[Guide] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Characters To Romance

A techie Mox, flamboyant rockerboy, independent nomad, and ex-NCPD detective walk into a bar…who will you go home with?

Broken legs and broken hearts–Night City can be a dangerous and lonely place. So if you want to climb out of that lonely pit you find yourself in, here’s a list of the best romance options you have in the game. Whether you want a meaningful relationship or a one-night stand to blow off some steam, we’ve got the detes for you!

Core Romances


4. Kerry Eurodyne

Rockerboy with a heart (and wardrobe) of gold.

Flamboyant rockerboy with style and attitude, Kerry Eurodyne is a famous musician and celebrity in Night City. Known for co-founding the revolutionary band, Samurai, with Johnny Silverhand, before starting a successful solo career of his own. Although he has a much easier life than he used to, he’s still not afraid to get his hands dirty and cause a little destruction (with the help from V and Johnny of course). To avoid conflict, don’t bring up his rival–the J-Pop girl band, Us Cracks. 

What's Great About Romancing Kerry

  • Love to have some decent gay representation in an RPG.
  • Who doesn’t want to romance and edgy glam rockstar?
  • The kickstart to the romance–Kerry hijacks his record label manager, L.B. Kovachek’s, yacht and starts destroying it, inviting you to join in on the fun–is quite fun (who doesn’t wanna destroy someone else’s nice stuff–true rockstar style?). 
  • Kerry’s romance scene is very steamy! 
  • He can be the romantic interest appearing in the “Path of Glory” ending epilogue. 

How to Romance Kerry:

  • During character creation, you must choose for V to have a masculine body type and masculine voice. 
  • Chippin’ In (Side Job)
    • To initiate the path to romancing Kerry, you must help Rogue find intel on Adam Smasher during Chippin’ In.
    • At the end of the mission, make sure to chat with Rogue before you leave. 
  • Holdin’ On (Side Job)
    • This is where you will first meet Kerry.
    • Sneak into Kerry’s house and let Johnny take control of your body so he can catch up with Kerry.
    • As they talk, Kerry will propose getting Samruai back together, which will unlock the subsequent mission, Second Conflict.
  • Second Conflict (Side Job)
    • This quest will have different variations based on the decisions you made in The Pickup near the beginning of the game, but the end result will involve rescuing Nancy and convincing her to reunite with Samurai for one last gig.     
    • If you rescued Brick during The Pickup, you will be invited in, talk with Brick, and simply walk out with Nancy.
    • If you did not rescue Brick, you will have to fight your way through and rescue Nancy.
  • A Like Supreme (Side Job)
    • During this quest, you will have to choose if you want to play with Denny or Henry, but either choice will not affect you romancing Kerry.
  • Rebel! Rebel! (Side Job)
    • After completing A Like Supreme, wait over 24 in-game hours. Kerry will eventually call you for a job helping him in his rivalry against the J-Pop girl group, Us Cracks. 
  • I Don’t Wanna Hear It (Side Job)
    • After completing Rebel! Rebel!, wait over 24 in-game hours. Kerry will eventually sends you some texts. After responding to his texts and waiting some more in-game time, Kerry will call you. 
    • You will sneak into the concert venue (it does not matter how you go about it) and sneak backstage.
    • Once you both are backstage, Kerry will pun a gun on the Us Cracks. You can intervene and calm him down, or not. Either option will not impact your romantic relationship potential with Kerry, but if you do not calm him down, you will lose access to a potential quest from Blue Moon.
  • Off the Leash (Side Job)
    • This is the crucial mission for romancing Kerry.
    • When Kerry opens up to you, make sure to tell him, “You can tell me,” when prompted.
    • When prompted, choose to kiss Kerry. 
  • Boat Deal (Side Job)    
    • After passing time in-game, you will meet Kerry at a (what you presume is his) yacht. 
    • Destroy the yacht with him and when prompted, kiss him. This will unlock the steamy romance scene with Kerry.
    • You will wake up on the beach, next to Kerry.
    • In order to solidify your relationship, make sure to hug Kerry.

3. Judy Álvarez

Cherish that smile, cuz Judy doesn’t do that for most people.

A snarky, intelligent, techie Mox, Judy is a vibrant flame in Night City. Judy offers the best of both worlds–laid back, humorous friend and fiercely protective mama bear. Judy comes off as cold and closed-off when we first meet her, but as we develop our relationship with her, we come to learn that she has a caring heart underneath that hardened exterior.

