Dead by Daylight How To Counter Pig (Top 10 Tactics)

How to Counter The Pig in 10 Ways
Here piggy, piggy, piggy

The Pig— Who is She?

Like many of the killers in Dead by Daylight, The Pig had a life before becoming how we know her today. Before the Entity and this cat-and-mouse game, she was Amanda Young— a junkie. One night, she was itching for another hit of drugs, so she broke into a clinic… However, she wasn’t the only one there. Things quickly went sideways; Amanda Young walked out of there with something in her hands, but it wasn’t drugs. It was the blood of John Kramer’s wife and unborn son. For those that don’t know, John Kramer isn’t an ordinary man. He is Jigsaw. He quickly tracked down Amanda Young, and he put her through his puzzles and trials. He was expecting her to fail, to die… And, yet, she survived. This formed an old mentor and follower bond; she was to replace him once cancer consumed him whole. She started to lose the vision that Jigsaw had, and that didn’t escape his notice. He put her through one final puzzle, one final test… And she failed it. As she laid there, bleeding out, a dark mist sweep over her— the Entity had saved her and given her a new purpose.


Her Power & Abilities

 Reverse Bear Traps

When a survivor is downed, The Pig has the option to put Reverse Bear Traps on them. The only way to get it off is by interacting with the jigsaw boxes. 

The amount of boxes needed to get the trap off is random every time. Now, if the trap is activated and the gates are open, the survivor can’t leave. They have to get it off and then leave.


Crouching & Ambush Dash

Like survivors, The Pig can crouch which causes undetectable— this suppresses her red stain and terror radius. It also blocks her aura from being seen. If The Pig comes upon a survivor, she can ambush them. It’s a lunge attack that speeds her up by 6.9m/s.


Ways to Counter The Pig


1) Wait to Take off the Reverse Bear Trap

The trap doesn’t active until one generator is completed. For example, two generators are complete, but The Pig has put a trap on you. You don’t need to worry about it until the third generator is done. However, if you’re on a big or tricky map, you might want to do some of the Jugsaw boxes. The amount you’ll need can range from 1 - 4.


2) Stay Vilgante

The Pig can be tricky to spot due to her crouching ability, especially due to how dark some of the maps can be. So, when you’re on a generator or just anywhere in general, check around. Those are moments to make use of your camera!


3) Escaping with a Trap

 Now, you can still escape with a trap, but it depends if it’s active or not. When it’s active, you can’t leave through the gates. However, if you can leave through hatch, it doesn't matter if the trap is active or not.


4) Listen for Ambush

There’s a sound cue for The Pig’s ambush, make use of this when you’re in chase. This is also be helpful if you’re doing generators. If The Pig ambushes early, you can hear the sound and be able to get away!


5) To Those Itching for Flashlight saves

If you have a flashlight and you’re in a good spot to do a save— wait! The Pig might put a trap on the down survivor. This means that you will only blind The Pig, not save the survivor. This also might lead to you getting chased, due to the light giving you away.


6) Watch For “Make Your Choice”

This is an important perk to know about, especially for newbies. “Make Your Choice” is The Pig’s basic kit— available the moment you unlock her. When a survivor is unhooked and The Pig is 32 meters away, it activates. The rescuer will be exposed for a different amount of time— 60 seconds max. If you go for the unhook and a skull appears, I can only say one thing… book it!


7) Flick Your Camera Around

This is common practice for Dead By Daylight survivors, but you need to constantly be looking around, especially when you’re on gens. As I said earlier, The Pig can crouch and blend in with darker maps. If you let her sneak up on you while you’re fixing a gen, there’s no way you're not going on the hook.


8) Watch For Fake Ambuses

During chase, The Pig might charge up their ambush. However, survivors need to be wary about leaving the loop: The Pig might just be baiting you. This tactic is used by more experienced Pigs.


9) Use Pallets & Walls to Stop her Ambush

If you find yourself about to be hit with The Pig’s ambush, try to find obstacles. Walls, pallets, and walls— use anything and everything. As long as the object is concerned solid, you can hide behind it; The Pig’s ambush will be canceled.


10) Spine Chill or Premonition

The only tips left to give are some perks that survivors should use… however! Keep this in mind, I just saying this as a suggestion. Spine Chill and Premonition is good for giving you an idea of how close killers are. Spine Chill gives you a speed boost in actions if the killer is looking at you (with clear line of sight).


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