[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Best DLC Survivors

Dead By Daylight Best DLC Survivors
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Top 5 Dead By Daylight DLC Survivors

Which DLC Survivors are the best?

There are many characters to choose from when playing Dead By Daylight. While the Survivor that you choose doesn’t change the core gameplay or mechanics, there many reasons to unlock more than what the base game includes. Not only do they look great and have other cosmetic items that you can use to stand out, or in some cases hide more efficiently with, but every character in the game gives you access to three unique perks. You can level up your Survivors with Bloodpoints and unlock their perks as Teachables so that every other one of your characters can use them as well. This allows you to use many different combinations of perks and builds to be the Survivor that you want to be. These are our top five picks for the best DLC Survivors in Dead By Daylight and why you should unlock them. Keep in mind that only original Dead By Daylight characters can be bought with in-game currency while licensed characters require a separate purchase. 

5. David Tapp

Detective's Hunch got a buff!! | Dead by Daylight - YouTube

Detective David Tapp was a great officer but made the mistake of underestimating the person behind the Jigsaw murders, getting a fellow detective killed and himself injured and discharged from the police force. After attempting to avenge his friend redeem himself, he was gravely injured again, this time falling into the Entity’s Fog. He took the good of him into the realm, however, doing his part to help the other trapped Survivors and stop any Killers they came up against. 

Available in The Saw Chapter DLC of Dead By Daylight, Detective David Tapp is a resilient Survivor whose perks help him when down but not out and give him map knowledge. Tenacity is a perk that allows you to crawl at a much faster rate than normal when in the Dying State. Detective’s Hunch gives you hard evidence of player objectives, revealing items for a short time after generators are completed. Stake Out gives you a small advantage after being in the Killer’s Terror Radius, allowing you to make Good Skill Checks become Great Skill Checks, increasing your repair bonus and saving you time. 

Why David Tapp Is Great:

  • Since his buff, David Tapp’s perk Detective’s Hunch now activates whenever any generator is completed and also has a much larger range. Perfect for quickly finding objectives before the Killer finds you
  • Tenacity might be a decent perk on its own, but becomes stronger when used with good builds
  • Stake Out seems average but gives you a boost in points as well. This helps when trying to increase your rank or level up characters

David Tapp Details:

  • While Tenacity and Stake Out are perks that can still be used at lower tiers effectively, make sure you level Detective’s Hunch to tier III as soon as you can. The range increase between tiers I and III is enormous, going from thirty-two to sixty-four meters. This allows you to see objectives from much farther away and keeps you safer from the Killer’s grasp
  • As seen in the video we referenced, you can also pair Detective’s Hunch with Sprint Burst and a Map, allowing you to cover even more distance and see the auras of the objectives on command
  • Tenacity only activates when put into the Dying State. While this may seem like too-little-too-late, it can help against Killers that become too greedy and leave you on the floor for a bit, unofficially known as “slugging”. This perk can also be paired with other strong perks like Unbreakable and Soul Guard, punishing the Killer for leaving you on the ground
  • Tenacity can also help by allowing you to crawl away faster than normal, sometimes making the Killer lose track of you

4. Jane Romero

Survivor Spotlight: Jane Romero | Dead By Daylight - YouTube

A troubled childhood led Jane Romero to resent her absent and famous mother while admiring her on-screen presence. After years of hard work, opening up about her trauma, and gaining a bit of popularity herself, she launched her own show named The Jane Romero Show that spoke on her personal issues and other tabooed topics. As her rise to fame came to a head, her mother, Loretta Lawrence, went to guest star on Jane’s show. Loretta ended up dismissing Jane, publicly saying that they weren’t really related. Needless to say, the interview didn’t end well. Afterward, Jane found herself going home late at night, nursing a headache with medication and fighting sleep, but every time she blinked, she felt herself fading more and more. The next morning, authorities were fishing Jane’s car out of the water, her body nowhere to be found. Little did they know that she was already in the Fog, already another of the Entity’s victims. 

Jane is available in the Demise Of The Faithful DLC and has a few perks that allow her to help herself while helping others and give some aggression to whatever Killer she faces in each trial. Solidarity heals you at about a fifty-percent rate for healing other survivors without a medkit. Poised allows you to hide your Scratch Marks after a generator is completed. Head On is her best perk, stunning the Killer with a locker as long as you’re not already Exhausted. As in most cases, these perks may not be the strongest on their own, but once they’re paired with others they can become great in different types of builds. 

