Top 11 Best VR Horror Games 2018

The masked killer makes his return in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.
Do you like carnivals?

This list of the 11 best VR titles is sure to give you a blending of reality and fiction so vivid, you’ll have to check your own limbs to make sure you’ve still got them.

11. Don’t Knock Twice

Don’t Knock Twice | Launch Trailer

Are you brave enough to search your decrepit house for your little daughter - what remains of her that you can find, anyways? The only thing keeping you apart is the tiny little obstacle of occult-like witchcraft.

This VR game follows the same plot of the movie by the same name, but with a little added tweaks to the story here and there. You play as a mother looking for her child, and the mansion that was once quite lavish is now in varying states of decay. Though it’s more of a click and point style of gameplay, it’s still scary nonetheless thanks to the sound design and enemy models that appear periodically as you advance through the crumbling ruins of your old life.

The witch that stalks you through the hallways is the sense of danger that you should be looking for in a horror game. This is the only part of the game that feels believable, because who wouldn’t want to escape from a deranged ghost whose out for your blood? The story is a little lackluster, but the level design and graphics make up for it. This game’s fun for a while, but the imagery of the witch and your little daughter will haunt you - quite literally.

The dining room and kitchen, bathed in purple moonlight. The plant stands out the most.

A pentagram in the basement! Nothing can possibly go wrong with this.

10. Here They Lie

Here They Lie | Launch Trailer | Playstation VR

Don’t lose her. Don’t lose track of her. Where is she going? Why are you here? Nothing will keep you from your lover in the yellow dress … except for the bloodthirsty enemies along the way.

Here They Lie is a nightmare. No, not in the bad way - It feels as though you are trapped inside of a dream, and it accomplishes this by making the gameplay fluid and your surroundings surreal enough to be vivid, and empty enough to be dreamlike. That’s very hard to accomplish inside of a video game, and Here They Lie does so in a way that plays out like a stomach churning, twisted reality inside of your sleeping, subconscious mind. It’s a game that’ll make you wonder what you’re doing here, how the woman in yellow is managing to stay safe among the enemy AI, and how the city happened to turn into this abomination of man and animalkind.

The unique feature in this is undoubtedly its graphics and surreal, bizarre, and downright scary enemy design. The black and white setting with splashes of color (the yellow dress, red enemies, green masks, and so on) plays up the surrealism in a way that I didn’t think would work at first, but Here They Lie pulls it off with grace and delicacy. Can you find what you’re looking for? Only one way to know.

Two pig-headed men observe a zebra woman on the ground. There’s certainly symbolism in here.

Two more zebra women outside of a cocktail lounge.

9. A Chair In A Room: Greenwater

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater - Official Gameplay Teaser (HTC Vive)

Don’t trust your surroundings. Taking place in the deep south, A Chair in a Room: Greenwater plays upon your psyche, religious corruption, and a murder mystery. With enough twists and turns to make a windy road look like a highway, this VR game will have you either clutching your vive controller tight or looking for the nearest exit. Who are you? How did you get here? What’s happening to you? These are questions answered only by playing the game for yourself.

This game’s unique way of storytelling is what makes this such a great experience with the VR headset. The graphics are smooth and don’t look choppy, the mystery will keep you going forward, and the intriguing setting of the corrupted and vast deep southern gothic atmosphere will keep your shoulders tense the entire time. And since it’s broken into six chapters that range in length between 20-30 minutes worth of gameplay, you can take breaks in between each harrowing chapter! So what are you waiting for? Greenwater is calling you, and you’d better answer.

What do you see in this Rorschach test?

The bayou keeps her secrets deep inside herself. This setting gives me the chills just looking at it.

8. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Gameplay Video

The Arizona sun blazes overhead while you’ve got one core objective: Survive the zombie apocalypse. This first person shooter takes place in the hot Arizona desert and after you, a survivor hear the short message of what you hope is another human in this desolate landscape, you set out to find them … or what’s left of them.

This game’s setting with its saguaro cacti and overall old West aesthetic make it feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. Unlike most zombie games, Arizona Sunshine is packed with color and vivid imagery, which makes it stand out among its competitors. The open world aspect is fun to explore, rationing your supplies makes survival feel real, and the satisfying feeling of killing the undead is very welcoming. It’s easy to play for both long time VR owners and first timers, so if you’re looking for a good way to kill some time, this is it.