What's Great About Romancing Judy

  • She gets the most screen time out of any romanceable character, making her romance seem more meaningful–we get to know her over a longer period of time, making the relationship seem more meaningful.
  • The romance option with Judy allows for new information about Judy and her upbringing, which in turn, helps with world-building regarding small towns and corpo gentrification pushing residents into megacities such as Night City.
  • Decent lesbian representation is always a plus in an RPG!
  • Romancing her will grant you access to her apartment, where you can find some MaxTac gear (that was definitely used for MaxTac work and not roleplaying).
  • She can be the romantic interest appearing in the “Path of Glory” ending epilogue. 

How to Romance Judy:

  • During character creation, you must choose for V to have a feminine body type and feminine voice. 
  • The Information (Main Job)
    • This is where you will first meet Judy. As long as you complete this mission, you will be on the path to romancing her.
  • Automatic Love (Main Job)    
    • Although your choices during this mission will not directly affect having a romantic relationship with Judy, if you opt for being honest in your dialogue with Judy, this will easily unlock further dialogue options in future interactions. 
  • The Space in Between (Main Job)    
    • Any dialogue options are acceptable, but this job must be completed in order to unlock subsequent jobs necessary to romance Judy.
  • Disasterpiece (Main Job)
    • Any dialogue options are acceptable, but this job must be completed in order to unlock subsequent jobs necessary to romance Judy.
  • Double Life (Main Job)
    • After you listen to the audio conversation, you will have the opportunity to talk with Judy when you exit the BD. Similar to Automatic Love, here your dialogue options will affect your future dialogue options with Judy, but will not interfere with your romantic relationship. 
  • Both Sides, Now (Side Job)
    • Now that you have completed all of Judy’s Main Jobs (see above), you will have a series of Side Jobs focused around Judy getting revenge for Evelyn. Both Sides, Now is the first of Judy’s Side Jobs necessary to unlock a romantic relationship with her.
    • After completing Double Life, wait 24 in-game hours for Judy to call you.
    • During your conversations with Judy, choose any dialogue options, making sure to stay on Judy’s good side.
  • Ex-Factor (Side Job)
    • Wait 12 in-game hours after completing Both Sides, Now for a text from Judy. Wait another 6 in-game hours to receive a call from Judy.
    • When talking with Judy on the phone, make sure to agree to help–if you do not agree to help here, all subsequent steps will not be available, meaning you cannot romance Judy.
    • Any other dialogue options are acceptable–simply help Judy complete the job.
  • Talking Bout A Revolution (Side job)
    • After completing Ex-Factor, Judy will text you after 6 in-game hours, followed by a phone call another 6 in-game hours later.
    • When talking with Judy and her friends, be sure to “not let them down,” or you will lose access to the subsequent side jobs necessary to romance Judy.
    • Near the end of the mission, Judy will offer to pay you for your assistance–make sure to kindly “decline” her offer.
    • Although there is no consequence for not doing this, you can choose to “stay the night” at Judy’s while you recover. Agreeing will add to the intimacy of your relationship and earn you some free breakfast.
  • Pisces (Side Job)
    • After completing Talking Bout a Revolution, Judy will text you after 6 in-game hours, followed by a phone call another 6 in-game hours later.
    • This is where your dialogue options become crucial to unlocking Judy’s last side job and romancing Judy!
    • In order to stay on the path to romancing Judy and receive a kiss from her at the end of this mission, you must choose the following dialogue options when talking with Judy’s ex Maiko:
      • “This wasn’t the plan.”
      • “Hold on. Think you've gone too far.”
      • “[Draw Weapon] Let’s cut to the quick.”
    • Kill the Tyger Claws and speak with Maiko again. 
      • “What?”
      • “Can’t know that for sure.”
  • Pyramid Song (Side Job)--Romance at last!
    • 24-in game hours after completing Pisces, Judy will give you a call, asking you out on a date.
    • While on the phone with Judy, agree to meet her at the dam past Rancho Coronado. 
    • When you meet Judy, agree to go diving with her.
    • After you finish diving, agree to spend the night at the bungalow with Judy.
    • After you turn on the generator, you will hear Judy’s thoughts (synced earlier from your dive). Go back into the bungalow and approach Judy in the bathroom. Make sure to ask her if everything is alright. When Judy opens the door, tell her, “We’re still synced.”
    • Judy will finally open up to you. When prompted, choose the option, “[Touch] It is ours.” This will unlock the romance scene with Judy.
    • The next morning, you will find Judy on the dock. 
    • Judy will ask you what last night meant to you. In order to continue a romantic relationship, respond, “The beginning of something amazing.”

