[Top 10] Splatoon 3 Best Weapons (Ranked)

Best Splatoon 3 Weapons
The paradox of choice!

Much of Splatoon 3 centers around multiplayer battling in Turf Wars, where two teams equipped with ink-blasting weapons fight to paint the surface of a map with their team’s color of ink.

There’s a wide array of weapons for your turf battling needs belonging to 11 different weapon classes…with so many diverse weapons to pick from, which ones are the best for coating turf and dominating opponents?

This list will try to give you a clearer idea of what weapons are particularly effective at covering turf, splatting, or both.

10. Splatana Wiper

One of Splatoon 3's brand-new weapons. 

The Splatana Wiper is a Splatana class weapon that presents an interesting mix of combat and turf inking capabilities. As its name conveys, it functions like a sword and its slashes can fling ink pretty far from your position. You can charge your attacks to increase their strength and a single charged slash in close quarters lets you lunge forward and send out a vertical shot of ink that instantly splats an enemy.

Uncharged slashes deal a lot less damage but they’re fast to perform and their range makes it possible to cause damage from a distance. Regular slashes can also be used to ink turf pretty decently if you face one direction while moving left or right horizontally and repeatedly slash the air.

The Splatana Wiper’s weapon loadout features the Torpedo as a sub weapon, an explosive that slowly hones in on enemies from the air and can be paired with long-distance slashes to deal with foes more efficiently. You also get access to the Ultra Stamp special weapon that puts you in charge of a cartoonishly massive hammer that rapidly whacks the ground and anyone in your way. This special makes you particularly dangerous–even if enemies are out of your path you can fling away the Ultra Stamp in their direction.

What the Splatana Wiper Excels In:

  • Offense: charged slashes are effective in close combat
  • ​Range: its attacks can travel a solid distance from you 
  • Mobility: it’s a light weapon that lets you move around quickly
  • Loadout: the Stamp Hammer in particular is fast and deadly

How to get the Splatana Wiper:

You can obtain the Splatana Wiper at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 5.

Splatana Wiper details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Splatana Wiper is part of an entirely new category of weapons known as splatanas! These sword-like slashers can fling ink through the power of centrifugal force. To do a basic horizontal slash, just press ZR. But you can also hold ZR to unleash a vertical slash that will really send some ink flying! On top of that, if you perform a vertical slash while tilting L a bit forward, you'll step forward with the attack, adding enough power to flatten most foes. Paired with the Torpedo sub, you can slash across the battlefield and level your enemies with a single stroke. It's almost too good! And I haven't even mentioned the Ultra Stamp special yet. If the other team hasn't surrendered, the Ultra Stamp is sure to make 'em think twice. If you want to be among the first trailblazers in the splatana-fighting genre, this set is for you!”


  • Range: 58/100
  • Damage: 28/100
  • Handling: 75/100

9. Inkbrush

The biggest paintbrush you'll ever see 

The Inkbrush is a brush class weapon that splashes ink around your vicinity when you swing it. It has low range and damage but offers fast movement by way of the ability to push it along the ground, leaving a thin trail of ink behind you. The Inkbrush also works well for covering turf if you quickly swim around and pop out repeatedly to fling ink.

You can take advantage of the Inkbrush’s speed to quickly get away from encroaching opponents, and if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can use your Inkbrush to zip into the enemy side of a map, splatter some ink, and make a quick retreat. And despite the Inkbrush’s low damage, it can still be effective at defending yourself in close-range combat. Plus, its splatter can reach enemies positioned below you vertically.

You can up your offensive capabilities by tossing out Splat Bombs, the sub weapon of the Inkbrush that explodes moments after being tossed out and splats foes who are too close to them. You also have access to the Killer Wail 5.1 special weapon, which unleashes hazardous beams that edge toward enemies and force them to move out of their way. This special can sometimes be quite effective at disrupting opponents and their movement.

What the Inkbrush Excels In:

  • Speed: it’s light to carry and lets you move quickly when pushing it along the ground
  • Coverage: your brush splatters a good amount of ink around you 
  • Mobility: as a consequence of your speed, you can really get around the map

How to get the Inkbrush:

You can obtain the Inkbrush at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 7.

