[Top 10] Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Villager Houses That Look Awesome

Villager houses
These are not the villagers' heads, they're drawn signs to signify whose house is whose. I swear.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most successful games of 2020. Everyone who’s even a little into decorating or hanging out with cute animal friends knows and loves it. After the 2.0 update, players can now remodel their villagers’ homes as long as they own the Paradise Planning DLC.

But not everyone can afford extra content, and sometimes we’re just a little too lazy. So here are some of the best-looking villager houses of New Horizons!


10. Melba’s House

Melba's House

Starting off our list is Melba’s house! Melba is an adorable brown koala. She’s a normal-type villager whose house mostly consists of blue, white, and green.


Melba’s house doesn’t technically have a particular aesthetic. She has a color scheme- as any good house should- but for the most part, it’s just a simple home with some plant-related decor.

Still, this might be appealing to players, especially those that want fairly realistic or themeless homes for their islands. Out of all the themeless, simple homes, Melba’s is the best, which puts her as their representative on this list.

Color Scheme

This one-room house consists mostly of white and various shades of green, with the occasional accent of yellow thrown in. It’s a bit ironic for a koala, whose only contact with green in the real world is eucalyptus, but it’s both a consistent and pleasant look altogether. None of the colors are particularly bright, so it gives the room a calming vibe.


Because Melba’s house doesn’t really have a theme, it can work with a variety of islands. Beach islands would love its clay and straw hut exterior.

Islands without themes would love her neighborly vibe. Desert islands could place it in their dunes without a single concern. Whatever the island looks like, chances are Melba’s house will fit right in!

9. Ankha’s House

Ankha's House

Number 9 is Ankha’s house! Ankha is an Egyptian-themed snooty cat villager. Her name is derived from the Egyptian ankh. While her house’s placement on this list might surprise a lot of readers, I promise it makes sense.


Ankha’s house is incredibly unique. The only other villager with an Egyptian-themed house is Boris, a pig villager.

Her house’s exterior is a normal yellow clay hut with dark shingles, but the interior consists mostly of gold and features several expensive items. While the uniqueness can appeal to players who want villagers who stand out, being so specific makes it difficult to fit this home into most islands, which is why she is, unfortunately, lower on this list.

Expensive Yet Simple

This is a more conflicting benefit. Some people would love their villagers to have homes decked out in luxury items, while others prefer homes with less furnishing and a simpler feel. Few like both combined.

Ankha’s home is sparsely furnished, but everything in it is solid gold or at least expensive. This point is mostly for those that are okay with both.

Gets You Attention

At the very least, Ankha herself is still very popular. And she can’t be on your island without a house! It can still be fun to snap some pictures of the two of you on your island together and post them online for some likes!

8. Kody’s House

Kody's House

Next is Kody! Kody is a jock-type blue cub. This might come as a surprise since his home focuses on throwback and kidcore-themed furniture, which is mostly associated with lazy types. For those that like blue, you’re in luck! Kody’s home is as blue as he is.


Kody’s home focuses on retro and kidcore themes. The main furniture set used is the throwback set. The kidcore twist comes from the polka-dotted flooring, the playroom wallpaper, and the throwback race-car bed.

This combination gives his room the look of a retro kid’s room. Anyone interested in throwback, retro, or kidcore-themed houses would love Kody’s house!


The main color of Kody’s house is blue. There are very few accents of anything else.

Somehow, this doesn’t actually look bad, since they used a variety of shades instead of just one. This keeps the room looking less monotonous and still interesting.


While not everyone is willing to purchase an amiibo card or wait for their perfect villager to show up at their campsite, it’s also time-consuming and generally a huge gamble to go villager hunting on Nook mile islands. Aside from the large in-game price it would cost for the number of tickets needed to island-hop until you found the one specific villager you wanted out of over 400 of them, not everyone is patient enough to try.

This is what makes online trading so popular. Kody isn’t a disliked villager, but as one of the many, he’s much cheaper to trade for than many of the more popular ones. This makes him a great option for players trying to save a few bells!

7. Cookie’s House

Cookie's House

Number 7 is Cookie! Cookie is a peppy dog villager. She and her house are as pink as Kody is blue!