What Makes Jane Romero Great:

  • Head On has a few different uses that can help you and your teammates in a trial. If another Survivor goes down near a locker, you can be ready to Head On the Killer after they are picked up, stunning them and freeing your ally. You can also use it preemptively, stunning a Killer during a chase with another Survivor to buy them time and divert attention to you if need be
  • Poised is considered a niche perk, but can be used with different builds to throw the Killer for a loop and make them lose track of you
  • Solidarity comes in handy for games where you end up healing others a lot. Also considered niche, it can be paired with healing builds to make good use of it when it’s needed most

Jane Romero Details:

  • Remember that Solidarity only works when healing someone without a medkit. This makes the perk weaker for sure, but know that a medkit won’t always be available, so it can still help you at times or with certain builds
  • Poised is a niche perk and only helps in certain situations, but can genuinely throw the Killer off to your scent. Use it with other perks to hide a bit better if the Killer is going to generators that have been recently completed
  • Head On is great but has a few requirements. Firstly, you have to be in a locker for three seconds before it will activate, shown to you with a timer on the perk icon. Also, it causes Exhaustion, so you can’t use it too often. Sneak into a locker to use it if the Killer comes your way or pair it with the perk Quick And Quiet to stealthily enter lockers without giving the Killer any notice

3. Yui Kimura

Should YOU Buy Yui Kimura? | Dead By Daylight - YouTube

Yui Kimura’s upbringing was rough, as her father wanted her to be a “traditional” woman while she wanted to learn how to fix and modify vehicles for racing. A fast learner, she went from beating the boys at school to entering illegal street races after she was kicked out of her home. But as her fame in the streets grew, a stalker made himself known and one day broke into her home and attacked her. She was able to overpower him but suffered broken bones. Luckily her crew of racers was able to support her and pay her medical bills, soon after becoming a symbol for women’s empowerment, the Sakura 7. She never gave up and won seven straight races in a row, earning a big-time sponsorship and entering in the final race she would be in. As she held the lead in the Tokyo Kick 3000, she entered an unnatural fog, the likes of which she had never seen. She realized that she wasn’t in Tokyo any longer. 

Yui Kimura is a tenacious Survivor, able to withstand the effects of attacks while changing the circumstances to better the situation for herself and her teammates. Available in the Cursed Legacy DLC of Dead By Daylight, she has perks that give her allies help when they need it most. Lucky Break allows her to take a hit but not leave any blood for a limited time. Any Means Necessary is a perk that lets you pick up dropped pallets and use them again. Breakout helps fellow Survivors who are being carried by the Killer, increasing the speed at which they can escape the Killer’s grasp. Paired with the right types of builds, her perks can massively affect the game and make Killer’s pay for making mistakes.

What Makes Yui Kimura Great:

  • Included in the Cursed Legacy DLC, the Oni preys on his victims and grows in power by absorbing blood orbs left behind by injured Survivors. Yui’s first perk, Lucky Break, is a soft counter to this ability, making it more difficult for this Killer to attain his full potential and punishing him for chasing her
  • Any Means Necessary is somewhat of a game-changer. Never before were Survivors able to raise dropped pallets
  • Breakout is possibly her best perk, giving Killers a reason to be more careful when it comes to picking up downed Survivors. It allows you to not only help your fallen ally escape the Killer faster when picked up, but it also gives you a slight boost of speed when around them. This forces the Killer to drop the Survivor if they don’t want to have them escape

Yui Kimura Details:

  • Lucky Break is a fairly niche perk that counters her corresponding Killer, the Oni, quite a bit, but remember that it only lasts for a limited time throughout the match. After the allotted time is complete, it no longer gives you any benefits
  • Any Means Necessary can help when it comes to Killers that chase around pallets but becomes useless if they are being broken right away. Use this perk with caution
  • Breakout can help your team deny the Killer of hook states and give Survivors a huge advantage in the trial. Paired with perks like Dead Hard and Saboteur, you can punish Killers for picking up downed teammates around you

2. Laurie Strode

Survivor Spotlight: Laurie Strode - YouTube

Laurie was just a typical teenage girl from Haddonfield, Illinois. She just wanted to live a quiet life with her friends, family, and maybe go on a couple of dates with people she liked. Her tortured past, however, caught up with her one faithful Halloween night when her murderous brother returned to finish the job he set out to do as a child. Michael Meyers had already killed their sister, Judith when she was around the age of seventeen and Michael was only six. After years of being detained for his crimes, he returned to stalk and attempt to kill Laurie, but she would never give up. She would stop him, no matter what the cost. 

