Top 15 Best Cyberpunk Movies That Are Awesome

Best Cyberpunk Movies
One of the classic Cyberpunk movies, Terminator!

Cyberpunk is one of the most beloved genres in the sci-fi medium, and, of course, there are a variety of films that are absolutely essential for any fan of cyberpunk to check out.

Here are the 15 best Cyberpunk movies that are awesome!

15. The Machine (2013)

The Machine (2013) Official Trailer #1

A thrilling action movie with high-intensity action and a fun plot. It may not be unique to its genre with all the stories about killer robots out there, but it certainly is a fun ride. It’s great for Cyberpunk fans since this movie really focuses on the robotic element.

Shockingly thrilling!

14. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell (1995) - Official Trailer HD

A high-concept, high-production, stunning visual onslaught of fun ideas, interesting characters, and intense moral quandaries that will keep you thinking for months after your first viewing! This movie is a bit more high-art than other Cyberpunk stories, but any fan of absolutely anything sci-fi absolutely has to watch this movie!

The title is surprisingly literal!

13. RoboCop (2014)

A heartfelt story told through the eyes of a surprisingly cyberpunk protagonist. A cyberpunk story with heart, love, kindness, and so much more added in. The sleek look of the movie adds so much to the story and characters, and the emotional depth provided makes this movie a must-see.

Michael Keaton’s first movie in years!

12. I, Robot

I, Robot Official Trailer HD

A movie with a surprising twist on the concept of AI in the near future, I, Robot stars Will Smith as a man who finds the culture surrounding him to be repulsive and enraging because of his own experience with robots in the past. The movie presents an interesting take on a near-future where we have become all too-dependant on robots to do our bidding, and we’re incredibly under-prepared when they ask us to do theirs…

Based on an Isaac Asimov novel!

11. Upgrade (2018)

Upgrade Trailer #1

A high-energy action-packed sci-fi thriller, Upgrade provides a similar horror-type rush that the original Terminator does in its more chilling scenes. With some great directing, shot composition, and solid performances to back up the awesome action and fun characters.

From the creators of Saw!

10. Blade Runner 2049

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

A visually-stunning sci-fi action drama, which sparks feelings of nostalgia in anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the original Blade Runner, but also brings back memories of films such as the original Robocop and other classic cyberpunk stories. Starring Ryan Gosling, the visual presentation alone is more than worth checking this Oscar-winner out!

Harrison Ford’s triumphant return!

9. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow - Official Trailer 1 HD

A heart-pounding action movie full of exciting twists and turns and two solid performances from its lead actors, Edge of Tomorrow will provide just enough thrills to keep one satisfied, while keeping its watchers on edge through the entire experience. Go into this one with some popcorn ready to have fun!

From the artist of Death Note!

8. Elysium

ELYSIUM - Official Trailer

Elysium raises crucial questions about the impact that technology could have on our lives going forward. This movie paints a picture of a world in which class determines everything, and shows us the rejection of this system through the eyes of someone at the very bottom. With gripping drama and interesting performances, you will not regret checking out this gem!

Neill Blomkamp’s second best film yet!

7. District 9

District 9 - Official Trailer HD

A fascinating movie about racial tension and how such things can drive people apart, this movie stuns on almost every level, from fabulous production design to a heart-wrenching story and fascinating characters. This is one sci-fi drama that you most certainly won’t want to miss!

Zootopia with aliens!

6. Total Recall (2012)

TOTAL RECALL - Official Trailer

Another remake of a classic - Total Recall (2012) provides a new and interesting take on its source material with solid performances and visual effects. You’ll be questioning what’s real and what’s memory in this sci-fi action thriller that’s sure to leave you grasping at straws!

A total ride!

5. Repo Men

Repo Men Official Trailer #1

A high-action, high-tension sci-fi thrill ride with non-stop action and an intriguing plot. This one will grab your heart and demand you pay for it with how fast its gonna be beating the whole movie!

A thrilling buddy-cop drama!

4. Dredd (2012)

Dredd 3D Official Trailer #1

A non-stop thrill ride of action, violence, and heart-pounding thrills! Even through the mask, Karl Urban is clearly having just as much of a blast as you are watching this heart-stopping movie!

Judgment day is here!

3. Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel - Official Trailer #3

Based on a manga of the same name, James Cameron returns for a pulse-pounding action hit. With hard-hitting, stunningly-designed action scenes and powerful performances, this is one robotic sci-fi action spectacle you won’t want to miss!

James Cameron’s best movie since Avatar!

2. Automata

Automata Official Trailer #1

A thrilling, touching, heartfelt film starring Antonio Banderas, this movie will pull your heartstrings in all the right directions. Following the principals of Isaac Asimov's rules, the movie takes us on a gut-wrenching journey of self-discovery with some stunning visual effects and performances.

Not based on Nier: Automata

1. Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys Movie - Official Trailer

This one should have been obvious right from the start. What better way to recapture your love for the original Terminator’s genre than with a new Terminator film? With fun, over the top action and some entertaining performances, this is a movie that promises to please the fans of the original and leave them hoping for more!

Arnold’s back!

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