2. River Ward

I am the protector of Night City.

A brooding (former) detective with a heart of gold and a duty to protect his city after his parents were murdered and their killers never brought to justice…is this Bruce Wayne’s cousin or what? River ward is known for his duty to protecting his city, avenging his parents, and caring for his family. 

What's Great About Romancing River

  • River brings you to visit his family before you have established a romantic relationship, making your relationship more intimate and endearing. 
  • River is the only romanceable character that can be present in both the Path of Glory and All Along the Watchtower ending epilogues. 
  • First appearing as brooding and aloof, getting to form an intimate relationship with River, watching him open himself up to you, is all the more satisfying. 

How to Romance River:

  • During character creation, you must choose for V to have a feminine body type.
  • Life During Wartime (Main Job)
    • After completing the main job Life During Wartime, and having the adequate street cred requirements (9 for Westbrook, 13 for Heywood, and 9 for City Center), you will be called by a woman named Elizabeth Peralez, which will eventually lead you to meeting River Ward for the first time. 
  • I Fought the Law (Side Job)
    • Having completed Life During Wartime and meeting the street cred requirements, Elizabeth Peralez will call you for a job, in which you will meet River. 
    • As long as you complete the quest, you will unlock the next step in romancing River (his subsequent quests).
  • The Hunt (Side Job)
    • After 24 in-game hours, River will call you for you to meet him to talk about an important task he needs help with–you learn that River’s nephew Randy has been kidnapped, the kidnapper (who has kidnapped and murdered many boys) was apprehended and put into a comatose state, so River needs your help in finding Randy.
    • During the BD sequence, you need to find all the clues in order to locate the farm where Randy is being held–if you miss one of the clues, you must guess the correct name of the farm–Edgewood.
    • At the end of the mission, River contemplates seeking revenge. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship with River, you must choose one of the following options: “Don’t do it, River” or “We both will”.
  • Following the River (Side Job)
    • After completing The Hunt, wait 24-in game hours in order to receive a call from River asking you to meet him. 
  • When you find yourself speaking with River on top of the water tower, you will have the first romance option. When prompted, select the “Kiss” option. This will lead to a romance scene with River, followed by you waking up in his bed. 
  • You will have a conversation with River about the Relic proving an obstacle in having a relationship, but in order to pursue a romantic relationship with River, you must choose the “Kiss” option when prompted, followed by “I feel good around you”.

1. Panam Palmer

Part desert flower, part desert scorpion. 

Panam is a vibrant force to be reckoned with. She’s brave, blunt, and beautiful. She can be a bit impatient at times, but can’t we all? Known for being one of the only nomads to strike out on their own and actually build a successful life for themselves in Night City. Despite being exiled from her nomad clan, Panam’s loyal and caring nature means that she will still do everything in her power to help them when they need it. 

What's Great About Romancing Panam

  • Panam’s romance scene–syncing your nervous systems in the Basilisk, so that you both feel what each other are feeling–is incredibly intimate and steamy! Added excitement considering the Basilisk gets bombed during the middle of your activity..while both of you are still naked.

  • While being fiercely independent and brave, Panam is also incredibly passionate and loyal to her loved ones, making her a great romantic partner.
  • Having a romantic relationship with Panam makes The Star ending/All Along the Watchtower epilogue more satisfying, as you are running away with Panam to start a new life together. 

