[Top 5] Mass Effect 3 Best SMGs And How To Get Them

SMGs are the way to go if you want to spam your powers.

Although Submachine Guns (SMGs) are one of the primary weapons in the Mass Effect Trilogy, they are rarely used by players as their primary weapon. They do make a great weapon of choice for support classes, though, as they tend to favor lightweights to optimize their power recharge speed, and they are particularly useful in close to mid-range combat. With this guide, you will learn all about the 5 best SMGs in Mass Effect 3.

M-9 Tempest

The M-9 Tempest was originally created for members of the Eclipse mercenary group. A lightweight weapon with an impressive fire rate and a large clip capacity, it is a great SMG to have for anyone looking to carry something light but deadly. Like most SMGs, the Tempest does have a heavy recoil, which makes it better suited for close-range combat rather than anything long-range.

In the Legendary Edition, the Tempest can be acquired during the ‘Tuchanka: Turian Platoon’ mission, near turian dead bodies. If missed, it can be purchased from Kassa Fabrication on the Citadel for 7,000 credits.

What Makes the M-9 Tempest Great:

  • Combined with Ultra Light Material mods, the recharge speed is 200%!
  • Powerful fire rate
  • Deals a lot of damage at close range  

Tempest Gameplay

M-9 Tempest Wiki Page

Geth Plasma SMG

The Geth Plasma SMG uses similar technology as the Spitfire, another Geth weapon. This SMG’s bullets are actually superconducting toroids, designed to break apart upon impact, loading the air with electrical charges that turn into plasma. Its main difference with the Spitfire is that it does use thermal clips. By holding down on the trigger, you can speed up its speed of fire to impressive rates, which lets you tear through most armored enemies.

In the Legendary Edition, the Geth Plasma SMG can be purchased from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies on the Citadel for 10,000 credits.

What Makes the Geth Plasma SMG Great:

  • Lightweight for faster power recharge
  • Tears through toughest armored enemies such as Brutes or Ravagers
  • Perfect for support classes relying on power combos: it can be used as a detonator when combined with ammo powers

How to get the Geth Plasma SMG

Geth Plasma SMG Wiki Page 

M-12 Locust

Although the M-12 Locust was originally crafted by the Alliance, it has now become a weapon of choice for hitmen. This SMG won’t be much help in close combat, unfortunately, but it certainly delivers in terms of precision, as it is more accurate than any other SMG. It is equipped with a complex recoil-reducing mechanism that works even when firing on full auto. Its long-range ability makes it a perfect weapon for support classes who prefer to keep their distance when going on a killing spree.

In the Legendary Edition, the Locust can be acquired during the ‘Priority: Horizon’ mission on a table. If missed, it can also be bought from Kassa Fabrication after the mission.

What Makes the Locust Great:

  • Least amount of recoil amongst all SMGs
  • Highly accurate
  • Takes out shielded enemies from afar

Locust gameplay

M-12 Locust Wiki Page

Blood Pack Punisher

The Blood Pack Punisher is an SMG that was designed by Blood Pack gunsmiths specifically for their Vorcha recruits, who had a tendency to forget to reload their weapons. Every ninth bullet in each round is an armor-piercing bullet that deals a high amount of damage. It is recommended for Infiltrators, as their abilities and powers will make this weapon that much more powerful.

In the Legendary Edition, you can buy the Blood Pack Punisher from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies terminal on the Citadel.

What makes the Blood Pack Punisher great:

  • Solid weapon in close-range combats for Infiltrators
  • Highly effective with Marksman ability, as it increases its damage and range
  • Can get through any armored targets at close range with the right power combo

How to Get the Blood Pack Punisher

Blood Pack Punisher Wiki Page

N7 Hurricane

The N7 Hurricane is an SMG that was designed by the Alliance for its elite soldiers. While the Hurricane lacks in accuracy, its rate of fire is so high that it can shrew most enemies at incredible speed, especially in close combat. Because of this high rate of fire, the Hurricane does require frequent reloading, which makes it tricky to use as a primary weapon. It is however a perfect secondary weapon, especially if you want to take down shields or barriers in a flash.

In the Legendary Edition, the N7 Hurricane can be bought from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel for 75,000 credits.

What Makes the Hurricane Great:

  • Fastest fire rate of its weapon class
  • High damage in close-quarter combat
  • Weapon of choice for a teammate, as they have unlimited ammunition and no reload

How to get the Hurricane

N7 Hurricane Wiki Page

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