[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Free Weapons

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Free Weapons
Blades or bullets--Night City is full of deadly weapons and you don't have to go broke trying to score some preem killing machines.

Trying to save some eddies? Looking for the best weapons in Night City? Well look no further. This article lists the 5 best free weapons you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. With a mix of guns and melee weapons, this list is bound to give you a leg-up on the competition.

5. Prototype Shingen Mark V Smart Submachine Gun

Arasaka may be the enemy, but that doesn't mean they don't make some preem weaponry

See Prototype Shingen Mark V Smart Submachine Gun in action:

Johnny would approve--we can definitely burn the city with this weapon!

This Shingen prototype is painted white with a black Arasaka logo on the receiver. This submachine gun has been upgraded with a modified smart targeting system that can lock on to 3 targets while aiming. This prototype also deals thermal damage, with a chance to inflict burn damage. The smart projectiles deal additional thermal damage upon impact. 

With smart-tracking, this gun automatically fires at enemies, launching projectiles at up to 3 enemies at once. This gun also has a high critical damage modifier and the added ability to burn the target.

This gun is great when you find yourself outnumbered. Use the smart-targeting to automatically shoot enemies and the projectiles to help even the odds.

Prototype Shingen Mark V Smart Submachine Gun Review

  • One of the reasons this weapon is great is because the modified smart tracking has the ability to target up to 3 enemies with projectiles, which is great if you are outnumbered. 
  • This weapon is also great for its high critical damage modifier.
  • Lastly, this weapon is great for the additional thermal damage with the ability to burn. 

Prototype Shingen Mark V Smart Submachine Gun Full Details:

Official Description: “Won’t hit the market for a few years. Interested in giving it a test run?”


  • DPS: 139.2
  • Damage: 25-31
  • Attacks Per Second: 4.55
  • Attachment Slots: 0
  • Mod Slots: 4
  • Rarity: Legendary/Iconic
  • Sell Price: $720

How to Get The Prototype Shingen Mark V Smart Submachine Gun

You can obtain the Prototype Shingen Mark V during the “Gimme Danger” Mission in Act 2. To get the gun, look for shipping container 667, in the warehouse’s loading bay. It’s important to note that the shipping container has a trap set, so make sure you disarm the mine inside.

4. Skippy Smart Pistol

Just look at that sassy little guy--who could pass him up?

See Skippy Smart Pistol in action:

Who doesn't want a sentient gun with a snarky personality?

Part of the fun of exploring Night City is the chance to interact with fantastic technology and artificial intelligence. Skippy here serves as both–a useful weapon and an artificially intelligent companion. 

Skippy is a comparatively powerful pistol (relatively high damage and attack speed) with smart tracking. Furthermore, it scales with the user’s level. The fact that he not only talks, but has a distinct personality can not be overlooked either. 

Skippy has 2 modes, which you will have to choose between after picking him up: “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” (non-lethal) vs “Stone-Cold Killer” (lethal mode). However, it is CRUCIAL to note that no matter which mode you pick, after you get 50 kills with Skippy, he automatically swaps to the other mode permanently! This means if you want “Stone-Colder Killer” mode permanently, you need to get 50 kills in “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” mode first.

After you have had Skippy for a few days, you will unlock a new mission–“Machine Gun”–in which Skippy will give you information about his original owner, Regina–the NCPD fixer who you’ll have spoken to numerous times before. In this quest, you will go to Regina in a building near Lizzie’s Club, where you will have the option of returning Skippy to Regina (earning you about 7,000 Eddies) or keeping him for yourself. If you accidentally got Skippy permanently stuck in “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” mode, it’s better to return him to Regina; however, if you initially chose “Puppy-Loving Pacifist” and have gotten Skippy stuck permanently in “Stone-Cold Killer” mode, he is definitely worth keeping.

Skippy Smart Pistol Review 

  • Skippy is a one-of-a-kind smart pistol, because the weapon not only has smart targeting, but has artificial intelligence with a sassy personality.   
  • Skippy is also great, because it has smart targeting technology with a decent DPS, particularly compared to other free pistols.
  • Lastly, Skippy scales to the user’s level, meaning that as you level up, so does Skippy's Damage.

Skippy Smart Pistol Full Details:

Official Description: “A smart gun with a unique voice–user interface. Slightly unpredictable.”


  • DPS: 181.9
  • Damage: 36-44
  • Attacks Per Second: 4.55
  • Attachment Slots: 0
  • Mod Slots: 2
  • Rarity: Epic/Iconic
  • Sell Price: $75

How to Get The Skippy Smart Pistol

To get Skippy, head towards College St. Metro Station in Vista del Rey, Heywood. Near the College St. Metro Station, there is a nearby alley with a body in it. Skippy can be found next to this body. 

3. Jinchu-Maru

Smooth, sleek, and deadly. A weapon to kill...in style.

See Jinchu-Maru in action:

Watch how the Jinchu-Maru eviscerates Adam Smasher! 

This katana once belonged to Goro Takemura, who gifted it to Sandayu Oda during Oda’s apprenticeship. It subsequently became Oda’s signature weapon–a visual standout for its nearly solid black color with the Arasaka logo on the blade rather than the hilt. 

This weapon is great, because it has a unique modifier that increases critical chance by 100% while the Kerenzikov implant is active. It also causes the last strike of a combo attack to deal double damage. Furthermore, it deals double damage against enemies who have twice V’s current health. 

In order to receive the full benefits of this weapon, make sure to have the Kerenzikov implant in your cyberware! Even if you don’t usually like melee weapons, give this one a try. The opportunities for double damage and one-hit kills makes it worth it!

