Is Kirby And The Forgotten Land Good?

Kirby Forgotten Land
Come along on a crazy and colorful journey with your favorite pink fuzz ball, Kirby!

I have a quick question for you, my friend. Is there anything better than a pink blob with bright eyes, arms, and legs? Well, what about a pink blob with eyes, arms and legs, and the ability to fight monstrous villains ten times bigger and more frightening than himself? I think not!

1. Kirby's Quest

Follow Kirby in this epic quest as he saves the Forgotten Land 

Luckily, I've got you covered on the ins and outs of none other than our round hero, Kirby! Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a Nintendo Switch adventure game that was released in 2022. After a demonic wormhole devastates Planet Popstar, Kirby is transported to a ruined city called the New World where he must rescue the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack and its villainous alibis. 

Upon arriving to this new world, Kirby befriends a creature called Elfilin who built the town with help from the resident Waddle Dees. Elfilin explains to Kirby how they attempted to fight the Beast pack but failed. Now, Kirby must embark on a grand adventure to save the trapped Waddle Dees from the vicious claws of the Beast Clan. 

With the aid of Elfilin, our plushy hero begins his travels across fantastic regions of the Arrival Continent, defeating tougher members of the Pack such as Clawroline and Gorimondo. The two reach Winter Horns where they come across King DeeDee who has been put under an evil trance by the Beast Pack convincing him to join their invasion. A gruesome battle commences between the two and DeeDee seems to be defeated, but awakens and kidnaps Elfilin. 

Kirby ventures to Originull Wasteland and encounters a Beast Pack member called Sillydoo, vanquishing him after a dirty battle. Our champion bounces right along to Redgar Forbidden Lands where King DeeDee is found in an underground factory at full power. 

Kirby slashes, pounds, and pummels the brainwashed King, thus freeing him from the trance. A group of captured Waddle Dees are released and celebration begins. The party doesn't last long as the vicious Beast Pack is conjured, threatening an attack on our friends. Kirby and the captured Waddle Dees escape inside an elevator, leaving King DeeDee behind to brawl with the enemy alone. 

The elevator welcomes the group to Lab Discovera which they learn is a facility containing the highly ruinous specimen ID-F86. The alien imposed threats to destroy the New World, but was luckily caught and locked up by the native Waddle Dees. Venturing further, they’re informed that an entity of this specimen titled, ID-F87, escaped and was never to be found. The elevator pours them out into a chamber stumbling upon the dark leader of the Beast Pack, Leongar. 

Leongar speaks about the new world's original inhabitants using ID-F86’s power to escape to “a land of dreams.” He plans to use ID-F86’s power to fuel his Beast Pack by reuniting it with his missing half- our friend Elfilin. Battle breaks out ending in what seems to be a victory by Kirby, resulting in Leongar being trapped in I’d-F86s containment unit. 

Elfilin is freed from the capsule, but Leongar, now possessed by a new specimen called Fecto Forgo, is revived. The specimen goes on about his demise to open Planet Popstar and suck the energy from it to assist the Beast Pack and reunite with Elfilin. Breaking out of the containment unit, he transforms into a humongous mass of gunk joined by other Beast Pack buddies. 

The blob of gooey darkness chases after Kirby and Elfilin. Luckily, Kirby is able to weaken Fecto Forgo a bit before it captures Elfilin and restores their original form of Fecto Elfilis. Chasing the monster to the top of the lab, Kirby manages to weaken the mass and rip Elfilin from its grip. 

The ending battle results in Fecto Elfilis opening a portal in an attempt to smash Planet Popstar into the New World, destroying it once and for all. Kirby utilizes his sucking ability to inhale a massive truck in pursuit to smash it into Fecto Elfilis. Elfilin aids Kirby's power and the two triumph by slamming into the villain and destroying it. The force from Fecto Elfilis’ destruction knocks Kirby out, sending him into the open vortex.

Kirby opens his eyes to Planet Popstar. With the portal remaining active and still on its way to the New World, Elfilin throws herself into it successfully sealing it up. Her act of bravery unfortunately seems to cost her life. Amazingly, a portal unlocks, revealing an unharmed Elfilin. The two trot back to the New World to discover the Beast Pack and Waddle Dees have made peace. 


2. Character Illustration 

Kirby meets lots of new alibis and enemies along his journey

Kirby and the Forgotten World introduce a myriad of fantastical characters. Of course there’s Kirby and his co-op pal, Bandana Waddle Dee. Various enemies and Waddle Dee Town members are introduced throughout gameplay. 

Waddle Dee Town offers various characters Kirby can interact with. Delivery Waddle Dee, Cafe- Manager Waddle Dee, and Wise Waddle Dee are just a few of the characters who reside in the town. Each little Waddle Dee sports clothing that goes along with their job title. The 3D animation gloriously brings the characters to life as if they’re sitting right next to you.

Kirby battles many enemies along his journey. He encounters new and old opponents keeping the game engaging and curious. Fecto Forgo, Clawroline, Sillydoo, and Gorimondo are a few foes Kirby conquers during his intense quest. No two characters are alike which makes it easy for players to point out which villain they're battling. 

