[Top 5] The Forest Best Traps And How To Make Them

The Forest Traps
The Forest - and a dash of Deadfalls

You can’t just survive in The Forest and secure your base without being prepared for the worse. And part of being prepared is to have a few tricks up your sleeve. So, with that said, what makes a better trick than a good old trap in this context? The Forest has a range of traps for you to defend your base and to catch a couple of Cannibals. Here are the top five of those traps.

5) Rope Swing Trap

When you talk about the most satisfying things in The Forest, the Rope Swing Trap has to be in the conversation. The impact that it does on cannibals is just phenomenal. You could almost feel it in your bones.

  • The Rope Swing Trap has to be built on a tree.
  • It releases a spiked wrecking ball that instantly kills cannibals that trigger the trap.
  • It can be reloaded using a single Stick.
  • It does have some slight effect on the player on impact.
  • You can build the Rope Swing Trap on a tree using 1 Rope, 10 Rocks, and 6 Logs.

4) Deadfall Trap

I wasn’t really interested in the Deadfall Trap when I first started playing The Forest. But when I realized that having several of these on every front could “dissuade” waves of cannibals from attacking the traps’ surroundings, I had to give them a chance.

  • Deadfall Traps can be built anywhere. But it’s important that you don’t settle with one. Build a few of these at a time to make your base more secure.
  • Don’t build them too close though. Something could trigger a couple of them at the same time.
  • it covers a lot of space.
  • it cannot be destroyed by Cannibals.
  • It’s really cheap to make. You can build the Deadfall Trap using 3 Sticks and 3 Logs.

3) Explosive Wire Trap

This is the most practical trap in The Forest. It can do lethal damage to several unsuspecting enemies at a time, and it can alarm you if you’re paying attention to its area.

  • You should definitely place a few in the midst of surrounding trees. That way if a trap is triggered, you can be aware that someone is around your base’s perimeter.
  • You can also place several of these in random spots around your base so that if a wave of cannibals is attacking you, you won’t have to pick them off one by one on your own.
  • Since the Explosive Wire Trap has great range and impact, you shouldn’t place it near your buildings.
  • You can build the Explosive Wire Trap using 1 Stick, 2 Cloths, and 1 Bomb.

2) Noose Trap

The Noose Trap is the most fun trap to use in The Forest. Seeing Cannibals getting dragged and hung by their feet, and struggling to set themselves free weirdly brings a smile to my face.

  • This is the only guaranteed trap to affect a cannibal in The Forest. So, once they pass the little rope on the ground, they won’t be able to run away.
  • It catches them but it doesn’t kill them. you‘ll have to approach them from the back to strike them dead.
  • One cool thing that I’ve read about it is that you can use it as a light source if it catches a cannibal who’s holding a torch.
  • You can reset it using one Stick
  • The Noose Trap can be built using 2 Sticks, 1 Rope, and 5 Logs.

1) Happy Birthday Trap

The Happy Birthday Trap is without a doubt the best trap in The Forest because Cannibals can never be aware of it.

  • It can be used as a short unbreakable barrier if you place it in a gap between some walls.
  • The Cannibal’s body sticks to the spikes after the trap kills it.
  • The Happy Birthday Trap can kill only from one side. So, make sure to pay attention to this detail while you set it.
  • You can build the Happy Birthday Trap using 20 Sticks, 2 Rocks, 2 Ropes, and 4 Logs.

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