Players who love pink, energetic villagers, or even dogs will like her. Anyone interested in starting a color-coded island might want to bring Cookie and Kody along!


Cookie’s home is a simple modern-style room. It’s very cutesy, in part from the main furniture set used in her house being the Cute furniture set. However, it’s not overly cutesy and pink in a way that would make people gag. Cookie’s house is more like the cute bedroom of a young girl.

Color Scheme

The color palette of Cookie’s house is fairly simple. It’s almost entirely pink and white with very little else. From white floorboards to the pink quilt walls, the only noticeable color variation is the occasional yellow of the quilt. Even the exterior is faded pink and cream-white. However, there’s enough white with all the pink to make it cute instead of obnoxious, and the soft blush color keeps the room from hurting your eyes. All in all, a very cute room for a very cute dog!


Because Cookie’s house is a fairly tasteful take on a cutesy home, it’s able to pass as a normal house without a theme. This makes her house compatible with many different islands and themes. Players won’t have to worry about Cookie’s house if they decide to change up their island!

6. Judy’s House

Judy's House

Up next is Judy’s house! Judy is a pastel multicolored cub. She’s a snooty-type villager who’s popular for her fairycore cutesy design.


Judy’s house happens to be just as cute as her! With plenty of pastel and stars everywhere, she’s popular amongst fairycore islands and islands without themes alike. There are very few people who don’t like this eye-catching house!


Judy’s house features mostly wooden block furniture in matching pastels with star patterned lights and wallpaper. Having most of her furniture from the same furniture sets creates cohesion in the home’s design. It gives it a unified look with perfectly matching shades and styles of furniture.

Simple Exterior

While many players might not consider the exterior of a villager’s house unless they were honing in on a very particular theme- for example, a Japanese island- it can be pretty important in the grand scheme of your island. Building neighborhoods or giant yards for your villagers will only bring everyone’s attention to how wildly out-of-place a specific house might seem.

Visitors to your cyberpunk island might not know what to make of a clay hut. But with a pale blue brick exterior and wooden shingles, Judy’s home looks nice on its own, and will only be a benefit to a fair amount of neighborhoods.

5. Petri’s House

Petri's House

Marking the halfway point of this list is Petri! Petri is a snooty-type mouse villager with a scientist theme. As one of the batch of 16 new villagers introduced in the 2.0 update, she’s super popular. It’s believed that she’s named after either petri dishes or the man who invented them.


On the outside, Petri’s home is a simple white clay hut with pale thatched roofing and a blue rustic door. However, the inside is a laboratory befitting this little mouse’s nerdy dreams.  The tiny kitchen area is overshadowed by the laboratory wallpaper and the giant science pod sporting a floating lucky cat.

Despite being such a specific theme, it’s surprisingly versatile; with its simple exterior, it could be put on most islands. The lab, on the other hand, could be used for all sorts of purposes- from a quirky doctor’s office to an evil mad scientist lair.

Talk of the Town

Though the 2.0 update came and went back in the fall of 2021, a lot of the content it brought with it is still considered new and exciting. Villagers are on the top of that list. Though it won’t be to the same level of hype as the first few months, posting pictures of Petri on your island is still bound to get you some attention.


Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the house itself, Petri’s home is also unique- at least on the inside. It is the only house in New Horizons as of the 2.0 update with a laboratory theme. This can be really refreshing to players that are tired of the constant stream of cute or modern loft-style houses. 

4. Marcel’s House

Marcel's House

Next is Marcel’s house. Marcel is a lazy-type dog villager. His appearance is inspired by Marcel Moreau, a French mime. However, his house follows a traditional Japanese theme instead.


Marcel’s house has a traditional Japanese theme. This makes him appealing to players despite his personal appearance because the traditional Japanese theme is extremely popular amongst the Animal Crossing community.

This is especially helpful since most traditional Japanese homes in New Horizons belong to normal or cranky-type villagers, so players who intend to create a Japanese-themed island have more variety. It would be mind-numbing to have an island full of villagers with only two personalities!


Marcel’s home is mostly darker shades like deep brown or dark blue. His furniture also mostly consists of traditional items with bamboo or wood as the material.

