[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Most Fun Survivors

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[Top 5] Dead By Daylight Most Fun Survivors

Do you want to know which survivors in Dead by Daylight are the most fun to play? Maybe you don’t care about meta perks, or which survivors are the most popular. This list will tell you which survivors have the most fun and exciting perks to use while surviving the trials of Dead by Daylight.

5. Yui Kimura

YUI YUI YUI - Perk Rundown | Dead by Daylight

Yui Kimura was introduced in the Cursed Legacy DLC of Dead by Daylight alongside the killer Oni. Yui’s perks are unique because they are the only ones that affect other survivor’s ability to escape by wiggling out of the killer’s grasp, and the only perks that allow you to recycle a valuable resource, pallets.

It is not very often that a killer will leave a pallet unbroken after it has been thrown, but if the occasion does arise, you are bringing a lot of value by opening up a loop to be used again by other survivors. By using her perk Any Means Necessary you can reset a pallet that has been thrown down, and in some funny circumstances, you can stun a killer, reset the pallet, and stun them again. Most of the time, however, you would not be able to get away with this.

With the perk Breakout, you can taunt the killer that is carrying a survivor by running around alongside them. While you do this you get a speed boost making you harder to hit by the killer as well as allowing the survivor that is being carried a faster “wiggle” speed, making it easier for them to escape from the killer’s grasp.

Why Yui Kimura is Fun:

  • You can pick up pallets.
  • Help survivors wiggle out of the killer’s grasp.

Survivor Details:


4. Jane Romero

ADEPT JANE! | Dead By Daylight JANE ROMERO Achievement

Jane Romero was introduced to Dead by Daylight in the Demise of the Faithful DLC along with the killer The Plague. Yui’s perks are unique because they allow the player to do something that only a few other survivor perks can do, stunning the killer.

What makes Jane’s perk, Head On, stand out is that it is a much more accessible option. All Jane has to do to pull off her little trick is to run into a locker and wait for the killer. Once the killer runs in front of the locker she can jump out and stun them easily. This can be used to save a survivor that is on the killer’s shoulder, extend a chase, or just annoy the killer.

Jane has another strong perk that can be pretty fun to use and that is Solidarity. Solidarity allows you to heal yourself while healing other survivors. This can be combined with perks like Autodidact that make some fun synergies that have some very fast healing speeds.

Why Jane Romero is Fun:

  • Stunning the killer easily.
  • Heal yourself while healing teammates.

Survivor Details:


3. Adam Francis

ADEPT ADAM! | Dead By Daylight ADAM FRANCIS Achievement

Adam Francis was introduced to Dead by Daylight in the Shattered Bloodline DLC accompanied by the killer The Spirit. Adam is entertaining because he has perks that allow him to get very fast progression while healing, a way to distract the killer, and a way to get himself off of the hook without the help of his teammates.

Adam’s perk Autodidact is a fun perk and a very useful one. Autodidact isn’t seen too often in the trials of Dead by Daylight however it has a lot of potential as long as you are healing teammates and getting skill checks. When you get Autodidact to max stacks, if you get a skill check you can get a very large boost to your healing. This boost can go up to 75% of the progress of the heal with just one skill check and seeing that bar jump up that fast is insanely fun, and may make your teammates think you are using cheats.

Deliverance is another perk that encourages you to be altruistic by saving your teammates off of the hook. If you safely unhook your teammates you will activate Deliverance. Once it is activated when you are hooked, as long as it is your first hook, (that is the catch here) then you will be able to unhook yourself. There is nothing quite as invigorating as being able to throw yourself off without having to wait on teammates that are self-healing in a corner of the map ignoring you.

Finally, we have the best Adam perk, Diversion. Diversion allows you to be able to take a rock and throw it in a direction. This will make a sound notification for the killer and may be able to get them off of your trail. This may not sound like the most amazing thing, but that feeling when you trick a killer to go check in a certain area will make you chuckle like a toddler on Christmas morning.

Why Adam Francis is Fun:

  • Throw rocks at the killer.
  • Big healing progression skill checks.
  • Guarantee to unhook yourself.

Survivor Details:


2. Leon Kennedy

Jill and Leon's Perks Explained | Dead by Daylight's RESIDENT EVIL Chapter

Leon Kennedy is a new addition in Dead by Daylight that joined in the Resident Evil Chapter, accompanied by Jill Valentine and The Nemesis. Leon Kennedy is fun to use not only because he is new, but because his perk allows him to blind the killer with an item he gets just by doing the objective.

Leon’s perk, Flashbang, activates when you have repaired a generator for 50% of its progress. Once Flashbang is activated you can jump inside of a locker while not carrying an item to get a Flash Grenade. You can now use this item by dropping it and after a short while it will explode and blind anyone close enough, this includes both survivors and killers.

This flash grenade works the same as an old event item during the Lunar New Year event, the Firecrackers. You can blind killers while in a chase, or while they are carrying survivors for an easy rescue.

Why Leon Kennedy is Fun:

  • Rewarded for doing objectives by getting a free item to stun the killer.
  • Ability to save teammates by blinding the killer without needing a flashlight.

Survivor Details:


1. Claudette Morel

Advanced Claudette - Dead by Daylight Adept Survivor Perk Build #2

Claudette Morel was introduced to the game Dead by Daylight as one of the original survivors when the game launched. Claudette isn’t fun solely because of her perks unlike the other characters on this list, but because of her cosmetics.

Claudette has a special characteristic about her clothes and hair that allow her to blend into the environment very easily. This makes it super easy for you to sneak around and hide from the killer. If you like playing hide and seek, then Claudette is the survivor for you. Claudette is so well known for this in the community in the fact that she is typically labeled as Blendette.

Along with her innate ability to be human camouflage that even John Cena would envy, Claudette also has a perk synergy of Botany Knowledge and Self Care that allows her to heal herself fairly quickly. While this still is slower than another teammate healing you, it isn’t nearly as bad as the 50% healing speed that self-care provides, and the combination increases this up to around 83% healing speed. If you are going to be a “Self-Care Gamer” then it is best to bring Botany Knowledge with you.

Why Claudette Morel is Fun:

  • Blends into the environment better than any other survivor.
  • Self-healing.

Survivor Details:


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