[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Arm Cyberware And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best 5 Arm Cyberware You Can Get!
Do you need a hand?

Have you recently gotten your arms broken or chopped off? Haha, what a coincidence that I’ll be listing the top 5 best arm cyberware that you can get your hands on in Night City. These arms will change your day-to-day life.

Now it might seem boring but after getting your hands on these, you’ll feel blessed. There are different kinds of arm cyberware to get. Ranging from gorilla strength to having blades pop out of your arms or if you’re more of a stealthy type even a mono-wire that can put paper cuts on people. Deadly paper cuts. So shall we get into the list?

5. Gorilla Arms (Rare Variant)

“Only cowards bring a gun to a fistfight, real men have gorilla arms.”(Video by John Silver)

Here we have a pair of gorilla arms but the rare variant. It’s also possible that you get these bad boys for free if you’re lucky that is. If you’re not as lucky to get them for free you can always purchase them for 15000 eddies. Especially if you’re trying to do the street fights these bad boys will help you out tremendously. Plus you’ll make your money back guaranteed.

It’s an easy way to cheese the side gig without trying too hard or getting frustrated. They’re not that effective against a large group of people especially if you’re playing on the hardest difficulties but even knowing that it’s nice having a pair of strong arms. You never know when you might need them to open up a locked door or lift something heavy or open a jar of pickles for your girlfriend. 

What makes Gorilla Arms (Rare Variant) great:

  •  You can get them for free.
  • Easy way to cheese the boxing side gig early on in the game. 
  • If you’re not able to get them for free they only cost 15000 eddies. 
  • Great when going against 1v2 in a melee fight. 

Gorilla Arms (Rare Variant) details: 


4. Gorilla Arms (Legendary Variant)

“The reason my arms are red is so that I can slap you faster”(Video by MANCHILDvsLIFE)

Here we have another pair of gorilla arms but these are the legendary variant. With these red bad boys, you can slap a whole gang. Unlike the other pair of gorilla arms with these guys, you can 100% open any locked door but the downside is that these bad boys cost a fortune. To be exact they cost 50,000 eddies.

Good luck collecting that kind of money when IRS is taxing every step you take. No matter how you look at it buying a pair of these gorilla arms will surely make you live under a bridge but hey on the bright side you’ll have a nice pair of legendary gorilla arms. These arms also deal a lot of damage and they’re pretty quick as well. Once you start punching you just can’t stop. 

 What makes Gorilla Arms (Legendary Variant) great:

  • They’re a massive upgrade from the rare variant. 
  • You can take out a whole gang with a pair of these. 
  • Sadly they cost 50,000 eddies. 

Gorilla Arms (Legendary Variant) details:


3. Monowire

“Silent, quick and deadly,”(Video by ESO)

For our next arm enhancement, we have the monowire. This silent but deadly wire is installed inside of your arms and you can whip them out whenever you want. These wires also recharge themselves when they’re inside of your arms making them perfect for a stealth build. They come in 3 different versions and those are rare, epic, and legendary.

Of course, the best one is the legendary version but it’s also the most expensive one. The monowire deals lots of physical damage to the enemy target and they’re really hard to spot when using them against people. Which in short term means that it’s almost impossible for your enemy to dodge your attacks.

What makes Monowire great:

  • They’re perfect for a stealth build. 
  • The attack speed is 2.50. 
  • Enemies won’t be able to dodge your attacks. 
  • They recharge while inside of your arms.

Monowire details:


2. Mantis Blades

“Attack like a mantis but quick like a bee.”(Video by ESO)

The most iconic weapon of Cyberpunk 2077 are the Mantis Blades. These have been featured in countless trailers, gameplay showcases, demos, and so on. And rightfully so they deserve it. Not only do they look cool af but you’re also able to slice up your enemies into pieces when using them. These bad boys are also really quick but they’re easily detectable.

They can also be infused with thermal or electricity damage. There are also multiple versions to be found in Night City. Thankfully you won’t have to rob a bank if you want a pair of mantis blades as you can find two legendary versions for free in a random place. Of course, if you don’t mind getting some kind of disease you’re Gucci. 

What makes Mantis Blades great:

  • Easily concealed inside of your arms. 
  • Quick and deadly. 
  • Two free legendary versions can be found. 
  • Can be infused with thermal or electrical damage. 

Mantis Blades details:


1. Projectile Launch System

“Fire in the hole muchachos.”(Video by Psycho Techocity Gaming)

For the last arm cyberware, we have the projectile launch system. When you have this thing installed inside of your body you’ll become a killing machine. You’ll be able to blast people with 1 single shot. A whole gang meet-up will turn into ashes because of you.

You can also get a smart link installed inside of your eyes or skull so you won't even have to aim the rockets yourself. What’s there not to love. A homing missile launcher inside of your arm. The only downside to this is that you need a 45 street cred to be able to buy this for yourself. 

What makes Projectile Launch System great:

  • A homing rocket launcher inside of your arm.
  • Deals major physical damage to the area where you shot your rockets. 
  • If you have a smart link installed you won’t even have to aim anymore. 
  • You’re able to charge your shots for extra damage. 

Projectile Launch System details:


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