How to Romance Panam:

  • During character creation, you must choose for V to have a masculine body type.
  • Ghost Town (Main Job)
    • During this mission, help Panam take down Nash’s gang.
    • At the Sunset Motel, ask Panam if she wants to share a room.
    • She will respond that the room will have two twin beds, so she might as well, to which you will choose the flirty response that is not what you had in mind. 
  • Lightning Breaks (Main Job)
    • No romance options occur in this quest, but you have to complete this quest in order to unlock the next step in romancing her.
  • Life During Wartime (Main Job)
    • After saving Mitch, ask Panam to help you track down Hellman. 
    • At the end of the quest, stand up for Panam in front of Saul–she will thank you. 
  • Riders on the Storm (Side Job) *Time Sensitive
    • Wait 12 hours in-game and Panam will call you to ask for your help in rescuing Saul, who has been kidnapped by Wraiths. *This is a time sensitive quest, so you must initiate the quest as soon as she contacts you.
    • Choose to ride with Panam on the way. 
    • While riding out the sandstorm in the house, side with Panam when talking with Saul.
    • When Panam stretches her legs onto your lap, ask Panam to take her shoes off and relax.
    • Choose option “Touch Panam’s Thigh,” or “You Choose”
  • With a Little Help From My Friends (Side Job)
    • Wait 12 more in-game hours and Panam will call you again, asking for help with her issues with Saul. 
    • Meet Panam at the Aldecaldos Camp. 
    • At the control tower, you will talk with Panam–when it is your turn to talk, agree with Panam.
    • Choose option, “Touch Panam’s hand” to reassure her. 
    • When Saul texts you asking about Panam’s whereabouts, respond that you have “No Idea,” where she is. 
    • While sitting around the campfire, choose to “Scooch Closer,” to Panam–you will wrap your arm around Panam in doing so. 
  • Queen of the Highway (Side Job)
    • Leave the Alecaldos camp area and wait until the next day for Panam to call you to tell you that the Basilisk is ready. 
    • When you meet Panam, you will go on a ride with her in the Basilisk.
    • After you go through the training, you will have the opportunity to synchronize your bodies.
    • When prompted, choose the option “Let Panam Touch You”. 
    • This will initiate the romance scene with Panam–in the midst of your romance, the Basilisk will be attacked, prompting combat.
    • After the combat, you and Panam will talk about the Relic putting an expiration date on your relationship, but you will go to sleep in Panam’s bed.
    • The next day, follow Panam and when prompted, choose the “Kiss Panam” option, which will prompt her to tell you to stay in touch (if you do not choose the “Kiss Panam” option, your one-night stand will be the end of your romantic relationship with Panam).



3. JoyToys

“Hey, you lookin’ for some company tonight?”

Sexy robots that can change their appearance to fit your desires? Doesn’t sound too bad. JoyToys come in all varieties, so there’s bound to be one you’re interested in. Plus, there’s no risk of entering a long-term relationship that could lead to betrayal, heartbreak, or death. On top of that, there’s economic options–whether you’re strapped for scratch or looking to celebrate a lucrative score, there’s JoyToys to fit your price range. 

What's Great About Romancing JoyToys

  • While they offer no emotional relationship, there are male and female Joy-Toys that you can romance if you order their services–options for everyone!
  • You can revisit them whenever you want (as long as you got the eddies), whereas the other fling options are a one-time only deal.
  • Unlike some romanceable characters, there are no exclusions based on V’s body type or voice–any variety of V can romance any variety of JoyToy.
  • No strings attached–if you are not looking for a committed relationship, or even any expectations of a follow-up call, drink, or what-have you, then JoyToys are the way to go. 

How to Romance JoyToys:

  • If you want to romance the lower-end JoyToys, follow these steps:
    • Go to Jig-Jig street in Westbrook, with at least €$100 on you.
    • Use the lip icon on your map to locate the female and/or male JoyToys on Jig-Jig street. 
    • Initiate conversation with the JoyToy and choose the option to pay them for their services.
  • If you want to romance the higher-end JoyToys, follow these steps:
    • Complete Kerry Eurodyne’s Questline–this will unlock the club at which the high-end JoyToys spawn.
    • Go to the club in eastern Westbrook with at least €$3,000 on you.
    • Use the lip icon on your map to locate the female and/or male JoyToys in the club.
    • Initiate conversation with the JoyToy and choose the option to pay them for their services.

2. Meredith Stout

“Remember - we don’t know each other.”

A cold corpo agent in the streets…a cuddly dominatrix in the sheets. Meredith is known for her tough, no-nonsense status as a Militech agent. However, if you have the opportunity to romance her, you’ll see that she likes to change personas in private. 

What's Great About Romancing Meredith

  • Meredith is the only romantic partner (that you do not have to pay for) that you can have as both male or female V. 
  • You can pick up an exclusive…quite unique melee weapon after romancing her.
  • You get to brag to your friends that you were able to romance a cold, domineering corpo agent.

