[Top 6] The Forest Best Armors From Early Till Late Game (And How to Get Them)

This is a neat, but old pair of armor in the game, called the Deer Armor! It no longer exists.
Armor is essential in any game, but especially in this one. This is just one of the types that will save your skin!

The Forest is a fun, but challenging game. There are quite a few key items you need to survive on the island, and one of those items is armor! The game has a total of 6 different armor sets, each with their own advantages and uses in the game, but knowing when and where to use these sets is crucial. I’ll be helping you figure that part out!
Through this guide, you will get great info on each set! Their basic needs, best points and how to get them throughout the game in the first place. They are all ranked from early to late game. Now, without further ado, here’s all the armor sets in The Forest!

6: Lizard Skin Armor!

This armor is interesting, because it's literally just skin... It does give you protection, though!

The first type of armor you can get in The Forest is Lizard Armor. It’s probably one of the easiest ones to obtain, even as a full set! Like most of the armors in the game, this is obtained through killing animals, but the difference is... You don’t need to do anything else after that.
The armor itself isn’t actually that good... So why is it here? Well, it’s the first and only type you can get in the game without having to grind resources. Plus, it’s stackable! You don’t need an extra pack or anything for it; just keep a stack of it in your inventory for when it breaks!

When it comes to specific effects, the Lizard Skin Armor is great for these few reasons: 

  • As mentioned, it’s the first available armor in the game! (When you're in a pinch and you NEED armor due to taking too much damage, this is the first and best thing you can get.)
  • Easy to obtain. (All you need to do is go and hunt down some lizards... That’s it. There’s not much else to it!)
  • Stackable! (As previously mentioned, this armor is stackable! But not just in your inventory; it’s stackable on your character as well. This means you can have multiple sets of lizard armor on your character at once, AND a stack of it in your inventory! You won’t run out of it anytime soon by doing that.)

The Stats for the Lizard Armor are as follows: 

  • Armor = 20
  • Max Stack Count = 10

Lizard Armor is obtained from... Well. Lizards! You can catch them in traps, or you can hunt them yourself. In order to get the armor, you just have to kill and skin the animal (pressing E will “skin” it and give you its skin.) Then, all you need to do is equip it through your inventory. Simple! It’s not the best armor in the game, but it’s the easiest to get when in a pinch!

5: Stealth Armor (Great for Early Gameplay)

This is one of the first armors that you actually need to craft. It works pretty well and looks pretty neat, too!

Stealth Armor is one step above the Lizard Armor, and it’s actually what’s recommended for most, if not all players for early game. It’s still easy to craft like the Lizard Armor, but it gives more positive effects than the latter.
Being stackable like nearly all the armor types is an important thing, but it’s not just that effect that makes the Stealth Armor a favorite. As the name suggests, it also gives you an increase in your character’s stealth ability in the game! In fact, it’s the only way you can increase that stat to 100% in both normal and hard mode. Kind of crazy, right?!

The Stealth Armor excels at similar things as the Lizard Armor, but with some added benefits, including: 

  • Increased Character Stealth (Wearing this armor makes it easier for you to hide in bushes and otherwise avoid being spotted by cannibals. Not only that, but it makes it easier for you to perform stealth kills on them, too!)
  • It’s waterproof! (This matters because another item in the game also provides stealth: Mud. But the mud can be washed off in water, or when it rains. The Stealth Armor cannot be washed off! But it can be broken over time.)
  • It still provides some physical protection from enemies. (Though this armor set is more geared toward the stealth aspect, it’s still armor. Damage is slightly reduced thanks to this!)

The stats for the Stealth Armor are as follows:

  • Armor = 20
  • Effects = Provides Stealth
  • Max Stack Count = 10

Stealth Armor is the “first” craftable armor you can obtain in the game, meaning you need more than one resource to make it. In order to craft this armor, you will need 1 Lizard Skin and 15 Leaves. Keep in mind this is for one single piece of armor. You would need to repeat that process to make all of it. Those numbers add up quick if you aren’t prepared, so make sure you know how much overall you would need for resources for a full set. Thankfully, this armor set is still easy to obtain, so it should not be too hard on you! 