This gives it the traditional Japanese look. Since his house focuses mostly on dark blue, brown, and green, it gives it a more unified look.

A Cheap Option

It’s no secret that Marcel isn’t the best-looking villager in New Horizons. And with only six different villager types and limited dialogue, many players tend to focus on the aesthetic appeal of the villagers above anything else.

This makes Marcel a fairly unpopular villager to trade, which can be a big benefit to players whose funds are limited. Fans who want a Japanese-themed home or villager on a budget should consider Marcel.

3. Marshal’s House

Marshal's House

Third place is Marshal’s house! Marshal is a smug-type squirrel villager. His house comes with a bit of a modern loft-style design.


The outside of Marshal’s house is a simple white clay hut with gray stone roofing and a green door. The inside, on the other hand, is more like a modern city loft apartment. His house has mostly metal and wooden furniture- from his ironwood table and cupboard to the kitchen sink and iron floor mat, which contributes to the city aesthetic.

This is appealing for people who either have simpler islands and don’t care about what the inside looks like or those who want the inside of the home to match their island’s theme as well- whether that’s a city island or one that doesn’t even have a theme.

Color Scheme

Most of the house is black and brown. From the black floral walls and piano to the brown wooden floorboards and ironwood furniture, the only real pop of color is the cream-colored couch. This gives the house a calm and subdued, almost sophisticated look.


The outside of Marshal’s home is a simple clay hut. The inside, while well-furnished, isn’t an over-the-top or incredibly niche style. This simplicity can be a benefit to those who don’t like overly-complicated designs, or have a simple island and want their villagers’ houses to look the same.

2. Colton’s House

Colton's House

All the way in second place, we have Colton’s house! Colton is a smug-type villager. He’s a white horse with a blonde mane and blue eyes.

His design is modeled to look like a prince or a knight, which could in part be tied to being a white horse because of the popular idea of a prince or knight riding on a white horse. His house isn’t far off either!


The outside of Colton’s house is a cream-colored brick with yellow shingles and a white door combination. The inside of his house is much more impressive, though. While it’s still sadly just as small as all the other villager homes, it has a more regal and castle-like aesthetic.

The palace wall and tile are really what pull this look together, with the Aquarius urn and grand piano emphasizing the home’s elegance. Definitely a tiny castle for a tiny prince!


Out of over 400 villagers, Colton is one of the few who has a castlecore aesthetic in his home. Still, amongst them, his house is the overall best, from color scheme to composition. Seems like this horse is smug for a reason!

Color Scheme

The color scheme of Colton’s home is fairly simple. It’s mostly cream or white, with a few stray colors here and there. This adds to the regal look, since it’s not very vibrant or in-your-face with a bunch of colors, while also not looking too understated.

1. Julian’s House

Julian's House

Finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for. Claiming the number one spot on this list is Julian! Julian is yet another smug horse villager.

However, instead of a prince, Julian is designed to look like something even more magical- a unicorn! While he’s still listed as a horse, he has a prominent white horn protruding out of his forehead. With his glittery galaxy top and long eyelashes, this blue “horse” is definitely magical.


The outside of Julian’s house is a clay white hut with teal stone roofing and a pale blue wooden door. The inside has a celestial or star-themed aesthetic. Most of his furniture comes from the constellation furniture set, and everything in his home comes from Celeste’s DIYs aside from the cloud flooring.

This makes it look as if you’ve stepped into a house somewhere high in the night sky from all the stars and lights and clouds. This is a super popular aesthetic in the New Horizons community, which makes this a fantastic option- aside from the fact that it really just looks amazing!


Not that many villagers have this aesthetic in their homes. The only one as or more prominent than Julian is Ione, a normal-type squirrel villager, who herself is also star-themed. However, her home isn’t as unified in style as Julian’s, giving him the “reigning king of the sky” theme.

Color Scheme

Because all of his furniture comes from mostly the same series, all of the colors are perfectly matching and look way more coordinated than other homes that collect different furniture that doesn’t always use matching shades. The color scheme is mostly blue, white, and gold, befitting a starry home in the skies. This is what gives him the edge over most of his other opponents and puts him firmly in first place.

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