How to Romance Meredith:

  • The Pickup (Main Job)
    • During this mission, you must follow the optional objective of meeting up with Meredith. To do this, go to your phone and look for Meredith Stout in your contacts. Once you call her, you will set up a meeting with her. 
    • Meet up with Meredith and agree to take the Militech chip (that is laced with a virus) to pay the Maelstroms off. 
    • How you actually deal with Maelstroms can vary, but the important thing is to not betray Meredith. You must either give the Maelstroms the infected chip OR bring enough eddies yourself to pay off Royce. 
    • Either way, Militech will begin an assault on All Foods. You must attack the Maelstroms and not attack Militech in order to have the opportunity to romance Meredith.
    • If you are successful, you will meet Meredith outside of All Foods and have a brief conversation with her. 
  • Venus in Furs (Side Job)
    • After some time passes, Meredith will text you, “Militech played out as I hoped. Thank you and remember - we don’t know each other.” Make sure to respond to her text. My pick is “Shame. Was starting to like you…”.
    • After more time passes, Meredith will text you, “No-Tell Motel. 1st floor. Come alone.” It does not matter what response you choose, but you MUST respond to her text in order to begin the Venus in Furs quest.
    • When you arrive at Meredith’s room at the No-Tell Motel, you will find her sitting in the room, in a very different outfit than she normally wears. 
    • Talk with her to initiate the romance scene. 
    • When you wake up, look around the room to find one of the “toys” she may have used during your romance…this “toy” is actually a fairly powerful melee weapon called Sir John Phallustiff. 

1. Rogue Amendiares

Make sure to treat her right–afterall, she is Queen of the Afterlife!

Queen of the Afterlife, Queen of fixers, a living icon…Rogue is known by a lot of titles. Establishing herself as a brazen go-getter in her teen years, Rogue worked her way up the underworld to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in Night City. 

What's Great About Romancing Rogue 

  • Although there is no possibility of having a continuous relationship with Rogue (makes sense considering Johnny is an engram in V’s body, which can make a sustainable relationship…strained at best), this romance opportunity offers Rogue and Johnny both some much-needed closure.
  • Completing her quests and romancing Rogue earns you the Bushido and Chill trophy and achievement. 
  • Rogue is the only romanceable fling that allows you to have a meaningful date rather than just sex–proving that meaningful connections are still possible in this often dreary world. 

How to Romance Rogue: 

  • Chippin’ In (Side Job)
    • Towards the end of the mission, you will have a crucial conversation with Johnny. Your dialogue choices will affect whether or not you can romance Rogue. 
    • While at Johnny’s grave, these are the dialogue options you must make:
      • “[Inscribe Johnny’s Initials] Let’s do something about that.”
      • “The Guy who Saved My Life” * this response is necessary to unlock the secret ending
      • “Nah, fucked that up too” * this response is necessary to unlock the secret ending
      • “What do you want from me?”
      • “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.”
      • “You were a real dick in the beginning”
      • “When you said you let down your friends…”
      • “Smasher biz really got to her.”
      • “Yeah, I’ll call Rogue.” * If you get this dialogue at the end you did everything correctly and Johnny will call Rogue out on a date.
  • Blistering Love (Side Job)
    • If you got the “Yeah, I’ll call Rogue,” dialogue at the end of Chippin’ In, then Blistering Love will automatically trigger. 
    • Start by calling Rogue to ask her out on a date. You will meet up with her and take her to an abandoned drive-in theatre (which was the date in which Johnny notoriously ditched her).
    • While sitting on top of the car with Rogue, you will have a conversation. Some of the dialogue does not have any impact on romancing her, but you must choose the following dialogue when prompted:
      • “How’d you imagine this date going?”
      • “Sure. Lured you to the movies to get laid, by the way.”
      • “Do anything not to lose you”.
      • “Only thing that matters is I came back to you.”
      • “[Kiss] More than I expected.”
    • After choosing the kiss option, the romance scene with Rogue will transpire. However, after you begin getting intimate, Rogue will change her mind, realizing that getting together via V’s body is a bit too weird for everyone involved. 
    • Although this romance is not even a one-night stand, Johnny and Rogue both gain some much needed closure concerning their relationship. 

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