4: Rabbit Fur Boots

They are almost entirely useless... But hey, your feet are wearing some stylish shoes with these!

Rabbit Fur Boots, despite being quite neat looking and being easy to craft overall, only have one main use. They’re not part of a full armor set, either—they're stand-alone boots you can wear with other armor pieces. Still, they are fairly good for a mid-tier pair of boots if you don’t have any other current resources for other armor sets... Or at least, for some footwear.
These boots help with colder weather, which is their mean usage. If you can’t make the warmsuit, this is the next best thing for mild weather protection until you can build up the required resources. Otherwise, Rabbit Boots are almost entirely for decoration, but that’s not always a bad thing! If you are looking to make these, the use of animal traps is a must. It’s the easiest way to catch rabbits, along with other smaller animals.

The Rabbit Fur Boots have a few main usages and attributes that make them a decent piece of armor:

  • Cold weather protection. (They are great for some “early” cold protection when you can’t get that warmsuit.)
  • Easy to craft! (Thankfully making them isn’t hard or very time-consuming. As mentioned, using the animal traps is the easiest and fastest option for catching rabbits for their skin. It doesn’t take long to make these fashionable boots.)
  • Very slight stealth increase. (Though this isn’t their main function, the fact that they give your character a small amount of stealth can be helpful! They’re good to pair with the stealth or lizard armor if you can’t get the full sets of either, yet.)

The Stats for the Rabbit Fur Boots are as follows:

  • Armor = None
  • Effects = 20 Cold Armor
  • Max Stack Count = 1

As expected, getting yourself a pair of these boots means you will need rabbit fur. Three pieces to be exact, and two pieces of rope. That’s all; once you’ve got those materials, just make the boots in your crafting menu! Thankfully, rabbits can be found everywhere, so finding some rabbit fur won’t be hard at all. They’re not the most useful piece of armor in the game, but they’re better than nothing when you’re in a pinch!

3: Bone Armor

Aside from sounding like a bunch of pots and pans banging around, this armor is cool!

This armor set is pretty darn good! With a full set of this armor, your character is quite protected with a fairly high armor count. It is a little bit harder to craft due to it requiring lots of bones, but it’s worth it if you want a bit more protection. It is at the cost of stealth, however. 
There are some drawbacks to this armor, including having a little less stealth. Considering your character is covered in bones, that makes sense. Not to mention, cannibals may be a bit more hostile toward you when you wear this armor, so you need to be more careful when exploring or grabbing resources. As always, it’s a clever idea to keep a stack of this armor in your inventory as well as at your home base. It’s inevitable that your armor will break eventually, so having extras on standby means you won’t be without protection for long! 

The Bone Armor excels at a few things, including: 

  • Higher character protection! (With each separate piece of bone armor being 40 percent, wearing a full set of armor means you will have up to 400 armor protection! That is a fair bit of armor for your character.) 
  • Relatively easy to make. (Despite the amount of bones you will need for each piece of armor, it’s still easy to acquire the resources. You’ll need to kill the cannibals for the bones, but by this point in the game... They’re probably hostile toward you anyway. So, there’s no point in worrying about that.) 
  • Stackable! (Like many of the armor sets, being stackable is a huge plus. You can have a constant, ongoing stockpile of this armor either on your person or at your base. Whenever a piece you’re wearing breaks, you won’t have to worry about hastily making a new one; you can just grab one of the already made armor pieces you have laying around!) 

The stats for this armor are as follows: 

  • Armor = 40 (Full set = 400) 
  • Max Stack Count = 10 

Being able to use the bones of your enemies to create this armor means you’ll never have a short supply of the materials, or the armor itself. By this point in the game, the cannibals are hostile toward you regardless of how you act, so you will have a constant supply of bodies to restock with. Otherwise, you will just need some cloth! All together for one piece of bone armor, you will need 6 bones and 3 pieces of cloth. 

