[Top 12] Nintendo Switch Online Games

Top Nintendo Switch Online Games
Retro fun awaits you (as long as you're willing to pay subscription fees)

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service and its Expansion Pack allow players to explore select titles from Nintendo’s rich catalog of classic games. Since its introduction the number of titles available has gradually expanded to over 100 games, and with only so much time in a day, which ones should you be sure to prioritize? Keep reading to uncover the 12 games you definitely need to play. 


12. WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$! - 2003 (GBA)

WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames$! is one of the most recent additions to the Nintendo Switch Online library and it’s a very unique entry to start off a list. Wario, the lazy and greedy counterpart to Nintendo’s mascot, decides the path to riches lies in developing video games and he enlists his friends to create games for him. These games specifically take the form of “microgames,” extremely short mini-games you only have a few seconds to complete, and their creativity and absurd humor are what make WarioWare worth trying out.  

There are over 200 microgames spread across 9 different stages and some examples of the simple tasks they command you to perform include cutting into a steak and sticking a finger up a nose. Completing one microgame after the other within their short time limits makes for pretty innovative gameplay and their sometimes peculiar subject matter leaves you wondering what you're gonna see next. The microgames also feature varying art styles that help contribute to WarioWare’s distinctive vibe.

It takes focus to make it through a sequence of microgames because the more you complete the more they’ll speed up. If you slip up too many times you’ll be forced to start over. So despite their simplicity, microgames can definitely still test your reflexes and offer a unique challenge.

Fun factor: 84/100

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