Laurie Strode is available in the Halloween DLC of Dead By Daylight and has quite a few powerful perks to offer. Sole Survivor helps you when you are on your own, growing in power as you lose allies in the trial. Object Of Obsession is a perk that allows you to see the aura of the killer within a certain range, however, it can also reveal you to them. Decisive Strike is your final attempt to fight back against all odds, stunning the Killer for picking you up soon after you’ve been unhooked. These perks not only give you vital information but hinder the Killer’s aura reading ability for you and give you a second chance to survive if they make a mistake.

What Makes Laurie Strode Great:

  • Sole Survivor helps you in dire situations where your teammates have already fallen victim to the Killer. Hiding your aura is a great advantage and will make them lose track of you
  • Object Of Obsession is seen as a powerful information perk, letting you know exactly where the Killer is depending on the range
  • Decisive Strike can help you buy yourself and your team time and also denies the killer of hooking you too soon after you’ve been saved

Laurie Strode Details:

  • Sole Survivor gets stronger as your fellow Survivors fall to the Killer. While you don’t necessarily want this to happen, it can help when trying to escape
  • Object Of Obsession allows you to see the aura of the Killer but also reveals yourself to them if you’re looking in their direction. This detriment can be alleviated, however, by pairing it with Sole Survivor. Hiding your aura while still being able to see the Killer can be a great advantage and help you know where to go to avoid them
  • Even with Decisive Strike being recently changed a bit, it can still be quite powerful. Now, this perk deactivates when healing, repairing, cleansing, sabotaging, or unhooking other Survivors. While this may seem like a huge downgrade, Killers that relentlessly chase you after recently being unhooked can still be stunned, as long as the timer has not run out. Decisive Strike lasts for one minute after being unhooked at tier III and is deactivated if used or if the Skill Check is missed. You can also force a Killer to pick you up by entering a locker and forcing a grab, activating the perk automatically

1. Nancy Wheeler

Should YOU Buy Nancy Wheeler? | Dead By Daylight - YouTube

Nancy Wheeler was an aspiring journalist from Hawkins, Indiana, once concerned mostly with what people would consider normal high school issues. One day, however, her world was changed when her best friend suddenly went missing and other strange events around town started to connect. Pursuing a lead one day led her to Hawkin’s National Laboratory, but she somehow started to lose consciousness when approaching the mysterious building. She awoke to find herself in a fog, hearing a bloodcurdling roar in the distance. 

Nancy is one of the Survivors available in the Stranger Things DLC for Dead By Daylight. She has perks that give information, a faster walking speed, and the ability to heal herself quickly in lockers after cleansing a Totem. Better Together helps your team by letting allies know when you’re working on a nearby generator. Fixated allows you to walk faster than normal and also see your Scratch Marks when sprinting. Inner Strength charges when you cleanse a Totem on the map and activates upon entering a locker, healing you in a few seconds. 

What Makes Nancy Wheeler Great:

  • All of Nancy’s perks have some use, whether it’s for information or function. Find your use for them in whatever build type you like to use
  • Better Together doesn’t only show your teammates the aura of the generator you’re working on. It also activates if a Survivor is downed while you’re repairing, giving you important information in vital times
  • Fixated allows you to move a bit faster while walking normally and also see your own Scratch Marks when sprinting
  • Inner Strength can be extremely powerful, healing you in just a few seconds after cleansing a Totem and entering a locker 

Nancy Wheeler Details:

  • Better Together helps by letting your teammates see when you’re working on a generator. This gives them information on the actual generator location and usually helps them make decisions as well. Sometimes they will help you finish repairing the generator or they can choose to go to a different location to spread the pressure and work on another objective
  • Fixated is a great perk to use with stealth or movement speed builds, helping you walk faster to hide more effectively when sneaking around Killers looking for Scratch Marks. This perk has also been recently buffed, whereas it used to only work while you’re healthy, it now permanently increases walking speed during the trial
  • Inner Strength can help you greatly, however, remember that it takes time to set up and charge for you to be able to make use of it. Firstly, finding Totems on some maps can be difficult, and you still have to take the time to cleanse it and get into a locker to heal. While you can use it well, it can only help you a few times per match. Pair it with Detective’s Hunch or Small Game to learn where Totems might spawn. Also, remember that Inner Strength cannot heal you if you’re suffering from the Broken status effect 

That was our top five picks for Dead By Daylight DLC Survivors. It was hard to choose, but we think we included some great characters and perks! What did you think? Do you use any of these Survivors or their perks? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know!

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