10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About

10 Great Indie Horror Games You Probably Didn't Know About
Horror is good, indie horror is even better


How brave are you?

Got a need for horror year round? In need for a new hidden gem amongst the sea of indie horror out there? Whether you like your horror games soaked in blood or want your chills from something more psychological, you've come to the right place.

Take a look at some of the most obscure and terror inducing indie horror games that you probably never heard of. 

10. Organ Trail: Director's Cut

It  must be a tight squeeze in the car

In grade school I'd be sat in front of a computer for computer class with a copy of Oregon Trail and attempt to make a noble journey out West. Did eight year old me know what she was doing? Did eight year old me kill everyone within minuets? Eight year old me shouldn't have been trusted with the lives of my virtual family. But twenty year old me has a chance for redemption with Organ Trail.

Organ Trail plays as the Oregon Trail with a zombie twist. Players will be tasked with attempting to drive out west in a station wagon to reach the Sanctuary, a city free of zombies. The game plays as a retro zombie survival game where players need to manage food, ammo, fuel, medkits, and other supplies in order to survive.

It is highly suggested that players name their in game companions after real life friends for an added level of excitement for when an infected party member needs to be shot down.



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