The only thing this game lacks for now is a solid plot, but it’s well worth the price if you enjoy arcade style shoot-em-up games. So gear up, get your ammo loaded, and start shooting.

Overlooking a Las Vegas knockoff, this area’s red rocks and bright colors make the impending zombie mauling seem not so bad.

Uh oh. Looks like we’ve been cornered.

7. Monstrum

Monstrum Full Release Trailer

Inside of this abandoned cargo ship, monsters crawl in the dark and hunger for any flesh they can find. You find yourself here among them, completely at the mercy of the ship and her inhabitants. Can you find a way out? Or will you just be another meal in their bellies?

Monstrum’s gameplay is very dark and encompassing, especially in Virtual Reality. Now all those sounds you’re hearing can actually pop out at you, and that’s certain to make you at least want to throw your controllers at the screen. Featuring three different monsters, permanent death, AI that learns as you interact with it, and traps and puzzles alike, it’s sure to keep you on your toes. The monster models are all very twisted and grotesque too, only adding to the deeply ingrained fear of being trapped in the middle of the ocean.

The story is found through notes, which can get a little tedious at times seeing as you’re trying to survive long enough to escape. The monster designs and different layouts of each map every time you die however are what really makes it fun - No two playthroughs are similar, and that’s enough to overlook the cherry picking plotline. With the combination of perma-death and randomly generated map layouts, it’s no wonder Monstrum is on this list. The idea of having to learn and adapt to survive each time is nothing short of terrifying.

A monster illuminated by the green glow stick makes its way towards the protagonist. Yikes!

Another monster lurches towards us. Better run!


NARCOSIS Official Trailer (Underwater Survival Horror Game) 2017

After an earthquake shakes the foundation of the underwater research base Oceanova, a survivor crawls out of the rubble with dwindling oxygen. He must trek through the deep ocean in a suit that threatens suffocation, with little to no light. Can he get out? Will he get out?

NARCOSIS is another horror game set underwater, and the visuals are just stunning. If you have a fear of the deep ocean, this game will give you the sinking feeling of being abandoned in the deep. If you don’t have a fear of the ocean, it will leave you feeling alone and terrified as your oxygen dwindles down further and further. You have to be strategic about your oxygen levels and how much of Oceanova you can really explore without succumbing to nature’s wrath.

Along the way, sea creatures will be hostile to the player character as well. These range in size from small fish to gigantic crabs, all of which are trying to survive in this harsh landscape right alongside you. Through the accident, you, normally the predator … are now the prey. Keep that in mind when you’re interacting with the submerged environment.

A monster! Oh, wait no, it’s just a beaked squid. Phew!

An underwater suit hangs above what was once presumably a laboratory.

5. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Launch Trailer PS VR

If you like those spooky haunted house attractions inside of amusement parks, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is exactly that. Except … much more demented.

This spinoff of Until Dawn features up to seven rides through increasingly twisted and terrifying scenarios, all of them filled with grotesque monsters. You’re equipped with a gun to fight the waves of enemies off, but ultimately … you’re in for the ride more than anything else. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is what some might call a ‘walking simulator,’ even if you don’t do any walking! The general premise of these games is to go from point to point and hear parts of the story, and that’s very much what Until Dawn plays like.

However, the world building, the in-story ties to the original game, and the graphics are what make it scary. If you’re looking for a few hours to kill and want to experience some firsthand scares, this game’s perfect for you.

Here you defend yourself against killer clowns!

This SAW-like bit is complete with a gigantic buzz saw and some pig corpses for added gross factor.

4. The Exorcist: Legion VR

The Exorcist: Legion VR - Chapter 1 “First Rites” Trailer

Hell is empty, because all the devils are up top. The Exorcist: Legion is one half mystery, one half exorcism, and all parts scary.

This game is set in the world that the original Exorcism movie takes place in, and it is no stranger to the violent, vicious demonic possession of helpless human beings. You get to enjoy learning the ins and outs of exorcising people overtaken by demonic entities, and at the end of it all … you’ll even face your greatest fears. Filled with religious horror and supernatural creeps, the Exorcist: Legion accomplishes the original atmosphere of helplessness in one seamless go.

