Miitopia Best Jobs – What Should You Play?

An establishing shot for the game, except not really because it's promotional artwork.

Miitopia was originally released in 2017 as a hidden gem late into the Nintendo 3DS’ lifespan. But as of last year, it has been granted a new lease on life via a remaster on the seemingly unstoppable Nintendo Switch. In addition to being addictively fun, the game also serves as a suitable entry point for those unfamiliar with turn-based RPGs, with its simple mechanics and straightforward gameplay. But that’s not going to stop us from making this even more beginner-friendly! Here is our comprehensive guide to each Job that the player can choose during gameplay!

There are a total of fourteen Jobs to choose from; six are available from the start, while the rest are unlocked by progressing through the game. You’ll pick one at the beginning, and at certain points in the campaign, you’ll have to switch to a new one, before eventually having access to almost all of them just before the endgame. Each Job has a standard attack, in addition to its own set of special attacks, which expands as the Mii goes up to the maximum Level 50, each with its own upsides and downsides. You’ll even have to factor in each Mii’s chosen personality, and how strong the relationships are among your party.

This guide will focus on each Job’s performance while under the player’s control, and won’t take CPUs into account. Essentially, the choice you make boils down to your preferences above all else.

#1. Warrior

Just look at that heroic pose!

This one is a job you’ll see often in RPGs. Taking up this job is pretty straightforward; you’ll focus on brute-forcing all enemies in sight and not taking crap from anyone––even your own party members. But as a side-effect, you’ll be just a bit of a glass cannon… despite the “cannons” that some of the outfits will give you.

What Warriors Excel At:

  • Among the highest attack and defense stats, even from the start.
  • Numerous strong special attacks (including the Horse Whispering attack) that zero in on a single enemy.
  • The ability to slap party members and remove their status effects.
  • A stronger variant can revive fallen teammates with minimal HP, but only has a 50% success rate.
  • The ability to stand in front of a party member and take a hit directed at them.

Why You Should Be a Warrior:

  • If you have a preference for powerhouse characters.
  • If you are new to RPGs and would like to play as someone who doesn’t need to be healed as often.
  • If you prefer to focus on one enemy at a time or take out the tougher baddies first.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Kind” or “Cautious”.

Warrior Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Warrior

#2. Mage

Dang it, the game's doing my job for me!

Another RPG staple, which primarily attacks with magic. The majority of the Mage’s moveset is offensive, with an emphasis on hitting multiple enemies at once and clearing the battlefield as quickly as possible, although it is rather MP intensive, and visual variety is definitely not its strong suit.

What Mages Excel At:

  • High magic and MP, even from the start.
  • Most of their special attacks can damage multiple enemies, either intentionally or via splash damage.
  • Can erect a barrier around oneself to reduce the damage taken.
  • Can put a teammate to sleep to heal massive amounts of HP, but leaves them vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Can cast a spell to enlarge a party member’s weapon, greatly increasing its strength for one turn, although it has the downside of turning multi-target attacks into single-target attacks.

Why You Should Be a Mage:

  • If you’re someone who values efficiency in your turn-based battles.
  • If you’re a cavalier-type player who prioritizes offense over defense.
  • If you enjoy the glass cannon playstyle.
  • If you’re just a fan of magic and sorcery.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Laid Back”.

Mage Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Mage 

#3. Cleric

Seriously, game, cut it out!

It just wouldn’t be an RPG without a Job primarily focused on healing and reviving party members, and thankfully Miitopia has more than one to choose from. Having one of these guys on your team is absolutely crucial, especially as the game goes on. The Cleric is easily the most reliable of these, but all that healing ability comes at the cost of offense.

What Clerics Excel At:

Their stats are all relatively even, with speed being a notable standout.
Can restore a little or a lot of HP for one or all of their party members.
Has only two offensive special attacks, both single-target. One of which can take out any non-boss in one hit, but only has a 50% success rate.
Is the only healing Job whose reviving ability has a 100% success rate.
Their Horse Whispering attack can also revive multiple fallen allies if need be.

Why You Should Be a Cleric:

  • If you’re someone who isn’t interested in or doesn’t care about being the biggest damage dealer.
  • If your main goal is to guarantee that your whole party is standing at all times.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Stubborn”, “Kind”, or “Cool”.

Cleric Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Cleric

#4. Thief

For a thief, she sure looks proud of herself.