Inkbrush details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Inkbrush is a super-light brush weapon that lets you ink your way forward with blistering speed! There's not much room for power when you're moving that fast, but you can keep counterattacks at bay with plenty of Splat Bombs. Add the Killer Wail 5.1 to the mix, and you've got a combo that will confuse and annoy your opponents into submission! I can see it now... You blaze across battle lines... toss a Splat Bomb, and trigger the Killer Wail just in time to headbang along as the clock runs out. Whew! That's inking outside the box!”


  • Range: 5/100
  • Ink Speed: 100/100
  • Handling: 100/100

8. E-liter 4K

Time to camp! 

The E-liter 4K is a charger class weapon that functions like a sniper rifle and is meant for providing offense. It offers incredible range that happens to be the highest of all other chargers in the game with the exception of the E-liter’s scoped variant. This range does come at the expense of mobility and speed, however, as you’re pretty much limited to standing in place to aim (this also means it’s not meant for turf inking). 

Shots from an E-liter 4K can instantly splat distant enemies, which presents quite a danger to the enemy team. It slowly charges ink and for a brief period of time, you can hold a fully charged shot while swimming in squid form. The effectiveness of this weapon is dependent on maps having unobstructed views and elevated areas or platforms you can aim from.

Focusing on aiming can leave you vulnerable but the E-liter’s Ink Mine sub weapon can thankfully prevent enemies from sneaking up if you hide explosive mines in the ink around you. Furthermore, the Wave Breaker special weapon usefully pairs with the E-liter’s range because the expanding rings it emanates not only weaken opponents who touch them but trigger a tracking effect, making their location visible to you.

What the E-liter 4K Excels In:

  • Range: with extremely high range, few are safe from your sight 
  • Offense: this weapon is based around splatting enemies and can dominate a battle if you’ve got good aim
  • Loadout: Ink Mines can be used for defense and the Wave Breaker is particularly useful because of its tracking ability

How to get the E-liter 4K:
You can obtain the E-liter 4K at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 18.

E-liter 4K details:

Sheldon’s description - “With its pressurized polymer construction, the E-liter 4K has a remarkably long range, even for a charger! To get the most out of it, you can set Ink Mines for opponents who get too close, then use the Wave Breaker special to reveal those who are slinking around in the ink. Still, this set is all about long-range accuracy, and in the right hands, it will definitely hit the target. I hope it goes to a good home!”


  • Range: 96/100
  • Charge speed: 20/100
  • Mobility: 15/100

7. Hydra Splatling

Imagine having to lug this around... 

The Hydra Splatling belongs to the splatling class of heavy-duty minigun-style weapons. While it takes more time to charge than any other splatling, the wait pays off when it evaporates enemies caught in its path. Its rapid shots are really that quick!

The Hydra Splatling also has the highest range out of all other Splatlings and can quickly shred foes both close by and far away while spraying turf in the process. It’s quite a heavy weapon, however, so you won’t be able to move much when equipped with it. With that and its slow charge time in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your distance from the fray, perhaps by seeking higher ground to aim from.

The Autobomb sub weapon of the Hydra Splatling helps detect the location of enemies for you by moving in the direction of any target close to it and then exploding after a couple of seconds. And the powerful Booyah Bomb special weapon lets you unleash a bomb that gradually grows into a large vortex of ink and splats any unsuspecting enemies caught within. It can also be a means of forcing enemies out of an area.

What the Hydra Splatling Excels In:

  • Offense: very rapid shots destroy enemies almost instantly 
  • Range: awesome range gives you great control over where you can hit from 
  • Loadout: Autobombs help with finding targets and the Booyah Bomb is a great special weapon that can cover turf, splat enemies, and force their movement

How to get the Hydra Splatling:

You can obtain the Hydra Splatling at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 20.