Split into four chapters that range from 20-30 minutes long, this VR experience is both collection and action as you can also hide from the enemies or fight back with your religious artifacts. The gameplay style is entirely up to you, and that gives it a real feeling of freedom. Each level is unique and harrowing, and each enemy you encounter feels real and believable. It’s definitely meant to be played in the dark so turn the lights down low, and make sure you have a bible on hand.

A murder has occurred! Blood is on the radiator and floor that probably once belonged to a priest.

A bloodstained book of rites for exorcism. Not a good sign.

3. Organ Quarter

Organ Quarter VR Launch Trailer

A quiet sickness has overtaken your town. You’ve spent months hidden, isolated in your apartment - and now that you’ve stepped outside your doors, nothing is the same. Nothing will ever be like it was before.

Organ Quarter is a self-described ‘body horrific’ game, and that means that each monster has distinctly humanoid features. The designs for all of them are nothing short of grotesque, and the setting itself has you wondering what kind of sickness overtook the world while you locked yourself away. Organ Quarter’s voice acting, graphics, story, and unique gameplay elements make the VR experience one you won’t forget anytime soon. This surreal, Silent Hill and Resident Evil game knows just how to play with your senses and it’s all too obvious when you’re playing in VR.

Featuring puzzles, gun based combat, resources to help you survive, and intertwining levels alongside the nightmare inducing enemy AI, Organ Quarter is a game that you have to experience by yourself firsthand. It’s gross, creepy, fun, and demented, and that makes for a fun and unique game that shouldn’t be overlooked if you can afford it.

A room full of eyes. They are quite literally watching you …

Is this an enemy or an ally? That’s for you to find out.

2. Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkills The Walking Dead - Aidan: First Trailer | PS4

The Walking Dead’s expansive story and characters continue their journey in this upcoming VR title. Who lives and who dies will be up to you, and how well you do will depend on how smart you’re going to play by the new rules of the universe around you.

This game is set for release in Fall of 2018, but fans and new players to the zombie apocalypse genre alike are waiting with bated breath for the full game. Because it’s not released (yet,) I can’t really say what I think the gameplay or the story will be like yet! But I can reveal that it’s going to be co-op (likely online), there will be multiple chapters and characters, and the worldbuilding and character growth or decay throughout the series is going to be a good example of how to do your apocalypse genre.

The Meat locker? You better hope it’s fresh … This is either a warning sign, or an invitation.

Some more concept art for an underground, ruined subway system. The cars piled up are the spookiest, in my opinion.

1. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gameplay VR Trailer

Ethan Winters is determined to find his wife Mia, who has been missing for 3 years. When he gets a video clip of her telling him to stay away, he ignores her warnings and steps foot onto the Baker Family Plantation, and quickly descends into his own personal Hell.

Resident Evil 7 has breathed life back into the Resident Evil series, and it has done so through first person stealth mechanics and hide and pray playing styles. Just playing it normally is scary enough, so when you’re being inflicted with bodily harm and your limbs are getting cut off willy-nilly, I can only imagine how that’d feel on the psyche! This game has downright grotesque imagery including rotted organs and decaying bodies, molded enemies, people being split in half … the gore never stops and experiencing it in 3D as though you were in the Baker household is a frightening aspect. This game’s use of level design, sound cues, and NPC AI combined with a little touch of Southern gothic horror makes Resident Evil 7: Biohazard the scariest experience in VR to date.

One of the unique aspects of this game is that you never really see Ethan’s face, leaving us to speculate entirely on what he looks like. Familiar faces are also seen again, but if I told you who, it’d ruin the surprise at the end. The cannibalistic Bakers are downright grotesque with their psyches and bodies mutilated and the eerie, empty swamp filled with alligators and gigantic bugs doesn’t help either. If you’ve played the original and want to re-play and still feel the horror of Resident Evil 7 for the first time again, this is the perfect game for you. If you’ve never tried VR before now? I truly commend your bravery.

Ew ew ew ew noooope! The cockroaches can have whatever meal this is supposed to be.

Ethan takes aim at Jack Baker, head of the household. He’s wielding a shovel, which normally isn’t that terrifying a weapon … or it wasn’t, until now.

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