They’re not quite ninjas, but they’ll do. Thieves primarily focus on stealth, agility, and efficiency, with most of their attacks centered around getting the jump on a single enemy, avoiding damage entirely, or hitting multiple enemies at once at the cost of damage output.

What Thieves Excel At:

  • Highest speed stat in the game.
  • Pretty much every offensive move is multi-target.
  • Can steal recovery items from enemies.
  • Can lay down a booby trap in front of either themselves or the whole party, shielding against a single close-range attack.
  • Can unlock the ability to outright dodge enemy attacks, although the move is automatic and only activates 15% of the time.
  • Can perform a powerful sneak attack on a single enemy that leaves them invincible for one turn, but also forbids them from doing anything else during said turn. Very useful against foes that can trap party members.

Why You Should Be a Thief:

  • If you’re a more pragmatic player who focuses more on defense than offense.
  • If you prefer to hit multiple enemies and clear the battlefield more quickly.
  • If you’re a fan of ninjas.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Stubborn” or “Cool”.

Thief Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Thief 

#5. Pop Star

Fun fact: unlike most Jobs, this one has male AND female outfits!

Ah yes, the old risk vs. reward class. What, you thought an RPG aimed at newbies wouldn’t have something like this? Unlike the other Jobs, Pop Stars are primarily focused on team maintenance, and the few offensive moves they possess are either pretty weak or pretty risky.

What Pop Stars Excel At:

  • High base HP and MP stats; the former is the highest out of all the Jobs.
  • Only Job with male and female outfits, with only cosmetic differences between the sexes.
  • Can sing songs to distract enemies or give teammates an extra turn.
  • Can put an end to arguments among party members, which might negatively affect combat.
  • Can also sing a song to gain the whole party’s affection, increasing the likelihood of team moves being used.
  • Another song can restore the party’s MP.
  • Can heal oneself by dancing.
  • Can sing a song that can revive a fallen party member, albeit with a 30% success rate.
  • Can release sound waves that damage enemies, but hurt partners just as much.
  • Horse Whispering attack can heal party members and increase their attack, and also distract enemies.

Why You Should Be a Pop Star:

  • If you want to dress your Mii up in stylish outfits.
  • If you’re not concerned with being the main damage dealer.
  • If you favor a risk vs. reward playstyle.
  • If you’re partnered with other Jobs who are prone to cause friendly fire.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Energetic”.

Pop Star Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Pop_Star 

#6. Chef

Yeah, yeah, that looks nice, but where's the Mountain Dew and Doritos?!

One of the more novel Jobs in this game, Chefs combine the attributes of a healer and a fighter, but we wouldn’t call it the nicest blend of flavors. Pretty much everything they can dish out only targets one enemy or party member, with the few multi-target attacks either costing a lot of MP, or risking some negative side effects. They are also the only healer who can’t revive their teammates. As the saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

What Chefs Excel At:

  • Can restore a little or a lot of HP for one party member.
  • One move can heal the whole party but at the cost of a single turn. The amount it heals also varies depending on the Mii’s magic stat, unlike its other healing moves.
  • Can cook a party member’s HP Bananas (the only HP-restoring item in the game) to make them more potent.
  • Has a move that can one-shot any enemy that isn’t a boss and turn it into a stat-boosting dish, but has a 50% success rate.
  • Has a strong, single-target special attack that can be easily spammed due to its low MP cost. It’s treated like a standard attack, and thus is compatible with certain team maneuvers.
  • Can feed a spicy meal to one or all teammates, damaging up to four enemies. Has the side effect of souring relationships among the party.

Why You Should Be a Chef:

  • If you’re into old-school cartoons, where violence via a frying pan was a norm.
  • If you want to be your team’s healer, but also want to maintain a level of challenge.
  • If you can’t choose between being an offensive Job or a support Job.
  • If you prefer to focus on one enemy at a time.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Cautious” or “Stubborn”.

Chef Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Chef 

#7. Cat

They're grrrreat... in combat, that is.

Hey now, don’t laugh! Cats can be vicious, and clearly, Nintendo knows that. This Job is one tough kitty, primarily focused on high damage output, though it can also release its inner therapy cat and do some minor healing. Unlocked a third of the way through the game.

