[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Free Cars And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 top 5 best free cars and how to get them!
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Sup choombas who don't like free stuff? Everyone likes free stuff right? Of course, you do! In a previous article of mine, we listed the best cars that you can buy in Cyberpunk 2077 but I never listed the best free cars. Where you won’t need to spend a single eddie on a vehicle but what you will need to spend is your time doing the various quests to get these vehicles.

Of course, with some quests, you won’t need to lift a finger and you’ll be handed a car on a silver platter. These cars range from racing to off-road to just casual vehicles. Some are canon to the lore and some are just there for fun. Because in the end games are meant to be fun not a complete chore to play through, which most developers don’t get these days. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get into the list!

5. Delamain No.21

“It’s a talking car yall.” (Video by Neichus)

For our first free vehicle, we have Delamain No.21. You’ll encounter Delamain during the ending of act I. Delamain will play an important role during the main quest. But that’s not where you’ll obtain the car. You’ll be able to obtain it during act II in a side quest. After you successfully finish the side quest you’ll be gifted your own free personal Delamain.

Of course, it might not be the fastest car or the coolest looking car but it certainly is a durable one. You see Delamain in Night City is like an uber but for criminals. The Delamain cars have a battle mode where they engulf the whole car in bulletproof materials so you can’t get shot while being driven around or escaping the cops. Of course, the speed might be an issue but don’t worry about that for now. 

What makes Delamain No.21 great:

  • Has a top speed of 151 MPH. 
  • It’s a durable vehicle and can take lots of damage. 
  • Obtainable after completing an interesting chain of side quests. 
  • It’s RWD. 

Delamain No.21 details:


4. Thornton Mackinaw Beast

“A normal pick-up turned into a beast!” (Video by ZaFrostPet)

At a first glance, this seems like a normal pick-up truck with a teddy bear glued to the front. But oh boy it’s much more than that. There’s a beast under the hood that’s just hiding in plain sight, waiting to be released onto the world and it belongs to the one and only Claire. The bartender from the Afterlife. The Beast is an all-wheel-drive truck with a horsepower of 560.

The top speed is unknown as it’s custom made and it was never officially measured. You can obtain it by completing a series of races along with Claire and killing Sampson in the end. If you do not kill him or if you do win the race you will not obtain the car. The reason why Claire gives it to you is because her racing career is over and she got what she wanted. Revenge. 

What makes Thornton Mackinaw Beast great:

  • A custom-made pick-up truck. 
  • All-wheel-drive
  • 560 horsepower. 
  • Goes fast on dirt and asphalt. 
  • The top speed is unknown.

Thornton Mackinaw Beast details:


3. Quadra Turbo R V-Tech

“Let’s burn some rubber V!” (Video by JorRaptor)

Let’s not kid ourselves we’ve all seen this car either in a trailer or a gameplay demo or hell even a random playthrough on YouTube. Everyone is driving this car and with a good reason too. It’s fast, looks cool, and the best part is you can get it early in the game. You just have to complete 1 gig and later you’ll get a message that your reward is waiting for you in a garage.

What makes this car stand out from the standard quadra? Well nice of you to ask. This is the turbo v-tech version. Which means it has a better engine and goes a lot faster. The best part is that you get it for free. The car has a top speed of 187MPH with a total horsepower of 740. 

What makes Quadra Turbo R V-Tech great:

  • You get it just after completing 1 simple gig. 
  • It’s a rear-wheel-drive car. 
  • Top speed 187MPH.
  • Total horsepower 740. 
  • Also comes with a cool bobblehead. 

Quadra Turbo R V-Tech details:


2. Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo

“Snazzy and classy just like Johnny liked it.” (Video by Game Guides)

Are you sick and tired of vehicles that look futuristic? Or something that looks like an abomination that was made in the Badlands? Well, worry no more because you can get the classical Porsche 911. It’s safe to say that everyone will be looking at you because of your ride alone and that’s without even seeing your face.

Just imagine the popularity you’ll get after they realize who’s driving it. Because at the point when you get the ride V will already be the best merc in Night City. This car once belonged to the legendary Johnny Silverhand and now it’s in your hands. It’s a rear-wheel-drive car with a total horsepower of 290 and a top speed of 161 MPH.

Don’t let the numbers distract you, this is an amazing vehicle. You can obtain the car by completing side-quests that are related to Rogue. Just make sure that you don’t kill Grayson at the end otherwise you won’t be able to get it. 

What makes Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo great:

  • Old school classical car in Night City. The only one, keep that in mind. 
  • The total horsepower is 290. 
  • The top speed is 161 MPH. 
  • Belonged to Johnny Silverhand back in the good ol’ days. 

Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo details:


1. Rayfield Caliburn

“The Bugatti of the future!” (Video by Arekkz Gaming)

As I just wrote this is the Bugatti of the future. It certainly does look the part. If Porsche didn’t win over your heart this certainly will. This is the fastest car that you can get in Cyberpunk 2077. It sounds like an electric car sure but an angry electric car. Like someone stole it’s ice cream that type of anger. This car is the easiest one to obtain yet.

You’ll get a random gig on the minimap that you have to visit. After you do visit it, you’ll find this car in a container. Just grab the car keys and drive away. Nobody will attack you and nobody will chase you. It’s like God is saying thank you for no reason to you. But in reality, you’re stealing this car that was meant to be a gift to some rich corporat. The Rayfield Caliburn has a top speed of 211 and a total horsepower of 1660. 

What makes Rayfield Caliburn great:

  • You have to visit a location on the map and the car is yours. 
  • An all-wheel-drive vehicle with a top speed of 211.
  • The total horsepower is 1660. 
  • Best car in the whole game. 

Rayfield Caliburn details:


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