Jinchu-Maru Review

  • This weapon is great, because it has a unique modifier that increases critical chance by 100% while the Kerenzikov implant is active, making it a one-hit-kill weapon while the implant effect is active.  
  • This weapon also stands out, because every last strike of a combo attack deals double damage, with an already high base damage. 
  • On top of that, this weapon always does double damage against enemies with twice V’s health.

Jinchu-Maru Full Details:

Official Description: “The purest essence of a katana. No add–ons, no modifications–-only razor-sharp steel.”


  • DPS: 1,300.9
  • Damage: 260
  • Attacks Per Second: 5.00
  • Attachment Slots: Empty Melee Mod Slot
  • Mod Slots: 2 for the Epic variant and 3 for the Legendary 
  • Rarity: Epic/Iconic
  • Sell Price: $357

How to Get The Jinchu-Maru

You can obtain the Jinchu-Maru in the “Play It Safe” Mission, which is a part of the main storyline. In this mission, Takemura and V will launch an assault during Saburo Arasaka’s funeral in Japantown. During the mission, players will have to fight Sandayu Oda–one of the game’s big bosses–and after you defeat him, he’ll drop Jinchu-maru.

2. Johnny Silverhand's Gun

Let's kill some gonks with this nova gun!

See Johnny Silverhand's Gun in action:

Look at those sick reload animations--now get up samurai, we've got a city to burn!

Exploring Night City as V would not be complete without trying out Johnny Silverhand’s gun! Afterall, V’s consciousness slowly merges with Johnny’s as the game progresses. Johnny was a rebel with a cause, who went out in spectacular fashion, and his signature weapon is just as iconic as he was!

This weapon functions as both a Power Weapon and a Tech Weapon, its ability varying when aiming vs. not aiming down the sights. When not aiming down the sights, the gun will function similarly to other power weapons—the bullets will ricochet. However, when aiming down the sights, the gun will function similarly to other tech weapons in the game—the bullets will penetrate through surfaces.

Remember that the gun functions differently when aiming vs. not aiming down the sights (aiming down sights = bullets penetrate surfaces, not aiming down sights = bullets ricochet). Use this to your advantage!

Johnny Silverhand's Gun Review

  • This gun is great, because it functions as both a Power Weapon and Tech Weapon, making it versatile for different situational needs. 
  • On top of that, the base damage is fairly high compared to other pistols in the game, particularly other free pistols, making it stand out in its class.
  • Lastly, take a look at that reload animation! Truly as iconic as Johnny Silverhand itself. 

Johnny Silverhand's Gun Full Details:

Official Description: “Custom-made for Johnny Silverhand. The guy had taste.”


  • DPS: 238.5 
  • Damage: 96 - 118
  • Attacks Per Second: 2.22 
  • Attachment Slots: 0
  • Mod Slots: 4
  • Rarity: Legendary/Iconic 
  • Sell Price: $583

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Gun

You can obtain Johnny’s gun during the “Chippin’ In” Mission. However, to unlock this mission, you must first complete the “Tapeworm” side job by talking to Johnny sporadically in the main storyline. During the “Chipping’ In” Mission, you will face off against Grayson. After defeating him, you will be able to take Johnny’s Gun (the specialized Malorian Arms 3516) from him. Side note, but you will also be given the choice to kill Grayson or spare him. If you spare him, he will give you the keys to Johnny's Porsche! 

1. Stinger

Now that's a knife!

See Stinger in action:

Watch as this player kills Adam Smasher asassin style, with the Stinger. *Note, if you throw the Stinger like he did, it will be an epic end to the boss fight, but you cannot retrieve it. 

Although this knife may look like any other knife, it packs an insane punch. This knife is the signature weapon of Aldecaldos member Driss Meriana, a.k.a. Scorpion (an allusion to Scorpion from Mortal Kombat). With a significant base damage, its unique modifier makes it deal chemical damage while simultaneously increasing the chance to apply a poison effect by 30%, making it truly sting. 

Even if it is not your preferred play style, there are some missions and some areas where stealth is the best way to play. To maximize your stealthiness, you need a stealthy melee weapon in your arsenal, and the Stinger is undoubtedly one of the best melee weapons in the game. Not only does the Stinger have an incredibly high base damage and fast attack speed–making it incredibly powerful–but it also applies additional chemical damage with a 30% chance to poison the target.

Even if you are someone who rarely uses melee weapons, give the Stinger a try. The incredibly high base damage paired with the high attack speed, AND added chemical damage with chance to poison makes the Stinger one of the best melee weapons in the game…especially if you are trying to live out your dreams of being a top-tier stealthy assassin!

Stinger Review

  • The Stinger is great, because it has one of the highest base damages of any weapon in the game.
  • The attack speed is incredibly fast–faster than the majority of melee weapons in the game; this paired with the high base damage means it has some of the highest DPS in the game.
  • On top of that, the weapon adds chemical damage with a 30% chance to poison the target.

Stinger Full Details:

Official Description: “Small but incredibly deadly, it belonged to Scorpion, a nomad of the Aldecaldo’s clan.”


  • DPS: 2,295.3
  • Damage: 344
  • Attacks Per Second: 6.67
  • Attachment Slots: Empty Melee Mod Slot
  • Mod Slots: 1 for Rare Variant and 3 for Legendary
  • Rarity: Rare/Legendary
  • Sell Price: $22

How to Get The Stinger:

You can obtain the Stinger via Mitch’s “I’ll Fly Away” Mission– Mitch is a Nomad who can be found out in the desert area as you play through Panam’s questlines. You will obtain the Stinger at the end of the mission when you talk to Mitch. 


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