What Cats Excel At:

  • High attack and speed; the latter is the second-highest in the game.
  • Can swipe stat-boosting food from enemies, albeit with a 50% success rate.
  • Can cure status effects and heal themselves by licking their paws.
  • Can sacrifice one turn to sharpen their claws, making their next attack much more powerful (sometimes dealing 999 damage).
  • Can restore a single party member’s MP by rubbing against them.
  • Different claw attacks can hit one, two, or all enemies.

Why You Should Be a Cat:

  • If you enjoy the glass cannon playstyle but prefer attack over magic.
  • If you like to play as characters who fight empty-handed.
  • If you prefer to be the main damage dealer.
  • If you value efficiency in combat, and the ability to take out multiple enemies quickly.
  • If you are a cat person.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Stubborn” or “Laid Back”.

Cat Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Cat 

#8. Imp

What, you didn't expect hellspawn in a Nintendo game? Clearly you've never played Kirby before...

Hailing from the underworld, these sneaky little devils will do whatever it takes to win the battle, toying with the stats or even the very emotions of friend and foe alike. In other words, they’ll put anyone they meet through hell, though sometimes that sociopathy can be used to your advantage. Unlocked a third of the way through the game.

What Imps Excel At:

  • Stats are mostly balanced, with notably higher HP and defense.
  • Moveset is mostly centered around weakening the enemy as opposed to brute-forcing them.
  • Can whisper into the enemy’s ear to steal their turn and lower their defenses.
  • Can directly siphon HP or MP from an enemy to heal themselves.
  • Can whisper into a party member’s ear to rouse them to action, restoring their MP and increasing their attack for a few turns.
  • Can conserve MP by poking a teammate, prompting them to attack an enemy with increased damage output.
  • An unlockable move can one-shot every (non-boss) enemy on the field by dragging them to the underworld but only has a 20% success rate.

Why You Should Be an Imp:

  • If you don’t want to be the main damage dealer on your team.
  • If you’re paired with party members who are more offense-oriented.
  • If you’re in the mood to look at some humorous animations.
  • If you want to be able to last for a while and not have to rely on any healers you’re partnered with.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Laid Back” or “Air-Headed”.

Imp Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Imp_(Job) 

#9. Scientist

She's ready to use her enemies as lab rats.

This game may be set in a world filled with magic and other fantasy tropes, but that doesn’t mean none of its inhabitants believe in science. Scientists primarily focus on attacking multiple enemies at once, but they can also assist in protecting their teammates. How smart! Unlocked a third of the way through the game.

What Scientists Excel At:

  • Speed stat is tied with that of the Cat.
  • Notably high magic stat (ironic, we know).
  • Most special attacks target all enemies on the field.
  • All but one support move is automatic:
    • Can enhance the range of a party member’s weapon with chemicals.
    • Can give a partner a mask to stave off status effects.
    • Can give a party member the ability to heal their HP upon damaging enemies; lasts one turn.
  • Has the ability to restore a friend’s HP and MP at once; not automatic.

Why You Should Be a Scientist:

  • If you want to be a less extreme version of a glass cannon.
  • If you want to support your team without having to worry about manually doing so.
  • If you wish to make battles more efficient.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Laid-Back”.

Scientist Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Scientist 

#10. Tank

Lugging that thing around must be quite the workout... maybe that's why they're among the strongest in the game!

Exactly what you’d think it is, based on its name. Tanks are adept in dealing immense damage and taking just as much, but to compensate, they are quite slow, and a good chunk of their firepower results in some friendly fire. Not just against teammates, but also against themselves, as even their standard attacks will cost MP. Unlocked two-thirds of the way into the game.

What Tanks Excel At:

  • Very high attack and defense stats.
  • Has the ability to automatically half the damage they receive, although this only has a 10% success rate.
  • Has three powerful special attacks that hit multiple (or even all) enemies without harming party members, although these cost more MP than the more risky ones.
  • Can heal a good chunk of their own HP at the cost of two turns.

Why You Should Be a Tank:

  • If you want a Job that’ll force you to be more strategic during battle.
  • If you enjoy the risk vs. reward playstyle.
  • If you have a Pop Star on your team, who can nullify some of the friendly fire.
  • If you don’t care about the last three and just love to be reckless.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Kind” or “Energetic”.

Tank Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Tank 

#11. Princess

A teammate of royal proportions.

