[Top 5] DbD Best Beginner Killers To Level First

DbD Best Beginner Killers To Level First, Trapper, Wraith, The Doctor, Farm Bloodpoints
The Ghostface, ready to t-bag naughty survivors

Are you just starting Dead by Daylight and want to have a good head start? Great! Because I will give you the best killers to level up the fastest for beginners. I prepared the list considering these factors: the signature perks of each killer, their perks, their ability to show deviousness, brutality, hunt and make sacrifices.

5. The Wraith

Wraith, one of the most scary killers in Dead by Daylight

Leveling up a character requires in-game currency called bloodpoints. You can obtain them by playing the game. But there’s a way to speed up this process. Along with the categories you have to succeed in as a killer, using the killer’s power and perks also gives you bloodpoints. Keeping these in mind, we have The Wraith in number 5.

The Wraith, formerly known as Philip Ojomo, is one of the first killers. He has his Wailing Bell as his power. He can be invisible/visible by ringing it. Being invisible allows him to move faster. After getting out of invisibility, he gains a speed boost for a short time. His perks and power make it easier to find and catch survivors, and kill them. 

Why The Wraith Is Great 

  • New killers often ignore many visible cues, such as loud noise notifications or scratch marks. Or they often don't know how to track them. The Wraith has a perk called Predator for this. Scratch marks spawn closer to each other, making it easier to track. 
  • His second perk, Bloodhound, makes bloodstains left by injured survivors bright red and makes them stay for a little bit more. Tracking injured survivors might be hard for beginners, but this perk makes it easier for you.
  • His last perk, Shadowborn, lets you see with a wider angle. This is good for both beginner and pro playerssince it will be easier to catch more details. 
  • While invisible, if you stalk a survivor from a distance, you will get stalking points. This might be not much, but easy to achieve for beginners. 
  • If you use his power and get a hit, you will get extra BPs. 
  • You can sneak up on survivors while invisible because you make almost no noise and get an easy hit. 

The Wraith is an easy-to-play killer. He doesn't require much skill. The only downside is that he has to slow down while uncloaking. And you can only hit while visible. This slow movement gives survivors a frame of time to react and possibly get to safety. But this is something that you have to worry about later since you will be playing against the same level players. 


Why The Trapper Is Great 

  • You get BPs for setting up a trap, catching a survivor in it, grabbing a survivor out of it, etc. This is an easy way to farm BPs. 
  • Beginner survivors don't pay attention to a lot of things, such as looking behind them, or at the ground. Most of the time, they won't notice that there's a trap and get caught. It is easy to catch survivors as The Trapper at lower ranks.  
  • His perks don't give you extra BPs, but Brutal Strength and Agitation speed up the game for you. This gives you more time to gain BPs in each category before survivors escape. 
  • Putting traps in front of the switch boxes gets you easy kills. 

Trapper is another easy killer to play. He doesn't need strategic planning at lower ranks. Some survivors don't even help their teammates in a trap as they get scared. Simply putting your traps near pallets, windows, or somewhere random like on the very edge of the map where survivors like to hide will be more than enough. 

3. The Doctor  

Who's ready for treatment... or maybe punishment? 

The Doctor's power is Carter's Spark. Even if he is listed as hard to play, in reality, he's not as hard as a killer like The Nurse. His power can be learned after playing a couple of games. He is one of the hardest killers to counter. Especially at lower ranks, survivors do not understand what to do against him. Their confusion causes them to make questionable moves, giving you easy BPs. 

Why The Doctor Is Great 

  • With the new rework on The Doctor, he is now easier to play. 
  • His Static Blast allows him to find survivors easily. 
  • His other ability Shock Therapy interrupts survivors from vaulting, healing, dropping a pallet, repairing a gen, etc. Survivors at lower ranks usually do not know about this and think that this is something on their end. They will probably think "Did my space button just break?". They always try harder to vault or pull down that pallet. If you use it correctly, you will get easy kills with his power. 
  • The more you shock the survivors, the more BPs you get. It's very easy to farm BPs as The Doctor. 
  • If survivors reach Madness Tier III, they will keep screaming and they cannot interact with most things. Getting out of Madness is hard for most beginner survivors. 

The Doctor might seem like a hard killer to play. But in a short amount of time, you will understand how to play as him. 

2. The Cannibal

Cannibal, ready to rev up his chainsaw

The Cannibal is one of the easiest yet powerful killers to play. He doesn't require much of a skill to master. His power, Bubba's Chainsaw, is easier to use than The Hillbilly's Chainsaw. 

Why The Cannibal Is Great 

  • His perk, Barbecue & Chilli, gives you extra BPs. You can farm BPs easily with this perk. 
  • You can down multiple survivors in a row with only one swing from his chainsaw. 
  • He's extremely fun to play, especially at lower ranks.
  • You can break pallets with his chainsaw. You will get BPs from both breaking the pallet, and using his power. This also saves your time. 
  • Beginner survivors usually don't know where to be. You will often find them out in the open. This will allow you to use your chainsaw and down them easily. 
  • His perk, Franklin's Demise, upon a successful hit, makes survivors drop their items. The items will disappear after a certain amount of time. This will reduce their chance of survival. 
  • If you ever feel lost after hooking a survivor, Barbecue & Chilli, reveals the auras of the survivors from a distance. You can easily track survivors with this perk. 
  • If you like chainsaws but can't play as The Hillbilly, The Cannibal is a great alternative. 

The Cannibal is fun, easy, and effortless to play as. You can double the amount of BPs you receive at the end of a match with one of his perks.   

1. The Nightmare

It's really a nightmare to be against him

And the first place goes to… The Nightmare. The reason behind this is because he is one of the most overpowered and easy to play killers. He is listed as hard to play, but trust me; he isn't. Even a total beginner can get fourman kills with him. He doesn't require a strategy because you will most likely follow a similar pattern every match. 

He comes with two abilities: Dream Snare and Dream Projection. Dream Snare is a pool of blood you can put on the ground. Survivors touching these will scream, revealing their position, and get slowed down. 

Dream Projection allows you to instantly teleport to one of the gens you choose. This gives you map control and mobility. 

Why The Nightmare Is Great 

  • You can turn your Dream Snares into fake pallets. Most beginner survivors don't even know that, and they like to pull down pallets. You will get easy hits by using the add-on needed to make this happen.
  • You can draw survivors into the Dream World by hitting them, or after 60 seconds, they will fall asleep automatically. Survivors in the Dream World have slow repair, sabotage, and healing speed.
  • Survivors have to spend a long time waking up. 
  • Survivors can't tell the difference between a fake and a real pallet in the Dream World.
  • His add-ons make him even powerful. 
  • His perks allow him to make a possible comeback. 
  • He's hard to counter.

The Nightmare is easy to play, and as fun as The Cannibal. Beginners have a hard time playing against him. You will get maximum BPs with him in every match effortlessly if played correctly. 

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