The game features Mid-Bosses that pop up throughout all the levels. Kirby can duel Fleurina, Wild Bonkers, Wild Edge, and Wild Frosty and obtain their powers by inhaling their power tools once defeated. Of course there are the big bosses that take more effort and time to take down such as Gorimondo, Clawroline, Meta Knight, Sillydoo, and Leongar. 

Each character has a unique and distinct depiction thanks to a beautiful 3D design portrayal. Enemies and heroes all possess their own body structure designed based on their specific powers. Clawroline wears the body of a cat thrashing her way about with her giant, sharp claws. Sillydoo is depicted as a large armadillo with two googly shaped eyes and a long, drooling tongue. 


3. Sweet Weapons and Levels

Transform our pink ball of energy into enemies by inhaling them thus engaging their desructive powers

There's no doubt our squishy guy can do more than just look adorable. Besides transforming into objects, players can also gain access to enemy powers by inhaling them. Each new level has a certain number of hidden waddle dees to save as well as hidden weapons that can be upgraded to boost damage.

12 Copy Abilities are accessible throughout the vibrant game. All the abilities have one to three Evolved Copy Abilities. These allow the players to level up the weapons and increase damage power. 

Blueprints for Copy Abilities can be obtained by exploring areas within the levels. Some blueprints can also be found using other techniques in the adventure. Once blueprints are in hand, players can use Star Coins and Rare Stones they’ve collected at the Weapon Shop located in the Waddle Dee square. 

The 12 Copy Abilities include: bomb, crash, cutter, drill, fire, hammer, ice, needle, ranger, sleep, sword, and tornado. Kirby can inflict an array of chaos and havoc using any ability. Some of the abilities demolish bad guys more efficiently than others. To get past certain areas you do need to collect certain upgraded Copy Abilities.

Also, Kirby has a neat feature called Mouthful Mode that lets him inhale objects and use them accordingly. There are 14 discoverable mouthful modes that can be accessed as the gamer progresses through the levels. Kirby can transform into objects as small as a cone to as large as a boat. Mouth Mode is required during parts of the game to get past certain areas.


4. Co-op Friend Bandana Waddle Dee

Bandana Waddle Dee can tag along and aid Kirby in battle with the co-op mode

Kirby can get along just fine on his own, but there is an option for co-op which allows a second gamer to play as Bandana Waddle Dee alongside Kirby. In order to unlock Bandana Waddle Dee, player one must get through the opening level which is pretty simple. Once Kirby reaches the end, meeting Elfilin and touching the star, co-op will be available.

Unfortunately there is no option to link up via online play. Co-op can only be used when another device is in range. So, if another device is in range and ready for play, two people can engage in the battle.

Bandana Waddle Dee possesses all of Kirby’s same movements but is limited in specific movement options. Strength and effectiveness of Bandana Waddle Dee align to Kirby’s current level of Copy Ability. Kirby can heal and share power ups by giving a mighty high five to his buddy. 

After beginning a stage, players press the + button pulling up a separate screen. From there an option for Co-op can be selected. A menu pops up allowing a second controller to be connected, summoning the wonderful Bandana Waddle Dee!


5. Difficulty Options

Kirby battles Boss enemy Gorimondo to save the captured Waddle Dees

Nintendo has a way of creating their games that caters to the players' preferred difficulty preference. For all the die hard gamers out there who love a good challenge, there’s wild mode where enemies are at their strongest. There are also more Star Coins that can be collected in this mode. 

Don’t fear, a more leisure setting called Spring Breeze Mode can be selected. In this mode Kirby has a longer health life and enemies are weaker. This makes play more suitable for players seeking for an easy going adventure. 

The game is fairly straightforward. Before a level begins, the gamer is informed on how many Waddle Dees are hidden. Players have the choice to replay the level in case they missed a hidden treasure or waddle dee. Also, if the level gets too challenging, you can swap on over to Spring Breeze Mode at any given time.

Another great addition is the choice to pick a Copy Ability before a battle with a big boss. You can choose more developed Copy weapons to inflict more damage on the enemy. If a desired ability is not available, Kirby can bounce on over to the Weapons Shop and slap on the ability he wants before continuing to battle. 


6. Stunning New 3D Graphics 

Kirby uses his inhaling ability to transform into a hover craft allowing him to glide over vast seas

Nintendo does a superb job at styling the graphics and design in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It features 3D effects with bright, vibrant colors, transporting players into the animated world. The 3D resolution gives the game a much more real life feel to it and adds a life like aspect to the characters and settings.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first series that’s entirely 3D. Kirby’s essence is enhanced when flying and sucking up foes with the Mouth Mode. 

The 3D cameras are custom designed enabling new types of angles while keeping the main focus on the action of the game. Dynamic resolution allows the scaling to reach up to 1080p and lower to 810p. 

There is so much land to be explored in each stage. From rundown ruins to stranded malls, players have free range to roam around as they please. The 3D experience deepens the quality of shadows and ranges ramping up the visual textures. 