As a Princess, you’ll be forced to wear a dress into battle regardless of your Mii’s gender, but don’t let this Job’s choice of attire dissuade you. With the ability to charm pretty much everyone, combined with deceptively strong attacks and impeccable MP healing ability, this is one princess you’ll never find in another castle. Unlocked two-thirds of the way into the game.

What Princesses Excel At:

  • High attack and speed stats.
  • Can distract enemies for a single turn by making them dance.
  • Can automatically coerce a teammate to pull them away from standard enemy attacks, saving them both; 20% likely to happen.
  • Can spray perfume to distract an enemy and lower their defenses for one turn; 70% effective.
  • Can pour tea to restore their own MP alongside that of one teammate.
  • Can block status effects with their fan; has a 50% success rate.
  • Horse Whispering can restore the MP of all party members and temporarily increase their stats, while also lowering the enemy’s defense.

Why You Should Be a Princess:

  • If you prefer to focus more on support than offense.
  • If you’re partnered with other Jobs whose movesets cost a lot of MP.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Laid Back” or “Cool”.

Princess Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Princess 

#12. Flower

Let's hope no one in your party is allergic...

Another healing Job, this one is essentially a middle ground between the Chef and the Cleric. Using the regenerative power of nature, they can heal one or all of their teammates and have access to some devastating weather-based attacks, but unlike the Cleric, this one isn’t as good at reviving fallen party members. Unlocked two-thirds of the way into the game.

What Flowers Excel At:

  • Second highest HP stat in the game.
  • Can restore a little or a lot of HP to one or all party members.
  • Can cleanse the entire party of their status effects.
  • Can magically anger a party member, granting them two turns and boosting their damage output.
  • They learn to revive fallen teammates much earlier than other healers do but only have a 50% chance of succeeding.
  • Horse Whispering can revive multiple teammates with no chance of failure, while also temporarily boosting the entire party’s stats.

Why You Should Be a Flower:

  • If you want to be a healer, but also want to hold your own offensively or avoid making things too easy.
  • If you want to focus on healing others without having to heal yourself too often.
  • If you’re a plant lover.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Laid Back” or “Cautious”.

Flower Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Flower 

#13. Vampire

So if you switch your Job to this one... then does that mean your Mii dies?

Pretty much exactly as it sounds, minus the weaknesses to garlic and sunlight. Vampires are basically unstoppable, with a mostly multi-target moveset, and have multiple methods of leeching life from their enemies. Unlocked via a postgame side quest.

What Vampires Excel At:

  • High attack power and magic, and the highest Max HP out of any Job.
  • Can restore some of their own HP by biting an enemy.
  • Can unlock the ability to automatically damage an attacking enemy, reducing their HP by half of the amount that the initial attack took. Only works against close-range attacks.
  • Can spontaneously revive themselves after falling in battle, albeit with only 1 HP.
  • Can grant vampire powers to a single teammate, allowing them to use the revival ability as well.
  • Powerful special attacks can damage one or all enemies on the field.

Why You Should Be a Vampire:

To outlast your enemies and reduce the chances of restarting the battle during particularly tough encounters.
If you wish to make fights more efficient by damaging multiple enemies at once.
If you like the Mage class but would like a bit more of a safety net.
If your Mii’s personality is set to “Kind” or “Cautious”.

Vampire Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Vampire 

#14. Elf

Looks like Santa's been increasing his defense budget.

And now we circle back to traditional RPG tropes. The Elf is essentially your jack of all trades. They can do pretty much anything except revive fallen teammates, but as a result, none of their abilities are as potent as other Jobs with the same powers. It honestly sounds like something you should’ve had from the start, but alas, it’s unlocked via a postgame side quest.

What Elves Excel At:

  • Stats are pretty even across the board.
  • Can distract an enemy by making it dance via a magical arrow.
  • Can heal the whole party’s HP or restore the MP of a single partner.
  • Can cast a magical barrier around themself or a teammate, halving the damage taken.
  • Can deal splash damage or hurt all enemies on the field with their special attacks.
  • Can automatically protect party members from up-close attacks by shooting down the enemy; 10% chance of occurring.

Why You Should Be an Elf:

  • If you enjoy playing as all-around characters.
  • If you wish to balance support with offense.
  • If your Mii’s personality is set to “Stubborn” or “Kind”.

Elf Details: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Elf 

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