 

2. Stephenson Tech MK.4 

Same as the other implants this too has unique special abilities. Some of those abilities are as follows: quick hacks have their cooldowns reduced by 45%, increasing the damage output from your quick hacks by 50%, and reducing quick hack upload by 25%. It’s pretty useful to have this implant around. 

What makes Stephenson Tech MK.4 great:

  • Squeeze every single bit of energy from your body so you can continue fighting. 
  • Reduces your cooldowns by 45%. 
  • Able to perform quick hacks while scanning. 

Stephenson Tech MK.4 stats:

  • 10 Base Ram
  • 8 Buffer Size
  • 6 Slots
  • 50% damage boost for combat quick hacks. 
  • 45% cooldown reduced on quick hacks. 

1. Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 

It also comes with the most unique abilities out of every implant on this list. The amount of unique abilities this implant has is 5 and they’re all incredibly good. They range from reducing your cooldowns to increasing your upload speed by a whopping 75%. So choombas how about you go into Night City, find your local ripper doc, and buy yourself this implant. It only costs 43,750$. 

What makes Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 great:

  • Best cyberdeck implant in the game. 
  • Comes with a range of unique abilities. 
  • Boosts every quick hack in your arsenal. 

Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 stats:

  • 10 Base Ram.
  • 8 Buffer Size
  • 6 Slots. 
  • Upload speed increased by 70%. 
  • Cooldowns were reduced by 45%. 
  • The cost of ultimate quick hacks is reduced by 3 points. 
  • Ultimate quick hacks can spread at once. 

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