Miitopia Best AI Jobs That Are Excellent

Official bonding artwork.
This artwork is pretty innocuous, but you should see some of the friendship and team move animations in this game. Easily Nintendo's edgiest game yet.

We’ve already gone over the fourteen Jobs that your party members can take up in Miitopia, each with its own upsides and downsides, which were detailed in our Job guide. However, some of these Jobs will offer a notably different performance depending on if they’re controlled by the player, or by the game’s AI (the player’s Mii can also be AI-controlled in Autobattle mode).

Another thing to note is the friendship mechanic that we’ve alluded to in other portions of the guide. The bond between two Miis can level up both in and outside of battle, unlocking new abilities in the process, which can strengthen attacks, prevent damage, or speed up HP/MP recovery, among other things. The maximum relationship level is 99.

As such, this guide assumes that the Mii with each Job is not only a CPU but also has at least a Level 20 relationship with you, as all moves unlocked past this level are just stronger variants of older ones.

#5. Cleric

Not only is he one-track-minded, but he's selfish too!

Clerics are the most potent of all the game’s healing Jobs, but their usefulness becomes greatly reduced and situational should you appoint one as your teammate. When computer-controlled, they become one-track-minded and only focus on one task, with only a 20% chance of throwing out an offensive move. Still, their healing abilities are second to none, so there’s that.

Why AI is Great for this Job:

  • All of their healing moves have a 100% likelihood of being used.
    • Combined with the Job’s high-speed stat, this ensures that it will heal its party early on in the turn if need be.
  • Clerics will always heal party members even while quarreling with them.

#4. Chef

Yeah, looks delicious, but how about you use that pan for something else for a bit?

Chefs can cook up some great battle plans while you’re playing as one, but the moment control is handed to the AI, they act more like line cooks and bring about an element of pragmatism, just doing what’s expected of their Job and rarely stepping out of line. Really, the only reason why they’re ranked higher than the Cleric is that they can balance healing and offense.

Why AI is Great for this Job:

  • Chefs are known for their high attack and defense, resulting in a partner who is a bit more on the durable side and doesn’t require as much assistance.
    • Because of their stronger attack power, they can also make certain team moves (namely the ones that involve extra damage or even extra attacks) even more effective.
    • The high defense stat will also lessen their chances of fainting when using the Sacrifice move.
  • The Chef’s more risky abilities are only 10% likely to occur. While this does limit its moveset and reduce its likelihood of using strong, area-of-effect attacks, it also conserves MP and lessens the chances of hurting relationships among the party.

#3. Imp

Makes you wonder why they're called Imps when they're so powerful.

This Job would be a solid choice for a party member, with a relatively even chance of throwing out each of its moves and wreaking havoc on the battlefield. However, this pragmatism appears to be a bit randomized, as certain useful abilities, such as self-healing and baiting partners into dealing strong blows, barely occur in comparison to the rest. Still, pairing it up with the right Jobs and forming a strong enough bond with it can cover up its shortcomings.

Why AI is Great for this Job:

  • All but three special moves are 50-70% likely to be used. This includes strong attacks that can hit multiple foes, restoring the MP of itself and its partners, and distracting the enemy.
    • One of the three unlikely attacks, while very powerful, is unlikely to work anyway, so this ensures that the Mii won’t try to spam the attack.
  • Certain team moves that result in strengthened attacks can make up for the lack of ally baiting.

#2. Scientist

I guess you could say they've mastered the... science of combat!

A Scientist can make for a reliable asset to any team, bringing their high speed and varied abilities to the table, in addition to immense crowd control aided by their large MP pool. As far as AI is concerned, the Scientist is in pretty much the same boat as the Imp, albeit with a somewhat more even probability across its moveset. And by that, we mean it only has one move (healing a party member while they attack for one turn) with a lowered frequency instead of three.

Why AI is Great for this Job:

  • Almost every move is 50-60% likely to be utilized. This includes:
    • Area of effect attacks.
    • Blocking status effects.
    • Healing party members.
  • Their high-speed stat makes it more likely that they will take their turns sooner than other party members.

#1. Warrior

Raaarrrr indeed, o brave Warrior. Raaarrrr indeed.

Most other Jobs will often neuter their movesets, be too reckless in battle, or just spam the same one or two moves while under the AI’s influence, and some are only good in human hands. But the Warrior is one of only a few who excels no matter whose control it’s under, and when combined with its high endurance, this makes it an all but necessary member of the team you set out on. Unfortunately, even the best of us have our flaws, and in this Job’s case, it has a status effect-curing move that it flat-out won’t use on a party member if they aren’t on good terms. Still, sometimes the very thing you’re looking for is found in the first place you check, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Why AI is Great for this Job:

  • Every attack is 50% or 100% likely to be used, making their moveset the most even out of all Jobs in the game.
  • Their already high attack stat will be further bolstered by certain team moves.
    • Their high defense stat is also useful when using the Sacrifice move, lessening the chances of fainting after taking a hit in a party member’s place.

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