2: Creepy Armor 

The Creepy Armor is, well... Creepy. But it's incredible to wear, and saves you a lot of deaths!

This is easily the best armor in The Forest. It has the most armor protection for your player and lasts the longest compared to other armor before you need to replace it. This is at the cost of the materials, however. It’s less that it needs a lot of materials, and more because of where you need to get them... 
Creepy armor is very... Well, creepy looking. Which makes sense since you get it from the mutant cannibals! That makes getting this armor pretty dangerous to yourself, so make sure you are well prepared if you intend to get a full set of this armor. Of course, keeping a small stockpile of this armor at your base is always a good idea, in case you need to replace it. 

The Creepy Armor excels at quite a few things, including: 

  • It has the highest armor percentage in the game! (With each separate piece of armor being 80%, just having one piece will significantly enhance the protection on your character. Having a full set means that you are nearly invincible, considering a full set equals to 800 armor!) 
  • It’s stackable! (Thankfully, Creepy Armor does not have the same stacking limitations as some of the other armor sets. You can have a full stack of 10 in your inventory, as well as more at your base. You will barely ever need to dip into these extra stocks, but it’s always good to have them!) 
  • No need to craft it. (This is the only armor in the game besides Lizard Armor that doesn’t have a crafting recipe. You only need to kill and skin the mutants to get it. This is a plus due to you not needing to farm as much to get the full set.) 

The stats for the Creepy Armor are as follows: 

  • Armor = 80 (A full set is 800) 
  • Max Stack Count = 10 

As already mentioned, obtaining this armor means you need to hunt and kill mutants. This is extremely dangerous due to how much damage these cannibals do, so being cautious and amply prepared is a good idea. Using arrows, preferably the fire and poison ones, is the best option. Using explosives will blow them up into many pieces, and you will not be able to harvest them. 

1: The Warmsuit 

The Warmsuit looks amazing, but it's very annoying to get your hands on!

This armor is the costliest in the game, but it’s also the best for weather resistance. It has more drawbacks than excelling points, but if you intend to live anywhere in the cold biome on the island, it is the best option to make sure you don’t freeze! 
If you intend to wear this armor, be careful about equipping it while already wearing other armor. It completely fills up your armor bar and causes you to drop any previous armor you had on. Basically... You can ONLY wear the warmsuit if you intend to equip it. The problem with this is that you sometimes may glitch the other armor pieces and cause them to disappear. Always be careful if you intend to wear this armor! When it comes to crafting it... The Warmsuit requires a lot of resources, so make sure you have everything stacked up beforehand. You will be running all around the island to collect what you need to make each piece. 

The Warmsuit excels at a few things, including: 

  • Max cold weather resistance. (Wearing the full suit gives you 100 cold armor, which is great for the cold snow biome. Wearing it anywhere else will overheat your character, so be careful!) 
  • Protects you from cold water. (This is one of the large benefits to this armor other than the overall cold resistance. Swimming around in cold water with this suit on means you won’t take damage from freezing! Again, this is more helpful for when you are in the snow biome... But it’s still something to keep in mind.) 
  • Full armor bar! (This is mostly for aesthetic purposes... As the armor itself doesn’t actually give your character any physical armor protection. Even a full set won’t give you any armor. It’s just for cold protection... But if you like the thought of having a full armor bar, then this is an effective way to achieve that!) 

The stats for the Warmsuit are as follows: 

  • Armor = 0 
  • Effects = 100 Cold Armor 
  • Max Stack Count = 1 

This armor requires a whole lot of resources, so stocking up and making sure you have all you need before getting into crafting it is the best idea. It is one single piece of armor, but it requires: 1 piece of racoon skin, 4 pieces of boar skin, 6 deer skin, 1 piece of rabbit fur, 2 pieces of cloth and two pieces of rope. That’s a lot of resources compared to the other armor sets! Getting all those skins ahead of time is the best way to go about this, as acquiring the cloth and rope isn’t nearly as time consuming! This armor is not the best in the game, but it’s perfect for the cold weather in the snow biome... And it looks really nice. In the end, it’s up to you!


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