The animation is quite out of this world. Thanks to the advancement Nintendo has developed in their 3D visual effects, each character's unique movements are amplified. Movement work and motion techniques are at an all time high, transporting the gamers while maintaining technical boundaries. 


7. After Gameplay

Once the initial game is completed, players have the choice to enter Forgo Land and further battle mutant enemies 

Our beloved pink dude gets some nice upgrades in the newest game version. Aside from the visually stunning design, gamers have some additional gameplay options. Once the game has been completed, Kirby is able to return to the town of the Waddle Dees for some bonus content. 

Once the main game is completed, Beast Pack leader Leongar appears to be floating in a phantom version of Lab Discovera. The game offers a second part where players can now venture into a new “ghost- like” realm inhabited by Fecto Forgo. 

Here they must find pieces of Leongars soul hidden in each stage. Once all the pieces are found, Kirby and Elfilin stumble upon a twisted replica of ID-F86’s chamber where they restore Forgo Leon. Fecto Forgo possesses Leon once again only to be defeated by Kirby completely, freeing Leon but now attacking Kirby as his raw Soul Forgo spirit form. 

A butterfly appears transforming Soul Forgo into Morpho Knight who is conquered by our pink hero. Of course it does not end there as a piece of the soul embarks with its phantom beast creations where they can be battled in the Colosseum in the Waddle Dee Town. 

Kirby fights off the shadow beasts and squares up to Chaos Elfilis, yet another transformation of Meta Knight. The destruction of Chaos Elfilis releases an exploding ball of light whose pieces attach to Elfilin and restore complete peace after all. 


8. Additional Fun and Bonuses 

Play games, seek additional prizes, and take on foes in the Colosseum inside Waddle Dee Town

Kirby is a curious and mischievous puffy sphere which luckily means he's always discovering new adventures. There are many additional mini quests and hidden objectives in each level. This provides gamers even more gameplay. 

Players have the option to venture into levels multiple times and seek out additional prizes and secrets. In Waddle Dee Town, gamers can visit the Colosseum to take on bosses and unlock more prizes while trying out different styles of gameplay.

Of course, there’s the second part that adds a few hours of game time. You can set out into the phantom realm and defeat the spirit of Forgo Fecto and Leongar and unlock even more surprises. 

Mini-games are set up throughout Waddle Dee Town for colorful and easy going play. Collectibles can be uncovered as well during and after the main game. There are always new trophies, treasures, and secrets buried deep in the land's core. 

Chef it up at the Cafe where you must deliver hungry Waddle Dee customers their food. A super cool feature exists where unlocked cinematic movies can be accessed and watched. 

If you defeated the game in Spring Breeze Mode, now the game can be replayed in Wild Mode making it more challenging. Kirby and the Forgotten Land can be replayed adding new twists and spins depending on the selected mode. 

So, essentially you can play the same game and discover a new adventure! 


9. New Sounds and Music

Kirby utilizes his Drill Cop Ability to knock out nasty enemies

“Screech! Slash! Sparkle!” Everyone loves some silly, killer music and sounds when playing a new game. Nintendo has always provided a whimsical tune to its games while placing eerie tones here and there as well. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land engages gamers from weapon effects to dreamy, magical music. The music flows along with the theme of each level. From intense battle showdowns to tree covered badlands, Nintendo excelled in creating an orchestra that flows smoothly. 

For the darker levels, creepier and ghostly melodies create the ambience of the scene. The lighter levels carry a mystical and upbeat jingle that captures the player. 

Each weapon has its own unique fighting sound when used. Kirby can be heard ice skating when the ice ability is in use or a fierce blaze fills your ears with the fire ability. With technology always advancing, music effects and enhancements are ever changing. The sounds and tunes are precise and clear, further creating a dream-like visual. 

The game has definitely upgraded the sound effects. Each object's audio has been carefully selected to ensure real world noises. New music and radical sound effects have also been added and catered to the game accordingly. 


10. Overall Enjoyment 

Using his inhaling skill, Kirby sucks in and spits out a lurking Awoofy

Fun is the only factor that comes to mind when diving into this adventure! Of course, any fan of the Nintendo series will always enjoy new games that are released. 

Also, for newbies, Kirby is a lively, awesome, and pretty straightforward game. What keeps it interesting is its various quests and hidden gems that keep players on their toes, adding hours of fun and play time to their experience.

The visual beauty of 3D is one of the main factors that significantly outline the enjoyment of the game. It’s as if you’re actually right beside Kirby, smashing your way through enemies and flying above deep valleys. 3D digital architect work has allowed the creators to go beyond the norms of previous games. This allows players to have free reign when exploring the insanely wondrous levels. 

Not to mention the amazing new progressions of Kirby’s Copy Abilities. The level ups grant our hero fantastic new fighting techniques and strategies. Each character has their own distinctive personality and movement flow. 

The storyline is interesting, lively, and engaging. Nintendo did us all a favor by allowing difficulty modes so the player can fully enjoy the experience. The developers have done quite a splendid job in fashioning the game in a light that stays true to Kirby’s origin. 


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