Hydra Splatling details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Hydra Splatling is designed to impose extreme pressure on your opponents' turf through superior firepower. However, because the weapon takes so long to charge, it's definitely a liability in close quarters. I recommend using your Autobombs to fend off incoming bogeys – and they can even help reveal far-off opponents who can be splatted from long range! If anyone DOES make it past your defenses, the unwelcome surprises aren't over. This loadout allows you to greet them with a Booyah Bomb! Mi casa is NOT su casa! I recommend this setup for all you homebodies who want to set up camp and never leave – supporting your team through long-range firepower instead!”


  • Range: 85/100
  • Charge speed: 10/100
  • Mobility: 20/100

6. Flingza Roller

Splatoon will teach you that paint rollers have uses outside of painting. 

The formidable Flingza Roller is a middleweight roller class weapon. It’s a big paint roller that you roll along the ground and it lets you spread a lot of ink while still moving about at a decent clip. It’s also got some pretty nice offense.

The Flingza Roller’s vertical attack can fling paint across a long distance with a superb range that’s among the highest of the rollers. Generally, rollers are a bit slow with attacks, but the strength of the Flingza’s flings is quite high and helps to make up for it. One well-aimed fling is all it takes to splat an opponent.

The standout feature of the Flingza Roller, however, is arguably its Tenta Missiles special weapon. Tenta Missiles function as an airstrike against the enemy team; you can launch missiles that will automatically target enemies and force them to dodge incoming missiles or be splatted. This devastating attack can take opponents out from afar and disrupt their efforts at splatting the stage. 

What the Flingza Roller Excels In:

  • Loadout: the Tentamissles special weapon is one of the most effective specials and can splat enemies from afar 
  • Range: its vertical attack has a greater range than some of the other roller weapons available
  • Damage: it splats an opponent in one direct hit with its vertical fling attack
  • Coverage: it can cover a lot of surface as you roll

How to get the Flingza Roller:

You can obtain the Flingza Roller at the Ammo Knights shop after reaching level 20. 

Flingza Roller details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Flingza Roller is a wild one. Its shape changes depending on whether you swing vertically or horizontally! I won't get too technical, but the automatic centrifugal clutch allows for light horizontal swings that go FLOOSH and heavier vertical swings that are more like GLOMP! The bottom line is that you can control the action. Use the vertical swing to lay down a path, then take down nearby opponents with the quick strike of a horizontal swing. While you're zipping around, you can also lay down Ink Mines to help sniff out opponents and fire off some Tenta Missiles for a one-two punch. If you're up to the challenge of simply dominating a match, then you should give this set a try!”

  • Range: 58/100
  • Ink Speed: 45/100
  • Handling: 45/100

5. Splattershot

Small but mighty! 

Sometimes basic isn’t bad…the Splattershot is a shooter weapon available early in the game and it’s kinda like a stronger variant of the Splattershot Jr., the first weapon you start off with. It’s a well-rounded device that pretty evenly balances range, damage, and fire rate, making it a good introductory weapon for new players. But even as you unlock more weapons, the Splattershot still holds up as an effective tool in Turf Wars, especially considering that it comes with the devastating Trizooka special weapon.

The Splattershot’s average range makes it best suited for splatting enemies in front of you. Its shots also deal a decent amount of damage as you can opponents in three hits. Its quick fire rate helps to both efficiently coat turf and splat foes. 

The Suction Bomb sub weapon that comes with the Splattershot takes a few seconds to detonate but it’s powerful enough to splat enemies who fail to get out of its radius. Your Trizooka special weapon particularly stands out, however, by letting you equip a bazooka that boosts your range and blasts enemies from afar.

What the Splattershot Excels In:

  • Balance: even balancing of stats makes this a reliable weapon that’s also easy to get the hang of 
  • Offense: it works well as an offensive weapon because of its fire rate and damage per shot
  • Loadout: Suction Bombs pack a punch and the powerful Trizooka special splats opponents in just one direct hit 

How to get the Splattershot:

You can obtain the Splattershot at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 2.

Splattershot details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Splattershot is beloved for its ease of handling and high potential. This is the latest model of the go-to weapon! Paired with Suction Bombs, you have a wonderfully stable loadout that allows you to respond to whatever the enemy throws at you. And let's not forget the Trizooka special. Let one off the leash at the right moment, and I guarantee your opponent won't forget! Is this setup a little basic? Yes! Basically one of the best setups you can have! Master the fundamentals, and you'll become a force to be reckoned with.”


