11 Best Video Game Characters as Your Companions in PC Games

11 Best Video Game Characters
Reapers, psychos, monsters and more – these guys have your back.

You're on your quest, the odds look bad and your back is in the corner - what do you do now? You call on your companion!

We're all accustomed to game villains and NPCs who are there to make your journey harder or more bizarre. What about the characters who always have your back, no matter what the situation is? The ones who are unforgettable, unruly and lovable insane people that help you feel at home.

This is the countdown of the 10 best bros in PC Games!

1. Varric Tethras – Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition

Writer, merchant prince and, occasionally, unwelcome tag-along.

Cinematic Trailer:


This was a hard pick. Bioware has the market cornered on great characters who stick it out with you til the end, and Varric isn't the only one in the Dragon Age series. The Iron Bull, Alistair, Shale – take your pick. So, why Varric?

Despite making his appearance in Dragon Age 2, Varric is the one character that always has your back. A devilish dwarf with a silver tongue, Varric is the guy you'd chug mead with after taking down a dragon or two. Even when things fall to bits for the main character, you can expect a sympathetic ear from the merchant prince.

Off topic, Bioware, PLEASE make him a romance option in Dragon Age 4!

2. Joker – Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3

Life, death, Reapers and Geth – as long as he has his Commander and his ship.

Cinematic Trailer:

Snarky, sassy and determined as Hell, Joker has been there since the beginning. Always one to mouth off to Shepard and any other naysayer, this helmsman is still loyal to the core. If you really mess up in Mass Effect 2, he'll even limp in to stop the Reapers in one final show of reluctant heroism.

It might be cheap to put two Bioware characters back-to-back, but c'mon: Garrus, Tali, Wrex – anyone on Shepard's crew can become a real bro. Joker is the guy who stuck out all three games with you, though, and always swoops in for a rescue.

Plus, he managed to seduce a sexy android. Gotta give the guy props for that.

3. Tiny Tina – Borderlands

Best. Party. Ever.



Is there really anything out there that's better than a psychotic little-girl who speaks in street? I didn't think so. Tiny Tina, one of the many insane characters throughout the Borderlands franchise, proves to be a bro early on in a sort of SHODAN manner, but less scary. You scratch her back, she'll peel the skin off of yours.

Still, with her endearing personality and helpfulness, she does feel about the closest thing to a bro one can get out in the lawless lands.

She serves a mean tea, too.

4 . Ingrid Hunnigan / Helena Harper – Resident Evil series

Both will just roll their eyes at Leon, anyways.

Cinematic Trailer:


Number four is a tie between two ladies who found themselves backing up Leon Scott Kennedy in his Resident Evil mishaps. Ingrid Hunnigan, his contact, intel and check-in during the events of Resident Evil 4 is constantly trying to help him navigate out of the nightmare situation. In Resident Evil 6, she goes as far as to help Helena and Leon fake their deaths to hunt down the man trying to frame them.

Helena, in the same regard, starts out as a blunt mystery that needs Leon's help. When her world collapses, the ever-cheesy ex-cop promises to help her and hunt down the man responsible for the events unfolding in the game. This tough-as-nails badass is a heck of a partner to Leon, especially in comparison to his prior tag-a-long of Ashley.

In the end, neither one of them take his nonsense, but always have his back – true bros.

5. Alyx Vance – Half Life

Not very talkative, are you?

Cinematic Trailer:

Oh, you all saw this coming – what list of great characters isn't complete without Alyx? The witty, courageous bud to Gordon Freeman in the Half-Life series, Alyx left her mark not only as being a great character but a seriously close-knit friend.

Coming in to help you get your ass in gear, keeping you motivated and staying with you every step, Alyx was a bro before bro became a mainstream term, hipster style.

Guess that makes Gordon the brooding artist, eh?

6. Bill – Left 4 Dead

Son, we just crossed the street. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Cinematic Trailer:

No one ever said a father figure couldn't be a bro, right? Bill, the grizzled war-veteran in Left 4 Dead, is about as close to a bud you can get. Constantly saving his team, playing the leadership roll and keeping them alive as they try to find escape, Bill always has your back.

Even in his last moments in The Sacrifice DLC, Bill pays the ultimate price to make sure his team makes it to safety.

Someone left onions in here, I swear!

7. Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

Songbird in the sky.

Cinematic Trailer:


A mysterious, intelligent madame, Elizabeth joins you in Bioshock Infinite in a story revered by many. Why is she a bro? More like how could she not be? She's at your side through every emotional twist, strange turn and battle – and she looks fancy as hell the whole time.

There's something mercurial and familiar about her in all the right ways. Elizabeth represents that girl we all knew as children that holds a special place in our hearts.

Plus, she has a gigantic robot – bonus!

8. Otacon – Metal Gear Solid

This is just like my Japanese animes!

Cinematic Trailer:

The tech-savvy, every-unlucky, Otacon – of course he had to make the list. He's had Snake's back since their first, unfortunate, meeting. Despite being exceptionally unlucky with the ladies in his life, Otacon still remains an optimistic and caring member of Snake's team.

He was there near the beginning, and he remains even to the very end. His development alongside the player makes it feel as though he is a real person experiencing the horrors of war with you. If that isn't a bro, I don't know what is.

Still some onions in here somewhere.

9. Companion Cube – Portal

Your cuddly bro, until you set it on fire. Onions.

Cinematic Trailer:

And the Companion Cube comes on to the list to the surprise of absolutely no one! From it's release, players fell in love with heart-emblem baring friend that joined you in the winding puzzles and traps at Aperture Science. It was the proverbial safety blanket for your scared little soul.

Of course, until you have to burn it to progress. I think we can all agree that we're still upset about that.

Without words, or a face, the Companion Cube is the Wilson of video games and a true bro.

Sorry we broke your heart and killed you.

10. Victor Sullivan - Uncharted

Didn't want to be a father. Became a father.

Cinematic Trailer:

Another dad-bro, of sorts, Victor Sullivan is a mentor the infamous Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series. With a self-admitted crappy father and childhood, Victor never wanted a family of his own. Yet, when he runs into Nathan on a job, he takes him under his wing and cares for the kid through everything.

Concerned, wise and sporting an epic silver mustache, Victor is a well-written character rectifying his own loss and acting as a caring, supportive father figure to Nathan. He taught him, trained him and worries when Nathan is being reckless – he's a bro, plain and simple.

I think he's the one that left the onions out, too.

11. Diamond Dog – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This pup is a troublemaker.
Cinematic Trailer:


From the upcoming title, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it had been revealed that a wolf puppy would be joining Big Boss. An optional find and tag-a-long, this loyal, hardcore canine is a bro in the best of ways – he's man's best friend!

With the possibility of a badass eye-patch to match Snake, what else really can be said here? Raising anything from being a baby to full-grown is a special sort of bond and they are the best bros in almost all circumstances.

As a personal note – if D.D dies, I will quit reality forever.

Who do you feel were your favorite bros in games? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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