The 15 Best Mass Effect 3 Mods that Make the Game More Fun

Best Mass Effect 3 Mods
Dive into the adventures of Commander Shepard again in a new way

What Are The Best Mass Effect 3 Mods?

It seems impossible to bring up Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 without discussing its controversial ending or gamers’ frustrations with its publisher, Electronic Arts. I have always loved this game, though, and it seems that this classic RPG will only be remembered more fondly as time goes on. Of course, the game is nearly seven years old now, and that age is starting to show.

Thankfully for PC gamers, some of the most dedicated members of the Mass Effect community have done some amazing work to keep the game looking and playing beautifully in 2019. Before you start your next nostalgic playthrough, take a look at these 15 popular mods that will make the game more fun (if you’re having trouble, try following this very in-depth guide).

1. A Lot of Textures (ALOT) for ME3

ALOT Textures Comparison

If you only take the time to install one mod, this is likely the one you’ll want to pick. It beautifully retextures everything from Commander Shepard, to companions, to weapons and armor, environments, and more. It was originally released in 2015, but it’s still being updated and improved today. The mod’s creators are also careful to integrate the new textures seamlessly into the game’s visual design. Everything in here is lore and immersion-friendly.

2. EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod

EGM Trailer

This mod is ambitious. It introduces several new missions, restores cut content, and adds a huge number of customization options. The most impressive of these options are the choices the player can now make about the look and function of the Normandy and its crew. It also includes new weapons and armor for an exciting twist on the gameplay. If you’re looking for a fresh experience, this mod will deliver.

3. Alliance Warpack

Some of the excellent armor sets available in this mod.

If you do pick up the Expanded Galaxy Mod, I’d suggest you also take a look at this collection of eight armor sets for Ashley, Kaidan, James, and EDI. The designs are very Mass Effect and they look amazing. I don’t often see armor sets that manage to look so satisfyingly bulky and so stylishly sleek at the same time. Just be aware that this mod won’t work unless you have EGM installed first.

4. Bonus Power Packs

Attack enemies with style using Biotic Slash in singleplayer for the first time.

This mod adds ten multiplayer-only powers to Commander Shepard’s already-impressive arsenal of singleplayer abilities. Whether you’re a fan of these powers in multiplayer and would like to try them out in the main game or you never bothered with the multiplayer content at all, this mod adds an extra layer of depth and fun to the gameplay.

5. Singleplayer Native Controller Support Mod

Controller support has become far more standard since Mass Effect 3 launched without it.

If you’re interested in Mass Effect 3 mods but you’ve only played the series on console, or if you just prefer gaming with a controller, this quality-of-life mod might be for you. It adds controller functionality to the singleplayer and switches the UI to the default console style to match.

6. ME3Recalibrated

Restoring cut content with ME3Recalibrated

Modders have spent thousands of hours in dozens of games patching bugs that slipped by the developers. This mod proudly follows in that long tradition. It also makes some minor continuity fixes and restores cut dialog. You probably won’t often notice this mod in action, but that’s the point—it works behind the scenes to make your gameplay experience smooth.

7. Tali Full Face Mod

An even more expressive Tali.

Tali is amazing—only Garrus can stand right at the top of my companions ranking with her. I’ve always been amazed at how much empathy and personality the writers, animators, and voice actor were able to get across without ever letting the player see her face. This mod gets rid of that roadblock...mostly. Tali still wears her helmet, but she now has a fully animated face that is visible thanks to a slightly less opaque visor. A very lore-friendly way to get to see more of everyone’s favorite Quarian.

8. Casual Jack

A new look for Jack.

I also really like Jack in Mass Effect 3. Her character growth from the second game is excellent—it’s so fun to see her come into her own as a leader. I was never a fan of her basic outfit in this game, though. This mod changes the strange jacket and medical tape combo she normally wears into more of a biker style. It fits Jack’s personality well and looks amazing.

9. Aria T’Loak Outfit For Dr. Liara T’Soni

Liara with Aria T'Loak Outfit in Action

I feel the same way about Liara’s base armor in Mass Effect 3, as I do about Jack’s. Maybe you disagree, but I think everyone can agree that Aria T’Loak is one of the best-dressed characters in the series. Giving her outfit to Liara might not be the most lore-friendly decision, but it definitely adds a flare to Liara’s style that matches her shift from naive scientist to calculating spymaster.

10. Shorter Dreams

Shorter Dreams Gameplay

Unpopular opinion: I liked the dream sequences in Mass Effect 3. But for those of you that just involuntarily cringed at their memory (I’m sorry), this mod can make sure you never have to experience the pain again. “Shorter Dreams” gives you the option to skip to the final part of each dream sequence. No sad, slowly sprinting earth child in sight…

11. Better Dreams

Better Dreams Gameplay

... But maybe covering the pain isn’t enough for you. This mod outright replaces the dream sequences with more hectic, but still vivid and emotional flashbacks to various horrific scenes from the series. The kid is still present, but only as one of many scarring memories that Shepard has to relive while dreaming. These sequences are lore-friendly and really well-made. Definitely worth checking out even if you don’t hate the basic dreams.

12. ELE Default Femshep Replacer

ELE Femshep Replacer in-game.

Model redesigns are a classic in RPG modding communities, but what kind of character appearance you’re looking for varies a lot between people. I like this one for Mass Effect 3 because it is a noticeable upgrade over the base game’s default female Shepard without straying too far from her iconic look.

13. Hair Mods As DLCs

Character Creation With Hair Mods as DLCs 

If you’re looking for more appearance options for your Shepard, this mod provides dozens of hairstyles for both male and female characters. Some of them definitely look better than others, but there are so many options in this mod that you’ll be sure to find at least a few that you really like.

14. Tank Top and the Jacket

Shepard never did like to do things by the book.

Most of the default casual clothing options for a female Shepard feel oddly stiff. These are exactly what I was looking for in a replacement: lore-friendly with solid textures and absolutely fitting Shepard’s personality. Download this mod if you want to loosen up while talking to your companions on the Normandy and look super cool doing it.

15. Alien Aliens

A crisp new face for Garrus.

Last but not least, this mod retextures the models of all the alien races in the game. The mod’s creator says that they were trying to bring out the alienness of these characters slightly, but beyond the added detail, these seem very faithful to the original designs. Like other lore-friendly textures mods, Alien Aliens won’t drastically change your game, but it will add quality and immersion to your experience.

If these 15 mods catch your interest or if you want to explore what other options the Mass Effect modding community has to offer, be sure to check out the game’s page at the Nexus Mods site. Mass Effect may not have as large of a mod library as games like Skyrim or Fallout 4, but there are still plenty of talented creators providing ways you can spice up the game.


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