  • Range: 50/100
  • Damage: 47/100
  • Fire Rate: 60/100 

4. Dualie Squelchers

Get ready for some gun-slinging action with these 

A member of the dualie class of weapons, Dualie Squelchers are dually wielded pistols that combine dualie style shooting with the long range of the entirely separate Jet Squelcher weapon. These particular dualies are thus noteworthy for blending distance with mobility–while other high-range weapons like miniguns and sniper rifle-esque chargers limit your movement, your dualies give you the ability to perform rolls to get around quickly and evade enemies.

This weapon’s accuracy increases after performing a roll and you can roll twice in a row before a very brief cooldown occurs. And with a range that’s among the highest of all non-sniper weapons, it’s effective at reaching opponents some distance from you. Damage is on the low side, though, with it taking four hits to splat opponents, so it’s wise to use your rolling ability to retreat from close-range fights you don’t want to stay in for too long.

The Dualie Squelchers’ loadout features powerful Splat Bombs as a sub weapon and the Wave Breaker as a special weapon. You can take advantage of the Wave Breaker’s tracking ability to seek out foes and take them out from afar.

What Dualie Squelchers Excel In:

  • Range: high range means you can hit opponents from afar 
  • Mobility: rolling ability lets you maneuver yourself out of tight situations
  • Loadout: Splat Bombs and Wave Breaker are a useful duo 

How to get the Dualie Squelchers:

You can obtain the Dualie Squelchers at the Ammo Knights shop after reaching level 8. 

Dualie Squelchers details:

Sheldon’s description - “Do you know the Jet Squelcher? Would you like to have two of them? Good, because that's what Dualie Squelchers offer! If you don't know the Jet Squelcher, it features the ability to fire off extremely accurate and fairly rapid shots after executing a roll. And now you have TWO of them! Meanwhile, you can sniff out enemies with both the Wave Breaker special and your Splat Bombs. I call it the "see it, splat it" strategy. If you like to stick and move with accurate shots across a long distance, I recommend you give this loadout a try!”


  • Range: 70/100
  • Damage: 28/100
  • Mobility: 70/100

3. .52 Gal

A great weapon in a great shade of pink

The .52 Gal is a middleweight shooter class weapon that stands out for its offensive capabilities. With powerful shots and an acceptable rate of fire, it works great for taking down opponents, and it can also adequately cover your path in ink without much effort. In my opinion, it’s a great weapon for offense that’s easy to pick up and therefore a good choice to go with no matter your skill level.

The .52 Gal requires some concentration to aim because of its tendency to have shots deviate, but it’s powerful enough to eliminate an opponent with only 2 hits. You’re able to dominate a crowded area of battle if you take advantage of gyroscopic aiming for quick swiveling. Shots also help with turf inking by leaving well-sized blotches of ink upon hitting the ground. 

For defense as you shoot, you can use your Ink Wall sub weapon to create a barrier that prevents opponents from hitting you (which you can also fire through). Rack up enough special points to unleash the Killer Wail 5.1 special weapon that will get enemies moving out of their hiding spots and potentially into your path of destruction.

What the .52 Gal Excels In:

  • Offense: it only takes 2 hits to splat opponents
  • Turf War Effectiveness: offensive capabilities are balanced with decent turf inking ability
  • Range: it offers pretty good range that enables you to splat enemies both close by or further away

How to get the .52 Gal:

You can obtain the .52 Gal at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 11. 

.52 Gal details:

Sheldon’s description - “The .52 Gal is a heavy hitter with an extra-large nozzle for shooting massive amounts of ink. Of course, all that power comes at the expense of fire rate... which is why you'll want the Splash Wall to hide behind while reloading. And if the other team is playing it a little too safe, you've always got the Killer Wail 5.1. Lock on and blast 'em with lasers! So if you're the type to hang back and wait for just the right moment, this loadout is for you.”


  • Range: 55/100
  • Damage: 75/100
  • Fire rate: 25/100

2. Sloshing Machine

It's the opposite of a washing machine! 

