[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Headgear And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Headgear That Money Can Buy!
Fashion is key!

Sup choombas let me ask you this simple question. Do you care about stats or fashion? If you care about stats well you’re fine with looking like a clown in-game but if you care about fashion you might have a few issues with playing on the hardest difficulty. There are various headgear to find in Night City and most of them will come from dead bodies or sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll find some in a locker depending on you.

There are also clothing shops around Night City where you might find some headgear that suits you. Of course, if you’re looking for stats only you came to the right place. In this article, I’ll list the best headgear you can find in Night City. 

5. Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap

“If you wear the cap backward you get extra cool points.” (Video by ARR0GANT)

Here you might be thinking that this is just a normal baseball cap but what if I told you that this baseball cap is special. It’s a legendary headgear item that can be found in Night City. Yes, it’s free before you start asking any questions. This cap is a part of the techie set. Now, do you get any bonuses for completing the whole set? Who knows? Try collecting them all and find out!

The baseball cap can be found in a locked basement in Rocky Ridge, you only need technically ability attribute level 5 to unlock the door. Even though the cap is small it has 3 free mod slots. You can place any mod slot you wish and enhance its stats even more. It comes with a base of 41.6 armor. 

What makes Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap great: 

  • Free legendary headgear. 
  • 3 free mod slots. 
  • 41.6 base armor. 
  • Can be found in a locked basement in Rocky Ridge. 
  • Looks fashionable and it has nice stats. 
  • Part of the Techie set collection. 

Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap details:


4. Double-shelled AT-AK Modular Helmet

“A battle and bike helmet in one.” (Video by PureDMG)

This piece of headgear is a two in one package. You get a battle helmet that will protect you against low-caliber ammunition and a cool-looking bike helmet. The helmet is decorated with some cool pictures so it doesn’t look bland with the white color and so that it stands out from the rest. It’s another piece of headgear that you can get for free after beating a certain boss.

It comes in two different varieties and those are uncommon and rare. It has more base armor than the baseball cap so that’s why it’s one point better but the downside is that it doesn’t have any mod slots. The base armor is 47.8. If you don’t want to beat the boss to obtain this headgear you can purchase it from a clothing vendor. 

What makes the Double-shelled AT-AK Modular Helmet great:

  • You can obtain it for free after defeating a boss. 
  • Base armor is 47.8. 
  • You can also purchase it from a clothing vendor in Night City. 
  • A combat and bike helmet in one. 

Double-shelled AT-AK Modular Helmet details:


3. Mirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy Hat

“Yeehaw brother, I’m about to do something with my sister.” (Video by STAN Games & Tutorials)

Here we have a cowboy hat but not a regular cowboy hat. This is a legendary headgear that can only be crafted but the rare variety can be purchased from a clothing vendor. Sadly the price of the legendary crafting recipe is 11 000 eddies.

Which is expensive especially when you realize that getting money in Night City ain’t easy. This cowboy hat is extremely fashionable when you’re roleplaying as a cyberpunk cowboy or if you’re going the revolver build. It has a base armor of 48.1 and 1 free mod slot. 

What makes Mirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy Hat great:

  • The legendary crafting recipes can be bought for 11.000 eddies. 
  • Has 1 free mod slot. 
  • Base armor of 48.1. 
  • It’s fashionable and has good stats. 

Mirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy Hat details:


2. Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband

“Putting this headband on makes you feel like Rambo.” (Video By Spooky Fairy)

For our second to last headgear, we have a headband that says it absorbs shock but the only shock it will absorb is the mental one and your sweat as well because it’s a headband after all. You’ll need one for sure if you’re going for a melee build. It’s a legendary headgear that can be crafted and bought at a clothing vendor.

You can buy it in Wellsprings or if you don’t want to waste your eddies you can craft it once you reach level 12 in crafting. The headband has a base of 49.5 armor and two free mod slots. So if you’ve got some spare mods lying around be sure to put them into the sockets. 

What makes Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband great:

  • Base armor of 49.5. 
  • Two free mod slots. 
  • The legendary variant can be crafted when you reach crafting level 12. 
  • The rare and epic variant can be bought from the clothing vendor in Wellsprings. 

Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband details:


1. Enhanced Cebra Excéntrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby

“Good evening m’lady*tips trilby*.” (Video by The Shadow Raider)

The best headgear that you can get in Cyberpunk 2077 is a damn trilby. I wish I was making this up people. Well, at least it makes you look like a pimp if you’re trying to roleplay as one. But who am I kidding this isn’t fashionable on any outfit. You’d use this only for the stats and that’s it. This trilby has a 170.9 base armor rating. That’s just insane. I mean does this trilby block bullet or something? Why does it have such a high armor rating?

Anyways if you want to look like a goofy clown this trilby is the way. Who cares about fashion anyways it’s the year 2077 people will wear anything these days. Okay, enough with the sarcasm this is the best headgear that Night City has to offer. It can be bought from a guy named Zene Jagger in Downtown. The trilby also comes with two empty mod slot sockets so feel free to make it even stronger. 

What makes Enhanced Cebra Excéntrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby great:

  • It’s a carbon-reinforced trilby.
  • 170.9 armor rating. 
  • Two mod slots. 
  • Makes you look like a pimp. 
  • Maybe fashionable?

Enhanced Cebra Excéntrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby details:


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