The Sloshing Machine is a slosher class weapon that launches powerful volleys of ink. The range at which you can dish out ink allows for far-reaching splattering and a single direct hit can wipe out a foe instantly.

Uniquely, this machine of a weapon can also deal splash damage by way of the airborne ink trailing its shots. So even if you don’t land a shot you can still wear down a target (or multiple). Ink is also flung high enough to land on enemies seeking cover. 

If the Sloshing Machine’s power isn’t enough for you, its loadout equips you with the Booyah Bomb special weapon that can further devastate the enemy team. You also get to wield the Fizzy Bomb sub weapon, the erratic movement of which can mess with where opponents can go lest they take damage. Both of these weapons paired with the Sloshing Machine make it quite the disruptive, damage-heavy force to go up against. 

What The Sloshing Machine Excels In:

  • Damage: very high damage rate with a single direct hit splatting an opponent 
  • Range: ink is launched quite far and can reach enemies behind cover
  • Splash Damage: hurled ink can damage multiple opponents at a time
  • Loadout: you have access to the powerful Booyah Bomb 

How to get the Sloshing Machine:

You can obtain the Sloshing Machine at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 14. 

Sloshing Machine details:

Sheldon’s description - “The Sloshing Machine is like a washing machine... but for getting everything filthy with ink! Each volley of beautiful, twisting ink hits its target with plenty of power and leaves a sloppy mess everywhere. It's great for covering plenty of turf. Try using Fizzy Bombs to contain the other team's movement while you dial the Sloshing Machine up to the max. The other team will be in a spin cycle before you know it! And don't forget about your Booyah Bombs - another tool in your quest to make a mess-terpiece of the field. By now it should be clear... this set is NOT for neat freaks.”


  • Range: 60/100
  • Damage: 90/100
  • Handling: 40/100

1. Splash-o-matic

Behold, the number one weapon...according to this list. 

The Splash-o-matic is a middleweight shooter class weapon that succeeds at striking a balance between offense and fast turf coverage. It also boasts great accuracy, making it stand out as one of the best weapon options to go with. This gun rapidly sprays out ink and efficiently covers large portions of turf as you move.

The damage output is a little on the lower end of the spectrum but the high fire rate means you can still speedily splat enemies. Another aspect that helps is the Splash-o-matic’s high accuracy, which ensures that you consistently fire wherever you aim, even while jumping. 

The Splash-o-matic’s burst bomb sub weapon is a great asset in fights as they explode immediately on impact and can quickly weaken or finish off opponents who’ve already taken a few hits. Burst bombs also spatter a large circle of ink when they land on the ground, slowing down opponents close to you or simply covering turf. They also don’t take up much ink to use, meaning you can toss a couple out in quick succession.

The Crab Tank special weapon gives you an opportunity to powerfully fire ink from a distance as you pilot a large, crab-shaped contraption. It can switch to a second firing mode that shoots large blobs of ink. The Crab Tank’s movement is quite slow but once you get a feel for its mechanics, you can truly dominate in both short and long-range combat.

What the Splash-o-matic Excels In:

  • Coverage: rapid firing covers the turf surrounding you in moments (and charges your special points quickly)
  • Accuracy: ink lands where you aim it and accuracy isn’t compromised by jumping 
  • Fire Rate: high fire rate boosts turf inking and splatting speed
  • Loadout: the Splash-o-matic’s abilities are supplemented by burst bombs and Crab Tank special

How to get the Splash-o-matic:

You can obtain the Splash-o-matic at the Ammo Knights shop after you reach level 16. 

Splash-o-matic details:

Sheldon’s description - “For your main weapon, I present the Splash-o-matic, a weapon fine-tuned for highly accurate barrages! It may not have the ink spread or raw power of some weapons, but it more than makes up for it with rapid fire that is quite rapid indeed. Plus, when you can pin down an enemy with Burst Bombs, you don't need as much power. Simply splatter them at your leisure while they're mired in your ink. And with the Crab Tank special your back pocket, nothing can stand in your way! Try not to laugh maniacally as you overpower the other team time and again.”


  • Range: 42/100
  • Damage: 28/100
  • Fire Rate: 75/100

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